Tony's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 3

After school at the Tulsa Boys Home, those who had not screwed up and been grounded, were able to relax after school until time for supper. Tony went to the basement gym in the next building and found some boys playing basketball.

Tony was tempted to try and join them but remembered Jermaine's advice to practice skills before trying to play. He picked up a basketball and started to dribble, right hand, left hand, walking faster then trotting slowly, keeping the ball going. It was beginning to feel comfortable.

He saw Thomas sitting on the sidelines and called to him. "Hey Thomas, want to practice passing with me?"

Thomas shrugged and stood up. Tony bounced the ball to him. "Now bounce it back to me," Tony asked him. When he had the ball he threw it straight back to Thomas. "Now back to me like that, OK?"

Thomas quickly got the idea and the boys began to do the drill that Jermaine had taught Tony the day before. Back and forth, bounce then straight, faster and faster.

Thomas started to grin. "This is kind of fun," he said.

After about 20 minutes Jermaine came in and smiled to see Tony working on his passing.

He watched them for a little then walked up and said to both the boys. "You are looking good guys. You want to try and shoot some hoops?"

"Sure!" Tony said, a little tired of his drills. Thomas nodded that he would like to join them.

Jermaine positioned himself at the free throw line, crouched into position then sailed one through the basket. "OK, you do that," he tossed the ball to Tony.

Tony tried to imitate the stance that Jermaine took and threw the ball at the goal, falling short and missing the backboard completely. "Shit."

Jermaine retrieved the ball and tossed it to Thomas. "Now you."

Thomas stepped up to the line and tossed the ball at the goal, hitting the rim and bouncing off. He shook his head and stepped back.

Jermaine picked up the ball and motioned for the boys to come near him. "Look here."

He put himself in position and crouched a little. "When you shoot, raise up from your crouch. It gives you some extra power and control. And hold the ball like this, see."

"You rest it on the palm of one hand and then push it off with the other, your right if you are right handed. Now sight along the top of the ball and try to aim for just above the rim, OK?"

"Then raise up and push the ball into the net," he shot to demonstrate and it swished gently through the net.

He tossed the ball to Tony and said, "Now try it again," Tony shot again and didn't get it though the net but at least did hit the rim.

"That's better," Jermaine told him and tossed the ball to Thomas for his attempt.

Thomas managed to bounce one straight up from the rim then came down to bounce into the net. He drew praise from Jermaine.

They went back and forth like this for about 30 minutes. To Tony's surprise he began to get a few balls through the hoop. Jermaine encouraged them and made corrections when he felt it would help.

Now Jermaine held the ball. "Hey, let's play 'HORSE', OK? I start and shoot from anywhere I like. If I miss I get 'H'. If I make it, then Tony has to make the same shot. If Tony misses it then he's got H on him, if he makes it then he's clean and Thomas gets to try. When we all shoot then Tony gets to shoot first and we got to make what he does. Unless he misses," Jermaine laughed. "You got it? Come on, let's go."

Jermaine stepped to one side and swished one in the net. Now Tony had to stand in that same spot and gave it a try. He missed. Then Thomas gave it a try. He also missed.

Jermaine cackled. "You boys both got H on you. Now it's Tony's turn. Don't mess up!"

Tony stood closer to the net and tossed the ball up and over the rim, dropping the ball through the goal. "I got it," he said.

Thomas took the ball and repeated Tony's shot. "That's too easy," he said.

Jermaine took the ball, stood on Tony's spot, covered his eyes with one hand and tossed the ball through the hoop with the other, laughing all the time.

Now it was Thomas' turn. He went back to the free throw line, crouched and shot like Jermaine taught him. It bounced on the rim but went in. "I did it!" he yelled.

Jermaine took the line, again covered his eyes with one hand and shot with the other. It bounced off the backboard and fell to the floor. "Oh man, now I got H on me!. That's what I get for showing off."

It was Tony's turn and after great concentration he also made the free throw, putting H on all three. They rotated around until first Tony then Thomas managed to spell HORSE on themselves. Jermaine seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole process which also made it fun even for the losers.

"You guys keep at it, you're doin' good," he encouraged them. "Watch some of these older boys, some of them are pretty good. Do what they do," then he ran down to join what looked like a free for all under the other goal.

"He makes it fun," Tony said, pointing at Jermaine.

"Yeah, he does. And he is a good soccer player too."

"Yeah, I know," Tony agreed. "He is fast."

"You know him?" Thomas asked.

"He's in my room. I didn't think I was gonna like him at first, but he's OK."

