Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 16

"Okay, what would you like to do this weekend?" I asked as soon as we were seated together.

"Well, obviously it's going to revolve around a lot of gay playing. With no television reception I guess we're not going to watch the TV, but we could perhaps look at the odd DVD or something. I do know I want to be naked as much as possible and with you. What would you like?" Mike answered.

"I want to do a fair amount of sexual exploration, so that I know what it usually feels like, not just the super-excited first time sort of thing. I want to play a lot but not necessarily cum that much. But most important of all, I want us both to like what we do. We should agree that if we're not liking something we'll be honest and say so, and the other has to stop if that is what we want," I said.

"Yes, I agree. If one of us isn't happy with something then we stop doing it," Mike concurred.

"Oh! And I don't want us to sleep in separate sleeping bags. I brought a duvet on the pretext we might need it if it gets chilly in the evenings, but what I would like is to put one of the sleeping bags opened flat on the double bed and use the duvet to cover us so we sleep side by side," I added.

"And we must sleep. I don't want to go home so knackered that I can't function properly at school. There could be some very awkward questions if that happens," Mike said.

While we had been discussing this, we had each been playing with the other's cock, so we both were hard and leaking. Our conversation dwindled into a short silence as we centred our thoughts on what we were doing to each other. I pulled on Mike's foreskin and began to roll the overhang that extended beyond the tip of his cock in my fingers. His precum lubed the inside layers of it so it rolled quite well and held me fascinated; my own foreskin only just covered the head of my cock when I was hard, and you could still see my piss slit even when I was soft.

"That is a nice way to play with my cock. I can feel the movement on my cock head even though you're not touching that part. It keeps my cock hard, but I doubt I could cum like that," Mike told me.

"That's another thing. We should be totally open and honest with each other and each tell the other what's good and what is not so good. That way we can learn and make it better for each other," I said.

"And also to be able to ask questions. Like, when you wank yourself, do you pull the foreskin back and hold it back and then let your fingers rub against your cock or do you use your skin to wank your cock head?" Mike asked.

"Usually a bit of each. I start off using the skin, and once there is a good build-up of precum to lube me I pull the skin back and enjoy some direct stimulation on my cock head," I answered.

We continued fondling each other for a bit longer in silence, and then I asked, "Have you ever cum inside your foreskin?"

"Yeah, but I have to be in a particular mood for it, so it doesn't happen often. If I want to make sure that I do, then I tie the end of my skin shut and wank with very short strokes, making sure my cock head doesn't force the string off the end. That way it captures all the pre-cum and my load too and makes quite a big amount which I usually let out onto my palm and lick up. But I do have to clean up well afterwards or it gets kind of messy and horrible inside there," Mike told me.

"You mean like cock cheese?" I asked.

"Yeah. I have to make sure I clean regularly. Do you get cock cheese at all?"

"Not any more. When I hit puberty Dad took me into the bathroom and told me about the need to be careful about keeping it clean. He made me get undressed and then pulled my skin back as far as it would go. My frenulum had not stretched that much because I had not been masturbating long at the time. He showed me the cock cheese inside my foreskin and then wiped a bit off with his finger and made me smell it. We both got in the shower and he showed me on himself how to wash it and then made me wash mine while he watched. After that I have washed it every time I get in the shower. Now that I can fully retract my foreskin it's easier." I explained.

"Shit. I knew you had a good relationship with your folks, but I didn't realise it was good enough that you could cope with something like that when you had just hit puberty," Mike said.

"Yeah. He also talked to me while we were in the bathroom about masturbation and sex with girls and guys. He showed me how big he gets when hard and how he likes to wank. I mean, I always thought that once you got married you would stop wanking, because you're having sex, but dad told me that he still wanks, because the sex isn't enough to keep him satisfied. He still needs to cum at least once a day," I said.

"I wonder if my dad still wanks," Mike mused.

"Do you prefer it when I wank you or when I suck you?"

"Most times sucking beats wanking, but like now, I am enjoying the casual pleasure while we talk. We can't talk and suck at the same time," Mike answered.

We were interrupted by the ringing of my mobile phone. I had to get off the couch and go over to the table to answer it. I saw on the screen that it was Carrie calling.

"Hi, Carrie. How you doing?" I said.

"Hi, Steve. I'm ok but bored on a Friday night. Can you believe it? Are you having fun?" Carrie asked.

"Yeah, Mike and I were just chatting. I tell you what, I'll put you on loudspeaker and the three of us can chat," I told her. I pulled my phone away from my ear to alter the setting before she had a chance to answer. I put the phone down on the coffee table in front of the couch and asked, "Can you hear us like this?"

"Hi, Carrie," Mike got in quickly.

"Hi, Mike. Yeah, I can hear you. Isn't Tim with you guys too?" Carrie asked.

"No. The twat got himself grounded and then got an extension on his grounding," Mike told her.

"So what are you two going to get up to all alone like that for the weekend?" Carrie enquired with a teasing tone in her voice. If only she knew how close she was!

"Apart from the effort it takes to cook, we're just going to laze around and do little other than swim in the sea and sunbathe," I told her.

"I hope at that cabin you are going to do it in the nude. I would like to see you with an all over tan," Carrie said.

"Well, we hadn't got that far in our discussions yet," Mike lied.

"If I were there, with no interference from parents and the like, I would be naked from the start to the finish. Have you got Skype there?" Carrie said.

"No. No television and no internet. I can't even pick up a hot spot on my mobile," I answered.

"Ok, guys. Have fun. Tell me all about it at my party next weekend," Carrie said.

"Sure. Catch you later," I agreed, knowing there would be a lot of the 'all' that we wouldn't be telling her about.

"Yeah. See you. Have a good weekend," Mike added.

