Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 4

I awoke to the delicious smell of percolating coffee and after emptying my bladder found Mike still as naked as I was, standing in front of the cooker watching the coffee percolate up into the little glass bubble at the top of the pot.

"That is an awesome smell to wake up to." I put my hand on Mike's shoulder as I stood next to him.

"This has been an awesome time. Thanks for the party, man," Mike replied.

"Well, thanks for being one of my BFF's and coming to my party," I said.

"Do you think we should start cooking the eggs and bacon now, or wait until Tim wakes up?" Mike asked.

"Let's give him a bit more time, but if we wait too long then we might just as well have lunch and skip breakfast altogether," I answered.

"We could just start cooking and make enough noise to wake him. I want to go for a swim in the sea before lunch, but I'm hungry now," Mike suggested.

"Let's have a cup of coffee out on the deck. Then we come back in and start cooking whether he is awake or not."

"Okay. This stuff is about ready now," Mike said as he took the pot off the heat.

I got two mugs out and we put some sugar in first and then filled them with the strong coffee Mike had brewed up. Mike is lactose intolerant, and we had all stopped taking milk in our tea and coffee, so we carried our mugs of black coffee out and sat on the chairs on the deck.

"I just love this freedom. We are sitting out in the open totally naked and not having to care about it. I think I could enjoy being a naturist," Mike said.

"Yeah, me too. I hate having to wear clothes. I can't understand those guys who wear undies with their swimming trunks. Especially as most of the swimmers have that net like stuff inside them," I agreed.

"I wear undies to try and hide my boner if I get one, and I get them fairly often," Mike explained.

"I can't stand to have undies on and even take that net stuff out," I admitted.

"So all of yesterday you were basically commando?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. It was great. When Carrie pulled my trunks down to give me that blow job she noticed and gave me a special look. I reckon she'll try to do some more stuff with me."

"But you would still be willing to let a guy suck you too?" Mike asked. I was fairly sure that there was a hint of panic in his tone.

"Oh yeah. I want to compare what the two are like, and being wanked too," I confessed.

"Good, because I want to try it out too, and I think Tim will come round to it soon by the way he was talking last night," Mike said.

"Tell you what, we give Tim a bit more time to come around to it, and if he doesn't you and I do each other," I suggested.

"At least that way we'll know it'll be kept quiet. If Tim knows he won't talk, so we'll be safe," Mike agreed.

We finished our coffee, threw the dregs over the edge of the decking, and stood to go back inside and start fixing breakfast. Although we did not purposely make any extra noise, what we did make was enough to wake Tim up, and soon he was heading off to the bathroom to relieve the pressure on his bladder. Bacon and eggs don't take long to prepare, so it wasn't long before we were sitting down to eat. Neither Mike nor I said anything to Tim, but he followed our example and stayed naked. Once we had finished eating we set about cleaning our breakfast dishes and everything left over from the party. Once we had got everything clean and tidy we still had some time to go before lunch and opted to go for a swim. Again there was no need to discuss it. We just walked straight down the beach from the cabin and dived into the waves bare-arsed. We enjoyed our time, as only friends can, doing whatever came to mind. Some of the time we spent messing around on the beach, digging holes and partially burying each other, more often than not leaving the crotch area open and then flicking shells or little pebbles at the bits on display, until our hapless victim managed to escape and chase us, laughing, into the sea.

When we tired of that we washed off under the outdoor shower then sat on the deck for a while. Once we had dried off a bit we went inside to make our lunch, which was a simple affair of putting together a sandwich of our choice. We washed our sandwiches down with some coke or lemonade and headed back out onto the beach for a bit more play.

On the beach Mike suggested we might be better off if we put some sun screen on, as it was hotter now and we had already been out in the sun unprotected for a couple of hours. We realised the wisdom in this suggestion; none of us liked the idea of having a sunburnt willie. We returned to the cabin and got out the sunscreen. Mike didn't ask but just began to smear some on my chest, and I didn't try to stop him. Tim saw what Mike was doing and began to spread it over my back, working his way down from my shoulders all the way to my bum cheeks, where he seemed to rub in more than was needed. Mike reached my pubic region and happily rubbed the sunscreen well into my rock-solid cock. Then they both moved on down my legs. With me done it was Tim's turn. I got to do his front, making equally sure his cock got a good coating rubbed well in. From the way Mike worked his gluteus maximus, Tim's bum was also well protected. Then Tim got to do Mike's front while I got a good feel of Mike's arse cheeks and back.