Thomas gave Tony a closer look. "You play soccer good too. Where are you from?"

"I come from Mexico but I live in Tulsa now," Tony looked back at Thomas. He was kind of stocky but looked very solid. He looked pretty good, Tony thought.

"I learned how to play soccer when I was in Mexico. Everybody plays down there. I like it," Tony smiled. "You made some goals too. You're pretty good."

"Yeah, thanks. Where is your room?" Thomas asked.

"I'm in the next building on the third floor. You?"

"Same building second floor. There aren't many guys there."

"Yeah?" Tony wondered where this was going.

Thomas lowered his voice and looked at Tony's crotch. "You want to take a shower?"

"Yeah, maybe," Tony smiled.

Thomas motioned for Tony to follow him and they went next door and up to the second floor and into a bathroom.

"If you want to wait here I'll get us a towel," Thomas offered.

Tony nodded, "OK."

It was quiet there. On Tony's floor there was usually the sound of voices and kids banging around. Here it was silent. In a few minutes Thomas returned with a pair of towels.

"I got some soap too," he said.

They went to the back where the showers were and stripped off, tossing their clothes on a bench. Thomas picked a shower head which was out of sight of the center aisle and adjusted the water.

Tony was getting hard and didn't bother to try and hide it. He looked at Thomas and saw that he was a little heavy but looked very strong. His arms and shoulders were full. Between his legs was a very fat cut dick almost hidden from view by a great bush of black pubic hair. His body was smooth but his lower legs were covered by fine dark hair. As he let the water run over him he rubbed his dick and it began to grow. Tony liked what he saw.

"Hey, you look good man," Tony said admiringly.

"So do you. You got pretty brown skin and a nice one," he said looking at Tony's uncut cock, now standing straight out.

"You got a fat one," Tony began to fondle his cock, causing it to stand up flat against his belly.

Thomas squeezed his dick causing it to grow to a standing position. He was almost as big as some of the men Tony had seen and it made him shake with desire.

"You like to play?" Tony asked.

In answer Thomas took Tony's dick in his hand and began to pull his skin back and forth. "You got a real pretty one." Tony put his hand on Thomas and they began to stroke each other.

"You play with many guys?" Tony wondered out loud?

"Yeah, I been here 3 years. Lots of guys here like to play. There ain't nothing else to play with," he laughed. "We had a counselor here last year, a young guy maybe 25. He liked to play, especially with the young boys. He was here almost 2 years before somebody ratted on him. He was really nice. He had a big dick and he would let you fuck him if you let him do you."

"Really?" Tony was instantly sorry to hear that he was gone. "Do any of the other counselors like to play?"

Thomas leaned forward to rub their hard cocks together. "Maybe, but I don't want to rat anybody out."

Tony rubbed himself into the stocky boy. "Man, that is hot. I wish I knew who it was. I like to play with big ones."

"Do you? I got a pretty big one you know," and he put his hand on Tony's shoulder and he readily sank to his knees and started to lick the boy's fat cock.

He ran his tongue around and under his dick and licked from the head down to his balls, licking each one and feeling the thick hair that covered them. Thomas moaned and put his hands on each side of Tony's face.

"Oh damn, suck me please," Thomas begged.

Tony took him as far in his mouth as he could, almost choking on the fat cock. It filled his mouth and he could smell the musky odor of his long pubic hair as it tickled his face. It had been a long time since he had sucked a man sized cock and he loved it. He sucked and licked until Thomas began to jerk around. Then he stopped and stood up.

"Now suck me," he told the bigger boy.

Without a word Thomas dropped to his knees and easily swallowed Tony's brown cock. He stopped just long enough to mumble, "I like your skin man. They's not many with skin," Tony began to fuck his face.

Thomas stopped and looked up at Tony. "Hey man, let me fuck your ass, OK?

"You got to let me fuck you too," Tony insisted.

"Sure man. Come on."

Tony was wet from the shower and he rubbed a little soap up his crack. Thomas slicked himself up with the same soap until his dick was covered with soap bubbles. Tony bent over and raised his hips up, anxious to feel the big cock in his ass.

Thomas pushed the head of his cock in Tony's wet hole and pushed. It was as big a dick as Tony had ever taken and it hurt like hell. He bucked forward but Thomas kept up the pressure and it began to penetrate. Thomas slowed down a little to let Tony adjust and catch his breath, then slowly pushed his cock in deeper.

Tony was experiencing both pain and pleasure. He begged Thomas. "Slow down man. You're too big."

The bigger boy stopped and held still, just the head of his dick in Tony's ass. After a minute Tony said. "OK, but go slow, dammit."

