Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 7

I decided that I couldn't afford to lose another pair of boxers or Mum might start getting suspicious, so to meet with Carrie I pulled on a pair of fairly baggy cargo pants with a polo shirt bearing the Lacoste alligator. A pair of Nike trainers without socks completed my ensemble. With my wallet in my back pocket and mobile phone in my right pocket I set off for the bus stop. I had timed my departure well and only waited a minute before my bus arrived and I boarded it for the ride to town. From where I got off it only took five minutes to walk to the mall where I would meet Carrie. Although we had agreed to meet in the food court, I was about ten minutes early, so I spent a few minutes wandering around and looking at some of the shop windows. There wasn't enough time to go into any of them, and besides Carrie might want to look in some with me. I still had three minutes to wait until the appointed meeting time when I got to the food court, but I didn't buy anything to eat or drink. I just sat down at one of the tables in the open area between the different food sellers. I should have got myself something to drink, because Carrie was a full fifteen minutes late. She didn't even apologise for keeping me waiting when she arrived.

"Have you thought of a movie to watch?" Carrie asked after we had greeted each other.

"I haven't been to see what's on," I said, "but the early evening ones will be starting soon. We had best make our way there and choose something."

"Ok, let's move then," Carrie agreed and we set off in the direction of the cinema complex. After looking over the choices we opted for "The Love Punch", or rather Carrie chose it and I went along with it.

Once we had got our tickets, we bought some cokes and popcorn and made our way to screen eight. Carrie led the way once we were inside, but when we got to the row she wanted to sit in, she asked me to go in first and move right to the end. This meant that I was sitting against the wall with Carrie beside me. The early evening show was not well attended; the closest people were two rows in front of us, so we could talk fairly normally and not be heard over the sound of the movie. I usually struggle to hear when there's loud noise from the movie and someone is whispering in my ear.

No sooner had the lights gone down than Carrie had her hand in my lap feeling around for my cock. I had expected that and was not inclined to stop her. I decided to just let her go at it in her own way, so I put my arm over the back of her seat and let my other arm rest against the wall on the arm rest, leaving me open to whatever she wanted to do. It was not long before she found my cock lying between my legs, which I had parted slightly, and she was undoing my fly and opening my trousers up. As her hand moved inside my trousers she leaned towards me and said in loud whisper, "You were expecting something, weren't you? That's why you're commando."

I turned my head and said, "Well you have given me some indication of your intentions every time we've been together. It doesn't take an Einstein to work out your plans."

"Do you want to be wanked or sucked?" she asked.

"You choose. I will be happy with either," I replied.

"Ok. Lift your butt. We need to pull these down a bit," Carrie ordered. When I complied I discovered that Carrie's 'bit' meant lowering my waistband below my knees.

I must admit it was quite exciting being exposed like that in a public place, but I still felt reasonably safe. We could see if someone approached in good time for me to get my trousers back up, even with them falling all the way to my ankles as I moved about a bit to give Carrie a better angle of approach.

Carrie started off by fondling me rather than actually wanking me. She ran her fingers through my pubes and rolled my balls around in the palm of her hand. Then she used her fingers to twist my foreskin from side to side then pushed it down so that my cock head popped out. Then she began the whole process again, playing with my cock enough to keep it hard but not enough to bring me to orgasm. Carrie kept up the teasing for quite a while before moving on to concentrate on wanking me. "Tell me when you're getting close," she ordered. She rubbed her thumb over the top of my cock head, spreading the pre-cum I had just pushed out of my slit.

I was in ecstasy and agony at the same time. This was the longest I had gone while being wanked without cumming, and the pleasure was building all the time, making my need for orgasm more and more urgent. At last I could feel the sensitivity building and knew that I was getting really close, so I told Carrie that it wouldn't be much longer. Carrie quickly pushed the armrest between us up and leant down and took my cock into her mouth to finish me off with a fast blow job. The spasms I experienced were the strongest I had ever felt. I'm sure I put a good load into her mouth, but she swallowed it all. leaving no mess to clean up. Once I had finished cumming, Carrie straightened up but kept her hand in my crotch and continued to feel my pubes and balls and play with my cock, which kept it hard for the rest of the film. Just before the credits started to role she took her hand away and told me I could cover up and then she kissed me and thanked me for letting her have some fun with my cock again.

