Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 19

We stuffed the roll of kitchen towel into a shopping bag along with some biscuits and packets of crisps, then picked up two fresh beach towels and our beers and headed back outside. The towel we had dried with after our outdoor shower we left spread out next to the shower, and the towel we had been sun screened on and had shot our loads over we left out in the sun, weighting each corner down with a stone to prevent it flying away in the wind, so that it could dry out ready for the next oiling session. We spread our towels out, opting to sit on them facing each other and within arm's reach of each other's cock.

Mike, the practical one, started out. "Are you thinking about coming out to others, or do you want to stay in the closet?"

"I think I could easily come out to my parents because of what Mum said before. I think they suspect that is where this weekend will end up. But I don't know about coming out at school or even to Tim. What about your parents? How do you think they'll take it?"

"Mum, I am sure, will be ok about it. I think Dad will too, but I also think they'll be a bit disappointed. Like you, I'm their only son, and they were probably looking forward to me having kids, carrying the name on and giving them grandchildren to spoil. Instead they are going to get another guy who loves guys not girls, and the two of us wouldn't be able to produce a son and heir no matter how hard we tried. As for Tim, I think he's seen this coming and won't be surprised, but he may feel like we've deserted him or betrayed his friendship. Maybe that's why he's been acting up lately. Hell knows we're confused by our emotions; he must be even more, looking in from the outside."

"What about Carrie and the other girls who are probably hoping to get some action this coming weekend at Carrie's party and sleepover?" I asked.

"If you're asking my permission to get involved with Carrie a bit, you don't need to ask. I'm not your owner or ruler, and I know you want to try some more with a girl, even try fucking one. If one is willing to give out and the opportunity arises, go for it. I will if I get the chance. If I'm not mistaken, before we go home this weekend we will both know what it is like to fuck a guy and get fucked, so we'll have something to compare it to."

"You mean you won't be jealous if I screw around with someone else?" I teased.

"Not if it's a girl. I think I know where the true you lies, and that is right here in my arms." Mike held up his arms as if to encourage me in for a hug. I followed through and fell forward to be caught and held while we kissed. My hands found his package and began to play with it. He was hard in seconds and I began to work his foreskin back to get my fingers on his naked head and rub it to excite it further. Whether it was slick with the sun screen or whether he had put out a good supply of pre-cum I am not sure, but I was able to slip and glide my fingers all over his cock head and not be deterred by friction. I wanted to try something I had read about on a story website and asked Mike to lie down on his towel. Holding his cock in one hand I put the palm of my other hand over the head of his cock. Keeping my hand flat, I rubbed around in a circular motion over his piss slit. It did not take long for Mike to ask me to stop because he could feel the pee rising in him.

"So it is true. Can we move over the sand a bit and try it some more? Let's see if you do actually pee with me rubbing my hand on your cock like that."

Mike got up with me still holding onto his cock, but with the uncoordinated movement between the two of us I let his foreskin slide forward and had to work it back again. I suggested he remain standing with his cock pointing out and away from his body, then I knelt in the sand by his side. After getting his cock head uncovered, I began to rub on the tip once more. It took less rubbing this time before Mike warned me that his piss was on its way. I just kept rubbing, not worried if his piss went on my hand or not. Sure enough his piss began to flow. When I took my hand away, still holding onto his cock with my other hand to keep the foreskin back, the flow carried on for a few seconds more. Mike said he thought it only stopped because his bladder was empty.

"Shall we see?" I asked and began rubbing the tip of his cockhead once more.

"No! No, please stop. The feeling is too intense, like after you cum," Mike begged.I stopped immediately, even though I was tempted to try some more to see if we could get any more piss out of Mike. But we had agreed right at the beginning that if one asked to stop we would stop.

"That was really weird. Can I try on you and see if it works with you too?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, go ahead," I said as I stood up. Mike turned to face me, but as he began to rub he realised it was impractical as he had to hold his hand in an awkward position to do the rubbing. He moved behind me, put his hand on my hip and pulled me back onto him, while his other hand guided his cock into my bum crevice. Then he brought that hand around and used it to pull my skin back while the hand that had held my hip began to rotate on my cock head. I too had lube enough to make it work, and like Mike it did not take long for the piss to start flowing. Mike also tried to see if he could get it to flow a second time but I likewise was too sensitive.

Back on our towels we moved in close with our legs bent so our feet could go flat and we could lean against our legs to bring our heads together in a kiss while at the same time reaching between our legs and fondling the balls and cock of our lover. Our conversation was non-existent, but that didn't bother us; we were happy. After a while we drew apart, and I suggested that we get some work done on our all over tan and lie in the sun until it was time to get some lunch.

"How will we know that when we haven't got a watch outside with us?" Mike asked.

"I think our stomachs will tell us. Anyway, we don't have a strict timetable, so let's just wait till we feel like we want to eat lunch," I proposed.

We pulled our two towels close together and overlapped them down the one length and then lay down face up and started to talk some more.

"Do you realise that this is the longest I have ever been totally naked in one straight go in my life?" Mike asked.

"I hadn't thought of that, but I guess it'is true for me too, and yet we haven't been naked for a full twenty-four hours yet," I answered.

"By the time your dad comes to fetch us it will have been close to 48 hours. I wonder if we can get a week in during the holidays," Mike mused.

"Well, I don't think the 'rents will let us stay here for that long, especially if we come out to them, because they'll guess what we're going to do."

"Yeah, I think you're right. It will also be getting quite cold by then, so it might not be best to be naked the whole time. We'll have to think of a way we can work it," Mike agreed.

