Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 20

"That will be Mum checking that we've washed behind our ears," I said as I got up to answer it; it was once again sitting on the table where it had been for most of the day. Fortunately I looked at the screen and saw that it wasn't Mum before I pressed the answer button. "Hi, Carrie. Bored on a Saturday night too?" Before she could answer I added, "Hold on. I'm putting you on speaker." I moved back to the couch and put the phone on the coffee table.

"Hi, Carrie. How are things going with you?" Mike asked,

"Ok, but wishing you guys were here with me. I've been left alone this weekend, because we're all going to be together a lot next weekend. At least that's what the girls have told me," Carrie answered. "How's the tanning going?" she asked.

"Swimmingly," I answered with a chuckle.

"So is it an all over tan I can expect to see in your next picture to me?" Carrie asked.

"That would be telling," Mike answered before I could give an honest answer.

"I see. Now on a more serious note. Are you two an item yet or not?" Mike looked as shocked as I felt at the question.

"What do you mean?" I asked, not sure she was asking what I thought, since she shouldn't know anything about it.

"Come on. Do I have to spell it out? Are you and Mike romantic boyfriends yet, or are you still denying your love for each other?"

"What makes you think we love each other like that?" Mike asked.

"Do you think it doesn't show? I thought it when we were at your party, then after Steve's party the other girls asked if you two were an item and if so how come you had let us blow you so openly. It might not be apparent to your mates at your school, but if you were at our school it would be the question on nearly everyone's lips. Wasn't that what this weekend was all about, anyway?"

"If it was that, how come we were supposed to have Tim with us too? Are we supposed to be a trio instead of a couple – a ménage a trois?" I asked.

"Of course not! Everyone could see that Tim was a spanner in the works for you two. So tell me; am I right and are you two going to be a couple?" Carrie asked again.

I looked at Mike and he looked at me and we both shrugged our shoulders at the same time which made us laugh a bit.

"What's so funny that you laugh and don't answer my question?" Carrie demanded.

"What's funny is that Mike and I have both given the same reaction to your earlier question. We are trying to decide whether to tell you nothing and leave you guessing until you see us again and let you try to work it out from what we do, or to string you along with some story that might or might not be the truth," I told Carrie.

"And now no matter what we say you will be wondering which way we have gone," Mike added.

"I could scream! You guys are so mean. How could you do that to me?" Carrie asked.

"Well we need to find out what you would do with any information we might divulge. I mean if we were gay and were to come out to you, would you spread that around or would you respect our privacy and keep it to yourself. Similarly if we were to admit to being naked and getting an all over tan would you use that to make out that it means we must be gay? We just don't know, and before we say anything we need to be sure that anything we tell you is safe and will be kept confidential," Mike explained.

"So you are saying you don't trust me," Carrie retorted.

"No, we are saying we don't really know, because we haven't seen what you do with information passed on to you in confidence," I said.

"Well, what if I suggest that you have not seen that because all the information that has been given to me as confidential is still that as far as I am concerned?" Carrie argued.

"That's a good point, and I guess we have to give it to you on that one. But you still won't know whether we're telling you the truth or not, considering what we've already told you," Mike conceded. "And maybe we don't really know ourselves yet, or maybe we're bi and exploring both worlds, or we could be just plain ordinary heterosexual guys spending a weekend together because we are just, simply good friends."

"Shit. You guys are so mean. All I needed was a straight honest answer to a simple question and I get given the run around. Just wait till I get my hands on you at my party," Carrie warned.

"Okay, Carrie. Consider this point. Let's just say, hypothetically speaking for the benefit of this conversation, that Mike and I by spending this weekend alone together have discovered that we are both gay and that we love each other. Firstly, are we ready to come out to anyone at all, and secondly, if we do come out to anyone should that not be our parents first and then others after that? Do we not owe that to them? And I am fairly sure I know which way you would think on this, so it is right that we don't tell you one way or another at this stage, because we have not had the opportunity of telling our parents should such a discovery have taken place this weekend."

"Crap," Carrie said after a short silence. "How did you guys get so intelligent? You're right, but I'm still busting to know, so if you are a couple I expect that you will tell me before I go to bed on Monday night. After all, I have to know how to handle it at my party."

"Well, we got that intelligence from the people to whom we owe the duty of being the first to know what's happened in our lives. And I'm afraid we can't agree to work to your deadline. We still don't know how you will react," Mike said.

"Okay, stop making so much bloody sense. Tell me what else you guys have been up to apart from naked sunbathing."

"Well, firstly, we have not actually admitted to naked sunbathing, but that's a moot point. The main thing we've been doing when not sorting out our meals is just sitting around chatting and relaxing. Of course we have swum a bit and hit that cold water shower outside before shivering our bodies back into the cabin to sort out the next meal."

"Is it true that guy's cocks and balls shrink to nothing when it is cold?" Carrie asked.

"That information you could easily get off the web. Yes, it is true. The testicles need to be kept at a temperature slightly lower than normal body temperature to be able to produce sperm. When it's hot they hang low and swing in the breeze, and when it's cold they get pulled back up against the body for warmth," Mike told her matter of factly.

"Cool, thanks. They don't teach you that in sex ed class," Carrie said.

"Don't mention that I told you that," Mike chipped in slyly, hoping that Carrie would not pick up on the fact that he had just provided a little test to check on her keeping secrets.

We heard some commotion in the background and then Carrie said, "Mum's going ballistic over something. I had better go. We can chat again later."

"Oh, okay. Good night." We said our goodbyes together and closed the call.

Mike got up and went to the kitchenette and poured himself a glass of water, asking if I wanted one. I did and he brought it over to me.

"Have we been that obvious?" I asked Mike.

"I don't know, because we didn't really know our own feelings until today. I mean we might have known that there was something going on in our heads and hearts, but we didn't understand it nor recognise it for what it is until today, did we?" Mike asked.

"So how the fuck did she know then?"

"She didn't. That's why she asked us. She only suspects that there might be something there because we are such good friends."

"And the same thing with my Mum? I think we must have been giving out some vibes we weren't aware of ourselves that others could see," I said.

"Maybe. Well that might mean the decision about coming out is out of our hands. I hope not, because I'm not ready to be outed at school yet," Mike admitted.

"Yeah, I'm scared about being outed too. I mean I'm not worried about my parents, but others I'm not sure about, although I think Carrie would be safe if we asked her to keep it quiet," I agreed.

"Surprisingly, I think I am with you about Carrie. I'm not so sure about some of her friends though. If we came out to her it would have to be very discreetly."

"Shall we finish watching the film now?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to or not.

"Yeah, it was getting me really turned on and ready to entertain you in a similar way," Mike said, reaching for the remote.

A few minutes later we were back to where we had been before the phone went – getting turned on by the film and feeling each other's hard cocks and bodies. Although we hadn't voiced it out loud, we both knew what we were going to do after the film ended. We were in fact watching a bit of the same just as I was thinking about us doing it after the film ended. What we didn't know was the detail: who would do what to whom first and that sort of thing. But the film was building to a climax in more ways than one. We knew that it would soon be over and we would make our way to the bedroom to re-enact some of what we had seen.

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