Tony's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 1

© 2015 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

Tony found himself living in the Tulsa Boys Home. He had only been there for a week but decided it wasn't all that bad. He had a clean place to sleep and the food was pretty good. Some of the boys his age were cool. There were some older boys who looked like they could be bullies but he knew how to avoid them or deal with them if he had to. Tony was not the best student in school but he had plenty of street smarts. He was a nice looking 12 year old Mexican boy with a winning smile. If he could not charm his way out of a problem he know how to kick a bully in the balls and run.

He had been sent to the Tulsa Boys Home as a ward of the court. His father had abused and molested him and his 3 older brothers beginning when they were little and brought them to the US from Mexico about 3 years ago. Once here their father expected them to sell sex to men for cash and bring him the money. If they failed to do so he would discipline them by beating them with a wide belt.

Tony didn't mind the sex part so much, in fact he liked it unless the men were too rough with him, but he hated his father and his belt. When Tony was arrested for propositioning an undercover cop in the park that ran between the Arkansas River and Riverside Drive he told the police about his father and was sent to the Boys Home along with his 14 year old brother Carlos. His 16 year old brother Juan and 18 year old brother Pablo were living together in an apartment while Pablo was a student at the University of Tulsa. The boys were trying as best they could to make a better life for themselves.

His father was still in jail and would probably be deported much to Tony's satisfaction. The thing he feared the most was if he was given back to his father who would almost certainly beat him to death. But for the time being he was safe.

Before his arrest he and his brother Carlos had memberships in the downtown YMCA and enjoyed swimming in the big pool. It was an indulgence that his father considered a business investment as it was a way for the boys to attract male clients. Tony thought about his friend Nick, who he had met at the YMCA through Carlos. Carlos had jerked off with Nick in the pool but did not enjoy boy to boy sex as much as Tony and had declined to do more with Nick. Tony however found Nick very attractive and they had several adventures. Tony's concern at the moment was that he rather liked sex with men and boys but had not been able to enjoy that for over a week. He was horny, and in his new surroundings was closely monitored and had not decided on a safe way to even masturbate. After returning to the Home from school he needed to pee and slipped into the bathroom to relieve the pressure in his bladder.

The bathrooms were made to accommodate a dozen boys at a time. Along one side were a line of 6 urinals and 4 stalls with toilets. Across the other side was a long counter top with washbasins and a mop sink at the end. Across the far wall was a gang shower with 4 large shower heads and a step entrance to keep water from running out from the shower area.

Tony stepped to the center urinal and opened his fly to take a pee. As he stood there a tall skinny boy with short brown hair and tan skin came in apparently to also pee. The natural thing for most boys to do is to place an empty urinal between them and the next person if space permitted. But this boy moved to the urinal next to Tony, pulled out his dick and flopped it up and down, looking down at Tony while he shook himself.

"Hi, My name is Jase," he said.

Tony kept his head down and said nothing.

"You're kind of small," Jase said.

Tony kept his head down but glanced at the boy's growing penis. "You're not that big." he said quietly as he emptied his bladder.

"Bigger than you," Jase boasted, waving what was now a thick 7 inch erection. "Lemme see you."

Tony pulled his hand back allowing the boy to see his brown uncut dick. "You are bigger because you are older. Mine is good. It's big enough for me."

Jase reached over and pulled on Tony's foreskin, stretching it out then fondling him, causing his dick to grow quickly. "You want to suck my dick?" Tony asked, intending to insult the boy.

Instead the boy's answer surprised him. "Will you suck me if I do you?" the boy replied.

That was all it took for Tony to expand to his full 5 inches, narrow but standing up flat against his belly. He looked at Jase. "You serious?"

"Come on," the boy said and headed into the far stall, tugging at Tony's arm as he went past.

Tony considered the situation for a moment and quickly decided to follow the older boy. He stepped into the stall to find the boy sitting on the toilet seat with his pants around his ankles and his erection in his hand. He pulled Tony closer and flipped the door shut behind him.

"I like your skin," he said, and put his mouth over Tony's dick, sucking him inside and twirling his foreskin around with his tongue.

