Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 1

It started with Mike's birthday. Mike was the first of us to hit that magical age - seventeen - when you can start to get your driver's licence and sometimes get into places reserved for eighteen and older, like night clubs and sex shops. If you walk around swinging a set of car keys and don't look like you still have puppy fat, often there are no questions asked.

Mike's birthday celebration set the scene for the rest of ours. There was a small party with friends and a sleepover for the closest friends. That was Mike, Tim and me. We had hung out together ever since meeting in kindergarten at the tender age of five. None of us had had a serious relationship with a girl, although we had all had some little flings and had exaggerated what we had got up to with the girl in question. The exaggerations were all seen through, but we allowed our best friends to get away with it, never letting on that we knew they were stretching the truth.

Despite having been around each other for twelve years, we had not done anything sexual with each other, apart from talking about it, even though we had seen each other naked many times, gone skinny dipping together, and even bathed together when we were younger. We had enjoyed many sleepovers through those years, so it was natural that for this important birthday we would have another sleepover.

Tim and I were the first to arrive, so we had time to stow our overnight bags and sleeping bags before the others arrived. The guest list was fairly evenly divided between boys and girls. There were only a few dating couples, so there was not a lot of awkwardness in asking a girl to dance; you didn't have to worry about cramping another boy's style by moving in on his girl. This led to us dancing with just about everyone at the party at least once and even with some of the girls who were dating guys at the party. There was no disco and we would take it in turns to select and play our choice of music as the evening progressed. Mike's parents kept a low profile, but they were adamant in making sure that there was no alcohol or drugs. Not even cigarettes -- none of us smoked, and we hated the smell and taste of second hand smoke, so we made sure no smokers were invited. It was Mike's party, but as his two best mates we had a hand in developing the guest list. Mike's parents had set midnight as the time limit, and they had ensured that all the guests' parents knew what time to come and pick them up.

During the course of the evening we noticed a group of five girls who always seemed to be discussing things and looking at us across the room. When anyone approached them they would stop talking, so no one knew what they were talking about. We all just guessed that because they kept looking at the boys they were discussing their views on each of us, so we didn't spend a lot of time over it.

About an hour before the party was to end these girls took over choosing the music simply by being the first ones at the player when a song was coming to an end. They used their first few choices to slow the mood down. The rest of the songs they chose were all slow tunes that had the guys and their partners belly to belly in close shuffle-style dances. These five girls each made a point of grinding up against her partner's groin and sometimes even slipped a hand down there in an effort to make the guy get an erection. The lighting was turned down low, but not low enough for the guys to hide their bulges or their need to adjust themselves to a more comfortable position when their erections got trapped in the wrong place. At that age an erection was unlikely to go away as quickly as the victim would like, so when they ended up in close quarters with another girl there was no chance that she would miss feeling the prominence pressing against her body. This usually got the girl grinding a bit more, even if she was not part of the group of five. It just seems that girls of that age like to show they have an advantage over the guys in this way.

Even though the guys had kept their jeans on, with boxers underneath, there was not a guy who was not sporting a bulge by the end of the last dance. For a couple of the guys, if what they claimed was true, they would find some release at the hands of their dates for the evening, but for the rest of us it probably meant we had another date with our own hands once we got home.

Not all of us were going to the privacy of our own bedrooms where we could assuage the thirsting in our loins in the traditional way. No! Mike, Tim and I had a different situation. All three of us had been teased to full erections for the best part of an hour, so we were extremely horny, but we were not going to have the pleasure of a private room in which to take care of our need. And we certainly could not take care of it in turn in the bathroom. We would have to spend too long in there, and the other two would know exactly why we had spent so long in the wee room.

Mike's room was not big enough for us to sleep in. The plan was to sleep in the lounge where the party had been. This meant we had a bit of clearing up to do, then we had to lay out our air mattresses and sleeping bags before we could get into bed. This took about half an hour, because we had to blow the mattresses up, get the rest of our gear from Mike's room, and do our ablutions. Once his dad had assured himself that we were set up for the night, he went off to join Mike's mother in their room at the other end of the house.

Mike stood by the lounge door and waited until he heard his parents' bedroom door close, then he gently closed the lounge door to the passage with a soft click and turned out the main light in the centre of the room, leaving us with just one dim table lamp. He started to unbutton his shirt as he walked over to where we were beside our beds. "Shit! Those girls got me really randy with all their grinding against my cock," Mike announced as he moved over to us.

"Too right. I've still got a boner from it," Tim agreed.

"You're not the only one," I confirmed as I pulled my shirt off and moved my hands down to start undoing the fly of my jeans. With just my fly undone, I sat down to take off my shoes and socks, stuffing the socks, which did not smell that great, into the toes of the shoes. Then I stood up and shucked my jeans. Picking my shoes and clothes up I moved over to one of the armchairs and put my clothes on the chair with my shoes on the floor beside it. Standing there in just my boxers, my boner tented the front of my boxers, and if the buttons on the fly had been undone, my cock would have popped through to display my foreskin to my mates.

