Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 17

I don't know what woke me, but I was awake at about half past one in the morning and got up to go for a pee. It was warm enough that my balls were swinging freely as I walked, and my soft cock swung with them. When I came back into the bedroom I saw in the soft light of the night light that Mike had thrown his covers off. His naked body was on full display as he lay on his back with his arms above his head and his legs slightly splayed. I had to move the duvet to get back into bed and just pulled it down to the foot of the bed and then got on the bed as gently as I could, trying not to disturb Mike.

I lay for a short while and realised that I was not going to get back to sleep easily. I decided to use the opportunity to the best advantage. I carefully sat up and turned to look at Mike. He was so peaceful in his sleep that he was beautiful. I cannot say handsome because he was more than that. His dark brown hair was dishevelled in a windswept way, framing a face that was free from acne. Mike had never had a problem with acne, suffering only the occasional spot that left no discernable mark behind. His eyebrows were neat arches with a definite path between them that led down the bridge of his nose. His hazel eyes were hidden behind his eyelids as he slept but were moving fairly fast and I guessed he was in the REM part of his sleep pattern. Mike had shaved that morning before going to school, but his beard was stronger than mine and he now had a shadow over his top lip and around his jaw line that made him look "modern sophisticated". The corners of his mouth turned upward in the hint of a smile and I wondered if he was dreaming about what we had done that evening. Mike enjoyed his sport, and it showed in his nicely shaped pectorals and abdominals. His nipples were pointed and the areola around them darker, with little whitish bumps around the outer ring. He had no hair on his chest ,which I found appealing; I was learning that I liked smooth skin more than the hirsute. Having said that, I liked the look of the happy trail that started just below his innie belly button and widened out to a dark thatch of hair surrounding his cock and balls, continuing on down his legs.

Here I lingered in my observations as I took in as much detail of his genitals as I could manage. His soft cock was lying to the right of his scrotum in a gentle curve ending in the fold of foreskin that hung over the end of his cock by at least half an inch, possibly more. Some time when I have access to a ruler I am going to ask him to let me measure it both soft and hard. His balls were a tad larger than mine, and with the warmth of the night his scrotum was mostly hanging down between his legs except for where his cock was pushing his one ball over the top of the other. The bag had the odd wisp of hair on it but was mostly smooth. I watched fascinated as his balls moved around inside the scrotum trying to maintain the optimum temperature for sperm production, and I noticed that his cock would get a little longer and push against the flap of foreskin and then shrink back again. I had wanted to take in as much of him as I could, so I forced my gaze away and looked on down his legs, which had good muscle shape without being over muscled. His dark hair got shorter and thinner the further down the leg you looked until just above his ankles, where it seemed to get a bit thicker or denser. Mike's feet also were beautiful, and he kept his nails trimmed and clean. But enough was enough; I had seen all of his front and I returned my eyes to gaze upon the part of him I was most interested in - the loveliness of his crotch.

I reached out with my hand and let my fingers slide softly through his pubes without going in far enough to touch his skin, just to get an idea of what his pubic hair felt like, then I felt my own. There really was no difference in the feel, just the amount. But to be sure, I had another feel of his pubes – well that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it! There was no reaction from Mike, which pleased me as I wanted to see something else before I risked disturbing his slumber. Turning my hand I lightly ran my finger nails over his scrotum and watched as it bunched up, pulling his balls toward the relative safety of his body. When the stimulation ended the scrotum moved back down, shortly followed by the two miniature rugby balls inside the skin. Another scrape of my nails over the skin elicited the same response plus a bit of movement in his cock. As his balls dropped back down into their bag, I slipped my fingers under his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze, feeling the softness of it, with a hardness inside that was building as his cock came awake again, even though he was still asleep. I fondled his cock some more. As it grew I worked his foreskin back, because I wanted to see his head uncovered. I had to wait until he was at a full erection before I was able to achieve this. I was rewarded with a bead of pre-cum sitting at the pee slit. A couple more strokes and the bead grew enough that I could not resist the temptation and leaned forward to lick it off with my tongue. As I straightened up again I noticed that a new bead was already forming, so I decided that I needn't wait any longer and lowered my head back down, taking his cock into my mouth, and began working the head with my tongue.

Mike's fingers began to comb my hair, and he said, "What a nice way to wake, even if it is in the middle of the night." I began to lift my head up to get his cock out of my mouth so that I could answer him, but he pushed down on my head and said, "Not till you finish what you started."

I had no objections and continued to bob on his cock, using my tongue to further stimulate him. I brought one of my hands in to play with his balls, to add to the stimulus and also just to enjoy them. When Mike came, the position my head was in made swallowing difficult and a fair bit of his cum ran out of my mouth to the base of his cock. When he let me take my mouth off his cock I saw this and began to lick it all up as I was finding that I loved the taste of cum. Then I moved on up his body and looked into his eyes. I saw his smiling mouth just before I came down and began to part those lips with my tongue and give him a taste of his own offering.

My own cock was rock hard and leaking like a tap. I began to grind it into his stomach as we kissed and exchanged saliva. Sucking on Mike's cock was stimulating enough that coupled with humping his lower abdomen I was getting super close. Lifting up I grabbed hold of myself and jerked for just a few moments until I shot out over his stomach and chest, then went back down to lick my cum off his body.

