Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 14

When we had finished preparing as far as we could go without actually starting to cook the food we moved back up to my bedroom. We decided we would stay there, naked, until either it was time to start cooking or we heard my dad get home. Of course two testosterone charged seventeen year olds who like each other the way Mike and I did could not hold off for very long, so it was no surprise that we soon were lying top to toe talking and casually fondling each other's hard cocks.

"I must admit that having just had a good cum, I am quite enjoying just lying here having my cock played with without actually wanking it and being able to do the same to you," I told Mike.

"Yeah, it is kind of relaxing and exciting at the same time. I must admit I could get quite used to you being up close and friendly with my cock too," Mike admitted.

"Do you think this means we are gay?" I asked.

"I'm not sure of that yet, but I would say we are probably bi with stronger leanings towards gay than straight," Mike said

"This seems like a bit of dé-já vu. We were saying the same thing the other day too, weren't we?" I asked.

"Well, we are still trying to find out which way we're leaning. I guess we'll be asking that question for a while yet. For now I want to keep an open mind and see what happens and where it all leads." Mike said.

"Yeah, I guess that's the way to go at this stage. I do think that my feelings are more than just animal lust and a desire to get my rocks off," I added.

"Speaking of getting our rocks off, I would like to wait until we can have some more time after we have had our tea rather than cumming now. How does that sound to you?" Mike asked.

"Okay. I kind of like the idea of just keeping hard until we have to dress to finish cooking and then having to wait until later for relief. It's a form of edging, I think."

"Well now, I suppose you're right. How much longer do we have before we need to start cooking?" Mike concurred.

I rolled my top half over a bit to look at the clock on my bedside table. "We have just enough time to wash each other in the shower and then get dressed and hopefully lose our boners so that Dad doesn't notice anything if he gets home soon." With that I rolled back enough to give Mike's cock a kiss and a lick and then began to move off the bed. Mike kept a firm grip on my hard member and pulled me back long enough for him to lick and then suck on my cock for a few seconds before he released it. We enjoyed our shower, further caressing each other with the the lubrication of the shower gel. Getting out, still sporting rigid hard-ons, we pulled on shorts, sans underwear, and t shirts and made our way barefoot downstairs and into the kitchen. I set Mike to peeling the potatoes while I peeled and chopped some onions and began to fry them. Mike got the spuds on to boil and I browned the mince with the onions and began to add my seasonings. We left the pots simmering and went through to the lounge to sit for a while and wait till it was time to start the next step. We watched a quiz program on the television and were quite surprised at how many of the questions we were able to answer. Back in the kitchen we got the potatoes mashed and some green vegetables on to cook and finally topped the mince with the potato and put it in under the grill to toast slightly. As I straightened up from sliding the dish under the grill, Mike wrapped his arms around me with both his hands landing on my package which he gave some gentle squeezes and got the juices flowing once more. But the sound of Dad's car pulling into the drive put a stop to that, and I madly started trying to think of anything other than my excited cock to keep it from rising and hopefully to lose the bit of rise that it had.

"Hello, boys," Dad greeted us as he stepped through the front door.

"Hi, Dad. Thanks for letting Mike stay. Have you heard anything from Mum?" I fired off in rapid succession.

"Hi, Mr Mostert. Thanks for letting me stay," Mike chipped in.

"You know you are always welcome, Mike. Mum is waiting for me to phone her now. She phoned while I was driving. I couldn't take the call; my hands-free kit isn't working properly," Dad told us.

"Tea will be ready in about ten minutes, but then it can just sit till we are ready. Do you want a drink first while you talk to Mum, or do you want to eat straight away?" I asked.

"There's no hurry. Let's have a beer first. If you promise not to tell, you guys can have a beer each too," Dad said.

Although we were not legally old enough to drink in pubs yet, it was not illegal for us to have alcohol under the guidance of our parents, and both of us were granted permission on odd occasions to have a drink. However having a drink on a school night was a first and might be why Dad asked us not dob him in to our mums. I am also sure Dad knew we had drinks at other times, like at parties and with other friends, or at least he was fairly certain. I was yet to experience what it was like to get drunk, as I had never had more than two beers on any single occurrence.