Tim and Mike showed similar tents when they got down to just their boxers. From our many sleepovers in the past we had got used to not caring that the other two could see we were hard. We all had woken with morning glories many times since the onset of puberty, and we had all seen each other's tents several times in the past. However, despite all the times we had been totally naked in front of each other, we had never had an erection when naked.

We sat down on our beds and carried on talking about the evening, remarking on how we had had a good time even with the girls grinding against us. Of course the talk about the effect they had on us caused that effect to remain. A while later we were still sporting tents in our boxers that we could not keep our hands away from. Each of us noticed that the other two would give themselves a rub when they thought they could get away with it and this helped to maintain our level of excitement.

"Shit, man! I can't stand this much longer. I need to buff my banana pretty damn urgently!" Tim informed us.

"Me too," I added

"Well, it's my birthday, so I guess we can make an exception. We all know we do it, so why don't we just do it now and make ourselves feel better?" Mike suggested.

"You mean we jerk off together? Here in this room?" I asked, somewhat surprised and hoping it would happen. It was something that I had wanted for a long time.

"Yeah, man. It's no big deal. We've seen each other naked many times, just not with a boner. And we have jerked off inside our sleeping bags at sleepovers before. Why not make it easier on ourselves and just do it, like right now?" Mike confirmed.

"We've got to agree that no one else gets told about it if we do," Tim said.

"As if we would tell anyone else. We are best friends and don't have anyone else to tell," I pointed out.

"It will be nicer than just leaving it or waiting till we are cramped inside our sleeping bags, and we would still know what's happening because of the sounds anyway," Mike said.

This was an opportunity to fulfill part of the dream I had had since I started to masturbate at the age of eleven. I stood up and pushed my boxers down, allowing my hardon to slap up against my stomach as the waistband let go of it. "Well, I'm game," I added, sitting back down and working my boxers off my feet. That left me totally naked except for the chain around my neck and the watch on my left wrist.

This was enough encouragement for the other two, who quickly followed suit. Soon we were lying back on top of our sleeping bags with our hands wrapped around our cocks, seeking that much needed relief. I didn't try to make myself last, and I was the first to shoot my load out onto my chest and belly. If I were alone at home I would have scraped up as much of it as I could and licked it off my fingers, but with my audience it was not the time for a little protein boost. Feeling around I found my boxers and used them to wipe myself off. Then I sat up and watched as my two best friends finished their wanks. I suggested they use their boxers to clean up with.

"But what will I wear to sleep in then? I only have one clean pair for tomorrow," Tim exclaimed.

"Whatever you like, but I'm just going to sleep naked like I do at home. It's much more comfortable, and I've only worn boxers to sleep in at sleepovers." I said.

"You sleep naked at home?" Tim asked, as he wiped his spunk up with his boxers.

"Yeah, I have done for years unless I'm not alone in my room," I admitted.

"Cool! But aren't you scared one of your parents might see you like that?" Mike asked.

"Well, Mum never comes into my room without knocking first, so I can make sure I am covered up, and Dad sees me naked all the time. We use the bathroom together in the mornings," I told them.

"What happens when you wake up with a morning glory and have to have a piss before you can get it down? What do you do about your dad seeing it?" Mike asked.

"I used to worry about that, but one day I was in there bent double over the bowl when Dad walked in. He suggested that I should just get in the shower and get the water running and then let it flow with my cock sticking up. I was embarrassed and nearly died, but Dad put his arm around me and told me that I shouldn't get embarrassed over a natural reaction. Then he told me it was good to wank off in the shower too, as it washed everything away at the end. A couple of days later I got into the bathroom after Dad. He was in the shower and I could see he was hard and was pissing. So after that if I need it that's what I do, and if Dad sees it's nothing that he hasn't seen or done before," I confessed.

"Has your dad given you the talk then?" Tim asked.

"Long ago. I think I was about thirteen when he did that," I answered. "That was really embarrassing at the time. I got a hardon when he was talking to me, and when he had finished he suggested I go to my room to sort it out."

"That must have been hard." Mike laughed. "But you seem to have a cool relationship with your dad now."

"Yeah, we can talk about anything. Sometimes I think he slips something into the conversation just to show that he is not blind to all the things that go on and that he understands me more than I think he does," I said proudly.

"I wish I had that kind of relationship with my dad," Tim said. "If anything remotely sexual comes up in a conversation he turns it off and says we don't want any of that dirty talk in our house. I don't think he has seen me with less than shorts on since I was about three."

"Yeah, it's kind of cool, too. When we go to the river for a weekend we go skinny dipping and are commando the rest of the time. I don't even take underwear with me anymore. Anyway, I'm whacked now, and I have to do chores when I get home, so I'm hitting the sack now, guys." I moved to start getting into my sleeping bag. "Good night." I did the zip up and lay down with my eyes closed.

"Good night, guys, and thanks for helping to make my birthday so great," Mike said as he, also naked, got into his sleeping bag.

"Good night," Tim said, getting into his bag naked.

Mike reached over and turned off the lamp, and soon we were all sound asleep.

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