Sated, I lay down half off and half on Mike and we resumed our kissing. After a while Mike put his hands on my head and rolled his body under me using his hands to roll my head which encouraged me to roll with him and we changed positions with Mike now half on top of me. Mike's hand slid down the side of my torso and across to cup my balls and cock and give them a gentle squeeze before he began to pet them. Breaking the kiss he moved off of me and as I lay there on my back he began to trace around the swells and ridges of my body shape with his finger so lightly touching me that it woke up all of my nerve endings. Even though I had just cum, my cock was rock hard and pulsing, producing more pre-cum and getting ready for another orgasm. But it was the middle of the night, and having just cum Mike's gentle caressing lulled and relaxed me and sleep overtook me before another orgasm. How much longer Mike lay there awake I will never know, nor does it matter. It sufficed to know that he was happy, and if he wanted to lie and feel me while I slept then so be it.

We woke quite late on the Saturday morning. We weren't bothered about that as we had no schedule to keep to, and we had had an interruption during the night that would have required an extended lie in anyway. Mike woke before me and must have gone to the loo to relieve his morning bladder pressure and then put the percolator on the hot plate of the cooker in the kitchenette. When he came back into the room he sat down on the bed and began to play with my cock, which is what dragged me smiling out of my slumber. I would have liked to have been able to lie there while Mike jerked my cock to orgasm, but alas I think there would have been an accident requiring a change of sleeping bag and the washing of the one I was currently lying on. I told Mike that I had an urgent need to take care of first. Understanding the situation immediately, Mike let go of me and I got off the bed and made a bee line to the shower stall, where I was able to stand and just let it all flow without having to try and bend my rock-hard cock downwards. I turned the shower on just as my flow was beginning to ease and used the spray to wash down the walls first and then the lower half of my body, where I had felt some splash-back.

A quick bit of drying and I went back to the bedroom still waving a flag pole in front of me, only to find that the room was empty. I walked through to find Mike at the counter pouring the milk he had warmed up into our mugs, making us some coffee. We took our drinks out onto the deck, and although it was not that early in the morning, it was still a bit chilly; the temperature had as usual dropped just before dawn. Our ball bags now scrunched their faces in protest, while our cocks tried to hide behind their screwed up scrotums.

"I reckon the water is warmer than the air," Mike said.

"Let's find out." I put my coffee cup down on the table between us.

Mike put a restraining hand on my arm and said, "Not yet. Let's finish our coffee first and then we can go for a swim and come back to make breakfast. That way we'll have got the swim out of the way and we can work on the all-over tan that Carrie so wants to see on you."

"I don't think it's just my all-over tan she's interested in seeing. Remember, she's seen pictures of me totally naked, and she's been up close and personal with my JT, so I don't have that much left to interest her. No, I think it's more your body she's keen to see now," I teased.

"Well, I disagree. I think she sees you as a friendly sex object. She can't get enough of you because she knows she's safe with you. That's why she was willing to let you see her in her glory. She hasn't done that for me or anyone else that I know of," Mike countered.

"At least she's a bit of fun, and she is open about what she is and isn't willing to do. I like that, because you know how far you can go without upsetting or hurting anyone."

"Well, if you're not careful with her you might find me getting a bit jealous," Mike confessed.

"Jealous?" I asked. "Why would you be jealous of Carrie?"

"Because she's getting more from you," Mike answered.

"More from me? Come on! Carrie has only seen pictures of me naked while you have seen the real thing and in detail. She may have sucked me a couple of times, but you have both sucked and wanked me and you're getting a whole weekend of me naked with just you. But are you trying to tell me something more with that?"

"I don't know! All I know is that I have these strange feelings going on inside me that I can't describe and don't understand, and they have something to do with you," Mike explained.

"I think I know what you're saying; I think I'm experiencing the same thing."

"Perhaps we should go for that swim and cool ourselves down a bit, so that we can think straight," Mike suggested.

"You mean as opposed to thinking gay or bi?" I asked.

Mike gave a short laugh and just nodded his head in agreement before leaping over the railing to the sand below. I quickly followed him and we both ran down into the water to test whether we were right or not. Well, the short answer is that we were wrong; the water was at least five degrees colder than the air, so when we got out our packages were totally shrivelled up and trying to warm themselves under the blanket of our pubic hair.

We didn't play in the water for long before we made a quick dash up the beach to the outside shower, only to find that we hadn't yet turned on the water supply inside the bungalow.

"I tell you what - use your hands to scrape as much of the water off me as you can, and I'll go inside and turn the water on and also grab two beach towels. Then we can get inside to make breakfast," I offered as I used my hands to press as much water out of my hair as possible. Mike wasted no time in getting started and soon was rubbing his hands all over me, wiping the water toward the ground. Of course I wasn't totally dry, except perhaps for my cock, which had got a lot more scraping than the rest of my body and now was once more pointing upwards at an acute angle. At least this way we would need to clean up the least possible mess. I stamped my feet on every step on the way up to the decking to get as much sand off them as possible and then walked carefully through to turn on the tap for the outside water and grab a couple of beach towels out of the cupboard.

Back outside we both showered in water that was colder than the sea. Shivering madly, we dried ourselves rather than each other and quickly got inside, grabbing our coffee mugs on the way. With refilled cups we set about getting some bacon, eggs and toast done and eaten, which warmed us up. We didn't eat out on the decking, but we soon were back outside with fresh beach towels and sunscreen. Did you know that the best part of sunscreen is applying it to your mate?

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