Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 11

Mike and I stayed in the sixty-nine position for quite a while, taking little licks at each other's dicks when we noticed some seepage as our cocks softened and pushed out the residue of our cums. Eventually Mike turned his body around so that we were face to face.

"That kiss you gave me in the bedroom, did you mean anything by it?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. It kind of just happened without thinking. Afterwards I thought that it was the right thing to do at the time. Why? Did it upset you?" I answered.

"No!" he exclaimed. "I was surprised, but I liked it. It felt right to me too."

"Do you think that makes us gay? Or more gay than straight?" I asked.

"I don't know what I think. I do know that I liked it and would like to try it some more," Mike said. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a lingering kiss, but more than a peck. "How did that feel?" he asked as he drew his head back far enough for our eyes to focus on each other's faces.

"It felt good and like more," I replied and moved my head forward.

Mike also moved forward, and we met in the middle as our lips touched. I opened my mouth slightly and pushed my tongue against his lips. Mike parted his lips to let my tongue into his mouth. Soon he began to push his tongue against mine, trying to get in and explore my mouth. A few moments later we parted, panting slightly, as neither of us had drawn a breath while we snogged.

"Yeah! More certainly works for me," Mike said with a grin.

I was grinning also. I knew it had been right for me, and I was already moving along the road to accept that I was probably a bit in love with this guy.

"My hip is hurting like fuck. Let's move back to my room where we can lie on the bed and be more comfortable," Mike suggested. He didn't have to ask me twice. I was fairly uncomfortable even with the cushions under my hip, shoulder and knee. We got up and I followed Mike up the stairs, ogling his butt on the way and catching glimpses of cock and balls swinging between his legs as he took the steps two at a time.

Mike automatically pushed the door closed with his foot as we entered the room, leaning back to get enough reach to make sure the door clicked shut. When he realised what he had done, he laughed a little and said, "Force of habit, I guess."

We sat side by side on the bed and turned our upper bodies to face each other. Putting our arms around each other's shoulders we joined our mouths and tongues once more. Considering this was the first time that I had snogged anyone, I felt that I could be excused if I just let my body follow nature, so while my one hand slid up Mike's neck to hold the back of his head and pull him into my face, my other hand slid in the opposite direction and travelled down his back and around to his side. I stroked down the outside of his leg to his knee and stroked back to his groin along the top of this leg. When my hand got to the crease I made no pretense and moved it over to find his prick and begin to massage it. It was already half hard when I found it. Mike murmured his appreciation. I could feel his tongue vibrating with the sound on my tongue.

Clearly Mike thought that what was good for one was good for both; shortly after I wrapped my hand around his cock, his hand was fondling my balls and already hard cock.

Mike pulled me down with him so that the top halves of our bodies were lying across the bed, but we found that to be rather uncomfortable. Breaking our kiss and our grips on each other, we moved to lie side by side down the length of his bed with our lower arms curling under each other's neck and our upper arms eagerly and almost frantically searching for the cock we had so reluctantly relinquished seconds before. It was practically a race between getting our mouths together and our hands on genitals. Just before our hands won, Mike asked,

"Do you want to just jerk me, or do you want to go for another sixty-nine?"

"Both. I would like to play with your cock for a bit and then suck it in and persuade it to give up its treasure," I answered. "And I want you to just lie there while I play with you and not have you playing with me for a bit. You can play with me after I make you cum again if you want to, but I want to make you cum first."

Mike thought about this for a few seconds and then asked, "What if I'm feeling too done in or relaxed to do you after you have done me?"

"Then I go home horny and randy and take care of it myself in my bedroom," I answered as I continued to fondle Mike.

"You would do that for me and not expect anything in return?" Mike asked, with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Yeah, why not? We're friends, and friends don't count the costs or expect favours returned," I answered in a matter of fact manner.

With that Mike rolled onto his back and put his hands behind his head, spreading his legs a bit. I moved to kneel between his legs, where I could use both hands to massage his cock and balls at the same time as well as slip a finger along his seam over the perineum and towards his hole. Mike obligingly spread his legs even more, opening himself to me and leaving himself at my mercy. While I knew it would not be that day, I was growing more confident that his hole would provide the first fuck of my life. I wasn't sure when, but I could not see me giving myself to anyone but Mike and hoped he felt the same way. I spent a lot of time just looking at and gently playing with Mike's genitals. I smoothed his pubic hair down and as much out of the way as I could and then watched how his skin rippled when I stroked his cock in either direction. I pulled his foreskin back and looked at the way the flap of skin remained joined to the helmet at the frenulum. I cupped his balls and rolled each one around in my fingers as I lightly stroked his legs and abdomen, brushing over his cock each time I passed it. I was so enjoying just having this opportunity to explore another guy's pubic region that I stayed hard as a rock and leaking a perpetual dribble of pre-cum which was pooling in the vee made by my legs being pressed together as I knelt between Mike's legs. I became aware of that pool when I felt it trickling down my legs towards my knees and scooped some up to rub onto Mike's cock and wank it more smoothly.

