Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 21

Authors Note: My wonderful editor has pointed out to me a couple of things in this chapter that those who do not have an English heritage might not know, so when you get to them this is what they are:

"A about F" – a not so common way of say Arse about Face; meaning mixed up or back to front.

"A sheet of Bronco" – Bronco was a brand of toilet paper and the phrase has now come to mean that things are very close so you would not be able to slide a sheet of toilet paper between them.

As I had expected, when the film came to an end Mike stood up with his cock firm and pointing outwards and, reaching out a hand, asked me to go with him. I knew where we were going and what we were about to do and that it was a big step to take, but I wanted it so much I almost ached for it. Once in the room Mike went to his back pack and pulled out a tube of KY. "I had to show proof of age to buy this," he told me as he held it up for me to see.

"Really! And what did they say about you not being eighteen yet?" I asked.

"You don't have to be eighteen. The age of consent is sixteen, remember, and you're allowed to buy what you need for what you can consent to. KY and Durex are under that age restriction."

"But you have to be seventeen before you can learn to drive a car and eighteen before you can drink alcohol. It's fucking stupid and A about F isn't it?"

"Well, we live in a crazy, mixed up world," Mike replied. "Now get your sweet, adorable body over here so we can have some fun."

My cock twitched at the thought, and I joined Mike beside the bed. We pulled together into an embrace with our lips joining and our tongues tasting each other's mouth. Our chests, stomachs and hips were so close together that you could not get a sheet of bronco between us, and our cocks were making dents in each other's tummies. We swayed a bit as we snogged and our hands roamed over our partner's back, gradually moving down to include some caressing of the buttocks. His arms were slightly longer, so Mike was able to get a finger onto my pucker and give it some tender pressure and massage to begin to get it ready for a heavier invasion.

Mike broke our kiss and asked, "Do you want to enter or be entered first?"

"Oh, I want you to be a part of me and fill me first. Will you please make love to me now?" I begged, nervous and eager.

"Look, we are both completely new to this. We'll have to rely on what we've read about it to get it right. If something doesn't feel right you must tell me. We don't want to end up with any damage or doing it so badly that we never want to do it again," Mike said.

"Yeah, I know. I can't say that I'm not nervous. I know it's going to hurt, but you always read that it only hurts for a bit and then the pain gives way to pleasure. I am going to do my best to work through the pain and take you in me that we might be one. Oh, and I don't want to do it doggy style. I want to be able to watch you enjoying it too, because it's not just for me; it's for us both."

"Shit, Steve, how could you ever have thought that I might turn my back on you when I found out you were gay? Even if I was straight and you were gay I would still want you as my friend. You are so considerate, always thinking about what is best for the two of us. Please lie down on your back now and lift those beautiful legs."

I lay down on the bed and lifted my legs. Catching them behind my knees, I pulled them as far as I could manage toward my shoulders, lifting my butt off the bed a little and spreading my cheeks at the same time. I was expecting Mike to go straight in with some lube on his fingers and coat the area, then try to push a finger in. He surprised me by bending down first, and I thought that he was just having a good close examination, but then his head moved forward and his tongue slid along my crack until it found the puckered skin of my butt hole and began to lap at it. While he licked I could feel myself starting to relax a bit, and I guess Mike could feel it with his tongue, because he began to probe into the hole. He pushed his tongue forward rolled into a cylinder, trying to penetrate past my sphincter.

The sensations I was experiencing were unlike anything I had ever felt in the past. I had played with my bum hole with my own fingers and had pushed a finger in, as well as some other objects I had thought might simulate a cock entering me, and Mike had also got his finger into me. This was so different. Was it because I knew it was his tongue that was doing it, or was it because now I knew I was in love with the person doing it to me and knew that he was in love with me? I can't be sure, but I like to think so. Whatever it was, I was really enjoying it and would definitely come back for more. My groans and moans were of pure pleasure, and I was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. I wondered if it would look like someone had left a tap running when he actually got his cock into me and started making passionate love to me.

Mike lifted his head and I felt the cold of the jelly as he spread some around my hole with his finger. After getting some more on his finger he pushed against my hole, I pushed out like I wanted to take a dump, and Mike's finger slid in past the first knuckle on the first attempt. He held it there for a bit and then began to twist his hand at his wrist and rotate his finger in my hole, spreading the lube all the way around. He pulled out, leaving just the tip of his finger in me as he added more lube, and then pushed it back in using a back and forth rotation to help spread the lube. He pushed the finger in slowly and steadily past the second knuckle. More back and forth rotations followed with the tip of his finger also being waggled so that it worked on all sides of my tube. Then he began to fuck his finger in and out of my hole. I had felt next to no pain with that finger going in to the hilt. I told Mike so and suggested he add another finger.

Even with additional lube I felt the second finger. The stretching of my bum hole was going to be more uncomfortable and painful than I had imagined, but I was determined to go through with it. Mike could see the strain on my face and hesitated, but I told him to keep on going but to go slow. He did, slowly working his fingers in, then rotating then, then pumping in and out in a slow but steady rhythm. The pain began to ease and I began to experience a more pleasurable sensation; it got stronger and made my cock leak more and more. Time became a thing of no consequence and we were not aware of its passing; only the pleasure being felt now mattered. Mike's steady piston work on my bum was making it easier to take the stretching. I didn't have to suggest when he should add the third finger. He pulled his fingers out and when he pushed them back in I felt the pressure of the third finger going in with the other two and stretching my hole further.

