Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 12

I was a few minutes late getting home and apologised to Mum straight away. She said it was okay but to be sure to get my homework and chores done before I thought about watching television or playing some game on my computer. I know I sound like I'm a bit of a goody two shoes around my parents, but they make it easy to be that way. I have a very good relationship with them. They trust me and know that I'll try my hardest not to betray that trust. Mum picked up on my mood and asked me if I had had a good day.

"Yes, mostly. School was okay, and Mike and I had some good times this afternoon. The only downer was that Tim's folks said he can't sleep over at Carrie's party. He went into one with them, and now he's been grounded. He might not be able to come to the cabin this weekend."

"Oh dear. That is sad. Will you and Mike still want to go with it being just the two of you?"

"Oh, I think so. We do like to be together, and I'm sure we'll find enough to occupy us, even if it's just sleeping in late." That got a chuckle from her.

"Steve, I know we've said it before, but you do make both of us proud. I want to thank you that even with our disagreements you have never taken us to the point where we felt we needed to take as strong an action as grounding you," Mum said.

"I know, Mum. I am an angel in disguise," I responded laughing. "But that's because you guys always give me a chance to say my piece, then you explain your position. And when it comes to making an important decision you discuss things with me and I know I can give some input too. Most of the guys in my class don't get that, Tim, for example. From what he told Mike and me, his parents didn't even think about the offer when Carrie's dad went to speak to them, they just flatly said it wouldn't happen, end of discussion. But you guys told me you would think about it and then came back with your answer. If it had been 'no' you would have explained why you were saying 'no'. I really appreciate that."

While we were talking we had moved into the kitchen and I started on one of my regular chores, putting the dishes away from the dishwasher and then stacking what dirty dishes there were in the empty machine.

"Talking of Carrie, why do you think that you can only ever be good friends with her?" Mum asked.

"I don't know for sure. I've known her for some years now, and there just isn't that feeling or desire there. She is very pretty and a nice person, but she just doesn't twang the right strings for me," I told mum.

"And does Mike twang the right strings?" mum asked.

My head shot up from looking into the dishwasher and I think I turned fifty shades from pale to red as I stammered, "Wha … what … what do you mean?"

"I mean, do you find yourself attracted to Mike? You two get on so well together. It's almost as if you know what each other is thinking before you say it."

"Yes, Mike and I are good friends, possibly more so than Tim and me. But do I have gay feelings towards Mike? I don't really know. I think I do love him. I would be very upset if I lost him as a friend, but more than that -- I don't know," I told Mum. While that was not strictly a lie, I knew I had guarded the truth a bit and felt pretty bad about it.

"If you do decide you are gay it will not change the way your father and I love you. We will still support you just the same as we have been doing all along," Mum told me.

"Thanks, Mum. I never thought for one minute that my sexuality would make any difference to our relationship, but honestly I don't think I have discovered just what I am yet."

"And that is fine with us too. We would like grandchildren, but if you go a different route and don't have any children then so be it. We will still love you no matter what." Mum moved out of the kitchen and ended the conversation, much to my relief.

I did not have a lot of chores to do and soon was getting stuck into my homework. I had nearly finished by the time Mum called up that the dinner was ready and I was to get downstairs in five minutes. Of course this actually meant that dinner was nearly ready and if I was not downstairs in that time I would be in trouble.

After dinner I got back in my room and looked at my mobile phone, a little surprised that it had not rung. I discovered that I had forgotten to take it off silent, from when I got to Mike's house, and I had a string of messages, mostly complaining that I wasn't answering my phone. I sat down at my desk and tapped away for a few minutes, explaining and apologising and answering questions raised by those who had tried to phone me. With my phone no longer silenced, I tackled my last piece of homework and had everything done by nine p.m. I didn't feel like watching the tele and made a quick trip downstairs to let my parents know that I was going to take a shower and then play something on my computer and get an early night. As I would not be downstairs again, I said goodnight to them then.

As I stepped out of the shower, my phone began ringing. I quickly dried one hand and answered it, standing on the bath mat dripping and trying to dry my hair using one hand. The call was from Carrie, who wanted to know what I was doing. I told her I would put her on hold for a bit so I could show her, then took a photograph with my phone of me standing in front of the mirror and e-mailed it to her. Once my mail had gone I returned to the call and asked her if she had got the picture of what I was doing. She said that she had just fired her lap top up and was waiting for it to load up and we chatted for a minute or two while we waited. I heard her chuckle a bit, then she said, "Well, at least I know I'm talking to a clean person."

I told her I was putting her on the loudspeaker while I finished drying. When that was completed I took a chance and walked back to my bedroom naked. I suggested that we could skype now that I was back in my bedroom. She sent me a request to link up and her face appeared on my screen. I had already fitted earphones on so that what she said would not be overheard. We turned off our mobiles and began to chat. It took her a few moments to realise that I was still naked; when she did she said, "One day I am going to get to see that body of yours close up."

I moved the mouse to the controls and used them to zoom in on my face and asked her if that was close enough. "Or would you prefer this?" I asked as I moved the camera to zoom in on my package, which was lying loosely between my legs, with it being fairly warm in my room.