Thomas wiggled from side to side and started to push in slowly. When Tony drew his breath in sharply he paused a moment then started to push again, moving out a little then in a little more. Soon he was as deep as he could go and Tony was gasping but also feeling good.

When the big dick was all the way inside, Tony could feel it massaging his magic spot deep inside. The feeling was of extreme fullness but now that he was stretched out it was not so painful. He had a cock this big up his ass before, but not in some time. Now he was remembering that he liked the feel of it once it was inside.

Tony began to move his ass up and down signaling to Thomas that he was ready to go. Thomas was in heaven with his dick up Tony's hot tight ass, and he began to slowly pump in and out. He held Tony's hips and felt his ass open up, allowing him to move in and out faster.

Tony began to moan with pleasure as the big head slid past his prostate. Thomas drove himself as deep as possible then held still there for a moment. He pulled out almost all the way, giving Tony the feeling that his gut was collapsing, then quickly pushed all the way back in, hitting Tony's sweet spot.

After a few minutes his speed had increased and Thomas was panting and pumping as fast as he could. Without warning he began to cum and drove himself in deep, the hot semen flooding Tony's prostate and pushing him over the edge. For the first time in his life Tony began to cum without ever touching himself, emptying his balls on the shower room floor.

Thomas held still until his orgasm was complete and he felt himself begin to lose his erection. He pulled out slowly and watched as the stream of white sperm began to pour out of Tony's ass. It dripped down over the back of Tony's balls and down on the floor, mixing with his own.

"Damn, did you cum?" Thomas asked?

"Yeah, I couldn't help it," Tony gasped.

"Son of a bitch, that was awesome!" Thomas held Tony around his slender waist and ran his face over his back. "You are the best man. You are something else." Then he asked. "Are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

Tony turned and sat down on the floor. "I'm OK Man, It's just that you are so big. It hurt going in but then it was good. Yeah, I liked it," Tony laughed. "I shot my wad without even touching my dick. I never did that before."

Thomas sat down and put his arm around Tony. "Hey, you are great. You are so hot. I want to do stuff with you again, OK?"

"Yeah, I want to do you too. I didn't get my turn, you know?"

Thomas ran his hand over Tony's flat smooth belly. "Sure Tony. Anything you want. I will let you do whatever you want. I want to be your friend."

As a new boy Tony had not earned the privileges that might come later. He was determined not to mess up so he could have those privileges when the time came. Some of the boys got to go to an outside movie with a group of boys, and some even got to visit a relative for a weekend. Not that it mattered to Tony who had no relatives except for his brothers, and he didn't even know where they were.

His brother Carlos had come to the Boys Home with him initially, but after the first week told him he was going to be sent to a foster family. Tony was sent here because he had been arrested and was in need of supervision. Carlos wasn't in any kind of trouble. He just needed somewhere to live, so a foster home was a better solution for him. Since then, he didn't even know where Carlos was. He thought Juan was with his oldest brother Pablo but had no idea where they lived. It looked like he was going to be at the Tulsa Boys Home for some time.

When school was out he went to his room to check in with Danny. He had a little reading to do for English and sat down and did it straight off, then asked if he could go play basketball.

"I didn't know you were a basketball player," Danny said.

"I'm not really, but Jermaine has been teaching me," He explained.

Danny smiled. "I thought you and Jermaine didn't get along."

"I didn't think he liked me much when I first got here, but he has been helping me with basketball," Tony explained. "I guess he is not so bad."

"He's a good basketball player," Danny shrugged.

"Well, can I go?" Tony asked.

"OK, but don't be late for supper."

Tony raced over to the next building and down to the basement gym. Sure enough, Jermaine was there playing basketball with a group of older boys. Tony didn't interrupt but sat down to watch. He was trying to see how they did things. Some of them were pretty good.

After awhile Jermaine noticed him and gave him a little wave of recognition which felt good. When the game took a break he walked over.

"How ya doin' Tony?" he said.

"I'm OK. How are you?" Tony replied, standing up to greet him.

"I'm good. You want to try to play a little today?"

"With you guys?" he asked with surprise.

"Yeah, if you like. You got to start sometime."

"Sure!" Tony said with delight.

They sat down to wait for the pick up game to resume. Tony thought a minute then asked then older boy. "You been real nice to help me. I appreciate it man. When I first got here I didn't think you liked me so much."

Jermaine looked at him and smiled a little. "I wasn't sure about you at first. To tell you the truth I talked to Danny about you and he told me he thought you were here because you had gotten a bum deal, but were an OK guy. I respect what Danny says."

