Tony's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 2

It was Sunday afternoon at the Tulsa Boys Home and Danny had encouraged Tony to come outside to the field that centered the buildings.

"Let's go outside. It is nice today," Danny said, tossing a soccer ball from hand to hand.

Tony shrugged and they walked down the stairs and outside. Half a dozen boys were shooting hoops with a basketball. Justin and Jermaine were among them.

"Hey, let's play some soccer," Danny suggested, and kicked the soccer ball to the edge of the field.

The boys chased after the ball and began kicking it around from boy to boy. "Lets choose up sides," one called.

They teamed up according to their own inclinations. Danny, Tony, and Justin on one side, Jermaine and two 14 year olds, David and Ira on the other. A pair of net-less goals defined a shorter than regulation but adequate playing area.

"Lets do shirts and skins so we can tell who is on which side," David suggested.

Danny pulled out a quarter and flipped in high in the air, pointing to David. "Heads or tails," he called.

"Heads," the boy responded.

"It's heads, what do you want?" Danny asked.

"Shirts," David said.

Danny, Justin and Tony pulled off their shirts and Danny tossed the ball to Jermaine. "You start."

They squared away and began to work the ball for a goal, possession passing back and forth as first one side then the other controlled the ball. Some people don't care much for soccer because it is not a high scoring game. But the beauty of soccer is the struggle for possession of the ball and Tony understood that.

Tony was very quick and could turn on a dime. He had played a lot of soccer as a young boy in Mexico. In the US kids play American football, basketball, and baseball. In Mexico as in a lot of countries they play soccer, soccer, and more soccer. All that is needed was a ball and a field of any size. They learn the basic techniques very quickly. Tony was a small boy but that was not a handicap in a game where speed and agility were the important attributes. He was lean, muscular, and fast under his brown skin and he was difficult to defend against.

Danny was not as fast but very strong. Without a shirt his muscular arms and chest were impressive. When he had the ball it was not easy to take it away from him.

Justin's lean frame was very pale under his close cropped blond hair. He was not so athletic but was giving his best effort and holding his own. The 'Skins' made a pretty good team.

The 'Shirts' were bigger boys but not as skilled. David and Ira had not played much soccer but were determined not to let the younger boys get ahead of them. Jermaine, however, was very fast. His ball handling skills were not as good as Tony's but when racing for the ball he was hard to beat. It was a good match.

Danny quickly saw that their best strategy was to let Tony go forward then pass him the ball. Working together the Skins were able to keep the ball on their end of the field most of the time. Tony fired off some good shots but was wide or over and did not score.

The problem was that with only three on a side there was no one to act as goal keeper. Ira hung back for the Shirts and tried to watch the goal when the ball was close to their goal and Justin did the same for the Skins but it was pretty ragged. After about 15 minutes they called a time out and Danny called to some boys who had stopped to watch.

"We need more players," Danny shouted to them. "Come and join us."

Two more boys answered the call. Michael was a wiry Native American boy of 13 and Thomas was a stocky 14 year old with long brown hair. Danny picked Michael and sent Thomas to play with the Shirts. Michael pealed off his shirt and joined the Skins. Now there were three to play in the field and Ira and Justin acted as goalkeepers.

The play resumed in a more organized fashion. Thomas proved to have a little more ability than met the eye and took a pass from Jermaine that got past Justin for the first goal of the game. Ira kicked the ball to the Skins and the game resumed.

With the confusion over who would defend the goal resolved the Skins began to do a better job of working the ball. After some struggles over possession Danny found Tony in the clear and sent the ball to him as he ran in from the side and head butted it into the goal. The score was tied.

In jockeying for the ball it became clear that Michael was almost as fast on his feet as Jermaine and he began to run down the ball very effectively. Jermaine fired a hard shot to the goal that would have gone in but Justin jumped high and blocked it. It was becoming a very competitive game and more boys lined the field to watch.

Michael and Tony began working together, passing the ball between them as they worked it down the field. Michael kicked the ball to Danny on the other side of the field who brought it down and passed it to Tony who had reappeared on the far side of the goal, and nailed another one. Skins 2, Shirts 1.

The game went on for about an hour or until most of the boys were tired and winded. To play soccer means to run almost continuously and not many boys are in that kind of shape. So the game wound down with all the boys agreeing both that they were tired, and that it had been a lot of fun.

