Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 22

Unlike the previous night, we slept soundly. Even though we were sleeping side by side with nothing on and nothing covering us, we didn't notice the early morning chill, but as we surfaced out of our sleep I found Mike spooned up against me with his morning wood resting between my legs and his hand on my morning wood. "Good morning, lover," I said. I was met with silence. Mike was holding my cock in his sleep. I guess he was dreaming, and either his dream included the position we were in or he thought the cock his hand was around was his own, because his own cock was being held tight by my thighs. I nudged Mike's arm a bit. This brought him out of his sleep and into awareness of how we were lying.

"Mmm, I could handle waking up like this every morning," Mike said as he kissed the back of my neck.

"Oh! You're awake at last," I teased. "Now would you let go of my cock so that I can go for a piss, please."

"Uh? Oh! Yes, okay. But let's go together," Mike said. He released my cock and rolled back, pulling his cock from between my legs.

We stood at the door to the shower cubicle and pissed into the cubicle. There was no way we could manage to bend our hard cocks down far enough to get both streams of piss into the toilet bowl accurately at the same time, so the shower it was. We would, after all, be taking another shower before we began to clean up and then would probably have yet another shower just before we got dressed to be ready for Dad to collect us. We never thought of standing on the decking and doing it outside. Mike put his hand on my bum cheeks and asked me how it felt down there the morning after.

"There's a bit of tenderness, but it isn't bad. I reckon I can walk okay, and I could sit on a hard school seat for the day too," I told him. "But even if it hurt like crazy today, it would still have been worth it." I started to shake the drops off.

Mike moved his hand around to wrap his fingers around my cock and said, "Now it's your turn, then we can get some breakfast."

"Mike, we don't have to keep score or count. Yes, I want a turn, but only if you want it too. I don't want you to feel you owe me or are obligated to do something or let me do something. But if you do want it, get that ass on the bed in quick time," I said.

"Yes, Sir!" Mike shouted and turned and marched back to the bedroom as fast as his march could take him, with me following close enough behind to have my hard cock tapping against his butt.

"Can we adopt the same positions as last night? I want to see the look on your face as you lose your virginity too," Mike asked.

"Yes, I would like that. Face to face seems to me more like love making. Doggy style seems more like just sex," I told Mike.

"Yeah, but I do want to try that position, among others, some time."

"We will do it that way some time, and we'll experiment with other things as well."

Mike lay down on his back, pulled his knees towards his shoulders, and spread his legs to give me as much access to his butt as he could. I got down and had a good look first, then sniffed and finally licked. I think rimming came easier to Mike than to me, but once you have done it, you find it easier to cope with. I guess it's like everything new, there's always that fear of the unknown, and in this case also the hygiene aspect. I won't try to penetrate with my tongue like Mike did, and I'll always want to know that he has had a good wash since his last movement. Being shaved smooth would be an added advantage. While I was still licking in his crack, I got one of my fingers wet with my spit and began to work it into his butt hole. I felt him push against it and the sudden surge forward as my finger breached the ramparts of his sphincter. Ok, it was only an advance of a few millimetres, but that was enough to allow a slow and steady advance and then a retreat to get some more lube. Back in it went. This time getting past the muscle was easier, and as I began to fuck his bum with my finger I could feel him relaxing.

As he did with me, I introduced a second finger and then a third on the entry stroke when I felt he was ready for it. Mike didn't complain once, although there were a few faces I am sure the dentist sees when Mike goes for a check-up. Not once did he ask me to stop or wait; he just took the working of his hole as it came. His cock clearly indicating that he was enjoying most of it, if not all.

As I lubed up my cock, I pulled back my foreskin and made sure that I had a good going of lube under it as I was fairly sure that it would get retracted back over my knob head during the activities. I looked at my rigid tool in my hand as I guided it towards Mike's hole and then pushed against him and squeezed my head past his circular gate, feeling it close in a bit behind my cock head as it cleared the confines of the muscle. Still Mike did not ask me to stop or anything. After a few short moments I eased forward enough to allow me to pull back some without letting my cock head out of Mike's backside. Back in I went, going a little deeper than the previous time and then pulled back out again. After a couple of minutes of advancing and retreating, at last I bottomed out. Then I began the slow loving movements that had turned me on so much the night before.

"Stevie, go for it how you want and cum when you are ready. If I don't cum, we can sort that out once you've finished," Mike told me.

"Thanks, Mike. I don't think I'm going to be able to last much longer anyway. This is so good," I answered.

