Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 9

"Wait, what plan?" Mike asked.

"You agreed to whatever I decided, and the plan is what I decided," I answered.

"But there must be some limits," Tim said.

"No, you agreed to whatever, which is more choice than you gave me. You didn't ask me if I was willing about anything and just decided between the two of you what I would do for you. Now this is what the two of you are going to do for me, what you agreed to in your eagerness to get a blow job," I insisted.

"Okay, tell us what 'the plan' is and then we'll see," Mike said.

"No, there's no 'we'll see' about it. I wasn't given a 'we'll see' opportunity before the first of two cocks was shoved down my throat. Now you will keep to your side of the agreement," I demanded. "Maybe next time you'll think a bit more about how you're treating your friends." I actually was quite hurt by the way they had approached the whole issue, and there was no chance that I was going to let them back down now. "This is it. From now on until after Carrie's party, both of you are to go commando 24/7, and I reserve the right to check physically wherever and whenever I choose. For Carrie's party you will not only be commando; you will wear trousers with a button fly, not a zip fly. I know both of you have them, so don't try and get out of it with some sort of claim that you don't."

"But if we don't wear any underwear for the next two weeks our mums will want to know why there's nothing in the laundry basket," Tim said.

"Just because you haven't worn them doesn't mean they can't be put in the washing. Just crumple up a clean pair and chuck them in the basket. Use them to clean up your spunk or wipe your arse if you want them to look used," I replied a little sarcastically.

My feelings must have shown through in the way I was speaking, because suddenly Mike stopped and came over to me. "Shit, Steve, we've really upset you. I'm sorry; we acted like shits and didn't bother to think past our cocks. You have a right to be upset, and now I'll do as you ask, not only because I did agree to it, but also to show that I am truly sorry."

Tim stood there looking at us, his mouth opening and closing but nothing coming out and a confused expression on his face.

Mike looked at Tim. "What? Can you not see what we just did to Steve? He's our best friend and we treated him no better than a prostitute, making him suck us without giving him the choice, just because we knew he had been sucked by Carrie."

"I did not treat him like a prostitute; the thought never even entered my head," Tim protested.

"That's just it. No thought entered either of our heads as to how Steve would see it, or how he would feel about it. We just made use of a poor excuse to use him to our own ends, and that's not what friends do. So pull on your jeans, and let's start making amends for being such shits," Mike said as he stepped away from me and pulled his jeans on without any underwear.

It was still obvious that Tim could not see how he had upset me, but the way Mike was behaving made him follow suit. He pulled his jeans on, and once we had got our socks on we headed out to the porch to put our trainers on and go out for a walk together.

After we had been walking for about five minutes Mike said, "The trouble with being commando is that it makes me very aware of my cock and balls swinging around down there and this leads to me getting hard and that will cause a tent I can't really control."

"Well, you chose to pay that price for a blow job," I said, still smarting a bit. Even though Mike's apology had gone a long way toward making things right, I was still hurting and would hurt for several days. When Mike suggested that they had treated me like a prostitute I was shocked, but as I reflected on it, I found that I tended to agree with him. I think that is what hurt more – the idea of how they had not thought about me at all, just as a customer doesn't think that much about the prostitute providing his service, just the release and pleasure he is getting from that service.

"If it helps to heal the hurt and lets you find what you need to forgive us, then I will gladly pay the price," Mike said.

"Steve, don't you like giving blow jobs?" Tim asked, showing he still had not comprehended what they had done.

"Dumbo, don't you get it yet? It's not whether or not Steve likes giving blow jobs. It's the way we went about it and how we treated Steve to get what we wanted," Mike explained.

"I still don't get it. Steve, why did you start the blow job the other day if you don't like it?" Tim asked.

"Do I have to spell it out to you? Look at what we did in there. We decided to strip Steve. Did Steve need to be naked to give us bj's? No. But we made him be naked. We didn't ask him or give him a choice. Then while he was naked and hard we raced each other to be the first to ram a cock down his throat. Did we ask Steve if he would do that for us? No, we just did it. We are supposed to be his best friends, and we basically forced him to do something for us to get our own pleasure without considering how he felt or what he wanted. Even if Steve enjoyed giving us our blow jobs and even if he enjoyed swallowing our cum, that is not the point. The point is we looked after number one and didn't give a shit for anything else. Now do you get it?" Mike said.

There was quite a pause while Tim's brain processed what Mike had said, then he turned to me and said, "I didn't even think anything like that. I am sorry, and I'm sorrier that Mike had to explain it before I saw it that way. Mike is right; we just looked to getting our own pleasure and used you to get that. That isn't right, and it's not what friends do. Can we still be friends?"