"I'd prefer that in my mouth," she replied and laughed.

I moved the zoom back out and we chatted for a bit. I asked her if she had heard from the other two about the sleepover, and she said that Mike had texted her to say that he would be sleeping over. She had not heard from Tim, but her dad had said that Tim's parents were not at all happy about it when he spoke to them. I told her what had happened with Tim, how he now could not communicate with her because of his grounding, and that he might not even be allowed to spend the weekend at the cabin with Mike and me. Carrie immediately offered to take Tim's place. I told her that my parents had put their restrictions on and I was sure that if I asked they would say no because there were not going to be any adults with us. Carrie said she really was only joking and she knew that a co-ed thing would not be allowed, but she wished that it could be arranged, as she liked both Mike's and my company.

"Do you think you and Mike would be able to come a bit earlier than the rest and help me and my folks get things set up for the party?" Carrie asked.

"I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't have a problem with that, and I don't think Mike's parents would mind, but you would need to ask them," I answered. "But it would be better coming from one of your parents to our parents so that they know for sure everything is above board," I added.

"Great! I'll speak to Mum and Dad tomorrow and see if they'll do that," Carrie said. "Now I need to go to sleep. Please give me one more look at all of you to help me to have sweet dreams, then I'll leave the skype on while I change so you can have something to dream about."

I stood up and moved back from the computer. I held the mouse in my hand and used it to control the web cam, panning down my body from head to toe and then back up again. I turned around once to give her a back view and blew her a kiss, wishing her pleasant dreams.

I sat back down in front of the pc to watch as Carrie did a strip tease for me, taking her clothes off very slowly and leaving herself in her bra and panties while she danced in front of the camera for a few moments. Then she took the bra off and moved in close to show one of her breasts with a very erect nipple before standing back to take her panties down and off. Again she moved back in to the camera and focussed in on her pussy. She used a hand to divide the hair to show the lips. Pulling them open a little she slipped a finger inside the clearly moist divide. After that little show she pulled on a night dress that was virtually see through and so short that when she stood straight and put her arms up to bunch her hair into a bun I could see the ends of her pubes below the hem of the nightie. Once she had finished playing around with her hair she came back to the pc and blew me a kiss and we wished each other a good night. I didn't let her see that her little show had got me hard again. After closing down the pc I moved across to my bed, stretched out on top of it and took care of the need Carrie had stimulated.

When I got to school the next morning I was still in a good mood from the day before and greeted Mike with a very cheery "hi." Mike and I got in a bit of private chat before Tim's mum dropped him off and he interrupted our conversation. I told Mike about my mum asking me if I was attracted to him and how I had answered and that I felt bad because I felt I hadn't really told the truth even though it couldn't really be called a lie. Mike told me that he was feeling something similar but was also concerned because we seemed to be moving together and squeezing Tim out in the process.

I had had similar thoughts and told him so, and that I had come to the conclusion that if I was gay and it was Mike whom I fell in love with, there was nothing I could do to change it. I also managed to tell Mike about Carrie's request for help and also her little show before going to bed. Mike was smiling broadly when I finished, but he didn't get the chance to tell me what he thought as Tim interrupted us at that point.

"I think you guys had best make plans for the weekend without me. I am not gaining ground at home and reckon that the weekend will be out for me," he said, not seeming to notice that he had interrupted our conversation.

"What's happened now?" Mike asked.

"Dad complained about the standard of my chores, and I told him to look at what little incentive I had to do anything well. He kind of blew up and asked if the threat of extending my grounding to a month would be enough incentive to try harder. And I turned away and said something like even my punishment is getting punished now. The next thing I knew I was in my room and not allowed to leave it until I came out to go to school this morning. I didn't get supper and my breakfast doesn't seem to have filled me either," Tim told us.

I found it was a great struggle not to laugh, although I knew this was serious. Tim just didn't seem to be able to see what he was doing wrong and how that was affecting him and the people around him.

Mike looked a bit cross, and he said, "When are you going to learn that there are times to hold your tongue and there are ways to say things that don't cause antagonism?"

"What are you saying? I must just sit back and let my parents dictate my life for me? This is a democracy we live in, you know!" Tim retorted.

"Yes! It is a democracy, and that word denotes negotiation, not blind crassness," Mike said heatedly. "You could have apologised to your dad and said you would try harder to get the chores done properly. Then he might have considered reducing your grounding or at least letting you have your phone back. Yes, we might be of an age where we can get our driver's licence and consent to having sex in this country, but we still are not old enough to drink or vote and we are not old enough to be out from under our parents' authority. I don't know about you, but I kind of like knowing that when I get home from school I have a home to live in, a room with a bed to sleep in, and food to eat, and all that is supplied by my parents. If I have to do a little to keep them happy, I am happy to do it, because I trust them and rely on them. Oh and I also love them and know they love me. One day, when I'm ready, I will leave that home, but I'll leave it knowing that should I need it there will still be a place for me to lay my head. Think about that, you numbskull!" Then he added, "Come on. We'd better move or we'll be late for class." We all turned and made our silent way to our first class, all thinking on the truth in what Mike had said.

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