Shortly nature took over; I was powerless to stop its control of me. I banged away at Mike in an uncontrolled frenzy during those last stages of going over the edge. With a mighty forward thrust I pushed as far into Mike as I could get and felt the first blast move up my cock from somewhere in my bum and erupt with enough force for Mike to feel the droplets as they slammed into him. A few more jerks and spasms and I was spent in more ways than one. Falling forwards over Mike I pressed his hard cock into his stomach as I brought my mouth to his and we began to swap saliva. My softening cock slowly eased out of his bum. I guess a certain amount of my fluids followed it out, but Mike never said and I never looked. It was Mike's sleeping bag we had been lying on, and he would have to sort out getting it cleaned.

"Thank you for giving me your cherry," I said as we broke from our kiss for a breath break.

"I didn't want it to go to anyone else. The pleasure of giving and receiving has been special for both of us, and I'm so glad we've done it," Mike told me.

"And now there is something else I can do for you," I said as I slid down his body, giving it little kisses all the way, until I reached his solid rod and sucked it into my mouth. I worked his foreskin back with a hand as my tongue massaged his glans and my lip-covered teeth clamped on his shaft. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking his cream up the straw and before too long out and into my mouth. Some I swallowed and some I kept in my mouth to share with Mike. I let go of his cock and moved back up his body to reach his mouth once more and kissed him.

"Do we want to shower now, or just leave it until we have finished cleaning up? We are bound to get all sweaty doing that work," I asked Mike.

"I am rather hungry. I would prefer we go and get that sorted first. We might as well just wait until we've got everything done and sorted, then we can go for a shower just before we get dressed to go home," Mike suggested.

Mike got the coffee brewing while I got some sausages in a pan and frying up to go with the last of the eggs. One of the sausages burst as I was turning it and splattered a little hot fat down my front; my yelp attracted Mike's attention. After he had stopped laughing and after commenting that my sausage also wanted to fry, he dug in a drawer and pulled out an apron. He proceeded to tie it around my waist amidst some more chortles, as it was definitely a girl's apron that he had found. I didn't mind; we were there to have fun and that was what it was about.

We sat out on the deck to eat our breakfast and discussed our plans for the day, deciding that we would get down and do the bulk of the cleaning and tidying as soon as we finished our breakfast and get the dirty towels and things bagged up to take home to wash along with our personal stuff. Once that was all done we would know how much time we had left to sort out our lunch and go for a final swim before taking that shower and doing the final cleaning. Mike said that he would tackle the kitchen and I could get on with the rest of the cabin, and whoever finished first could just pitch in and help the other. I think I got the easier job as I did not have a greasy frying pan to do along with the dishes we had built up over a couple of meals. Of course there would be a few more dishes when we had our lunch, but those wouldn't amount to much. We hadn't made a lot of mess, so there wasn't that much to do, but I was going to make sure that both Mum and Dad would approve. That would hopefully give us another chance to use the cabin sometime in the future.

We had slept a little late and then had the fuck before we cooked and ate breakfast, so by the time we finished cleaning we were as near as damn it to lunch time. We decided to make some sandwiches and take them with us onto the beach to sunbathe some more. Then we would have a final dip in the waves and a quick, cold shower and clean up outside, clean ourselves up in the shower, and dress for the first time in nearly forty eight hours.

Once on the beach we spread out the huge towels and agreed to rub sun cream onto each other before eating. We had thought ahead this time and had a wet cloth to clean our hands before we ate. We planned to lie about for a while working on our all-over tans and hit the waves for a bit just before we needed to start getting ready to be picked up.

Of course the application of the sunscreen delayed our lunches as each of us helped the other out with his erect appendage. I know you would have thought that a fuck and a blow job earlier that morning would have been sufficient, but what can I say? We are growing teens after all! What I can say is that the hand jobs we gave each other then did not compare to what we had given to each other earlier and the evening before, but they were very pleasurable and we did enjoy them. And you can't satisfy yourself with a fuck every time, now can you? After we wanked each other, the damp cloth got our hands clean and we ate our sandwiches before rolling over and getting some sun on our backs for about half an hour. Then we rolled back over and gave our fronts a bit more. The sun had warmed our bodies, and it was quite a shock when we dived into the waves. Our packages did instant shrinking tricks on us. We didn't spend as long in the water as we had planned and instead got in a bit more sunbathing before washing the sand and salt off under the outside shower.

Returning to the cabin, we added the beach towels to the laundry bag and I turned off the water supply to the outside shower. We did the final cleaning, took our showers, and got our clothes ready in the lounge before sitting down, still naked, and just chatting as we waited for Dad's arrival. We did not put the television on to watch a DVD or anything so that we would hear when the car pulled up outside. That would give us enough time to pull on a T shirt and a pair of shorts. We were both going to go commando for the trip home. We heard the chain rattle on the gate, so we already had our footwear on when Dad got to the front door, where he was greeted by two happy and smiling boys.

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