Tony almost fainted with pleasure. He had been wanting this. He pulled his foreskin back so the boy's hot mouth was around the glans. "Damn, that feels good man," he moaned. The boy sucked harder, pulling Tony deep into his mouth.

After a minute or so Tony felt his spunk start to rise. "Watch out. I am going to cum!"

Jase sucked so hard on Tony's dick it almost hurt. He pushed as hard as he could against the older boy's face and emptied his thin spunk into his mouth with a cry. The tall boy sucked it eagerly and swallowed. "You don't have much cum."

"It's enough for you," Tony retorted.

The boy stood and shoved Tony down on the toilet seat. "Now you got to suck me."

At this point Tony wasn't sure he much wanted to reciprocate but was given no choice without making noise and drawing attention to both of them so he performed his duty, bringing Jase off quickly. The boy gave no warning but grabbed Tony's head and forced himself down his throat almost choking him on a load of cum. Tony had intended to spit the boy out but his cock was so far back in Tony's throat that he was forced to swallow.

Just then a noise at the door caused the older boy to stuff himself into his pants and bolt from the stall and out the door as if he had finished his business in the toilet. Tony had no idea who had just come in but did not want to be discovered sharing a stall with another boy. He quietly pulled the stall door shut and sat back on the seat, pulling his feet up so he could not be seen if someone looked under the partitions. He heard the sound of someone pissing, then a flush, and then the sound of the door opening and closing. He jumped up, zipped up his pants and slipped quickly out the door. He liked the sex but this was not the way he wanted to do it. He thought back again to when he and his friend Nick had played together in the pool and at the park. That was different. That was the kind of thing he missed.

Tony was settling in at the Tulsa Boys Home after his first two weeks there. The home consisted of 3 yellow brick buildings each with 3 floors and a basement. The bottom floors were occupied by a few offices and several classrooms. There were 6 dorm rooms on each of the upper 2 floors. New boys were housed 4 to a room. These rooms held two sets of bunk beds with desks and wooden lockers for each boy.

In his room Tony had just turned 12, Justin was another 12 year old, slender and fair with close cropped blond hair. Jermaine was 13, stocky, black with very curly hair. The fourth boy was 14 year old Danny, a little taller than the other three, a muscular athlete's build and short brown hair. Danny was the room captain and had been there for 4 years. It was his job to see to it that the younger boys made their beds and kept their things neat. If they had problems he was to help them. If they screwed up he was to straighten things out.

Danny remembered when he first came and had a certain amount of sympathy for the new boys but knew that they had to learn the rules in order to get along. He was not easily intimidated, but was a warmhearted kid and in no way a bully. In fact he had little patience for bullies who took advantage of the younger boys.

He sized up Tony as a tough street-smart kid who would bear watching. He was not made aware of Tony's situation but knew that most of the boys there had come from difficult circumstances. He understood, but was not inclined to put up with a lot of grief from anybody, nor was he easy to con.

Danny liked sports in general and football in particular. He was beginning to realize that some girls were very interesting but other than a few girls at school, didn't know many.

Danny laid out his expectations for Tony and the others. They were to make their beds, keep their area clean and help with other general chores when instructed. He would treat everybody nice until they gave him reason not to. He stressed that they were to mind their manners and stay out of trouble. Under no circumstances were they to mouth off to the unit housemother and adult staff. That would get them in real trouble and he assured them they didn't want to do that.

The boys ate breakfast in their unit dining room, took a sack lunch to school and were bused to and from school. Missing the bus was a big mistake. After school they could watch TV, play board games or go out and play some ball if they were interested. Supper was at 6:00 and attendance was required whether they ate or not. The food was decent and there was plenty of it. There was a nurse in the infirmary and they were to sign up and report there if they were sick or hurt. There was no perimeter fence to confine them but if they ran off they would probably end up in kid jail which was not an improvement.

After supper was study hall and there were tutors to help if they needed it. Since most of the boys had not attended school regularly many of them were in need of help. They were encouraged to make good grades and were rewarded if they did. They started off with very few privileges but earned them for good grades and good behavior. There were counselors for those who had emotional problems, and drug and alcohol programs for the boys who struggled with those things. Most of the boys who had been there for awhile liked it, at least compared to where they came from. They were cared for and cared about and it was not a bad deal.