Once we were outside the cinema I looked at my watch and realised we still had half an hour to wait before the bus would be at my stop. I asked her if she wanted to go for a coffee or something. She said that would be nice as her dad was only picking her up in about half an hour too. We decided we wanted somewhere quiet to sit with our coffee, so we left the mall and its food court behind and went to a little bistro-style coffee bar on the street where Carrie was to wait for her dad.

After getting our coffees we went to a booth where we were reasonably private and could talk some more.

"Carrie, I think there is something that I should make clear. While I enjoy being with you, and like the attention little Steve gets from you, I don't think we will ever be more than that," I said.

"Steve, we are friends and that's all I want, that and your little Steve. I think that it's cute you call him that. We will never be boyfriend and girlfriend. And when I meet the boy that I want to be with then maybe our play times will come to an end, or if you meet the boy or girl you want to be more than just friends with. In the meantime we both enjoy each other's company and enjoy what we get up to, so I'm willing for it go on as long as we both want it. No commitment, no promises, just taking each moment as it comes," Carrie said, making me feel more comfortable.

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I wouldn't want to hurt you. But why did you say I might meet a boy or girl?" I asked.

"Because right now I think you are bi uncertain. You like getting wanked and sucked by me, and I think I'm the first and only girl that has done that to you, but I think that you, Tim and Mike have done some experimenting together," Carrie said.

"Really! What makes you think that?" I asked, trying to sound surprised.

"Just that you guys are really close and always sleeping over together, and none of you seemed to blink an eye when we pulled all of your trunks down and began to blow you at your party. When we saw you three next you didn't show any sign of embarrassment, whereas poor old Luke couldn't even manage to talk to us in the car going home that evening. He hasn't been able to make eye contact with us since," Carrie explained.

"Maybe Luke is just shyer or less confident than the three of us. Also as friends we've been naked in front of each other when changing at swimming pools and the like, so we can probably handle it better than Luke. After all, he is a bit of a loner at the best of times."

"So are you saying that you, Mike and Tim have not done stuff together?" Carrie asked.

"That depends on what you mean by stuff. Have we seen each other with hard-ons before? Well, we can't have spent as much time together as we have without having seen each other hard, especially when we get up in the mornings, but more than that I am not telling one way or another. There has to be some mystery!" I answered, ending the last part with a grin on my face.

"Okay, I'm not prying. I only want to hear what you want to tell me. I would hate for you to resent me because you felt I had forced some information out of you that was confidential," Carrie told me.

"You know, the same thing could be thought about you. You and your friends are always together, and while we have seen you in action with us guys, perhaps that is coming out of what you get up to when you are alone together," I said, still smiling so that she knew I was just teasing.

"Touché!" Carrie replied also with a grin. "And maybe there will have to be some mystery on that too."

We sat in silence for a short while and then Carrie asked, "I was wondering if you three guys would be willing to sleep over after my party with us girls in a couple of weeks? I mean, I know we will have to be in different rooms and all that, but if your parents would allow it I would like for you guys to spend the night."

"Well, I can't speak for Tim and Mike, but I would be up for it if we can get the parents to co-operate," I answered. "I'll sound out Mike and Tim for you if you like. I think they would be interested, but I can't make any promises."

"Yes, please. I know my parents are okay with the idea, but they've said that if they find out that any funny business goes on there will be hell to pay," Carrie told me.

"I'll talk to my parents to see what they think," I added.

"Oh, and it would be great if all of you would go commando at my party," Carrie said with a cheeky grin, leaving me in no doubt as to what some of her party was going to be like.

We had finished our coffees, and Carrie said she should get to the meeting point to not keep her dad waiting. I said I would walk with her and once she had been picked up I would get to the bus stop to get my ride home.

We left the bistro and walked about a block further on down the road to where there was a bit of a bay in the road on our side that Carrie's father could pull into to stop safely.

As soon as we stopped Carrie put her hands on my cheeks and gave me a quick peck of a kiss. "Thank you for being with me today. I enjoyed our time together, not just the cock play, but all of it. You know in some ways I kind of hope you are gay and we can remain friends forever, though perhaps not as intimately."

