Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 10

"You have shown us that you can be responsible, so with the re-assurances from Kevin we've decided to allow you to sleep over at Carrie's house. We are not putting any provisos in for it or anything like that. We trust you and trust that you will not let us down. We know that you are generally sensible, so we expect that if something does happen you will take suitable precautions. You are too young to put that kind of responsibility on your life," Dad told me while Mum sat at the table looking a bit embarrassed.

"Thank you, Mum. Thank you, Dad. I will do my best not to let you down or embarrass you. You should know that Carrie has said she doesn't want to have sex until she gets married. I think if I let her she might want to do stuff with me, but she will not take any clothes off for me," I told them

"You mean the two of you have discussed having sex?" mum asked, sounding rather shocked.

"I wouldn't say 'discussed', exactly. I told Carrie that I couldn't see our relationship going further than just being very good friends, and she agreed with me. Then she said that anyway there was no chance of me getting intimate with her as she wanted to keep herself for her husband. And that basically was the whole discussion. We moved on to something safer that we could talk about without trying to tread water at the same time," I told mum and dad.

"Are Mike and Tim going to sleep over?" mum asked.

"If their parents say they can, but as far as I know Kevin hasn't spoken to their parents yet. It was only because he gave me a lift home that he used the opportunity to speak to you guys," I told them.

"There is one other thing. Even though we've given you permission to sleep over with Carrie this time, you do not have permission to have any girls with the three of you when you stay at the cabin next weekend," Dad told me, and his tone of voice made it very clear that there would be no exceptions. Actually, I didn't want any other people there. I wanted it to be just us three and hoped that it would be an opportunity for us to experiment a bit more and help us to find out which way we really were leaning.

"I'll make sure Mike and Tim understand that as well. It will be just us three, and if we want to have someone else there I will get your permission first," I assured them.

"Thank you. We really appreciate that you have shown us we can trust you and believe your promises. To show you how much we trust you I am going to give you a promise of our own. When I drop you guys off at the cabin I will leave you for the weekend. I'll only come back at four o'clock on Sunday afternoon. I won't make any surprise visits or try to spy on you. You didn't let us down with the way you cleaned up the place after your party, and I am trusting you to do the same this time round. But remember, if there's an emergency we're only a phone call away," Dad told me.

As soon as I was able to get away I sent a text to Carrie to tell her that I had permission to sleep over and thought that if Kevin told the other parents this might help to sway them in the right direction. I then sent a text to Mike and Tim to let them know that I was going to sleep over. I also told them about what Dad had said concerning the weekend at the beach cabin and the promise I had made to my parents on that subject.

Carrie must have been on her phone or right by it at the time, because no sooner had my text to Tim and Mike gone off than her reply came through telling me she was 'soooooo happy' that I could stay over and now it was a matter of waiting to see if the others could too. I had just finished reading that text when another came through from Carrie, asking if I would still sleep over if the others could not and I was the only boy. I texted back that I wouldn't let her down, but I needed a promise that the girls would be gentle with me. I ended my text with a winking smiling face icon to let her know that I was kidding.

She quickly responded with, 'We will not all sit on you at the same time – promise!' and then she said that her father had made appointments to see Mike's parents early that evening and then would go on to see Tim's parents, so we might know before we go to bed that night.

I had to wait a lot longer for a response from Mike or Tim, and I was actually already in bed, reading, before the first response came back. Mike texted me to say that he was really looking forward to the weekend at the cabin and would make sure that he did not let me down with my parents' trust in us. Then he went on to tell me that Kevin had spoken to his parents and he had been given permission to sleep over. I texted back asking him if he had told Carrie and Tim. He responded that he hadn't told either of them, and he was waiting to hear if Tim was allowed to go.

We all had to wait till the next day to learn Tim's situation. He met up with me and Mike just before our first class the next day. "I have kind of fucked things up a bit," he told us. "Mum and Dad outright refused to let me sleep over at Carrie's, and I went into one with them, asking them why they didn't trust me and what had I done to deserve this kind of draconian treatment and did they not realise that we're not living in Victorian times."

"And what was the upshot of all that?" Mike asked before I could ask the same thing.

