Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 8

"Well, Steve, you certainly made a good impression on Kevin. Thank you. Now is there something between you and Carrie? She was rather close to you a lot of the time at your party and seems to want to be with you more," Mum asked.

"We are just becoming good friends, but we both agree that is all it will be. It is kind of nice to have a girl who I can just be friends with and no commitment to go to the next stage," I admitted.

"I gather that Carrie and Kevin have already spoken to you about sleeping over after Carrie's birthday party. How do you honestly feel about that?" Dad asked.

"Well I kind of like the idea, but I'm also a bit nervous. I don't want it turning into some gigantic pillow fight that might spoil the relationship I have with Carrie and her friends too," I said truthfully.

"Thank you for being honest with us. Your mum and I need some time to discuss this privately. We'll let you know our answer when we've made a decision. What will you do if the other guys decide not to go?" Dad asked.

"I don't know. I don't want to hurt Carrie, and I don't suppose it will make that much difference if they are there or not. I won't be in a position of having to choose between one or the other of the girls as I will not be sleeping with any of them, so apart from trying to hold my own against them while we're awake it won't be much different from sleeping on my own in my room, I guess," I answered.

"Okay, we'll let you know. Now it's probably time we got together and began to sort out our dinner. We are a bit behind now, so we need all hands to the wheel," Dad said. I knew that meant that a quick shower was out of the question. It would have to wait till after we finished our tea.

The next day I met up with Tim and Mike. When we were in a suitably private place, namely Mike's bedroom with the door closed, their first question was about how things had gone with me and Carrie. I told them about the cinema activity and then going for a coffee and her asking me about staying for a sleepover after her party.

"Steve is going to lose his virginity soon," Mike chanted in a tease.

"No! It's not just me but her friends too, and she wants you two as well. What do you think?" I responded.

"I still think you could lose your virginity. But yeah, I like the idea," Mike said.

"I'm up for it. But will the parents allow it?" Tim said.

"Carrie's parents are okay with it, and Kevin spoke to my parents yesterday about it when he gave me a lift home," I explained.

"Who is Kevin?" Tim asked.

"Carrie's father, dumbo!" I replied, thinking the conversation had made that obvious

"And what did your parents say?" Mike asked.

"I'm not sure what they said to Kevin, but they told me they will let me know when they've made a decision. At least that means they are not totally against it," I told the guys. "Do you want to speak to your parents first, or shall I have Carrie suggest that her parents contact yours?"

"I reckon it would be better to come from Carrie's side first," Tim said, "but I'm sure my parents will object. It's hard enough getting them to agree to our sleepovers."

"Well, I think if it comes from Carrie's parents first, then my folks will agree to it," Mike said.

"There is another part to it. Carrie has kind of asked, kind of dared us to go to the party commando. Are you guys up for that? Of course this isn't known to any of the parents and is intended to stay that way."

"Well, if that means that I could get another bj, then I'm up for it," Mike said.

"Ooh yes! I'm up for that too. Or at least I will be when it happens," Tim said with a grin. He went on after a bit of a pause. "But I did kind of hope that we might get a few of those in before Carrie's party. After all that is still a couple of weeks away."

"Well, I think Steve here has had some service, so maybe he would like to service both of us," Mike said.

"That would be fair." Tim joined in the argument, making it anything but fair. "The question is, who does he do first?"

"That's easy. First we strip Steve, then we strip ourselves, and the first one naked with a hard cock gets to put it into Steve's mouth first," Mike said as he approached me and reached towards the hem of my shirt.

"Hold on!" I almost shouted. "What do I get out of this? It seems that you guys are making decisions for me. If you want to go that way then maybe I will make some decisions for you which you will have to go with."

"What do you get out of this? Pe leeease …! Firstly you get to suck on two of the best cocks in town, and if that were not enough, you also get to swallow two of the best loads of cum in town too," Mike said as he pulled my shirt up my torso.

"Right. If that is the way it is going to be then you have to agree to go by my decisions for you too. So do you agree?" I demanded.

"Yeah, of course, now come on let us strip you so that we can get our cocks serviced," Tim said, giving a blanket agreement for anything I might say.

"Mike?" I asked.

"Yeah, I will go with it," he answered.

Both of them were so eager to get another blow job that they did not stop to think about what I might ask of them. With that agreement I let them strip me even to the point of taking my wristwatch and chain off so that I had absolutely nothing but the skin covering my bones. I have to admit that even then some of that skin was stretched a bit tighter than it normally was, as my cock was rock solid and pointing almost vertical as I knelt on the carpet on Mike's bedroom floor.

Mike cheated a bit; he managed to work his socks off while stripping me by rubbing his feet on the carpet, so he had a slightly upper hand on Tim, and this was enough to get his cock into my mouth first. I used my tongue to force his cock against the roof of my mouth, and then with a forward movement of my head I pushed his foreskin back behind the helmet brim. I brought my hand up to make a ring around his cock with my thumb and forefinger to hold the foreskin back and make sure the skin on his whole shaft was stretched tightly while my tongue played a little ditty on his hot spot. Almost immediately I began to taste his pre-cum. It didn't take long for him to start to face fuck me.

I had barely had time to swallow his last spurt before he pulled out--or was he pulled out?--and another cock was presented at my lips. Tim had obviously not been able to withstand the temptation and his cock was already glistening with the precum his own hand had spread over it. With my mouth still full of the stronger taste of Mike's cum I did not really notice what Tim's pre-cum tasted like this time around. I used a similar tactic to pull his foreskin back as I had with Mike and then got my tongue working on his cock and mostly his cock head. Tim's cock head seems to be more sensitive than most, and he finds that this can produce almost excruciating sensations which he can only just bear provided it is only for a short time. I think he feels the after orgasm sensations that most find hard to take before he reaches his orgasm but still manages to get to the edge and go over it. Tying Tim up and edging him would be one of the worst forms of torture you could give him. But I wasn't interested in torture; my intention was to get them to cum as quickly as I could so that my mouth wouldn't end up aching for the rest of the day. I knew Tim's sensations were getting stronger, because he started to whimper with each swipe my tongue made over his cock head, but he didn't try to stop me until he began to pump his cock into me. Tim's cum seemed to flow from an endless source; I must have had to swallow at least four times more than I had with Mike. When he eventually pulled his cock out of my mouth his cock head was so engorged with blood it made his whole piece look like a toadstool out of an infant's reading book. His foreskin was caught behind the head and made it look like he had a bunch of elastic bands wound around his cock. Only as his cock deflated did his head shrink enough to allow the skin to move forward and cover it once more.

We stayed in Mike's room, naked, talking about anything that came to our minds for another hour before we decided we needed to get dressed and go out for a walk before we split up to go home. During this time I hadn't cum, but my cock returned to a normal flaccid state along with Mike's and Tim's.

I pulled my clothes on, and as Mike and Tim were about to do the same, I stopped them. "You agreed to do what I said if I sucked you off. This is the plan."

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