"We need to do more of this," Danny suggested. Both the boys who played and those who watched agreed that it was cool.

It was time to get cleaned up and get ready for supper. On the way back to their room Danny walked with Tony.

"You are a good soccer player," Danny told him.

"Yeah, I like it a lot," Tony agreed.

"Did you tell me that you really wanted to make some friends?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, I do. Like, I don't know anybody here," Tony agreed.

Danny put his hand on Tony's shoulder. "You know, guys respect athletes. You can make good friends playing sports. Think about that."

Once inside they felt grimy from the sweat worked up by the game. Tony, Danny, Justin and Jermaine grabbed towels and went to the bathroom. As they started to shower they were joined by David and Michael.

Like Tony, Michael was uncircumcised, the rest were cut. Jermaine probably had the most impressive cock which hung long and dark over his balls and his black pubes were very curly. Danny's cock was short but thick, and David was surprisingly almost hairless. Tony noticed that Justin had a modest growth of pubic hair that was almost blond. Tony had felt them in the closet but could not see that they were so pale, a fact that interested the Mexican boy. Here in America he had seen boys with dark hair like himself but also red hair and now blond. In Mexico it seemed that everyone had dark straight hair.

Tony's visual inspection of the other boys was interrupted by a comment from Jermaine. "You are a good soccer player," he said.

"Thank you," Tony responded. "I like to play soccer."

"Well you are pretty good at it," Jermaine admitted almost reluctantly.

Tony glanced at Danny who was smiling at him. "We should play more often," he suggested. "It's a good game."

They soaped off, rinsed, and began to step out and towel themselves dry. They wrapped their towels around themselves, picked up their dirty clothes and headed back to their respective rooms.

It was time for supper. They put on clean clothes and walked down to the dining room. Ira and Thomas were already there, sitting next to each other. Tony and his room mates sat with them and were soon joined by David and Michael. It appeared that they might be a group of friends.

That evening at supper several boys who Tony did not know spoke to him and told him they enjoyed watching the soccer game. Tony thought about what Danny had said about playing sports. This might not be so bad.

For lunch they had bologna sandwiches, chips, and a tray of raw vegetables with Ranch Dressing for a dip. Tony had done his homework and his area was straight. Jermaine had warmed up to him a bit and the sabotage had not reappeared.

A group of the boys went outside and started another impromptu soccer game, again with Danny as the instigator. Some other boys had taken an interest and now there were usually 6 or 7 on a side with Ira and Justin serving at the usual goalkeepers. Tony was gaining some positive attention from his soccer skills.

Now that it was colder outside, the 'Shirts' would usually pull on white T-shirts and the 'Skins' would wear whatever they had on. The 'Skins' were Tony, Danny, Justin, Michael and whoever else showed up. The 'Shirts' included Jermaine, Ira, Thomas, and David.

Jermaine and Thomas were the leading scorers for the Shirts and Ira was quick on his feet as their goalkeeper. Tony and Michael were learning to feed each other the ball and Justin was growing better at deflecting shots from the opposition. Danny made things happen although he had not scored yet. An informal count had the Skins ahead by a game or two. The competition was fierce. There was no referee but a general sense of fair play prevailed and penalties were ruled by consensus.

This afternoon's game ended with the Shirts 3 and the Skins 2. Jermaine took it upon himself to guard Tony closely and held the score down with help from Ira at the goal. Jermaine scored 2 of the goals and Thomas the other. Tony and Michael both scored a goal apiece. It was a close game with possession of the ball changing hands many times. After about an hour of this they called it quits and went back to their dorms for a shower.

Tony, Justin, Jermaine, Danny and Michael all found themselves together in the shower. Even though the Skins lost by a 1 point margin it had been fun and they were all in good spirits. They were laughing and joking with a little horseplay in the wet shower room.

"Hey man, you played good today, 2 goals!" Tony admitted to Jermaine. "I would have made at least 3 if you hadn't been on me like glue."

Jermaine laughed. "I would have scored more than 2 if it weren't for your damn goalie," he smiled, looking at Justin. The bad feelings seemed to have vanished.

