Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 5

Tim's birthday came in the term time, and his parents planned it to take place on a Friday night when there were no school activities on the Saturday, so those who came to the party would have a chance to recover before going back to school on the Monday morning.

As Tim had told us, his parents had hired a small marquee which had been put up in the back garden, and they had set up some lights and a stereo system. It was pretty much the same group of guests as those who had attended both Mike's and my parties. Mike and I had made sure we were the first to arrive and had stashed our overnight stuff in Tim's bedroom, where he already had three air mattresses blown up for us to take into the tent when the time arrived.

Carrie and her friends were some of the last to arrive. When she saw me she came straight over to me and greeted me with a quick kiss on the cheek and a hug that had her grinding her hip into my crotch. However, it would have been too obvious if she had stayed doing that for the length of time it would take to get my cock hard, so she just whispered in my ear, "We'll have to dance later," and walked away with a huge smile on her face.

Like the previous two parties this one went well. Everyone enjoyed themselves as they chatted together or danced when the mood took them onto the floor. Also like the previous two parties there was no alcohol, and it suddenly struck me when I saw Tim's dad with a pipe in his mouth that none of our friends smoked. Having been around guys who did smoke we knew that you can't hide the smell, and this made me sure none of my friends smoked.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I found myself dancing with Carrie, and I think I only really became aware that we were in each other's arms when her hip pressed against my cock again. We had been standing at the edge of the dance area talking to each other, and the next thing I knew her hip was rubbing up against my groin. My cock responded in the time honoured way and began to increase the bulge in my tight jeans. We danced for a few minutes more, with Carrie making sure my cock got fully hard, then she declared she was hot and wanted to step outside the tent for a bit. She was a master at guile, and I followed her out without suspecting anything. I am not naïve, but I must admit that after what had transpired at the previous two parties I was pretty dumb not to suspect there was some ulterior motive to the move outside.

Carrie led me behind the tent where there was little light and no one to see what happened. She put her arms around me and pulled in close so that her belly was pressed against my still hard bulge. Putting her mouth close to my ear she whispered, "I know we are not dating or anything, but I really like you and especially this," as her hand moved and cupped itself around my bulge. She didn't keep it there for long. She slid her hand up my cock, and once she had got past the waistband of my jeans she began to push her hand down again, only this time inside my trousers.

"You've got underwear on. I was hoping you would be commando again," she said as her fingers got entangled in the elastic of the waist band. I should have tried to stop her, but hey-hoh! I'm a randy teen and any play with my cock is both nice and welcome.

"I was in my swimming trunks, so naturally I didn't have underwear on."

"Okay, but I dare you now. We take your boxers off and for the rest of this party you go commando. And if you take the dare, I will give you a good wank now to help you stay soft, for a while at least, while you are commando," Carrie challenged as she rubbed my cock, having got her hand down inside my boxers.

"So what you want is for me to half strip now to get my boxers off and you will wank me till I shoot, then I go without the boxers for the rest of the evening," I clarified.

"Well, yes. But I also get to keep the boxers as my reward for making you happy," Carrie replied as her free hand unzipped my fly.

Before I realised it, she had also undone the button at the top of my jeans. She began pulling them and my boxers down together, having taken her hand out of my underwear. Well, I was hard and randy, and I saw no option but to take the challenge or to disappear and occupy our host's toilet for some time. Carrie had to untie my shoes and take them off one at a time to get my jeans off and then my underwear. To make sure I would be commando she had me put my jeans back on and retied my shoes before she began to wank me. The thoughts that had been going through my head coupled with her earlier massaging had caused a reasonable amount of precum to flow already. This helped to lubricate matters as it was released from where it had pooled inside my foreskin. I didn't have enough experience yet to be able to hide when I was about to cum, so Carrie was ready. As I shot the first spurt she held my boxers in place to catch it and the other spurts that followed. Then she rolled them up and put them in a plastic bag she had in her bag. Talk about being prepared! She used her mouth with its agile tongue to clean the last bits off of my cock, then stood up and kissed me on the mouth.

"Thank you, I enjoyed that," Carrie said. "We have been gone a while, so wait here a bit before going back in. Otherwise the others will know we've been together." She left me standing there with my jeans still around my ankles and my softening cock cooling in the night air. I think I was in a bit of shock, because I remained like that for about half a minute before bending down and pulling my jeans up. I was very careful to make sure that little Steve was properly tucked away before I pulled the zip up, and as I did this I realised that just the other side of a thin piece of canvas was a whole bunch of guys and girls who were totally oblivious to what had gone on just inches from them. I needed to pee, so I made a detour through the house to use the toilet before going back to the tent, which meant that I entered the tent from a different direction to Carrie as well.

For the rest of the party Carrie or one of her friends always managed to dance the slow dances with me and each of them would grind their hips into my crotch and do their best to get me hard. Once it was very uncomfortable as I got hard with my cock pointing down my trouser leg. Apart from being quite noticeable, it was being held and stretched at such an obtuse angle that it actually hurt a bit. After that I made sure I was not hanging down a leg before I got in a clinch with someone on the dance floor. Carrie and I were once again partnered for the last dance, which of course was a slow one. As we ground around the floor I asked her what attracted her to my cock.

