Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 18

We decided to do the front of each other with the sunscreen first and then our backs, which would give the front some time to soak in before we had to lie on it. Mike offered to go first, and I lay down on a beach towel facing up. The early morning chill had burnt off while we were cooking and eating our breakfast; now as I lay down I could feel the warmth of the sun, and my ball bag was once again swinging freely. Mike started on my face by squirting some cream onto his hand and then using the fingers of his other hand to dip into it and transfer it to my face where he gently massaged it in, being careful not to get any in my eyes or mouth. Mike moved down onto my neck and then did each arm and hand in turn even smearing some of the cream into my pits. When he got to my chest he seemed to slow a bit around each nipple and take a bit more time to get the cream properly worked in. The same thing happened at my navel and then he started to work on my legs.

"Haven't you forgotten something?" I asked.

"No, I don't think so. I haven't done your feet yet, but I haven't reached that part of your body yet," Mike answered.

"Yes, but there is a part you seem to have passed without making sure it's properly protected. And I might add that this particular part may be more susceptible to harm from the sun's rays than most of the parts you've already done," I advised. I noticed that Mike had a found a clever place to hold the bottle of sunscreen – between his legs, with his balls resting on top of the bottle.

Mike began rubbing sunscreen onto my foot and then moved his hands over to the other foot before he answered me. "Don't worry! I haven't forgotten it, I just thought I would save the best to last. I'm also warming up the lotion so that it doesn't freeze you there." With that he placed each of my heels on the very edge of the towel so that he could position himself between my legs. Using more sunscreen he massaged it in with firm strokes as he moved back up my legs. Arriving at my groin, he dribbled sunscreen out of the bottle straight onto my hard cock and proceeded to massage it in, adding a bit more when what he had applied seemed to be wearing out. Mike used his hands in a skilled fashion as he worked the cream well into my cock and then he used all ten fingers at the same time to massage it into my ball bag being very careful to roll my balls around but not squeeze them as he pulled and rubbed with his fingers on my scrotum. I think I dribbled so much pre-cum out onto my stomach that I must have watered down the sunscreen Mike had applied there and put a spot of my skin at risk of a worse burn. Mike's ministrations to my cock and balls brought me really close to coming but not quite close enough, and then he declared he had finished with my front and it was his turn to get greased up.

Reluctantly I relinquished my spot on the towel and Mike lay down on it much the same as I had, except he spread his legs out from the beginning. I also started on Mike's face and moved down his torso and following his example left his best till last. But spreading the cream and massaging it in over every inch of visible skin was a great turn on and I found myself using firm strokes and then going back over the same area with a lighter stroke, which had Mike emitting constant moans and groans of pleasure. Of course, like me, Mike was hard before I started. When I got to his cock and balls I had to squeeze quite tightly to get his foreskin to pull all the way back because my hands were so slick with sunscreen; I wanted to pull the skin back and uncover the head which I felt needed to have a coating of cream also. I also copied Mike in the way he used his fingers to work the cream into my ball bag and made him groan some more as I pulled down on the skin and forced his cock to lift and point skywards instead of up his belly towards his chin. With his legs spread I also palmed the perineum and rubbed that with my full hand allowing one of my fingers to slip into his bum crack as far as I could get it with him lying on his bum. I worked his cock almost to orgasm, but not quite and then told him it was time to do my back.

Swapping roles once more, I knelt on the towel and got myself positioned so that my head would not be in the sand beyond the edge of the towel when I lay down, then I lowered my shoulders and moved my arms to form a pillow for my head and finally began to move my knees backwards to lower the rest of my body onto the towel. As I was doing this, Mike reached between my legs, grabbed my hard cock, and pulled it backwards so that it pointed down between my legs to my ankles once I was lying flat. It's not very comfortable to have your cock in this position when it's fully pumped up, but there was method in his madness. As he put sunscreen on my legs he could also brush his fingers along the underside of my cock and over that supersensitive hot spot where your fraenulum attaches to your cock head. Not that he needed to do that to keep me rock-solid hard, but it sent shivers through my body whenever he did it. As before he left that area of my anatomy till last. As he rubbed up my legs back to my bum cheeks he used his thumbs to part the cheeks so that he could give each bun a squeeze that had his fingers sliding along my flesh until they came together in a point. Extra protection was massaged in as he worked my glutes and ran his fingers up and down my crack, ensuring that there was a good layer of cream inside the crack before he put some pressure on my pucker and eased a finger inside me. With one finger going in and out of my butt, his other hand began to play with my cock and balls, pushing me ever closer to that precipice. Before I could go over it, Mike worked a second finger into my butt. He found my prostate and began to stimulate it by rubbing each fingertip over it in a different direction at the same time. Coupled with what he was doing to my cock and balls it was too much, and I warned him that I was going to explode very soon. A split second later I was messing up the beach towel with a very strong orgasm. Mike continued working his fingers in my bum and pumping my cock until I called out that he had to stop; I couldn't take it anymore.