"Yeah? That makes me feel pretty good. Thanks."

Jermaine gave him a straight look. "I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. But be careful who you hang with. Some of these boys can get you in trouble, OK?"

Tony didn't quite know what to say, so he just said, "OK."

Some of the other boys started throwing the ball around so Jermaine said "Let's go," and the conversation was over.

The boys informally took sides and started to play. Tony was the youngest but since Jermaine had brought him into the game they accepted him without argument. Jermaine let him play on his side and Tony did his best to please him. He was clumsy when he dribbled and missed most of his shots but was obviously giving it his best effort. For sure he was doing better than the last time he tried to play.

There was a lot of jostling under the net and he got knocked down by the bigger boys, but he never backed off. They chuckled at him but didn't give him a hard time. Jermaine fed him the ball a couple of times when he was close to the net and one time he made a basket, earning some 'attaboys' from the other boys. Tony was used to getting banged around when he played soccer. Basketball was played with a bigger ball and a smaller net, but Tony decided it wasn't any rougher. Whatever Tony was, he wasn't a coward.

After another half hour it was getting close to supper time and the game broke up. A tall sandy haired boy asked him what his name was.

"My name is Tony," he said.

"My name is Robert," the big boy told him. "You ain't afraid of getting hit are you? You keep at this and you'll be be good at it," he stuck out his hand.

Tony grabbed his hand and shook it. "Thanks," he said.

He walked away feeling good. Jermaine caught his eye and didn't say anything, but gave him a thumbs up and winked at him.

During supper he sat at a table with the boys from his room. Thomas was at the next table and waved at him. Justin sat next to him, but Tony was a little shy about talking with him. He wasn't sure who Jermaine had in mind when he gave him his warning. It wasn't a threat or anything, just like advice from a friend. Jermaine had been nicer to him than anybody else except maybe Danny, and Tony felt like he should respect that.

After supper he walked back to the room with his room mates and for the first time felt like he was part of the group. When they got back, Danny saw to it that everybody had done their school work then got out a deck of cards.

"Gin Rummy?" he asked. They pulled their chairs up to a bottom bunk and played until time for bed. This time to no one's surprise, Danny won.

After the card game they went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed. Justin let Tony know that he was interested in doing something but Tony pretended not to notice. He just didn't feel like this was the time to try and sneak off for sex, even though he was horny as usual.

When the lights were out Tony lay still until he thought everyone was asleep. He reached down and picked up the undershorts he had dropped next to his bed. Rolling over towards the wall he took his hard dick in his hand and began to play with himself.

In a way it was nice to jerk off in the bed. He had done sex with a lot of men and boys but never had the luxury of a soft bed. It was usually in a hiding place of some sort, in the back of a car, in the park toilet, in some bushes, behind a building, in a closet or in the shower. He dreamed of being with someone kind who really cared about him, maybe in a nice bed with clean white sheets. He imagined being in the strong arms of a real lover.

It would be nice to have time to enjoy each other's bodies, maybe to kiss and hug without worrying about who might find them, without being afraid of being caught. He wondered what it would be like to really make love with someone, to be with someone who really loved him.

He pressed his face into the crook of his arm, pretending that it was the face of someone dear. He sighed and shot into the soft cotton briefs, filling them with his hot cum. It felt good to have the release of tension, but left him feeling as lonely as ever. He was beginning to make a few friends here, but he longed for someone to love.

Tony had become a regular at the pick up basketball game. He was beginning to feel more comfortable dribbling and moving around the court. He was still getting pushed around by the older boys, but was starting to hold his own at least part of the time.

When he was not playing with the group he was dribbling around at the other end and trying to shoot baskets. Jermaine spent some time with him and tried to show him how to do a layup. It was slow, but he was getting there.

Tony was naturally athletic and with practice he would make a decent player for someone of his size. He could not compete on the same level with the taller boys but his quickness was his best asset.

Over the next weekend he noticed a new boy in the dining room. He was small, even smaller than Tony, with dark red hair and very fair skin. He reminded Tony of a boy he knew at the YMCA back when he was swimming there on a regular basis. It turned out that the boy's room was just a few doors away from Tony so he began to see him often. Something about the boy's shy demeanor appealed to Tony and one morning he found the boy sitting next to him at breakfast.

"Hello," he said to the boy, looking him over.

The boy spoke but did not look back at him. "Hello," he said.

"My name is Tony, what's yours?" he asked.

"Bobby," the boy said very quietly.

"Where are you from?" Tony asked.

"Broken Arrow," Bobby almost whispered.

