Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 13

When we got out of our last class Mike and I started out to walk home together once more. As we began to cross the car park Tim's mother approached us.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry Tim has had to be grounded and can't spend time with you. If his attitude doesn't improve, I'm afraid the weekend with you at the cabin is out too," she told us.

"We're sorry too, Mrs. Wilcox, but I'm sure you are doing what you believe is right for Tim," I said.

"Thank you. We do feel that we are doing what is needed, and I am sorry that you two are having to suffer for it too."

"Well, I'm sure we will cope, and if it gets Tim to see things in a better way, then it's all to the good," Mike added.

Mrs Wilcox thanked us again and we continued on our walk home. I was on the brink of asking Mike if he wanted to come to my house for a bit when my mobile went off. It was Mum.

"Hi, Mum," I answered.

"Steve, dear, I need to go and help old Mrs Green. She's had a fall and can't get up. You will have to see to your own tea, and I would appreciate it if you could make some tea for your father as well. I will sort myself out once I know what the situation is with Mrs Green."

"Okay, Mum. No problem. Was there anything planned for our tea?" I asked.

"Well, I was going to do a cottage pie, and the mince is out defrosting. But you can find something else if you don't want to do that," Mum said.

"No, cottage pie is fairly easy to do. If he's allowed, can Mike come for the afternoon and stay for tea, please?" I asked.

"Of course. You know Mike is always welcome in our home and to share what we have," Mum answered.

"Thanks, Mum. I hope Mrs Green isn't too bad. Please tell her I'm sorry she's hurt and I hope she gets right quickly. Please let me know how it goes." We ended our conversation as she was in a hurry to get off to Mrs Green's aid. Mrs Green was an old family friend, the mother of one of Mum's school friends. The school friend had moved to another town, but Mum had kept the contact up with Mrs Green, and whenever she had a problem she would phone Mum for help. If Mum felt it needed the intervention of Mrs Green's daughter then Mum would phone her old friend and get her involved, but many times Mum was able to sort it and then let her friend know what had gone on.

I turned to Mike and told him that Mum was going out and would not be home in time for tea, but that she had said if he wanted to he could stay for tea with us, but I had to cook it. "Naked chef, here you come," Mike said with a huge grin. He got his mobile out to phone his mum.

"Hi, Mum. Steve has invited me to go around his for the afternoon and then stay for tea. He has to cook it, because his mother is off on a mission of mercy with a friend that has fallen badly. Is it ok if I go to his house now and only get home after tea, please?" Mike asked. I noticed he also said please when asking for a favour. He listened for a bit and then said, "It won't be dark, so I can walk home after tea, or I am sure Steve's dad will bring me home if I ask him. Or perhaps I could stay the night with him." After another listening pause, "Yes, I know it's a school night and that we will be spending the weekend together. I just thought it might be easier than getting Dick to drive me home." And then after another pause, "Thanks, Mum. I don't think you will be able to talk to Steve's mum yet. She's probably driving. I'll talk to Steve and maybe he can get his dad to phone you. In the mean time we will come by the house and pick up what I need in the hopes it is all okay," Mike said and rang off. Turning to me he asked, "Do you think your folks will be up to letting me stay the night?"

"I really don't know. They don't like us doing that sort of thing on a school night, but now that we're older they might be okay with it," I answered. "I'll phone dad when we get home and see what he says. By then he'll be in his office and able to take my call."

We headed straight for Mike's house. He quickly changed out of his school uniform and packed a clean uniform for the next day plus what else he needed for a night away, and then we took off to my house. As soon as we got into my house we went up to my room. I stripped off my uniform and took off my socks and underwear to leave me completely naked. I checked the time and sat down on the bed to make a call to Dad. Fortunately he was free to take my call, and after I had explained the situation to him I asked if Mike could stay the night so that he would not need to go home after tea. Dad said he was happy to let Mike stay the night on the understanding that we would not do any of the late night talking we would normally do at a sleepover since we had school the next day. I thanked Dad and assured him we would get off to sleep at a reasonable time to ensure we were not too tired for our classes the next day.

While I had that conversation, Mike had stripped naked and had then sat next to me and begun playing with my cock. When I finished with my dad I was rock solid hard, and Mike was sporting a boner too. "Can we just go and check on all the things we need for tea first and make sure that when the time comes to start cooking it will all be ready?" I asked Mike.

"Only if we do it naked and I get to play with you as we do it," Mike answered.

"Come on then," I said and began to stand up.