I lay on the towel without moving for some time while I recovered from the intensity of that orgasm. But Mike wanted his turn. Giving me a not too gentle whack on the bum, he told me it was time for us to swap positions. Mike got himself down on the towel a lot quicker than I had and didn't give me the opportunity to pull his cock out between his legs. I worked my hand under his balls and along his cock until I could get a good grip on it and pull it out between his legs, as he had done mine. This time round I had to swing his cock around like the big hand on a clock, forcing it to move between the towel and his body. Only then did I move up to his shoulders and begin to spread protection over them and the back of his neck. As I moved down his back I put a light coating of sunscreen over his bum but continued on down to his feet before coming back up with my hands on the inside of his legs until I reached his hard cock, with his balls pulled tight in the bag because of the position of his cock. I spent quite a bit of time edging his cock before revisiting his gluteus maximus and the division between them. I finally got first one finger, then a second and also a third finger into his bum. I used all three to fuck that hole and massage his prostate while I pulled on his cock like a cowhand at an udder with my other hand. Mike had been telling me for a while that it was nice and he was getting close, then his body went rigid and I felt his prostate spasm. Seconds later his butt closed down on my fingers as the blast of jism ran up his cock to shoot out and land in the sand about six inches past the edge of the towel. The rest of his shots were not quite so violent and landed on the towel, adding to the mess I had left there earlier. I pulled my fingers out of his butt and lay down on top of him with my cock, which had already got hard again, lying in his butt crack.

Looking over his right shoulder I whispered into his ear, "Next time I want your cock in me when I cum rather than your fingers."

"Are you asking me to fuck you?" Mike asked with a bit of surprise in his voice.

"If that is what you want to call it, yes! I would prefer it if you were making love to me," I replied.

"Let me turn over. This is something we need to be able to look into each other's eyes for," Mike requested.

"Ok, hold on a moment." I got up off of Mike and then began to spread out the second towel we had brought out with us. When that was straightened up, I lay down along one edge on my side and indicated to Mike that he could join me on it. Yes, I know! They were bloody big towels. Dad had bought them from a factory that makes them when he had been visiting it on some business. The towels had been made for backdrops in the retailer's shop windows, but someone had cocked up on the number to be made. They had made nearly two hundred more than they needed before the cock up was discovered--the joys of having a night shift working after all the bosses who make the decisions have gone home. I seem to remember that dad had managed to procure about ten of the towels for as many pounds, which was a bargain he couldn't pass up. It meant we had towels that were about eight by five feet, which made great beach towels to lie on or even to hide under if we wanted to.

Mike wasted little time moving over and turning on his side so that we were facing each other just a few inches apart.

"What did you mean when you said that you would prefer it if I made love to you rather than fuck you?" Mike asked with a serious look on his face.

"Dogs fuck and rabbits fuck. Their only purpose is to procreate and ensure the survival of their species. I think our relationship has gone further than that, and I can't think of a better way to express it."

Mike reached out a hand and put it on my shoulder, as I looked intently at him. He opened his mouth and then closed it again and swallowed. I saw his eyes appeared to glisten and then a little pearl drop of moisture escaped out a corner and sat on the edge of his nose. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out, then he gave a little throat clearing cough and opened his mouth again only to close it and swallow as another tear drop joined the one on his nose. They ran down the slope of his nose as one to drip off the edge onto his cheek. It seemed like ages but was probably less than a minute before Mike was able to speak.

"Steve," he started, then there was another pause. I stayed quiet to give him his space, dreading that he might say something that I didn't want to hear. "Steve, I think you just told me the answer to the question you've been asking and we've been trying to answer."

Suddenly I had given him enough space and I blurted out, "Yes! I think I am definitely gay and I love you. Please don't hate me for that. Please continue to be my friend, even if you don't want to do any more of this stuff together. Please at least stay with me."

If it were possible to leap forward when lying on your side, that would describe Mike's response. He pulled me into a tight embrace and silenced me with his mouth on mine and his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. He pulled his head back and through the blur of my tears I could make out that his face was wet, but I just thought it was from my tears and I started again. "Mike, please tell me we can still be friends …"

Mike put his hand over my mouth to shut me up. "Yes, you dolt! We can still be friends, but we can be much more; we can be lovers. I think I want you as much as you want me; I love you too, Steve!" He pulled me close again. Taking his hand away from my mouth, he kissed me again as our tears mingled on our cheeks.

We had kissed before, but now those earlier kisses seemed to be a simple meeting of mouths, nothing more than what we did with some of our female friends when we greeted them. This kiss was very different. The physical elements were similar, but now there was a certain tenderness, a strange feeling in my chest. The tip of my cock tingled even though it was not touching anything except the air around it. A feeling of calm rolled down my body from my head all the way to my toes. I swear that I could actually feel it move down from muscle to muscle and bone to bone. It was followed by a feeling of euphoria and peace, which sounds a bit of a contradiction, but there it was intense happiness and excitement coupled with the tranquility of knowing you've come to the end of a difficult road travelled alone, knowing that you are still going forward on a difficult road, but now it's with someone you know you can trust with your life.

How long did we stay tightly embraced and kissing? Who knows? When we pulled apart we both still had blurred vision and were at a loss as to how to wipe our eyes. We couldn't use our hands, which were still coated in the sun screen we had used on each other. The towels also had to have some of the cream on them, and we couldn't see clearly enough to know where there was no cream or sand. We pulled ourselves up into a sitting position and looked at each other, then I laughed and said, "What a right pair of chumps we are. We don't have anything to blow our noses with either."

"Let's get over to the outside shower and wash our faces. Then we can make our way back inside to find some tissue or something," Mike suggested. I liked that idea and agreed straight away. We got up, picked up the towel we had been lying on and moved off to the shower. Turning our faces upwards we let the cold water wash over our faces and on down our bodies to get rid of the sand we had picked up. Then we dried a bit with the towel and made our way inside with better vision than we had anticipated. The roll of kitchen towel soon gave us what we needed to dab at our eyes and finish restoring our sight.

"Next time we will remember to take a few extra supplies out with us," I said.

"Yeah, that we will. Let's grab a beer each, go back out into that lovely warm sun, and talk our way through what we've just discovered so that we each know what the other wants and expects," Mike said. He was clearly the practical one in our group, who kind of looked after us and generally thought ahead and tried to be prepared.

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