"You just get here?" the little boy looked down and nodded.

"It's not so bad here," Tony said reassuringly. Bobby glanced at him and shrugged.

"When I first got here I was pretty scared," Tony told him.

Bobby looked at him shyly. "You were?"

"Yeah. You know anybody here?" Tony asked.

"No," the boy shook his head.

"Well, now you know me," Bobby looked at Tony and almost smiled.

"I live two rooms away from you. I'll see you around, OK?"

"OK," he nodded.

Breakfast was over. Tony got ready for school and sort of forgot about the new boy. At supper that night he found the boy sitting next to him again.

"How you doin'?" Tony asked him.

"OK," he didn't look quite so frightened.

"Did you go to school today?" Tony asked.

"No. I took tests with some counselor guy."

"Yeah, I did that when I first got here. I just been here a couple of months myself."

"Oh," Bobby said.

"How old are you?" Tony asked him.

"Eleven," Bobby answered.

"I was eleven when I first got here. I just turned twelve."

"How come you're here?" he asked.

"That's personal. You shouldn't ask guys that," Tony cautioned him.

Bobby looked down shyly. "Oh. Sorry."

"Hey, that's OK. I am just telling you. I know you didn't mean nothing."

Tony felt kind of sorry for the boy. It was tough to be little and new in a place like this.

"Do you like any sports?"

"Yeah, but I'm not good at any. I'm too little," Bobby admitted.

Tony told him, "I like to play soccer, and I'm learning to play basketball."

"I'm not much good at anything," Bobby mumbled, looking away.

"Maybe you just need somebody to help you," Tony said, surprising himself.

"Would you help me?" The boy said hopefully.

"Maybe," Tony told him.

Then supper was over and they went to their rooms. Tony kept thinking about the new boy. He wished he could make the little boy smile or something. He looked so sad and scared. When Tony first came he was kind of scared too, but he was a tough street-smart kid and not intimidated by much. Bobby seemed fragile and for some reason Tony had the notion that he should protect him somehow. This was something new for Tony, and he wasn't sure why he felt that way.

After supper Tony went up to his room where he found Justin and Jermaine at their desks doing their school work under Danny's watchful eye. Danny was trying to help Justin with a list of spelling words, and Jermaine was reading an English assignment. Tony had done some of his work at school but had a set of math problems to finish. He had to pass Danny's inspection before he could do anything else, so he got to it.

Thirty minutes later he showed his work to Danny. After a few corrections his work was complete and he was free to go to the gym. Jermaine was finished and reading a comic book. Tony spoke to him.

"You going to the gym?"

"Maybe. You wanting to play some basketball?"

"Yeah," he paused. "You know Bobby, the new boy down the hall?"


"Little red headed kid. Looks kinda scared."

Jermaine chuckled. "Yeah, I think I know who you mean. He was sitting next to you at supper? What about him?"

"Well, he wanted me to show him how to play basketball. I thought I could show him some of the stuff you showed me."

"Yeah?" Jermaine seemed to find that interesting. "He may not have permission to go to the gym yet."

"Oh. I didn't think about that. He could probably go if you asked permission for him."

"Now why would I want to do that?" Jermaine asked.

"I don't know man. He just looked so sad," Tony shrugged. "Never mind."

Jermaine looked thoughtful, then he went over and whispered something in Danny's ear. Danny glanced in Tony's direction and they both went out of the room. About 20 minutes later Danny came to the door and called Tony into the hall.

Danny and Jermaine were standing there with Bobby. Bobby looked very scared. "Is this the boy?" Danny asked Tony.

"Yes," Tony said, unsure of what was happening.

Danny turned to Bobby. "Tony says that you would like some help with basketball. Is that right?"

Bobby answered in a very small voice. "Yes sir."

Danny told him. "These boys want to help you, OK?"

Bobby said. "OK," his eyes darting between Tony and Jermaine."

"Your room captain said it was OK if you were with these guys. Be good and stay with them, OK?" Danny smiled.

"OK," Bobby said quietly, his expression one of disbelief.

"Have fun boys," Danny waved them off.

The three boys trotted off to the basement gym in the next building. Jermaine leading the way and Tony following with his arm on Bobby's shoulder. There was the usual group of boys playing pick up basketball around one goal.

Jermaine tossed Tony a basketball and nodded toward the other end. Tony started bouncing the ball 3 times with his right hand, then 3 times with his left, just as Jermaine had showed him.

"Can you do this?" he asked the boy.

"I think so," Bobby replied.

Tony tossed him the ball. "This is the way you start."

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