Mike stood with me and kept a hold on my cock as we left the room and went downstairs. We went into the kitchen and I checked the mince. I put it in the microwave for a bit to help it defrost a bit quicker. I checked that we had enough potatoes and looked for what frozen vegetables we had that could go with the cottage pie. Once I was satisfied that all was okay and had worked out how long I needed to get it all ready I told Mike that we would need to make a start on the potatoes at half past five, which gave us a little over an hour and a half to do what we wanted to do.

"Good. Can we go back up to your room? I want to help this leaky tap of yours to flow properly and then seal, and then I want you to do the same for me," Mike responded.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me. I don't think I will last that long because of what you've already started." I decided that we were beginning to form a pattern, with what Mike had asked for being the opposite way round to what we had done at his house the day before.

Mike continued to play with and hold my cock as we climbed the stairs and went into my bedroom. Then he put his arm around me and lifted me so that my feet came off the floor and like that he carried me to my bed and virtually dropped me onto it. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs and swung them around so that I was lying down the length of the bed, then spread my legs and climbed up between them to bring his mouth down onto my begging cock. His tongue found my piss slit and mined for more pre-cum. My cock was so hard he didn't need to use a hand to hold it in place while he sucked on it, so Mike put both hands to work tickling and stroking other parts of my body. When he started to fondle my ball bag and tickle the perineum I went into ecstasy, and when his finger rubbed against my bum hole I groaned in pleasure. Mike was playing me so well that it was almost painful, I so needed to shoot my load. As Mike rubbed against my pucker I found myself lifting and spreading my legs so that he could get easier access without needing to take his mouth and his magic tongue off my cock, keeping that wonderful stimulation going the whole time. I noticed that Mike was putting a bit more pressure on my butt with his finger and I had read somewhere that you should push out like you are going to take a shit to make penetration easier. I don't know if Mike intended to get his finger inside me or not, but when he pressed on the hole again and I pushed out his finger slipped in.

Mike did not need any further invitation and soon had his finger jabbing into my chute to the same rhythm as he was bobbing up and down on my cock with his mouth. My bum provided some natural lube. Combined with the saliva that had run down between my legs from Mike's mouth as he sucked on my cock that made it sufficiently smooth that I didn't feel any pain. Initial discomfort soon gave way to pleasure as he found my prostate and massaged it. With the foreplay and now the added stimulation I began to move very rapidly towards my orgasm and I told Mike. Mike just looked up my body to my face while he kept on the sucking and bobbing, indicating with his eyes that he was going to keep my cock in his mouth until he had tasted my offering. I was beginning to writhe on the bed such was my need to reach the goal of Mike's efforts, pointing my toes and tensing my whole body. And then it came, the fall over the edge from which there is no return or stopping. I began frantically pumping my cock into his mouth. With an almighty thrust I pushed my cock as far into Mike's mouth as I could manage and let fly with the first volley of my cum. Mike's tongue never stopped working my hot spot, and spasm after spasm ejaculated shot after shot of my sperm to add protein to Mike's diet. He was swallowing the blasts as quickly as I was punching them out. Sadly all good things have to come to an end, and as my orgasm waned my body relaxed and fell back onto the bed, leaving me exhausted.

As I lay there panting, Mike moved up the bed and gave me a kiss, using his tongue to share the last taste of my cum with me. When our kiss ended, Mike asked, "Can I straddle your chest and feed you my cock while you lie there? I want to see what that position is like."

I was still too keyed to talk and nodded my head in agreement, thinking that it would make it easier for me as he would basically be fucking my mouth. Mike wasted no time in getting into position. Opening my mouth I got a taste of his pre-cum as soon as his cock touched my tongue. I found it difficult to bob my head on his cock, and although my tongue was working his cock head, Mike did not feel he was getting enough stimulation. He moved his position so that he could lean forward over my face and face fuck me.

Mike had already told me at school that the last time he had shot his load was when we were together the day before; he had foregone his morning wank just in case we got the chance to be intimate that afternoon. Hearing from me what had happened between Carrie and me on the Skype and going commando all day had left Mike super randy, and it didn't take much thrusting to bring him off. I had not even got a finger up his bum when I felt his cock get bigger in my mouth and then the warm semen hit the back of my throat. I had no choice but to swallow, not that there was any decision to be made. I already knew that I was going to swallow, and I also knew that I was going to enjoy his cum in my mouth – both the feeling and the taste.

Mike pulled out of my mouth and lay down on the bed beside me. "I am really getting to like cumming this way rather than with my own hand."

"I know. The feeling's mutual. I have to admit that I cum better and stronger with you than I do with Carrie," I admitted.

"Well, we know each other so well, and we seem to complement each other's needs so well."

We lay side by side talking and caressing each other for about fifteen minutes before I suggested we go and get the initial preparation done while we were still naked. We would have to get dressed to finish making the tea so that we could be sure to be clothed when Dad got home.

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