"I was watching for you," Justin said to Jermaine. Danny and Michael looked and laughed but didn't say much

Tony was in a good mood for a change. The soccer games had helped him feel like he fit in and several guys were friendly now that they knew him. He was beginning to feel like he was in a good place. The problem was that he was perpetually horny. He jerked off in the bathroom stalls when he could, which was at least daily, but he missed sex with another boy. When he thought no one else was looking he caught Justin's eye and rubbed his crotch. Justin smiled and nodded.

As Tony and Justin were walking back to their room Tony whispered to Justin, "I want to do something with you."

"Yeah, me too," Justin whispered back.

Tony whispered. "I don't like that damn closet, is there a better place? You been here longer than me."

"Let's go down to supper early. Maybe I know someplace."

Back in the room they dressed and chatted with the other boys for a little while, mostly talking about the soccer game. About 45 minutes before supper time Justin told Danny. "Me and Tony are going down to shoot some pool, OK?"

"OK, see you at supper," Danny responded.

Once down to the second floor Justin led Tony to the flight of stairs at the opposite end of the hall. "Let's go this way."

On the first floor they were at the far end from the dining hall outside of some classrooms. Justin tried the door to one but it was locked. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted it as he jerked it up and down. The door swung open.

"Come on," Justin said, and they slipped in and closed the door behind them. The room smelled like chalk dust and cedar pencils.

Justin led them to the far corner of the inside wall "Nobody can see us here."

The boys turned together, pulled up their shirts and rubbed their bare bellies together. "Oh man, I am so horny," Tony said.

"Yeah, me too. You wanna suck me?" And Justin opened his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

Without a word Tony squatted down and took Justin's soft cock in his mouth. He could feel it grow and get stiff as he sucked on it, and rubbed Justin's balls. His eyes were open and he put his hand on Justin's blond pubic hair.

Tony paused for a moment, looked up at Justin and told him. "I like your hair, man. You got blond hair all over."

"Keep sucking!" Justin said impatiently.

Tony went back to work on his dick and ran his hand up Justin's crack, fingering his hole. Justin squirmed. "That feels good."

Tony quickly stuck his finger in his mouth to get it wet and slipped it into Justin's ass. Justin moaned. "Shit, man."

Tony laughed and told Justin. "Hey, it's my turn. You suck me now."

They swapped positions as Tony dropped his pants and stuck his dick out for Justin's mouth. "Oh yeah, man. That feels so good."

Justin wet his finger and slipped it up Tony's hole. "You like that?" he asked.

Tony moaned. "Yeah man, stick it in deep."

"You ever been cornholed?" Justin asked.


"You like it?"

"Maybe," Tony squirmed.

"Let me fuck you," Justin urged.

Tony looked at him. "Then you let me do you?"

"Yes, I promise," Justin stood up and Tony turned and bent over.

Justin wet his finger again and stuck it up Tony's ass, getting it slick. Then he spit in his hand and rubbed the saliva on the head of his cock and rubbed it against Tony's hole. "You ready?"

Justin began to push and the head of his dick popped into Tony's ass. Tony put his hands out, steadied himself against the wall and moaned."Easy man."

Justin looked down at his long white dick stuck in Tony's tight brown asshole. He began to push deeper and held Tony's hips in his hands. He slowly pushed himself all the way in, then partially withdrew and began to pump in and out.

Tony began to moan, partly from pleasure, partly because the dick hurt his ass. Justin's cock had a big mushroom shaped head and Tony could feel it moving in and out of his rectum. "Oh man, I can really feel that."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yeah man, It feels real good. Go deeper."

Justin pushed in as deep as he could and felt himself against Tony's brown ass. "I'm gonna cum," he said hoarsely. "Lemme cum in your ass. I'll let you, OK?"

"OK, hurry up, do it!" Tony arched his back and pushed his butt against Justin's cock. Justin let go a load in Tony's hole, pushing deep and filling him up so when he pulled back some of the white cum spilled out and ran down his balls and over Tony's ass.

"Oh goddammit, that feels so good," Justin cried, leaned over Tony's back and hugged him around the waist while he emptied his balls.

Now Tony stood and jerked himself away from Justin's cock. He turned and shoved Justin forward, pushing on his back to bend him over. "Now it's my turn man. I need this bad."

Tony didn't bother to spit on himself. He had enough precum built up under his foreskin to do the job. He milked some more out of himself and smeared it over Justin's asshole. He grabbed Justin's hips and shoved his dick up his ass, driving it all the way in on the first stroke.

