Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 2

The next morning we realised that we couldn't parade through to the bathroom naked. We didn't want to put our dirty boxers back on, so we pulled our jeans on commando and carried everything else through to Mike's bedroom on our way to the bathroom. We finished getting dressed back in Mike's room before enjoying a good breakfast which Mike's mum always cooked for us when we stayed at his house. We said our good byes and Tim and I set off for our houses carrying our kit. Neither of us had a long walk to get home as we all lived in the same neighbourhood; Tim turned off just two minutes after we had left Mike's house, and I finished the last ten minutes of my walk alone.

Our next sleepover was on the occasion of my seventeenth birthday, and for this we lucked out a bit – my parents let me hold it at our beach cabin. This makes it sound like we are rich, but really we aren't. The cabin is shared with several other aunts and uncles; it just happens to be closest to us, only a half hour drive from our house. The beauty of the cabin is that it has a short bit of private beach and there is nothing else nearby, so we could have our music as loud as we wanted and it would not disturb any neighbours. Since it was summer, we could start the party in the middle of the afternoon with some swimming in the sea and then go on to the normal dancing once the sun had set. My parents also allowed that Mike, Tim and I could stay on and sleep over at the beach cabin alone, provided we make a promise to behave and don't get into any trouble. It was to be just the three of us, because my parents knew us all so well, and they did not know our other friends as well. To help prevent any gate crashers, Mum and Dad offered to either give a map to each guest or use their own car to run a taxi service and transport our guests to the cabin. The cabin has two bedrooms, so one was the girls' change room, and the other the boys used. Once all the guests had arrived, Mum took off in her car to get some more of the eats, because we were going to have a BBQ later on. Dad got himself comfortable on the deck overlooking the beach while all of us got changed and hit the waves. Dad is actually a trained life guard, although he has not volunteered for that for some time, which is why Mum took off to get the rest of the food.

There were basically the same guests at my party as at Mike's, including the group of five girls who had got the guys so worked up. Now the guys all had on board short type swimming costumes and the girls mostly sported bikinis, although a couple of them were in one-piece costumes that looked just as sexy on them.

At about six o'clock Dad called us all in from the beach and said that he needed to get on with the BBQ. Since he could not keep an eye on us, we had to stay out of the sea but could continue to mess around on the beach for a bit. There were a few who seemed a little upset, but none argued with Dad. We set up a bit of beach volley ball without a net. We used our towels to make a line down the middle to show where the net was and then just scored lines in the sand to show the outer edge of the playing field and with top heavy teams we set about the game. It did not matter that there was no net or that our teams were much larger than they should have been. We were just having fun, and if we were crashing into our team mates a lot – so what? We took a few bumps and laughed at it. After we had played for a while Dad called to us again and suggested we get the sand and salt showered off so we would have time to drip dry before we would be allowed back in the cabin. There was a cold water outside shower where you just got under it in your costume and lifted the material away a bit to let the water wash under it.

Some of the guys started tenting their costumes as they watched the girls get the sand out from under their bikinis, but we actually did not see anything more than we had already seen except that their hands were moving under the material in some places. It did make me wonder what the girls thought and felt when they saw guys having to dig into their costumes to lift their underwear away as some of them had worn underwear under their costumes. I probably looked a sight too. I just held the waistband out and then kind of jumped and jiggled about, getting the water to wash all over me, as I did not have underwear on and had taken the mesh lining out of my costume long ago.

The intention had been that when we had finished swimming we would all go and change for the BBQ and dancing afterwards, but most of us opted to just stay in our costumes. It was warm enough, and by the time the BBQ was ready our costumes were pretty much dry. We sat around outside on the decking to eat, then Mum went inside and put on a disc. She called for Dad to join her and they began to dance, just the two of them. I did not know it then but they had done some ballroom dancing when I was little and before I was born. They did a proper waltz, and all of us teens just stood around in awe. It did look so beautiful, even though they were a bit rusty. When the dance finished my friends broke out in a spontaneous round of applause and whistles, and both my parents looked embarrassed.

Dad was the first to regain his composure. He thanked them for their kindness, then called me over. "Steve, please take your mum's hand and give her this dance to start the evening." He got me into the right position and gave me a few directions, then moved over and put another song on. Mum actually led me, rather than me leading her, and I know it was not nearly as smooth and beautiful as when Mum and Dad did it, but I did feel kind of special when my friends all clapped for me at the end.