Tony was angry. He was angry with his scumbag father, angry with the undercover cop who had arrested him, angry with all the perverts who had abused him even if he had done it for money. Since he had been in Tulsa he had made only one real friend and he would probably never see him again and that made him angry. He didn't want to be in this place but had no place else to go and was angry about that. Although he would never have admitted it, Tony was also scared.

It was during this time that a boy named Kevin spoke to him at school and identified himself as Nick's younger brother. Nick was the nicest boy Tony had ever met and he considered him a true friend, maybe his only true friend. He was very pleased to know that Nick remembered him and was concerned for him. He wished he could see Nick again but since they went to different schools that was not likely. He thought maybe he could make friends with Kevin as a way of connecting with Nick again.

Tony was no bigger than any of the other boys in his room but figured he could dominate any of them. Danny was bigger, stronger and probably not to be messed with. If Danny was the boss Tony was not going to contest that. He needed a friend and decided that he wanted Danny to be his friend and maybe his protector. Not long after he first came here he met a 16 year old named Jase. While Jase matched Tony's sexual inclinations he was a bully, and not someone Tony wanted to hang out with. Danny would make a better friend.

For the first 3 weeks Tony kept to himself and tried to figure out how to negotiate his new surroundings. Danny seemed like a decent guy and while sometimes he had to get onto a couple of the boys in the room, Tony made sure he stayed out of trouble and hoped that Danny would be impressed with him.

One afternoon Danny inspected the room and had to correct Justin and Jermaine. Tony however had passed inspection with a well made bed and tidy area. It looked like a good time to make friends with the room captain.

Tony came up to Danny while he was sitting at his desk. "Can I ask you a question Danny?"

Danny turned to look at him. "Sure, what is it?"

"You look like you would be good at sports. Are there any teams here?"

"Like Tulsa Boys Home teams?" Danny asked.

"Yes," Tony looked hopeful.

"Not really," Danny answered. "Sometimes we choose up sides and play for fun on the weekends but we don't have any real teams."

"Oh. So if you wanted to play football or something, what would you do?" Tony asked.

"I would try out for the team at school," Danny said.

Tony looked surprised. "Can we do that?"

"Yes if your grades are good and you haven't gotten in trouble. You have to get approval but I am planning to go out for baseball in the spring and maybe football next fall," Danny explained.

"Yeah man, I bet you are good at that stuff. You look real strong," Tony complimented him.

"Thanks. You do any sports?" he replied.

"Yeah, I like to play football a lot. I think maybe I mean soccer."

"Like where you kick the ball around? Yeah, that's soccer. Where did you play soccer?" Danny asked.

"I played before we came to Tulsa. Like when I was in Mexico."

"OK, so you were born in Mexico?"

"Yeah, me and my brothers, we come from Mexico. My father bring us."

"OK," Danny wondered where this was going. "So can I help you with something?"

"No man, I just want to talk with you. You know, like we can be friends."

"I try to be friends with everybody. But right now I got some homework to do. You got all yours done?"

"Yeah, I got it all done. I do it at school, you know?"

Danny was unsure of that. "Good, I hope so. You know, if you want to play sports and do some fun stuff you need to make good grades and stay out of trouble. That's how it works here."

Tony felt this wasn't going like he wanted it to. "Yeah, I like to have fun you know? We can have fun if you like."

Danny picked up a vibe from that that made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. "Well, there are different kinds of fun," he said.

Tony displayed his most charming smile. "Hey man, I like all kinds of fun, you know?"

Danny did not smile. "OK. Well if you will excuse me I got some work to do," and he turned back to his desk.

Tony got the idea that he just got strike one. He looked back to see Justin and Jermaine sitting together on a bottom bunk taking in his conversation with Danny. Jermaine pursed his lips and made some little sucking noises. Tony got up and went to the bathroom.

