Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 6

"Oh wow! You're actually sucking my cock!" Tim said in astonishment and delight. "I didn't realise you were that serious about trying out what a guy's blowjob was like."

I didn't say anything, as I had a mouth full, but I did respond by using my hand to pull his foreskin back and teasing his now naked cock head with my tongue. I danced the tip of my tongue over the hot spot at the base where the foreskin is attached and then probed into his slit as my mouth bobbed up and down on the shaft. I was too busy trying to make Tim's bj something really great as I learned how to do it to look at what else was happening, but Mike had joined me in giving head. My cock in his mouth was causing me exquisite feelings the likes of which I had only dreamt of before. I could only hope that Tim had joined in too, but I decided that if he hadn't, I would give Mike a blow job when I had finished with Tim.

What Mike was doing to my cock made me emit some involuntary groans, and I could feel the base of my tongue vibrating against Tim's cock as I groaned. I also heard Tim groan and knew that he was getting much pleasure from my mouth. I guessed that Mike was at least getting wanked because I felt his groan as his mouth vibrated against my cock, heightening my pleasure even more and pushing me rapidly towards the edge. At about the same time, Tim began to thrust into my mouth, hitting the back of it with his cock and causing me to gag slightly until I could get my timing lined up with his. Finally I swallowed as he came in and got his cock past my gag reflex point. Of course he pulled back past that point with his withdrawal stroke, but we did get into a rhythm for a short while. I lost the timing again as Tim sped up when he got close and then went over the edge, shooting his jism into my throat and then my mouth as I drew my head back to get a taste.

I held Tim's cock in my mouth even though we had both stopped moving and just ran my tongue gently around the head for a bit but then clamped down on his cock, fortunately with my lips covering my teeth as my orgasm erupted my sperm into Mike's mouth. As I started to shoot, Mike pressed a finger against my butt hole, which seemed to make me cum even harder. From my limited reading I had thought that the finger needed to be right inside and pressing against the prostate to make the cum better, but this was just a finger that had been gently stroking up and down my butt crack for a while and was now pressing on my rose bud, not actually penetrating it, and still it made me cum harder than I had ever cum before.

Having received and given cum I was now able to move my concentration elsewhere. Still holding his cock in my mouth, I was able to look along his body and see that Tim was sucking on Mike's cock. I felt a bit of a shock as I realised that I felt a bit sad at this because it meant that I would not get to suck his cock as well as Tim's that evening. Clearly I liked sucking cock, and this probably meant that I was more gay than bi or straight. I saw Mike's stomach muscles tense up into a bit of a washboard and knew that he was about to shoot his load into Tim's mouth. I did nothing to warn Tim, as I had liked the taste of his cum. I felt that as both Mike and I had taken and swallowed the cum of our first go at giving head, he could too.

I am sure that Tim could tell that Mike was getting close, but he did not try to draw his mouth away. When I saw that Mike was shooting his cum, I also saw Tim swallow and knew that all three of us were now in the same boat. We had all been sucked by a girl and a guy, we had all sucked a guy and we had all tasted someone else's spunk and swallowed it too. I was quite glad of this as it strengthened the pact we had made together at my party.

Once Mike had cum, we drew apart a bit and lay on our backs with our heads resting on the leg of the person we had just blown.

"That was fucking awesome," Mike said. "Much better than a girl's effort."

"Yeah, you did good, Mike. I loved it," I agreed.

"Shit man, you took me by surprise, but I'm glad you did, and I enjoyed giving it to you too, Mike," Tim concurred.

"Well, I know one thing. I'm glad that you were brave enough to just go ahead and do it first, Steve. Thank you," Mike said.

"Yeah, me too. I was nervous that if I agreed to do it you guys would think bad of me, but when Steve just began to do it and I realised how great it felt, I knew that I could do it too," Tim confessed.

"Well, I wanted it, and I knew that I couldn't let it be done to me if I wasn't prepared to return the favour. I thought that is exactly how my two best mates would feel too, so I decided to just do it and see what happens," I explained.

"And we will do it with each other again," Tim added. "Do you think that makes us gay?"

"I'm not sure. I'm going to try some more stuff with girls before I decide. I think we need to experience a lot more before we can be sure just what we are," I said. "But when I make my mind up, you guys will be the first to know. Then if I am gay I'll come out to my parents as well."

"I don't know that I could come out to my parents at this stage. I think dad might want to boot me out of the house if I told them I was gay," Mike said.

"I don't think my parents would kick me out, but they would be upset and might make my life such a misery that I would choose to move out," Tim added.

"I think my parents would be upset, but I am sure they would still be supportive and show me their love," I said.