"Right, people. Enjoy yourselves. Steve's mum and I will be out on the deck if you need us," Dad told us all. Taking Mum by the hand he led her out of the room, turning off the main light on the way so that we had just a couple of soft lights in opposite corners of the room, giving us a romantic subdued lighting. Mike jumped to the CD player and soon had a nice, happy, everybody-likes-it Beatles number on. We all got on the floor and danced away.

Because Mum and Dad were running a taxi service to get most of the guests back to their houses, they started to take some at half past ten. Those chosen first did grumble, which to me meant they were enjoying my party, but they had already had seven hours of it. The first ones to go were the ones who were closest. The next lot were to be the ones who were the furthest away. The middle distance ones would be last; Mum and Dad would take them and then go straight home, leaving the three of us alone for the night.

That last group included four of the five girls and one guy, which meant that we could continue dancing. When I came in from seeing the next to last group off it was to see the four girls talking, and although I knew they had plotted the pelvic grinding at Mike's party I didn't take too much notice that they might be plotting again. Perhaps a mistake? No perhaps about it!

A slow song started on the CD player and we just paired up with whoever we were closest to; none of us had designs on anyone in particular. The girl who moulded her body into my shape was expert. Soon I was getting hard, and there wasn't much I could about it. There was only my costume and hers between us, and both of them were fairly thin, so there no chance of hiding anything. The next thing I knew she had a hand on my chest and was playing with my nipple, which got me going even more, and I didn't try to stop her as her hand moved lower. She rubbed it over my cock and then moved up to my waist band as we got close to the outer edge of the dance area. Suddenly I felt a tug and she bent her knees as she pulled the draw string of my costume undone and tugged my shorts down, uncovering me completely. Before my shorts got to my ankles she had sucked my cock into her mouth and I was lost. I would have much preferred it to be a boy who was sucking on me, but this was my first ever blow job, and it was way better than my hand. I just stood there, almost mesmerized with the sensations. After a few moments I knew that I was not going to last long and that I wasn't going to stop her. I didn't know then that I was also not going to warn her and would shoot into her mouth, but that is what happened. Once I got back some composure, I looked around and saw that the girls had got all four of us guys in the same position. None of us were objecting.

Like I said it didn't take long, not for any of us. For each of us, despite what we had claimed in the past, it was our first time, and we were loving the new experience. I blew my load straight into her mouth, and once my spasms had weakened she began to pull my costume back up as she stood up. I found I had to help her get my costume over my still semi hard member. I was carefully tying the cords again when she put her hands beside my head and pulled me into a kiss, forcing her tongue between my lips. I opened my mouth and found that she was sharing my cum with me. Then she got her tongue back. Pulling away from my face she opened her mouth to show that she still had some cum in there and swallowed.

"Happy birthday, Steve. I hope you liked my special present." She smiled as I fell back into an armchair, still in a state of shock. The other guys were also looking a bit shocked and found the need to sit down. The girls just grinned and moved off to the bedroom to change for the trip home.

Mike advised the fourth boy to go and change. They all came out just moments before my dad got back with the MPV to take all of them off in one last load. Mum had gone straight home after dropping off her last passenger.

Dad came in and gave the three of us a last admonishment to behave and made us promise that we would not go in the sea until it was light enough the next morning. He took all five of the remaining guests away, leaving the three of us sitting there in our board shorts.

I suggested that we should drag three mattresses into the lounge area so that we could all sleep together in one room; there was only room for two beds in each of the other rooms. We did this and I announced I was going to have a shower and get ready for bed as I was pretty whacked. I stripped my costume off in the bathroom and after having a fairly quick shower went back through to the lounge with just my towel wrapped around me. Mike took off for his shower and Tim said he would follow Mike. As I sat on the sofa talking to Tim my movements caused my towel to come loose but it did not actually uncover anything. When Mike came back wrapped in a towel, he sat down on the couch beside me and Tim got up to shower. Mike sitting down had meant that I needed to move over a bit, which caused my towel to slide some more. It was only just covering me, but I didn't care, since we had seen each other naked so many times before.

Mike asked me what I thought about the sudden blow jobs and I said I had been blown away. We talked about how good it had felt and how we wouldn't mind getting another one. The talk caused my cock to get hard again, and with insufficient covering of towel it had slipped out the side and was standing proud for both Mike and Tim to see. I didn't worry about it, because they had both seen me hard at Mike's party.

Tim came back and we sought his views on the bj's which, surprise, surprise, were no different from ours. "And that was from girls. They say that guys are even better, because they know just where to play with the tongue and so on," Tim added.

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