Dad had slipped his shoes off in the front porch. Now he loosened his tie and sat down in the lounge while I went to get the drinks. Mike stayed with Dad and the two of them were chatting away when I returned with three beers poured into glasses.

"Oh, we are getting posh and sophisticated in our old age," Dad teased, and Mike chortled. "Thanks, Steve, and thank you also for getting tea ready. Now I had better phone your mother." Dad pulled his mobile out of his pocket and pressed a few buttons to call up Mum's number and dial it.

While Dad held his phone to his ear, Mike asked me, "Should we go out the room so your dad can talk to your mum in private?"

"No, there's no need. If something comes up that needs it, I'll leave the room," Dad told Mike before I could answer.

Dad greeted Mum and then just listened for what seemed an age. It had Mike and me in giggles, because he tried several times to get a word in, but clearly Mum was not letting him. Dad's body language had us amused because we knew that Mum could not see him lifting a pointed finger and arching his eyebrows nor his mouth opening and closing like a gold fish as he tried to say something. Then his eyes just got wide and he pulled the phone away from his ear to look at the screen and then just put it away in his pocket. Looking at us Dad smiled and said, "You can laugh, but remember that one day you might be in the same situation."

This was enough to bring us to full on, out-loud laughter. Dad sat there and let us get it out of our systems before telling us that the hospital suspected that Mrs Green had broken her hip and she was waiting to go for x-rays. Mum intended to stay with Mrs Green either until they had decided what was wrong with her and what they were going to do about it or until Mrs Green's daughter arrived. It seems that Mum had called the daughter and told her what she knew, and the daughter had decided that it was serious enough that she should come to see her mother. With that all sorted Dad suggested we take our beers with us to the dinner table and eat, so that we could get everything cleaned up before we went to bed. Of course he was teasing just a bit; we would be finished and cleaned up at least an hour before we needed to go to bed.

"Steve, this is really good. Is there enough to keep some for your mother?" Dad asked.

"Well it depends if the gannet here leaves any, but there should be," I told Dad while I teased Mike.

"Well it is really good and it is a temptation, but I would get as fat as you if I ate any more," Mike teased back.

There was still more banter while we finished our meal, then Mike and I gathered it all up and set off to the kitchen to clean everything up while Dad had a second drink and relaxed in the lounge.

When we had finished we joined Dad in the lounge. As we sat down Dad asked, "Have you sorted out an air mattress or something for Mike?"

"No, we thought we would both sleep on the bed. It's big enough," I told dad.

"Well, if you are both comfortable with that then okay. It does make for less work," Dad said.

"Yeah, and those sleeping bags tend to get too hot and are a bit restrictive," Mike added.

We quieted down as the next program started, because we all wanted to watch it. After that Mike and I took our leave and headed up to bed, getting a reminder that we were not to talk too late into the night as we had school the next day. That would not be hard; talking was not something we had any real intention to engage in anyway. We both said good night and asked Dad to tell Mum we said good night to her too, then we headed for my room.

Mike went ahead of me and was naked before I even got the door closed. Of course it doesn't take long to pull off a t shirt and a pair of shorts, although there was a need to lift the waistband of the shorts over a rising boner. Seconds later we had the duvet pulled back and we were lying on the bed in a sixty nine, enjoying the taste of each other's cocks and each willing the other to cum first. We had worked each other up so much that, along with the stimulation from wandering hands and probing fingers, the sucking on our cocks brought us off in simultaneous orgasms. When we had each licked off and swallowed every last drop of our mate's offering I turned around to lie the right way up on the bed and kissed Mike, our tongues entering into a serious duel.

Mike suggested that we should at least wear sleeping shorts, just in case Dad came in to wake us in the morning or to give us some news about Mum and Mrs Green. Reluctantly I agreed, so we pulled on some sleeping shorts, climbed back into bed, and turned off the lights. Our activities had taken their toll on us, and while we did talk for a little bit, we soon were sound asleep.

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