"Even friends make mistakes, and sometimes someone gets hurt. But I wouldn't be much of a friend if I couldn't forgive you. I want us to be friends forever, so I forgive you and release you from the agreement," I responded. "It was a silly agreement. I did it because I was hurting and wanted some payback, but friends don't demand payback. Let's go back to Mike's house, and you guys can get your boxers on again."

"No ways! I said I would do what you decided and I am going to honour that, even though I'm going to be embarrassed a lot by it. It's my way of showing you that I'm sorry and willing to take my punishment, even though it isn't really a punishment. And I want you to still check on me whenever and wherever you want," Mike announced.

"And I guess that leaves me with no choice then," Tim said.

"Wrong. I've given you a choice, and it doesn't depend on what Mike says or does. I won't judge you against Mike or Mike against you. I've released you from the condition you put yourself under, and that is the same as a full pardon. You are free to do what you want," I insisted.

"And that is what friendship is all about," Mike stated. "So let's go back to someone's house, because I believe I owe you a blow job."

"You don't owe me anything. If you want to suck my cock then just ask. I'm sure that I'll be willing one hundred percent of the time. Whether we'll be able to do it that much is a different story, but I don't think I would object any time the opportunity is there," I clarified. "And if you want me to suck you, then I should think the same applies. If the opportunity is there I will most probably be willing to do it. Just ask though."

As tempting as the offer of a blow job was, I was not inclined to have a quick 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' effort, and there wasn't enough time for a nice long leisurely suck, so I declined. I said I needed to get home as I had some chores to do before I fell afoul of the law and they used that to stop me doing the sleepover at Carrie's party.

We walked together back towards our houses, splitting up when the paths to our homes diverged. I walked on alone from there, a bit slower than I normally would have, while the thoughts of all that had gone on whirled around in my head. I was still hurting, but knew I had been right in relieving them from their commitment. If Mike still wanted to carry on as an act of penance then so be it, but I was not going to demand it. I also took the opportunity to send a text to Carrie to tell her that the others were up for the sleepover and wanted Kevin to talk to their parents first rather than them talking and Kevin coming later. To help Carrie's father I sent her the parents' names and home phone numbers.

My phone buzzed in my pocket just as I got inside. Up in my room I took it out and read Carrie's response. She was very happy that they wanted to do the sleep over and grateful that I had thought to give her the contact details for her dad. She asked if I had talked to them about going commando and if so what their decision was. My reply was a bit cautious. I said that though they had not jumped at the idea they had not rejected it outright and I felt that they would most likely do what she asked, especially if she made it into a dare and not just a request. Our conversation continued for a while, and I sat on the side of my bed rubbing my hard cock; I had turned down the blow job this time round, but I was still in need of some release.

Carrie asked me what I was doing. By that time I had got my jeans and boxers to my knees, so I took a picture with my phone's camera and sent it to her. It's not like she hadn't seen it before. Carrie responded a few minutes later with a full frontal of her taken in the mirror in her room. She followed it up with, "I know that I have said that I don't want you to have sex with me, but I thought that it was only fair for you see what you have working for you. I don't know if that will turn you on and help you with your wank, but if it does feel free to use it." She then asked me to be sure not to show it to anyone else and preferably to delete it from my phone when I had finished my wank. What I did was to e-mail it to myself, then save the picture on a flash drive and delete it from my phone and my email. Anytime I wanted to I could plug the flash drive in and look at her on my laptop. I told Carrie what I had done and gave her permission to do the same for my pictures -- I had added another of me totally naked also in front of a mirror. I saved my full frontal to the same drive as Carrie's picture and deleted the two pictures from my phone. With that done, I lay back on my bed and finished my wank before pulling on some outer clothes and going downstairs to do my chores.

Like any teenager, I grumbled at having to do chores, but I really didn't mind them. For mowing the back garden I could wear a pair of shorts and nothing else when the weather was right. Today I had to pressure wash the driveway to get rid of the winter build-up of moss and dirt. It was a bit chilly, so I wore jeans and a t shirt but stayed commando underneath. I had decided that I was going to go commando as much as possible to help get little Steve used to the rubbing and swinging. My parents got home as I was packing the washer away, and it gave me a thrill to see the pleased look on their faces. I felt even better knowing that I had completed all the chores I had been given for the weekend and had also done some other needed garden chores that had not been assigned to me.

That evening as we sat down to dinner, Dad informed me that they had come to a decision.

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