Mike began to writhe on the bed and move to try and ensure at least one of my hands was in contact with his cock. Eventually he gave in and just begged me to wank him till he came. With the amount of pre-cum both of us were producing there was enough to make his cock really slick and so I set about fulfilling his request, but didn't just go for it hell for leather. Instead I maintained a steady stroking for a while longer to build up his sensations and try to cause a big orgasm that would give me a fountain of cum. Of course he had already cum once not that long ago. My build up was to try and make his second time round within two hours great and memorable. So while I had one hand constantly massaging his cock, my other hand continued to roam over his skin wherever I could reach without affecting the wanking hand. Naturally this sort of titillation heightened the sensations he was feeling in his cock. When I saw his balls draw up and his body tensed enough to lift his bum at least four inches off the bed, I knew that he was going to blow tremendously, and blow he did! His first shot of cum fired out as my hand went down and pulled his foreskin back. It went up in the air above my head and came down on my back. This time he only got off about four live shots before he began firing blanks, but I continued to pump him and watch how his whole body convulsed with each ejaculatory spasm. Suddenly he grabbed my hands so that I had to stop. He pulled my hands away from his cock and balls and said it was far too sensitive.

Still kneeling between his legs, I lifted my bum and moved forward so that I could kiss Mike again. We stayed like that for a while, our tongues dueling and my still-hard cock bobbing in time to my heart beat and dripping pre-cum onto Mike's belly. Suddenly my knees slipped out from under me and I came down onto Mike, winding both of us and stabbing my hard cock into his belly. That slip brought an end to our snog, and I rolled off, apologising as I moved to lie close beside him. Being a single bed it had to be close or I would end up lying on the floor.

We lay in silence for a minute or two, then Mike said, "That was fucking awesome. I may not have had much to shoot out, but fuck my orgasm was strong. My cock head is still tingling. Give me a few moments more and I will try to return the favour and make it equally wicked."

"Take your time. If we run out of time you can do it another day if you want to. I meant what I said about not expecting you to return favours," I told him.

"I know you meant it, but remember I also mean what I say, which is why I am going commando still," Mike responded.

Some more relaxing silence followed, and then Mike started to just run his hand up and down my body as much as he could reach without changing his position. Because of the way we were both lying that hand could not reach far enough over my hip to reach my cock, but it was enough to keep me hard and dripping, and that kept me from dropping off as I became more and more relaxed.

Mike's hand stopped moving and I felt the bed rock a bit as he got up. My eyes were closed, so I didn't see what he did, but he asked me to move to the centre of the bed and spread my legs and put my arms under my head, putting me in much the same position as he had been in while I worked his cock for him. Mike began to caress my body in earnest then. He moved so that he could start with my chest and get my nipples dancing, then he moved down and knelt between my legs. He began to fondle my package and more. I opened my eyes and watched him for a bit but found that my feelings grew stronger when my eyes were closed and I had to guess what he was going to do next. Because my eyes were closed, I did not see him pick up the bottle of baby oil, but I felt it as the cold drops landed on my hot cock. This caused me to open my eyes rather quickly and then smile to myself when I realised what he had done. When his hand began to spread the drops over my cock I smiled outwardly at the extra pleasure having some lubrication brings. I felt more oil being dripped onto me and then being spread. He covered my whole cock and moved to add more to my ball bag and between my legs and then some more back on my cock, making it very slick. I was sure there must be some oil running down onto the bedclothes and wondered how he would explain that to his mum when she did the laundry, but I also was enjoying it very much.

As I had done with Mike so he did with me. One hand stayed wanking my cock while his other hand roamed a little but concentrated on massaging that oil into my balls and then below them and his finger began to ease some oil into my bum crack. I was happy with that and so began to lift my bum when his finger was nearing the crack and soon he was smearing a coating of oil in the crack and over my bud. The length of time his finger was in my butt crack and over my hole gradually increased until he was keeping it in the crack. He began putting a bit more pressure on the pucker until it gave up its resistance and his finger entered me up to his first knuckle. A partial withdrawal and then it went in a little past that first knuckle. Four or five pushes later he had the finger all the way in and was feeling around to find my prostate. When he did he nearly sent me through the roof. It was now my turn to writhe and groan and beg to be taken to fulfilment. A few more strokes over my prostate coupled with his pumping fist around my cock caused the strongest orgasm in my life so far. With each spasm I fired off a solid blast of jism and could feel my bum clamp around Mike's finger. My orgasm also continued till I was firing blanks and had to stop him from touching my cock, which was alive with supersensitive nerve endings. Mike stopped, and although I had not really done any work, I lay there panting as if I had just run a marathon or something.

We lay together once more for a few minutes. Mike turned my head towards his and we kissed for a while, then Mike suggested we could go for a quick shower and make sure we were dressed in time for me to get home before it was too late.

We walked naked through to the bathroom, squeezed into the shower cubicle together, and washed each other's bodies. We helped to dry each other and then made our way, naked and hard, back to Mike's room, where we got dressed. At Mike's request I left my boxers for him to keep for a while and I went home commando. Mike said it would be good practice for when we went to Carrie's party in less than two weeks.

When it came time for me to leave, I told Mike that I had really enjoyed our time together and that I hoped we could do it again. Mike leaned towards me and holding my head gave me a last kiss. He said I could bet on it just as soon as we could sort out a suitable opportunity. I kissed him back, then we opened the door and I set off for home with a decided spring in my step and joy in my heart.

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