"Easy!" Justin yelped, as Tony continued to pump himself in and out of Justin's ass as fast as he could.

In less than a minute Tony was pumping cum into his friend, feeling it rip through his piss-tube into Justin's rectum. Tony did not produce a great deal of cum but he gave Justin all he had.

"Oh shit, oh shit," Tony moaned and collapsed across Justin's back, his knees buckling and pulling them both to the floor.

Tony sprawled on his back, his hard cock still dripping semen on his belly. Justin rubbed his finger on his ass hole. "Damn man!" he complained.

"Hey, I'm sorry man. But I needed that so bad. I didn't mean to hurt you. You OK?"

"Yeah, I guess," Justin answered. "But we got to hurry or we will be late for supper. Pull your pants up."

They jumped up and pulled themselves together, not bothering to wipe themselves. They could both feel their ass cracks slick with cum. They rushed to the classroom door and Justin eased it open, listening to hear any sound of someone in the hall. It was quiet so they slipped out. Justin closed the door, wiggled the doorknob up and down and the door appeared to be locked again. They ran down to the opposite end to the dining room and saw that serving had not begun. They had rushed through their double sex play in only 20 minutes.

They sat down on the floor on the side across from the entrance to the dining room. "Man that was hot. You were really horny," Justin whispered to Tony.

"Yeah man, I needed that. I done nothing but jerk off since I got here," he looked slyly at Justin. "Except that one time with you."

"So, you mess around a lot before you got here?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Tony was suddenly quiet.

Justin bumped him with his elbow. "Hey, it's OK. I did stuff like that a lot with my uncle, and he is like 25 or something. Man, he has a big one!"

"Really?" Tony responded. He wasn't ready to tell Justin what he had done, but he decided that he and Justin had some things in common. He had made another friend.

There was a chapel service at the Tulsa Boys Home on Sunday mornings but attendance was not required. Danny went but Tony, Justin, and Jermaine did not. They took advantage of the extra free time to go to the basement in the next dorm over, where there was a large open room with a concrete floor. It was not regulation size but there were basketball goals at each end and they played inside to avoid the cold.

Tony was a fine soccer player but basketball was not his game. He had the general idea but lacked the skills to either shoot well or dribble. On the court he felt clumsy and missed the goal more often than not. Here however, Jermaine was in his element. He could dribble in all directions, switching hands with ease and was a dead shot from anywhere on the court.

When they chose up sides and tried to play some three on three, Tony was discouraged and soon went to the sidelines to sit and watch. The other boys quickly called to another boy to replace Tony and continued. After awhile they took a break and Jermaine dribbled over to Tony.

"Hey man, you are a good soccer player but you suck at basketball," he laughed.

"Hey, screw you. I never played much basketball," Tony protested.

Jermaine laughed again and bounced the ball to him. "Come'ere, I'll show you something."

Tony caught the ball and followed Jermaine out on the court. Jermaine bounced the ball down and began to dribble slowly, bouncing it up and down three times with his right hand, then used his left hand to bounce it up and down three more. He tossed it to Tony.

"Just stand still and do it slow," he said

Tony look a little uncertain but did as Jermaine suggested, bouncing it three times with his right hand then with his left. "Like that?"

"Yeah, there you go. When that feels easy, try to do it a little faster, but stand still. Don't try to run with it yet."

Tony kept bouncing the ball and increased his pace a little. "This is easy."

"Right, so when that gets too easy, try to walk while you dribble. Just walk, don't try to run with it, OK?"

"Tony bounced some more then started walking with the ball. He did OK for a few steps then bounced the ball too far to one side and lost it. "Shit, I can't do this," he complained.

Jermaine laughed again. "Yeah, and I bet the first time you tried to kick a soccer ball you fell on your butt. Keep trying."

Tony started again and soon was walking slowly down the side of the court, bouncing the ball with first one hand and then the other. He lost it a few times then began to pick up the pace a little. Jermaine watched him and smiled, then picked up another ball and went back to playing with the group of boys. After awhile Tony stopped and Jermaine yelled at him to keep practicing.

When the group took another break Tony was still dribbling around the perimeter of the court, his pace quite a bit faster now.

Jermaine stopped him. "How does that feel?"

"Easier. I don't feel so clumsy." Tony told him.

"Good, you're getting there. Now try to alternate hands, first right, then left, like that," he instructed. "And when that feels comfortable start walking faster and then trot, OK?"