"Yeah, but we all know that you have got a good relationship with your parents, the best out of the three of us. Shit, man, I have a better relationship with your dad than I have with my own, and that's even after I know he knows we have been skinny dipping," Mike said.

"Yeah, your folks are cool people," Tim granted.

Their comments made me feel good and strengthened my love for my parents. I know that most teens find their parents embarrassing, but I found I could be proud of my parents in front of my peers.

"One thing before I hit the sack that I haven't had a chance to talk over with you until now. Are either of you going away at half term?" I asked.

"No. Dad is working on some big project or other at work and can't get away for months," Tim answered.

"I don't think so. I'm sure there would have been some mention of it before now if we were," Mike said.

"Good. Dad has suggested that we three spend that first weekend of half term at the cabin, just the three of us. If you're up for it he'll talk to your folks and arrange it. The idea at this point is that he'll take us out there on the Friday evening and then collect us on the Sunday evening. He says at this stage he's not willing to leave us there alone any longer than that, so there's no point in asking for the whole week," I told them.

"A whole weekend is great. You see, your folks are cool people," Tim said.

"Longer would be nicer, but I won't argue or we might not get even a weekend," Mike said.

"We would have to be good and not go out of the bounds my parents make, or it'll never happen again, but I'm sure we'll get a fair amount of freedom," I added.

"No sweat, Steve. We'll have a good time anyway," Mike said.

With that we got into our sleeping bags and were asleep almost as quickly as our heads touched the pillows. It was still dark when I woke up to a hand undoing the zip on my sleeping bag. "What you doing?" I asked in a whisper.

"I didn't get to taste your cock and I want to," Tim answered. "I was just going to give it a lick or two and go back to sleep, but now that you are awake …"

"We can have another three-way blow job," Mike said, revealing that he too was awake.

Mike and I got out of our bags, and in the darkness we moved back into our triangle. This time I got to suck on Mike while he sucked Tim and I got done by Tim. With this we would have each sucked and wanked each of our friends. As I sucked Mike's cock into my mouth I realised that his foreskin felt different to Tim's. I decided that it was because his was looser and did not have the pucker of skin at the end when he was soft. It just came to a little open circle over the end of his cock head; Tim had at least half an inch of extra foreskin past the end of his cock when he was flaccid. Mike's cock was also a little thicker and longer than Tim's, but this did not make much difference to the way I treated it as I sucked, trying to put all that I had heard or read into practice and make his experience nice for him.

I could feel as Tim sucked on me that he was doing to my cock some of what I had done to his, and he was good at it, making me feel really good. Although we did last longer than we had done just before we went to sleep, we still did not have much staying power. I wanted it to last much longer than I could make it. All too soon I could feel the pressure building. I began to pump my cock into Tim's mouth as nature took over and I instinctively started to fuck. The fact that the opening I was fucking wasn't the right one for procreation didn't register with my instincts, and I blasted my baby makers straight into Tim's mouth as he hungrily swallowed them down.

Mike was the last to blow. His sperm tasted quite different from Tim's. When we had all finished I asked the others if they had picked up a difference in taste between the two loads of spunk they had tried. Both agreed they had and that they also noticed the differences in size, shape and feel of the two cocks they had sucked on.

We all agreed that it didn't matter. We had all enjoyed sucking both cocks and tasting both lots of semen. I added that I had also enjoyed being sucked by two different mouths and that while they were different, I could not honestly say one was better than the other.

When we went back to sleep this time it was to sleep through until the sun shining through the canvas of the marquee was bright enough to wake us. Since it was daylight and we weren't sure if Tim's parents were up or not, we couldn't risk just nipping outside the tent to relieve the pressure in our bladders, so we each pulled on a pair of shorts and quietly made our way inside to the downstairs toilet, where we waited our turn to pee. Tim, being a good host, tried to wait until last but found he could not hold out long enough and made a dash upstairs to use the loo in the bathroom up there.

His trip upstairs alerted his parents to the fact we were awake, and his mum came out and asked if we were ready for some breakfast. We said we would be as soon as we had washed up and got dressed. We took it in turns to use the upstairs bathroom to brush our teeth and wash up, then met in Tim's bedroom to get dressed.

After breakfast we deflated the air beds and put our things away so that we could help get the rest of the stuff out of the marquee before the hire team arrived to take it down.

While we were waiting for our parents to collect us I got a text message from Carrie asking if we could meet up later on. Tim and Mike said that they were not free, which I think was their way of trying to stay out of the way of my relationship with Carrie. I agreed to meet her downtown to go to the cinema. Fortunately my parents were ok with that and said that I could catch the bus into town and then home again after the movie.

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