Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 15

When we woke up the next morning it was to discover that we didn't have much time. I sent Mike off to do his ablutions first. While I would have loved to have gone with him, Mum might think it a bit odd that we would be together to pee and wash. Going separately bit into our together time; we did not have enough to pleasure each other before we had to get downstairs for our breakfast and then set off to school. Tim was looking even more depressed when we saw him; it appeared that things on the home front were going from bad to worse. Although I hoped I was wrong, I was fairly certain after talking with Tim that morning that he would not be joining us at the cabin for the weekend, and we might not see him at Carrie's party either.

Mike tried to get Tim to see that it was only himself he was hurting with his stubbornness and that he should back down and apologise to his parents and try to appease them, but Tim was convinced he was the wronged one and was being treated unfairly. He said he needed to stand his ground to make his parents realise that they couldn't just walk over him. Fortunately the bell for the start of class went, ending their argument; I could see Mike was getting really frustrated with Tim, and I thought he might even take a swing at him. Tim had to get to a different class and took off at a trot. As he moved away Mike said somewhat under his breath, "What a fucking twat. I can't believe that he can't see what he's doing and how wrong his thinking is. And all because his parents said he could not go to a sleepover with a bunch of girls. It's not like he'd get any action with them at the sleepover anyway."

"Ease it, Mike. Don't let him get to you," I said. "At least he has inadvertently given the two of us more time together." Our conversation had to stop there as we entered the classroom, lest we fall foul of our teacher and risk getting a detention, which would mess up our Friday afternoon.

On Thursday afternoon as we were leaving school Tim's mum approached us to tell us she was very sorry, but Tim's grounding had been extended. He had broken the terms of his grounding, and he would not be joining us at the cabin for the weekend. We both said we were sorry he wouldn't be with us and then went on our way walking home. The confirmation that Tim would not be with us had us walking in silence for a short way.

"A part of me is quite sad that Tim will not be with us for the weekend, but another part of me is quite glad, because that means I will be alone with you more," Mike said at last. "You know 'two's company, three's a crowd'."

"Yeah, that is kind of what I've been thinking too," I confessed. "I feel a bit guilty for feeling like that."

"Well, that's a dilemma for both of us," Mike said. "Agh, he's such a bloody stupid shit! We shouldn't worry about him."

"Yeah, there is no point in us getting all worked up over it. We didn't cause it, and there's nothing we can do to change it. Let's just get into the mood and go with the attitude we are going to have fun together and take pride in the fact that our parents trust us enough to allow us to do this weekend and the sleepover at Carrie's party too," I said.

"Well, you are absolutely right that it's not our fault, and I agree we need to put aside any feelings of guilt, because we would not have excluded him. Tim has excluded himself," Mike said.

On that slightly more upbeat note we parted company and went our diverging ways.

As soon as Mum and I had greeted each other I told her that Tim was not going to be with us at the cabin and assured her that Mike and I still wanted to spend the weekend there. I also told Mum that Carrie had offered to take Tim's place and that I had told Carrie there was not a chance that any of our parents were going to allow that, to which she replied that I had certainly got that right. I joked that at least it would not cost them as much, as they only needed to buy two thirds of the food they had planned on buying for us for the weekend.

As we left school on Friday Mike and I were getting quite excited. We would part for the afternoon and spend that time packing, or at least a few minutes of that time packing. How long does it take to throw a couple of shorts and shirts in a bag and get your washing stuff and bedding together? Of course I would be doing a bit more than Mike as I also had to help pack the food that Mum had bought for us, but even that wouldn't take a great deal of time. This was good, because one of the conditions of being allowed to go to the cabin was that our homework had to be completed before we left. As soon as I had packed my bag I sat down at my desk and cracked on with my homework. We had lucked out on maths, because our maths teacher was not well and had not set us any homework, and we had also been able to do some of our homework during the maths class which didn't happen. The upshot was that I was packed and ready as soon as Dad got home, and after a call to Mike's home to ascertain that he was also ready, Dad helped me to put the stuff in his car, and off we went to pick Mike up and carry on to the cabin. We got the stuff unloaded, and as I carried the last box of food in I saw a case of beer on the counter with Dad standing nearby.

"We didn't bring that, honest, Dad!" I said worried that he might be upset at the sight of a case of beer.

"No, I did. Look, you two, there are twelve beers there. I thought that four each would be good, two today and two tomorrow. But now that there is only the two of you; you have six each. I don't mind if you finish all six over the weekend, but don't drink them all in one go and then try and go swimming. Also I don't want to take you home smelling of beer, so I would prefer it if you didn't have any on Sunday," Dad told us.