"I've been grounded for a week to contemplate my manners. I can't have you guys over or even take a long walk home from school. Mum is going to pick me up from school each day and take me home. My laptop and phone have been taken away, and I have to do all my school work on the main computer in the study," Tim told us.

"What about the weekend? Are you still able to come to the cabin with us?" I asked.

"I don't know for sure. Mum and Dad said it would depend on my attitude through this week and they will tell me on Friday," Tim answered.

"Well, swallow your fucking pride and begin to try to think of others instead of just yourself, and maybe through this week you will be good enough for them to let you out of the playpen," Mike said.

I thought the way Mike had spoken to Tim was a bit harsh, but his reaction to his parents was much like his reaction when they upset me. Tim was clearly not thinking about how other people might feel and was putting himself first all the time. With Tim being picked up by his mum it left Mike and me to walk home together. As we walked that afternoon I told Mike of my initial reaction to his comment and what I had thought after giving it some more consideration.

"Yeah, well that seems to be what Tim is like lately. I don't understand it. We've been friends for a long time now, and it's only in the last year or so that he seems unaware of what effect his actions or words might have on others. Having to spell it out for him when we cocked up with you has kind of hit a button with me, and I just want to hit him sometimes," Mike said.

"I think you're feeling it more than me. I hadn't really noticed it until you had to explain how I might be feeling that day. This with his parents is the only other thing that I'm aware of, but I understand your reaction to it; you knew Tim before I knew either of you, so you probably feel a little more than I do about this," I said.

"Or maybe it's just that I've picked up on more, so I've had more opportunity to get frustrated," Mike suggested.

"What else have you picked up on?" I asked

"Well, his reluctance to be the first to do anything risky, like when we had our first blow jobs. Then there was the time a while back when you and I were paired for that science project and he got put with someone else and had a go at the teacher for it. Remember? He got detentions for that and sulked for weeks. Or when we are all going somewhere like a movie we have to agree to see the movie he wants or go to where he wants to go or we get a bit of a mood for a while."

"Shit, I had not picked up on any of those, but you're right. How come you saw them and I didn't?" I asked.

"I think you saw them, but you are so forgiving that you forgot about them almost as each one was happening. It's a good trait and makes you the kind of guy I love to be with, but it can also lead to you being taken advantage of. Now I want to protect you from that, which is why I was a bit harsh with Tim today," Mike told me.

By this time we were nearing the point where we would split to go to our separate homes, and Mike asked, "Do you need to get home straight away, or do you want to come by mine and we can help each other out? Just because Tim has imposed a form of celibacy on himself doesn't mean that we have to stop."

"I don't know. I'll phone and check with Mum." I pulled my mobile out and pushed the buttons to bring Mum's number up and call it. "Hi, Mum. Mike has invited me to visit with him for a while before I come home. Will that be okay or do I need to come home straight away?" I listened to Mum's reply and then finished with, "Thank you, Mum. I'll see you later. Love you." After Mum said good bye we set off together to Mike's house.

When we arrived it was to find a note from Mike's mum telling him that she had gone out to visit an old friend who was sick and would be buying take aways for tea on her way home as she would be too late to cook and wanted Mike to text her what he would like. Mike sent a quick text to tell her that he would like KFC. Then he took my hand and said, "We have a little extra now; we can be naked until you leave to go home. Let's get our bags up to my room, then I want to take your clothes off and you to take mine off. Then I'm going to give you a blow job of the very best I can do. Unless there's something different you would like to do."

"So long as that very best you can do is in the form of a sixty-nine, I'm happy with that plan."

We ran up the stairs and into Mike's room, dropping our bags just inside the door. Mike started to push the door closed and then stopped, saying that we did not need to do that this time. As if on cue, we stepped toward each other at the same time and both had to cut our pace short to keep from banging into each other. I put my hand up and began to undo his tie as I felt my tie being undone. We followed each other with the shirt buttons and then I slid his shirt off his shoulders while he let his hands hang at his sides. Gravity did the rest for me, with his shirt floating to the floor as the sleeves passed his hands. My shirt followed a similar pattern, and then his hands were fumbling at my fly and waistband. I stood still as he undid my trousers and pushed them down my legs, leaving them at my ankles because in our rush we had not taken our socks off first. Our shoes we had left in the hall as we came in the house. I stood in front of him with a definite tent in my boxers and worked on his trousers, undoing them and lowering them to his ankles. As I opened the fly I saw that he was commando, and as I pushed his trousers down his legs I place my lips on his cock and gave it a little kiss. That was all that was needed to get him from a semi to a full hard on.