"You too, guys. Good night." Carrie rang off.

During the call with Carrie we had carried on playing with each other. When the call was disconnected Mike said, "I don't know about you, but I think I want to cum soon. Fancy going down on me?"

"Can we sixty-nine?" I asked

"If we go through to the room and get on the bed. I don't fancy doing it on a hard carpet or cramped up on this couch," Mike agreed.

"Let's go then." I stood up and pulled on Mike's cock to encourage him out of the chair.

We went into the main room, where there was a double bed. We did not bother to get our pillows out or to open a sleeping bag up. We just lay down on the bare mattress, top to tail, and wiggled to line ourselves up with the cock we were about to suck on. I grabbed hold of Mike's cock and worked his foreskin all the way back to reveal a nice shiny head liberally coated in gleaming goo which I proceeded to remove with my tongue while I held his cock in place. Mike didn't bother with that and just sucked my cock into his mouth, going down on me until I could feel his chin pressing into my lower abdomen and his nose separating my balls. Then he pulled back slowly using his tongue to work my cock head as soon as the tip could reach it. I remembered how much I had liked him playing with my balls and tickling my bum the last time we had been together, so I let go of his cock with my one hand and began to pull on his ball bag and then roll his balls around between my fingers while my other hand went roaming over any part of his body within reach. I used my fingers to lightly dance over his skin and excite all his nerves, making those almost invisible hairs stand up as if they were being lifted by static electricity. I ran a finger down his crack and felt him groan in pleasure, the vibrations working on my cock's sensitive nerve endings. The finger continued along his seam line, over the perineum and into my mouth to get lubed up with a mixture of pre-cum and spit, then I took it back to press against his bum hole. I felt him push out with his hole and applied a bit more pressure, and my finger slid in up to the first knuckle. Some more groans vibrated on my cock head and Mike began what I presumed was a bit of instinctive and involuntary hip movements to fuck his cock into my mouth. In doing so he also worked his hole on my finger and I gradually gained depth until I felt his prostate and began to work it. His groans became almost continuous. The vibrations on my cock were dragging me closer and closer to the edge. I began to finger fuck his bum while he fucked my mouth. I kept my head still but continued to use my tongue to swirl around his cock head and take off the pre-cum as he produced it.

I don't know how long I had been doing it, but I realised that at the point where I was thinking of trying to introduce a second finger to his bum that I, like Mike, was also moving my hips and fucking his mouth. I guess I had been doing it for a while; I had no recollection of starting it. Mike was also running a finger over my bum cheeks and down my crack. It felt like he was spreading some sort of wet there, which I presumed was the same mixture of spit and pre-cum I had used.

I pressed a second finger against his pucker as I pulled my finger out and then when I started to push it back in, I pushed the other finger in at the same time. It must have hurt a bit because he gave a muffled yelp around my cock, but he didn't try to stop me; instead he again pushed back with his butt to help get more into him. With two fingers up his bum and letting them do the yellow pages walk down his chute his prostate was getting a lot of stimulation. This pushed him over the edge; without warning I felt his body stiffen and then the simultaneous clamp on my fingers and the pulse in his cock as he expelled the first blast of semen to the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly and hardly tasted it, so I pulled my head back a bit to get his next blast onto my tongue and allow it to fall into the hollow of my cheek so that I could store it up like a hamster to savour and swallow slowly later.

Fortunately I had wrapped my lips around my teeth, because feeling Mike blast into my mouth and having his finger pressing on my bum hole pushed me over the edge. Before Mike finished blasting his load, I was doing the same. The sudden jerks my body made as I went through the orgasm forced Mike's finger through my sphincter, and he continued to slide it all the way in. Before I knew it he was pressing against my prostate, making my spasm that much stronger. I really blasted a good load out into Mike's mouth.

We kept sucking, but eventually we could stand it no longer and rolled away, pulling our cocks out of the vacuum of each other's mouth.

"Shit! I came hard then. Those fingers up my butt made it even stronger, I'm sure," Mike said.

"Yeah, that was one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. And when you pressed on my prostate it just about shot me through into the next universe."

We lay there panting a bit and found ourselves getting dozy. "I know it's relatively early, but we're just about dropping off now. Why don't we try and go to sleep now so that we're more awake to do things tomorrow?" I suggested.

"Well, let's get the bed ready and then see if we're still feeling sleepy. The activity of getting ready may liven us up a bit."

We got up and pulled the duvet out of the bag along with our pillows and the two sleeping bags. Undoing the zip all the way round on one sleeping bag, we spread it out over the mattress and then pulled the duvet up over that. Once the bed was ready we headed off to the bathroom and brushed our teeth.

On the way back Mike noticed the night light in the passage and asked, "Can we put the night light in the room? I don't want to be blinded by the light of the bedside lamps, but I would like to have some light to look at you while we settle down to sleep. If you can't sleep with the light then we'll have to leave it out, but I think I'd like to have some light on during the night in case I need to go to the loo."

I bent down and unplugged the night light. "No problem with me. If I can sleep in the middle of the day on a school coach, I can sleep with a night light on."

We plugged the night light in, turned it on, and turned off the other lights in the room. I went out and turned the lights off in the rest of the cabin, finishing with the passage light outside the room. When I came back into the room Mike was lying on the bed with the duvet turned back for me. I could just see a hint of his naked thigh, which for some reason began to turn me on again. I got into bed and pulled the duvet over me, then turned to face Mike and leant forward to give him a kiss on his forehead. "Goodnight, sexy," I whispered.

Mike lifted his head and kissed me full on the lips and said, "Goodnight, sexy too." We moved in close so that we could drape our arms over each other. Closing our eyes we soon dropped off to sleep.

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