Needless to say we were all sporting solid boners when we set off back to the beach and went for a walk along the shore line. After about a quarter of a mile we reached a spot where a bit of cliff jutted out into the sea, acting as a barrier to further walking. We turned around and began to retrace our steps. Out of the blue Tim said, "If we get back in time to do it, can we do another three-way wank? I am super horny and that was so much better than doing it myself."

"Or we could just stop and do it right here," Mike said.

"No. Too much risk of getting sand mixed into the deal, especially with all this cream on us. I don't fancy getting rubbed raw," I said.

"Okay, let's jog back then," Mike suggested, and we all set off at a steady trot. While we were reasonably fit from our school sporting activities, we did not want to be so out of breath by the time we got back that we were unable to anything but pant like dogs.

Once back we didn't bother to go inside. We just knelt down on the deck like we had the night before. Making sure our order meant we were wanking the boy we had not wanked last, we quickly got each other hard and leaking enough pre-cum to mix with the residue of sun screen and lubricate our cocks well. In the full sunlight we found that looking at what was happening heightened our feelings, and although it did take us a little longer than the night before we didn't manage to hold out that long before once again we were squirting onto the body of the person in front of us. This time I shot first and Tim, who was wanking me, didn't stop stroking my cock; he only slowed down a little and kept me hard until all three of us had shot our loads. Tim also altered where his hand was holding my cock so that it was only my foreskin moving back and forth over my sensitive cock head. That way I was able to enjoy the sensations for longer than I could normally stand after-orgasm stroking.

The three of us hit the shower together again. After pulling on some boxers and shorts we got everything packed up ready for my dad to pick us up. When Dad got there he did an inspection and was very impressed that we had remembered to turn the water supply to the outdoor shower off at the tap inside the cabin so that no one could come along and leave the tap running. "If you guys promise to always leave the cabin as good as this, I will talk to Mum and your parents about letting you have some weekends alone out here from time to time. But there will be some conditions, like no girls or booze," Dad told us.

"That would be very nice, thank you, Dick," Tim said. Both Tim and Mike called my dad by his first name, just as we talked with most adults on a first name basis. It was only at school that we called them Mr. or Mrs.

After dropping Tim and Mike off at their homes Dad drove me home. On the way he asked what we had done for the morning. I told him we had slept until we woke up naturally and then had made breakfast before going for a swim and after lunch had gone for a walk before doing the final packing up so that we would be ready when he got to us.

"Did you enjoy your swim?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, we did," I answered.

"Was that the first time you boys have skinny-dipped together?" dad asked, catching me off my guard.

"I … er … we … what did you say?" I stammered out.

"No, we didn't spy on you. I just guessed that given the opportunity and the safety of the site, you would naturally opt to go skinny-dipping. That's what guys do when they get the chance. And I guess that I was right," Dad said and chuckled a bit.

"Ah … I … um … I …" I was still lost for words, confirming to dad that he was correct in his assumption.

"Don't worry. I won't say anything to your mum about this, and I won't mention it to Tim or Mike either. If you want to tell them that I guessed it then you can, but I don't want to talk about it anymore unless you want to."

My face began to cool down, and I mumbled thanks to my dad for not holding it as a weapon against me. But it did give me something to think about.

I was not sure if I was gay, bi or whatever at that stage, but I did know that I wanted to pursue more same-sex play. I wondered how it would be if I decided I was gay and had to come out to my two best friends and my parents. One thing I was very sure of was that once I was certain of which way I was going to lean, I would have to tell both Tim and Mike and also my mum and dad. There was no way that I was going to go through life trying to live a secret. Just what I had been through already was enough to make me realise I didn't want that for my whole life.

When we got home I helped to unpack and put away the things we had brought home and made a point of thanking both my parents for giving me such a great party. Dad embarrassed me a bit by telling Mum how well we had done with cleaning the place up and having everything ready for when he got to us. With that out of the way I went off to my room to wait for tea to be ready and got out my mobile phone to send a text. I told Tim and Mike that Dad had asked about the skinny dipping and being caught off guard I had found it useless to try to deny it. I also told them that Dad had promised not say a thing about it to anyone. I pinged the text off to both of them at the same time and within a few seconds got the first response

, "Oh shit, how will I ever be able to look your dad in the eye again?" From Tim. I texted back saying that Dad was cool with it and had even expected we might do something like that and had still said he was happy for the three of us to have a weekend out there alone so not to worry.

Mike texted back suggesting that we should ask my dad if he wants to join us in a skinny dip next time, to which I replied with a series of laughing smiley faces.

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