Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 3

"Do you want to prove that?" I asked with a grin on my face.

"What do you mean?" Tim asked.

"Do you want to prove that guys are better than girls at giving blow jobs?" I explained.

"I don't follow you," Tim replied.

"Shit man, we have been friends for so long, and still I have to spell it out for you. You see this?" I asked pointing to my cock. "It is nice and hard and ready. Now if you want to prove that guys suck better than girls, then get down and suck on my dick. Comprehendo?"

"Yeah! Go on! Suck his dick and then he will tell you if you suck better than the girl who just blew him." Mike added.

"Come on guys! I said that's what others claim. I didn't mean that I claimed that," Tim said.

"Yeah we know that, but you can still suck my dick and prove it one way or another," I teased.

"Hey, man! I wasn't offering to suck your dick or prove anything."

"I dare you to suck his dick." Mike threw out this challenge somewhat more seriously.

"After all, it is Steve's birthday, and you could give him a special present," he added as further incentive.

"No way, man! I can't do that. If you are so keen for it to be proved, why don't you suck Steve's cock then?" Tim added his own challenge.

Mike leaned over towards me and grabbed my cock, using his thumb to spread the pre-cum that had leaked out over the head of my cock. "Look at it; it's just begging you to suck on it," Mike said, pointing the head towards Tim.

"Well, your mouth is already closer. Why not just lean that little bit more and do it yourself?" Tim threw back.

Mike let go of my cock and straightened up. "Look at us, all three of us are boned up and leaking. We watched each other wank off the other day, and I must admit Ifound it a bit more of a turn on than doing it on my bed by myself. I wouldn't mind doing it again like that."

"Oh, so you are chickening out now that the challenge is in your court," Tim goaded Mike.

"After what happened earlier this evening, doing it myself seems a bit lame. You sure neither of you want to test the theory that guys can do it better than girls?" I asked again.

"What about you? You sure you don't want to suck my cock to test the theory?" Tim shot back at me.

"Well seeing as it is my birthday, I thought I should be the one to be sucked first. So if you suck me then I will suck you."

"But then I would be left out," Mike interjected.

"We could do a triangular thing where we each suck and get sucked at the same time," I proposed, getting a bit more hopeful.

"That would be if we all agreed though," Tim put in.

"I tell you what. We need to think about this a bit more, so what if we just jerk each other off tonight. Then when we get together again we can talk about it some more and see how we really feel," Mike suggested.

"Let's make this a pact between us. Kind of like being blood brothers," I suggested.

"We have a bit of fun with each other, but it doesn't get talked about except when all three of us are alone together."

"I'm still not sure. At least not as sure as you two seem to be. Are you sure you're not gay?" Tim asked.

"Look, man, it's just us three doing a bit of experimenting. There's no commitment to be gay or straight or whatever. It's just some fun that we keep to ourselves so that we don't get shit from others. I bet there are others out there who do something like this too, and they are not necessarily gay," Mike said.

The way Mike was talking and his interest in the suggestions was leading me to think that he was about as keen as I was to try something with one or both of us. Tim seemed less sure but appeared to be warming to the idea, so I thought it was worth giving it a bit more of a push.

"Look, I think I can say with a great degree of confidence that tonight was the first time for all three of us to have someone else touch our cocks and bring us off, and I must admit that it felt way better than any wank I have given myself. And just now when Mike grabbed my cock and rubbed his thumb on it I thought that felt so much better than when I do the exact same thing; and that was just for a few seconds. I admit that when I suggested Tim prove it, I was just teasing, but now I think I would be willing to let a guy suck my cock to find out if it is true," I admitted.

Mike stood up, leaving his towel behind on the sofa, and moved over to the mattresses with our sleeping bags on them, his hard cock leaning out from his body at about a sixty degree angle to the horizontal. Sitting down on a mattress he said, "Look, I am fucking horny right now and need to have some release soon. So if you will come and join me, I will wank either or both of you provided one of you also wanks me at the same time."

"Ok, just a hand job this time," Tim said, standing. His cock had a bead of pre-cum hanging from its tip.

"Let's kneel so that our knees are touching one of each of the others' knees and each wank the person to our right," I suggested as I stood up, displaying a string of pre-cum that swung from the end of my cock and looped to a spot on my inner thigh.

We moved into position and got our knees touching with our bums resting on our heels. As we reached to the cock on our right we discovered that it was a bit difficult because of the angles. We changed to reach with our right hands to the cock of the person on our left. We had to lean forward to reach properly and our arms did cross over each other, but we were able to wrap our fingers around the appointed cock and begin stroking. By each putting our left hand on the shoulder of the guy we were wanking we were able to keep our balance and position.

"This is so much nicer than doing it for yourself," Mike said after a short time.

"But I am not going to last very long like this," Tim warned.