"You know, I meant it when I said that you were released from the agreement to go commando," I told him.

"And I really meant it that I would stick with the agreement to show you that I am truly sorry for the way we treated you," Mike responded.

As I was already crouched down, I tapped on one of Mike's legs. When he raised it I slipped his trousers over it and pulled the sock off that foot. Tapping on the other leg I repeated the action, to leave Mike totally naked before me. As I straightened up I licked his balls and up the shaft of his cock, then used my hands to tweak both his nipples before planting a kiss on his lips. The look in Mike's eyes was one of mixed emotions and I was not sure how to interpret it, except that there were no negatives in that look, only positives.

Mike dropped to his knees and tried to tug my boxers down with his teeth. That was not too successful until he used his hands as well, sliding fingers over my butt cheeks in the process, to get my boxers to my ankles. Then he tapped on my leg and went through a similar process, to leave me as naked as him.

"I feel like making it a little risky. Let's go down to the lounge and do it on the carpet down there," Mike suggested.

"Ok, but we had better keep a good ear out, just in case someone gets home earlier than expected."

Mike grabbed hold of my hard cock and led the way out the bedroom and down the stairs. We pushed the coffee table out of the way, and before we lay down on the carpet we grabbed a couple of cushions off the couch for padding. Neither of us carried any extra weight and so did not come with built in padding.

After that there was not a lot of finesse. We basically sat down on the carpet and then scrambled our bodies into a sixty-nine lying on our sides. We each sucked the other's cock into our mouths as quickly as we could. There followed a fair bit of minor body movements to get ourselves better lined up and more comfortable before we got down to the real task for the day. Mike started with one hand pulling my skin back to keep my cock head uncovered, but after a bit he let my cock go and began to use that hand to fondle my balls while he controlled my cock solely with his mouth and tongue, wrapping his lips around his teeth to use them to push my foreskin back from time to time. The hand fondling my balls got changed to leave his freer hand to roam over more of my body and excite nerve endings in erogenous zones that I never knew existed until then. That hand eventually worked around to my butt and lightly tickled my butt cheeks, making me contract the muscles in them before relaxing them again as a finger traced along the crease. With a bit more pressure the finger went inside the crack and traced the line once more before settling on my rosebud and applying a bit more pressure. Then came a time of running his finger from my butt hole along my perineum over my ball bag and up my cock till it met with his mouth and turned to make the return journey to my butt. This action increased my flow of pre-cum and also allowed him to spread a mixture of the pre-cum and his spit in a line to my butt hole where he spread it around a bit more until he had built up a good level. That sorted, he pressed even harder and slowly pushed some spit lube in, until his finger passed my sphincter. Slowly but surely he worked his finger in and out until Wow! He hit my prostate for the first time in my life, and I almost came on the spot. His work on my cock with his mouth and tongue had already got me close, and it took just a few more strokes over my prostate, timed perfectly with his tongue on my fraenulum, to push me past the point of no return. I began to unload in one of the strongest orgasms in my life so far. Each time my bum contracted with the spasm it pulled his finger tip against my prostate and shot another bolt of lightning through my body.

The sensation was so intense that I was not aware that my hand had clamped onto one of his butt cheeks and was squeezing it so hard that it brought tears to his eyes. Mike later told me that I had actually left five round bruises on his butt where the tips of my fingers and thumb had pressed into him. He also told me that the obvious pleasure I was experiencing heightened his own sensations and brought his orgasm on faster. However, that orgasm was delayed, because when I started to shoot I had just closed my jaws onto his cock and stopped sucking until my cock had stopped shooting jism into Mike's mouth. I quickly took it up again as my own spasms subsided and I was able to concentrate a bit better on Mike's cock and bring him off with a slightly less earth-shattering orgasm.

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