"Well actually it was not your cock at first but any cock. When we were all at Mike's party we came up with this plan to get you guys going and see what happened. If you remember I was moving against you and then put my hand down and felt your cock a bit, and you didn't flinch but just took it as something nice happening to you. Then when it came to your party and we realised there was going to be a time when we would be with you guys and no adult would be present we drew straws to see who got who. I wanted to see how you would react again, so I manipulated the draw to ensure that I got you. I have seen lots of pictures of guys' cocks. Some of them are really ugly while others turn me on. At your party I got to see a live cock for the first time. It was yours and it turned me on big time. I had an orgasm while I was sucking your cock, it turned me on so much, so tonight I was determined to get some more of it. One day I want to see all of you if you will let me," Carrie told me.

"So you get off touching and feeling my cock, but don't you want some touching and caressing in return?" I asked, thinking of all I had heard concerning foreplay.

"I don't need that at this stage to get off, and I want to be a virgin for my husband when we get married, so I don't want to risk taking my clothes off. We could get carried away, and then the chance would be lost forever," Carrie explained as the dance came to an end.

Carrie had not lost contact with my cock during our conversation, so as we left the dance floor my cock was hard as rock and pointing straight up, with the tip protruding above my waistband. I was glad that I was following the fashion and had my shirt hanging loose outside my trousers, as this covered my bulge and more importantly hid that protruding tip from view.

While Tim was saying good bye to his guests and thanking them for coming, Mike and I joined Tim's dad cleaning up the debris of the party so that we would have a suitable place to sleep the night. We even mopped the dance floor that had been laid down in the tent; it had got a bit muddy from people walking in the garden and then coming back onto the floor. The plan was to put our air mattresses on the floor and sleep there with that bit of insulation between us and the lawn. We had all but finished by the time Tim saw his last guest off. The three of us began to carry the air mattresses out and sort our beds out. Tim's dad arrived with a lamp. He was going to disconnect the lights from inside the house as the cable ran through the doorway and he wanted to be able to close the door for the night. With an admonition to be quiet, he left us to finish getting set up while he went off to bed along with Tim's mother.

"Carrie seemed to spend a lot of time with you tonight, Steve. Is there something developing there?" Tim asked as soon as he felt he could do so without being overheard.

"If you had not been in on the other occasions you would not believe what happened tonight. She got me to go outside with her because she felt hot," I started and then described what had happened behind the tent. I finished by telling them the gist of the conversation we had had during the last dance. "So there is and there isn't. I have no intention of dating her, but she is intent on dating my cock."

"So you are commando now?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, look," I answered and began undoing my jeans. I pulled them down a bit to show that there was no underwear present and then sat down with my jeans at my knees to undo my shoes and take them off. "What about you guys? Did either of you get anything tonight yet?" I asked as I pulled my socks off and then my jeans, closely followed by my shirt, leaving me bare arsed in front of my friends again.

"All I got was the pelvic grind during the dancing," Tim answered with a note of sadness in his voice.

"Apart from a couple of bits of pretty ineffectual groping that's all I got too," Mike admitted.

"What was it like being commando and knowing that at least one of the girls knew you were commando?" Tim asked.

"I enjoyed it as long as I managed to get my cock positioned right before one of the girls ground into it and made it hard again. When it got hard pointing down my leg that was very uncomfortable as well as being quite noticeable," I told them.

Pointing at my cock, which had risen to attention once more, Mike said, "But you must have liked it, judging from that."

"Well, come and check it out if you want," I dared them as I leaned back, making my pelvic area more accessible to them.

Both Tim and Mike had got naked by this stage too. They converged on me but did not touch me or each other.

"So is a girl's wank better than a guy's wank?" Mike asked.

"No competition. Both of you guys have given me a better wank than she did. But she has not actually wanked or sucked another guy before. I am her first for both. She might get better with practice," I said.

"Yeah, but it would take a lot of practice to get to the level guys are at with wanking. We get daily practice," Tim said.

I reached out my hand and gave his cock a little stroke and left my hand resting on his balls. Tim did nothing to stop me and did not try to move away when my hand stayed on his goods. Mike saw this and moved so that he could get his hand on my cock and balls and started to fondle me. The way Mike had positioned his body meant that Tim needed to lie down a bit in order to reach Mike's package, which put the three of us into a loose triangle.

Without moving my hips, I moved my shoulders and brought my head up to rest on Tim's leg about ten inches from his balls as my hand got down to some proper work on his hard cock. I was careful not to touch his hot spot on the frenulum too much. I didn't want Tim to cum too quickly. Mike picked up on my positioning and moved his upper body in a similar way to put his head close to my cock.

When I finished giving Tim's perineum some massage he had quite a big bubble of pre-cum at the end of his cock. Lifting my head I pulled his cock down a bit and licked the drop of pre-cum off the tip. I don't think Tim realised that I had used my tongue, but Mike saw it and used his tongue to taste my pre-cum. Tim did see that action, and when he saw it his cock gave an involuntary twitch as his tongue slipped along his lips. I moved a bit more and licked from his balls up the underside of his shaft till I reached the tip of Tim's cock. Tim did see that and he was opening and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something but couldn't get any sound out. He didn't object, so I slid my lips over his cock head and sucked.

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