"That's ok. We should just enjoy it whether we last long or short. I think because it's a new experience we're all going to be fairly quick," I added, knowing I was not far off the mark myself. I was really liking it much more than wanking myself, but not as much as the blow job I had received earlier.

"Hey, we had better stop and get something under us so that we do not shoot spunk all over our sleeping bags," Mike said, interrupting our pleasure.

Of course he was right, so we stopped our play and stood up to find something to use. "Why don't we just go out on the deck instead?" Tim suggested.

"Yeah, let's try it." Mike was as eager to be outside naked as Tim seemed to be. We moved out there and got back into position, but changed to wank the one we had not yet done.

Despite the break in stimulation we soon found ourselves back where we had left off, and within minutes of kneeling on the deck Tim shot his load. I quickly followed, with Mike being the last to shoot, but we all came within a minute of each other. When we looked we began to laugh, because there was next to no cum on the decking. Most of it was on our chests, stomachs and legs.

"I guess we are going to have to shower again," I said, laughing and standing up with the dribbles of cum running down my body. "But thanks, guys. That was way better than doing it solo." I wanted to taste the cum on my body but didn't dare. I hoped there might be an opportunity for that later.

"Do you think we can all fit in the shower together?" Mike asked.

"We can try," I offered, and we all stood and made our way to the bathroom.

Well, we all did fit into the shower together, but there wasn't much room left to move, and our bodies could not help but rub up against each other as we soaped ourselves, trying to wash the cum off. Fortunately we didn't need to wash our backs, because trying to twist our arms around without taking out an eye or nose with an elbow or giving someone a bash to their solar plexus would have been very difficult. As it was the rubbing of our bodies got our cocks hard again, even though we had only just had an orgasm. Or maybe I should say a bit more accurately that the rubbing together prevented our cocks from softening as they had not really gone down.

Towelling ourselves dry, however, did give us time to soften, and we all walked back to the sitting room with normal flaccid penises. We sat down on the sofa and chair to talk some more. We had only been sitting for a couple of minutes when Mike declared he was thirsty and wanted to get a drink. My parents had made sure that there was no alcohol. Being out of the way we had had no chance to try and secretly get a stash in, so we had to settle for a choice of soft drink, coffee or hot chocolate. We had basically had enough soda during the party time and did not feel like we wanted the caffeine boost of a coffee. We settled for three hot chocolates, which we took back with us to the sitting room.

"Tim, what are you doing for your birthday?" Mike asked.

"Funny you should ask. I was discussing that with my parents just yesterday. You know in the light of coming here for a sleep over and the fact that you also had us to sleep over, Mum assumed that I would like for the three of us to sleep over together after my party. Our house is so small that it's not that great for parties, so the parents are talking about hiring a tent for the back garden, doing it out there, and then letting us sleep in the tent afterwards," Tim told us.

"That would be fun," I said, "and we could do a bit of what we have just done. We would hear the house doors opening if anyone was coming."

"Yeah, I agree, and it will be different, so each of us will have had something different for our driving licence birthdays," Mike replied.

"Isn't it amazing how quickly things change? A few hours ago none of us would have said we would be sitting here naked talking about mutual pleasuring while we drink our cocoa, and yet here we are seemingly as natural as if we had been doing it all our lives," Tim said.

"Well, none of us have been shy in front of each other for years, and we have not had much opportunity to do this in the relative safety we have here, so I guess it was just a logical step. I quite like it. I think it helps us to be open and honest with each other. Not that I am saying or suggesting that we have lived lies to each other. Maybe we have not revealed all our thoughts and wishes, but I think we have been honest with each other and this is why we are such good friends," Mike said.

"We are good friends because we think alike and understand each other, and I believe we trust each other to keep our secrets. I have shared things with you guys that I would never share with my parents, and now as we are growing older there are probably going to be more things to share with each other that we would not find easy to share with anyone else," I added.

"Actually, we love each other. Not romantically perhaps, but we would be devastated if one of us were to be taken away," Mike said.

"Don't say that. That's asking for one of us to be killed or something," Tim admonished.

"Well I had not thought of us being parted by death; more like one family moving to another town," Mike clarified.

"That would be almost like one dying, because we would not be able to see him for long periods of time, and right now we see each other almost every day," I said.

"No please, just the thought of that has got me upset. Please, let's not talk about anything like that again," Tim said with a note in his voice that made us realise he was very serious.

"Actually, I suggest we don't talk about anything more now. I am whacked and want to hit the sack," I suggested.

Both Tim and Mike agreed so quickly I think we were all just waiting for someone to say it. Within a couple of minutes we had all got into our sleeping bags, still naked, and were entertaining our own thoughts in silence. I don't think that any of us entertained our thoughts for very long. Not having a time to wake up by in the morning meant that we could sleep until our bodies were ready to wake up. We were not being collected until the early evening as my parents wanted to go somewhere during the day and had arranged with Tim and Mike's parents to only deliver them home after tea on the Sunday.

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