"Wow! Thanks, Mr. Mostert. That's really kind of you," Mike said. I just stood there with my mouth open.

"Don't be so surprised, Steve. You boys have made us proud by the way you behave, and I know Mike's parents feel the same, so I thought you deserved a little extra. But I haven't told anyone else, so keep it quiet, please," Dad said.

"Thanks, Dad." I got over my surprise and shock. "We won't let you down."

"Ok, boys. Remember to keep your mobile charged up so that you can phone us if there is an emergency. I'll see you on Sunday. Have a good and safe time." Dad left to a chorus of goodbyes from both of us. We ran the short distance up the road to shut and lock the gate as soon as Dad had gone through it and then jogged back to the cabin to start our weekend together.

"First things first!" I started. "Let's get naked and then put all the food away and get some beer on the chill, then we can discuss what we're going to do with ourselves." By the time I had finished saying all that, I had my shirt off and was working to get my trainers off without undoing the laces or touching them with my hands. As is always the case, the first comes off easy as you can grip it with your other shoe, but the second relies on the grip of your toes and that seems to be more difficult to do. I didn't have socks on and had moved to begin undoing my jeans when Mike stopped me.

"Not so fast, Steve! Clothing below your belly is my concern. I will help you to lose those garments," he said.

I raised no objections. I stopped what I was doing and stood still while Mike wrestled with my jeans, eventually got the button undone, and then lowered the zip, making sure his hand ran against the bulge of my hardening cock. Mike was not going to waste too much time, so he gripped my boxers at the same time and pulled them down along with my jeans. As I stepped out of my clothes I told Mike that it was my turn next and carried out roughly the same moves on him, except that he was still keeping to his agreement and was commando under his jeans.

Once we were both naked, the food had to wait for a few minutes while we each had a good feel of the other, then with our hard cocks bouncing in front of us we moved through to the kitchenette and began to put the groceries away.

While we were doing that we talked about what we were going to eat when and how we were going to prepare it. Both Mike's mum and my mum had insisted that we learn to cook at least basic dishes. Because we both enjoyed it we had learned more than the basics, so we could fend for ourselves very nicely over the weekend.

"Let's cook our tea for tonight now and get it eaten and out of the way. After that we can sit down with a beer each and have some fun that isn't going to be interrupted by anything," Mike suggested.

"Ok, but we have to stay hard during all the preparation and cooking time and while we eat. If we find ourselves getting soft then we have to ask the other to remedy it," I suggested.

"That sounds good to me, but we don't have to wait to be asked to help a sagging boner. We can help to strengthen it even if it looks like it is standing tall by itself," Mike added.

"But of course! This is a weekend where we don't need to worry about anything like that. If we want to have a feel then we just do it, no matter when or where," I agreed.

For our tea we had pork chops with spicy wedges and some frozen mixed veg. At least mum had not supplied us with all fresh vegetables that took a lot of preparing. We decided to grill the chops and bake the wedges in the oven while the veg boiled in a pot on top of the cooker. As we moved about in the kitchen, we would each run our hand over the other's package as we passed, and sometimes when one was standing at the cooker or a counter the other would come up behind and put his arms around to cup the balls or squeeze the cock and pull the hips back so that his own cock would squeeze into the bum crack. We maintained strong erections the whole time and left snail trails of precum over our mate's body. Of course all this left our cocks positively tingling by the time the food was ready and we could sit down to eat.

We decided to eat at the water's edge. After dishing our food up onto paper plates that Mum had thoughtfully added to our grocery list, we wandered out and off the deck and down onto the sandy beach, where we sat down facing the water and began to eat. We were hungry enough that we were concentrating entirely on our food. Neither of us realised we had both lost our boners. When I leant forward to pick up my glass of water, which I had half buried in the damp sand to help keep the water cool, I felt the tip of my cock trying to bury itself in the sand.

"Hey! My cock has gone completely soft and I didn't even realise it!" I exclaimed in mock horror.

"Me too. And now the tip's gone and picked up all the sand grains with my precum," Mike added. "I don't want you trying to get me hard until I wash it off. I'm not having my pride and joy ground away with sandpaper."

"I have also picked up half the beach on the end of my cock. Let's finish eating and then we can go and have a quick shower together to make sure we get rid of all the sand, then we can look to what we want to do after that," I suggested.

Once we had finished eating we took our plates and forks back to the cabin and left them on the counter while we went for a shower. Stepping out of the shower we were both hard once more and stayed that way while we cleaned up the kitchen and washed the pots and cutlery we had used. Cracking a beer each, we went back into the living room and sat down side by side on the couch.

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