"Yeah, OK," Tony was beginning to feel more confident.

Jermaine went to a pop machine and bought himself a soda, then sat and watched as Tony began to look more comfortable. Soon the other boys were playing 'Horse' at one end of the court and Jermaine called Tony to the other end.

"You keep doing that and you'll teach yourself how to dribble" he said. "Don't worry about playing a game, just work on your skills. Now let me show you something else."

Jermaine took the ball and separated himself about 20 feet from Tony. He bounced the ball hard to him and Tony caught it. "Now, back to me," he instructed.

Tony bounced it back then Jermaine threw it straight at him. "Catch it and throw it back to me the same way."

Tony wasn't expecting the ball to come at him so hard and muffed the catch. He picked it up and complained. "That was too hard."

Jermaine just told him. "Throw it back the same way," Tony threw it wide and out of Jermaine's reach. "Get it to me," he said, then threw it back to Tony.

Tony caught it the next time and tossed it back. "That's better," Jermaine encouraged him. "Use both hands. Pull it up to your chin and fire it to me with both hands."

"Like that?" Tony asked.

"There you go, now next time bounce it to me."

They began to pass the ball back and forth, first a bounce pass, then a straight throw. It began to take on a rhythm, back and forth, bounce then straight. Tony began to smile.

"That's it, you're getting it," Jermaine started to pick up the pace, throwing it back and forth faster and faster until Tony began to miss the catches.

Jermaine laughed again. "You are OK. You are doing better, you know?"

"Yeah," Tony smiled. "I think I'm getting it now."

Jermaine held the ball. "That's enough for now. We'll do this some more until you don't suck so bad, OK?"

"Yeah, OK," Tony said. "Thanks."

Jermaine just nodded and left Tony alone. Tony picked up the ball and began to walk around, dribbling the ball from hand to hand. He was thinking this might not be as hard as he thought.

That night after supper the boys were back in their room. "Who has homework?" Danny asked.

Nobody answered so Danny told them, "Let me see what you've got," and the boys began to pull out their books and papers.

Danny began going from desk to desk, examining each boys work and trying to help them as best he could. He was two grades ahead of the others and was able to provide answers to most of their questions. He spent quite a bit of time with Justin who seemed perpetually confused by school work.

When it was something that Danny thought one of the other boys already understood, he suggested they work together and help each other. There was some grumbling, but they were getting there. It was getting better.

Nobody challenged Danny's authority. It helped that he was older and a little bigger than the rest, but mostly it was because they knew he was trying to help them. It was reassuring to realize somebody cared that they were doing well, and for some of them, it was a new experience. They worked together until one by one, Danny agreed that they had done their best and let them close the books. When they had finished, Danny opened his desk drawer and took out a deck of playing cards.

"Who knows how to play Gin Rummy?" he asked, and got three sets of blank looks. "Hey, this is a good game. My grandmother taught me how to play this. Let me show you."

They pulled up chairs to one of the bottom bunks, 2 on each side as Danny began to explain. "Everybody gets 7 cards, and you try to get them in threes, either 3 of a kind, or 3 in a row of the same suit. You can lay them down when you get them, or you can lay them all down at once. That is a 'Gin' and you get double. OK? Now you pick up one card, either from the deck or one of the discards, then discard one from your hand. OK?" Three sets of blank looks.

Danny laughed. "Come on, it's not that hard. Let's just start and you'll figure it out. Don't be peeking at each other's hands."

They began with a lot of coaching and explaining from Danny. After a hand or two the lights began to come on and they began to get the hang of it. After another few hands they began to see it was a fun game and started to enjoy it. They went on this way until bed time. To everyone's surprise Justin had the high score.

"I might like this game," Justin said.

Before bed they all went to the bathroom to brush teeth and to shower together. The group shower resulted in some friendly horseplay and laughter but didn't permit Tony and Justin to engage in any sex play. It was a minor disappointment but not a big deal.

That night after everyone was in bed and the lights were out, Tony lay in his bed thinking about the day. Jermaine had turned out to be a pretty good guy after all, and had tried to teach him some basketball skills. Tony felt like he might be able to get pretty good at that. Danny had made him feel good about his homework and he was able to help Justin a little with his math. They had learned a cool card game and all had a good time together. Maybe this was not such a bad place after all.

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