The warmth of the sun lulled us into a state of lethargic relaxation, and we gave up talking. I dozed off for a while, possibly catching up on the bit I missed during the night when I woke up and had a good time with Mike. I gradually became aware that there was something disturbing my sleep. As I woke up I realised it was Mike pushing against my shoulder to wake me. "What is it?" I asked, still a bit groggy from my sleep.

"Time for lunch," Mike said. "Come on, let's get inside and get eating." He clearly was feeling a lot hungrier than I was at the moment, but then I had only just woken up and had not yet had time to analyse how my stomach was doing.

As I stood up I looked at Mike, and as he turned around and showed his back to me in preparation for going I realised that his front was a bit pink and guessed that mine was the same. "Is my front as pink as yours is?" I asked, getting Mike to turn around and face me.

"You are a bit pink, but I don't think it's bad," Mike answered. We left it like that until we were inside, then Mike said we should go and look in the bathroom mirror. A good idea is unarguable, so I just followed Mike on through. We stood side by side facing the mirror and agreed that we were about the same and should be careful not to get too much more on our fronts during the afternoon. Since we were in the bathroom we used the opportunity to have a pee, with the usual sword fight that occurs when two guys our age pee together, then washed our hands and faces and moved back to the kitchenette to make our lunch. Mum had planned for us to have sandwiches both days, which we would prepare ourselves as needed. We set about deciding which fillings we wanted and buttering the bread. We grabbed another beer each and went out onto the deck to eat.

"Do you think you want to drink all six beers before we go to bed tonight?" Mike asked.

"I'm not sure. It's not like we have a point to prove to each other, and I don't want to be drunk," I responded.

"Yeah, that's kind of how I feel too. We still have three each after this one and about ten hours of drinking time left. Will your dad be upset if we don't finish them?" Mike asked.

"No, he won't be upset. A bit surprised maybe, but I think he'll be glad that we didn't pig out just because they were there. Let's just see how we go, and if we finish them we finish them. If we don't, we take them home and dad gets to drink them or offer them to us at a later date."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Mike agreed. "So come now, time for more sun screen and some back tanning before we go for a cooling swim."

We moved our lunch stuff back inside, putting the paper plates in the bin and the bottles in a recycling bag. Picking up our shopping bag with the paper towel and bits in it we headed back outside with our beach towels to where we had left the oiling towel weighted down with stones.

"Same as before, but this time you lie down first and I will cream your front," I offered.

As Mike lay down on the towel his cock started to rise in anticipation. We had left the sun screen bottle out with the towel, and as I squeezed some into my palm I could feel that it was quite warm. There was no need for me to warm it between my legs, so I just got on with the job of putting the cream onto his face and then down his body. This time when I got to his cock and balls I gave them a fairly liberal coating before moving down to do his legs, leaving him panting for more action on his cock. I blessed him with that when I had completed his legs, working him until he shot out over his torso.

"My turn now," I said and began to push against Mike gently to prod him out of his languid state following his orgasm.

He eventually moved and I took his place on the towel with legs spread and hard cock pointing to my head. Mike did my face and then turned around and began to do my feet, moving up my legs and onto my cock, then on up my torso till he got to my nipples. There he lingered once more before returning to my cock and wanking me till I shot out over my chest. Mike had not cleaned his cum off of his body, and although he had dripped a little bit on me it was not much, so I followed the pattern and simply sat up once he had finished taking my cock to heaven and back, leaving my cum to run down into my pubes before I got up any further.

I pulled myself off the towel and, indicating its vacant state, called out, "Next, please."Mike wasted no time and lay face down on the towel with his legs spread so that I could kneel between them and reach his back and shoulders fairly easily. As I leaned forward to reach his shoulders my cock, which was in a semi state from having just cum, swung forward and slid along his bum, tickling it and causing him to tense his muscles. That bumped his cheeks up against the tip of my cock and set me off on the road to a full-on boner again. By the time I got to his butt I was leaking pre-cum once more and had left little snail trails of it over his bum cheeks. I rubbed them away as I applied the sunscreen there. I didn't try to do too much to his cock and balls while I did his legs, but he still was hard when it came time for us to swap places and I got my oiling. My erection stayed firm during this process as well, even though Mike left it alone.

Once I was done we both moved over to our other towels and lay down on them on our tummies. We turned our heads to face each other so that we could talk some more. We had moved away from the sex and coming out talk onto more general topics and chatted away about England's chances in the Six Nations. We felt that we might be in as much trouble as the English football team had found themselves out in Brazil, but hoped not.

After a couple of hours of tanning we decided that was probably enough for the day and we should go for a swim and spend some time playing around in the surf before we head back inside to start preparing our tea. After being in the warm sun the sea water felt really cold, and our packages shrunk away till we looked like we were back at the start of puberty, only much hairier. Once we got out of the water we warmed up, and things went back to flapping around in the breeze until we hit the outside shower to clean up before going back inside.

We made short work of pork chops and mash with some more of Mum's frozen veg for our meal and had a fresh pear each for afters. We ate our evening meal out on the decking as the sun got lower in the sky; it wouldn't set for another hour to hour and a half yet. We decided that we would get inside once we finished eating and clean the place up, to give us less to do on Sunday. That way we could spend a bit more naked time outside in the sun before we had to do the final cleaning and closing up and get some clothes on before Dad arrived to collect us.

Once the cabin was cleaned we got out another beer each and put a dvd on to watch. We sat together on the couch, close but not quite touching as it was still a bit warm and we would end up sweating. We had already agreed we would have our shower just before we went to bed to sleep, as we were likely to perspire from our activities after we finished watching Broke Back Mountain. We were about half way through the film with rock hard cocks from feeling each other and being turned on by some of the scenes and implications of the film when my mobile rang for the first time that day.

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