"Thank you. I also enjoyed the time we have been together, and while I am not sure about the being gay bit, I also would like us to remain friends for as long as we can. I like being with you and spending time with you," I responded and returned her kiss, making the return one a bit longer and a bit more than just a peck.

We only just got through our kiss in time. We had just straightened up and turned to look down the road moments before Carrie saw his car coming around the corner. When he pulled up into the bay Carrie opened the passenger door. As she was climbing in she introduced me to her father. Or rather she told her father who I was, and Carrie's father introduced himself to me. He asked where I stayed and if he could give me a lift home. I had no idea where Carrie lived but gave him my address and explained that it was no problem for me to catch the bus and I did not want to take him out of his way.

"Nonsense. Hop in. It's not far from where we live. It'll only take me five minutes to detour past your house," Carrie's father said.

"Thank you, Mr … er…" I suddenly realised that I didn't know Carrie's surname.

"Don't worry about the Mister Slater, just call me Kevin," he replied with a chuckle.

Then Carrie said, "Steve is one of the guys I would like to invite to stay over after my party, Dad."

"Ahh. Well you have gone the right way about making my acquaintance then, Steve. I like a man who is respectful and looks to his responsibilities. Will your parents be at home when we get there?" Kevin said.

"Unless something has come up while we were at the movies, at least one of them will be home," I responded.

"If it's okay with you then, I'll introduce myself and talk to them about the sleepover after Carrie's party."

"Steve's friends don't know about the sleep over yet, so they haven't said if they want to come or not. If they don't come then Steve might not want to be the only guy with all us girls," Carrie pointed out.

"My talking to Steve's parents doesn't make it an irrevocable decision. If Steve doesn't want to stay over that is his decision. There's no pressure for him to do what he doesn't want to do. But if I introduce myself to his parents that will help them to make their decision," Kevin argued

"It's ok. I'm sure Mike and Tim would like to stay over, and I agree with Kevin that it will make it more likely that Mum and Dad will agree to it," I said.

"I can see now why Carrie likes you," Kevin said, embarrassing me tremendously, which got an apology from Kevin rather than a chuckle. That moved him up the ladder in my estimation.

When we got to the house I could see the car in the driveway, so I said that I was reasonably sure both my parents were at home and invited Kevin and Carrie in. I found Mum and Dad sitting in the lounge watching the telly and introduced Carrie and Kevin to them. "Mum, Dad, you know Carrie from my party, and this is Carrie's dad, Kevin. Kevin, this is Mum and Dad … or rather Ruth and Dick, my parents," I finished up, blushing a second time in the same hour. I invited Carrie to come to the kitchen with me to get some drinks, which Mum had offered. After we had taken the beers into the lounge I suggested to Carrie that we go out onto the back decking and leave the oldies to talk.

"Not so much of the oldies!" Dad said to our departing backs.

Once out on the decking I pulled out my mobile phone and asked Carrie if she wanted me to phone Tim and Mike and ask them how they felt.

"No, I think it would be better to talk to them when you can see their reaction. I want them to stay over only if they really want to. If you see from their initial reaction that it does not appeal, then you can tell them that it is off," Carrie said.

"You have really thought this through a lot. What's so important about it?" I asked.

"It's more than one thing. Firstly, I think I'm growing out of girls-only sleepovers. As you know I have this thing about guys' cocks and them coming. I think it's almost an obsession now, and I want to try and prove to myself that I can have guys close to me without having to have a go at their cocks. I'm sorry. I know that makes it sound like I'm just using you, but believe me, I'm not. I really like being around you and enjoy your quick humour, and little Steve is great, and not just as an added bonus. I'm sorry. All that sounds wrong now that I've said it. It all sounds like me trying to get it all for me, and it's not that at all."

I put my finger against her lips and said, "Shh, I think I know what you mean, and putting it into words without sounding a bit mercenary must be very difficult. Maybe it will be best to leave that explanation as it is, and I'm sorry I asked the question."

We stood in silence for several minutes, then Mum came out and said that Kevin wanted to go. We saw them out at the door, and I walked with Mum and Dad back into the lounge.

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