Once more Mike paused to ask if I was okay, and once more I told him to keep at it, going slow and steady as he had been doing. My leg muscles were beginning to complain, and my hands had begun to cramp from holding them tightly in one place. I told Mike that I needed to move my legs a little. He said to go ahead and he would hold his fingers in my bum while I did it. I did not want to risk his fingers coming right out of my butt, so I moved both legs down together, then worked the muscles by doing a bit of bike riding motion to encourage blood flow. At the same time I was flexing my fingers into a fist and then spread out, and I worked my elbows by stretching my arm out straight and then bending it back in again. Mike was impatient to get going and encouraged me to put my legs back against my chest and hold them there. I folded myself up once more and Mike worked my bum with his three fingers for a short while longer. Then, squeezing the tube with one hand, he got lube onto me and onto his cock, spreading it around once he put the tube down on the nightstand.

As I felt Mike slide his fingers out I knew that I stood on a threshold, a deciding moment that would affect the rest of my life. I looked up to Mike's face and saw that he was not looking at me but rather at the hand that was holding his cock and guiding it towards my bum while he moved his body forward. The tip of his cock entered me and only then did he look at me to see how I was taking it. The look on his face told me that he too realised this was an important moment in both our lives, where we each lost something and gained something else. Mike was about to lose his virginity and me my cherry, but we were going to get each other to love and to hold from that day forward.

Still looking at my face and holding his cock in one hand Mike eased forward a little more and the head of his cock popped through my sphincter ring. I groaned both in pleasure and at a sudden stab of pain that quickly passed. The look of concern on Mike's face told a story of true love, and I told him to keep going. The pain was easing, and as he slid further in there was the sensation of his cock head sliding over my prostate, making my cock tingle and my juices flow. I felt Mike's hips come up against my butt cheeks and his pubes tickle my legs as his balls pressed on my bum. He was all the way in.

"Hold it there for a bit, please," I asked. Mike stopped and stayed still. "I just want to savour this moment, with your cock deep inside me, and I need to let my butt get used to it."

Mike was patient as he waited for me to give him the go ahead to continue, but when I did I saw some relief come over his face. I am sure he was worried that I was going to ask him to pull out and stay out, but as long as I had breath in my body I was determined that was not going to happen.

Once I gave Mike the nod, he slowly pulled back. Just as his head was about to pop out, he began to push in once more, hitting my prostate and making my own cock bob in excitement and drool, adding to the pool of pre-cum that was now running over my abdomen and heading towards my side. I could feel the head of his cock slide over my prostate and continue on till he bottomed out and started to retreat again. I know that in some circles they call this long dicking, but I call it slow loving. Mike was being very gentle and very controlled. Time still had no say in our love making, and as Mike's need grew stronger and he began to speed up I asked him if he liked what he was doing.

"Well, I have nothing to compare it to, but I would say that this is the best thing that has happened to my cock in my life."

"I've tried a few things up my butt, but this is nothing like anything I've experienced. It's wonderful, and I know we're going to look for more opportunities to do this. I'm not going to be content with wanking myself or being blown all the time. There will have to be some of this again," I responded.

As Mike moved into me again he leant forward as well, allowing him to gain a bit deeper penetration. I felt it as he stretched that last bit of my colon. I didn't feel it in my bum but in my cock; it swelled a bit more and I knew I was going to blow my wad without even touching my cock.

"I'm going to cum very soon," I told Mike.

"That's good, because I'm building to blow too," Mike replied.

"Cum in me. Don't pull out."

"That's what I intended," Mike puffed out with a smile on his face. His movements were becoming less controlled, and he started to hammer away at me in a frenzy that saw his body tense and the strain show in his face.

I cried out as my body spasmed with my orgasm, and my butt clamped down on Mike's cock. My jism shot out of my cock, the first salvo sailing right over my head. The next hit my pillow behind me, then I was left with a trail down my face and torso.

The repeated clamping and release of my sphincter took Mike over the edge, and he began fill my insides with his juices. His frenzy of jerking, spasmodic movements eased, and he buried his cock as deep into me as he could for the final spurts and then collapsed forwards onto me. As he got closer I could feel his cock slipping out. I tensed my bum and tried to hold his cock in me a bit longer. Mike's mouth found mine and we locked into another snog as his cock grew limp and I was powerless to hold it in.

Breaking the kiss Mike whispered, "Thank you so much, Stevie. That was awesome. I just can't describe how it felt and what that has done in my heart."

"And thank you too. I am so glad it was you who took my cherry and gave me your virginity. I love you and want to be with you forever. That initial pain is worth it! For the first time in my life I came without touching my cock, and you are the one that did that to me." I pulled his head down to my face again and we kissed some more.

After a little while I became aware that I could feel his cum draining out of my anus and I told Mike that we would have to change our bed linen because I had kind of messed on it. Mike lifted off me and our skin became unstuck, with the still wet goo of my cum pulling against both our bodies.

"Maybe we should wait until after you have been in me so that we only mess up the one sleeping bag," Mike suggested.

"Would it be too terrible if we waited till tomorrow for me to give you my virginity and take your cherry? I think I need to let this experience soak in a while."

"Oh, thank heavens. I am so knackered I don't think I could actually manage anything like what we have just done tonight, but I couldn't deny you the pleasure of what I just experienced," Mike said.

"Hey, I thought we agreed we would be open and honest with each other. You should have told me you were not up for another session. This has got to be right for both of us or it's not right for either of us."

"Sorry, I didn't think of it like that. I thought I was just being selfish. You've been so considerate, I thought I should be too."

"I know, and I understand. But I do want us to speak totally freely with each other," I told Mike.

"Yeah. Now I want that shower, then we can come back and sort the bed out."

We got off the bed. Without looking at it we held hands, walked through to the bathroom, and washed each other in the shower.

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