Several older boys were in the shower and he got a quick look at some naked boy flesh. He went to the farthest stall and sat down on the stool, dropping his pants to his ankles and closing the stall door. He had been thinking about doing something with Danny and now he was horny. Danny was muscular and his voice had changed to a lower register. Tony had not seen him naked but had watched him pull off his shirt and saw his firm chest and the dark hair under his arms. Tony had no doubt that he had a big dick and lots of pubic hair. He realized that it was not too smart to hint at doing sex play with him but would like to see him naked. Tony imagined him hard and hoped he might get the chance to do something fun with him, with somebody. At that moment he almost wished that Jase was there.

The boys in the shower were splashing and laughing and Tony imagined they were playing sex games. He leaned back and began to stroke his hard cock, anxious for some kind of relief. Just then he heard the water shut off and the boys left the shower. When they passed by his stall one of them pounded loudly on the door.

"Hey in there, what are you doing? You jerking off?" and there were peals of loud laughter. Tony jumped and covered himself with his hands. He could see someone's eye peeking through the crack of the door. It suddenly dawned on him that he was very vulnerable here and he felt a shock of fear pass over him. There was no one to protect him and nowhere to run. He froze and said nothing. The boys jeered and rattled the door then walked off to towel themselves dry and return to where they came from.

Tony's erection had quickly wilted and he wanted nothing more than to leave the bathroom and return to the relative safety of his room. As he trotted down the hall he saw Jase heading for the bathroom. He picked up his pace and ran to his room with a sense of panic.

Tony was desperate for a friend, preferably one who shared his sexual interests. Danny had let him know that was not to going to be him. Jermaine had become antagonistic to him, making sarcastic remarks and going out of his way to let Tony know he wasn't liked.

Tony had tried to please Danny by being super neat and tidy. Although he left his bed made and his locker neat, when Danny checked his area there was always something wrong. At first he thought maybe Danny was picking on him but when he looked, sure enough something was messy. He wasn't sure what was going on but it was not going as he planned.

One afternoon he came back from school to find his bed rumpled and his locker door standing open. Danny got onto him in front of Justin and Jermaine, and he was pissed. He knew that when he left for school his area had been straight. He looked at the others and saw that Jermaine had a smirk on his face. He tried to explain to Danny that he had left things neat but Danny was unconvinced.

"If you can't keep your area straight you'll get extra chores," Danny told him.

"When I left this morning my bed was made and everything was good," he argued. He made his bed again and straightened out his locker – again.

After supper he went back to his room and found Justin at his desk drawing in a notebook. Tony was angry and slammed his books on his desk. "God dammit, I hate this place."

"What's the matter with you?"

" I make my bed, I keep my stuff straight, then I come back and Danny is all over my ass."

"It's not Danny," Justin said quietly.

"Danny is the one who's griping me out."

"Danny is fair. He's just telling you your stuff is messed up."

"But I had it all straight. So why is Danny on my ass?" Tony wanted to know.

Justin looked around to see that nobody else was around. "It's not Danny. Jermaine is fuckin' with you. After you left for school he came in here, jumped on your bed and threw your stuff around."

"Why would he do that?"

"I dunno, I guess he doesn't like you."

"What's he got against me?"

Justin leaned back in his chair, pursed his lips and made little sucking sounds.

Now Tony was really pissed. "What the hell does that mean?"

Justin shrugged. "He thinks you're queer."

Tony sat down hard. "Why would he think that?"

"Maybe because of the way you were talking to Danny the other day. I know that Jermaine is always saying he hates queers."

"So do you think I'm queer?"

Justin paused for a moment. "I dunno. To tell the truth, I don't care. It ain't none of my business."

"What if I was?"

Justin shrugged again. "Wouldn't bother me none," he said with just a trace of a smile.

Tony leaned back in his chair. "I didn't mean anything. I was just trying to make friends with Danny."

Justin nodded his head. "Everybody needs friends."

Tony smiled a little. "We could be friends."

Justin nodded again. "Maybe."

"Everybody needs friends," Tony agreed, feeling a little better.

There was a noise in the hall and a moment later Danny came in the room, put his books on his desk and sat down. "What's up guys?"

"Nuthin'," Justin drawled. "Just talkin'."

"You got your homework done?" Danny asked.

"Not really." Justin sighed.

"You need some help with it?" Danny offered.

"I'm hopeless."

"There are some tutors downstairs if you want help. You got to make your grades to be able to do anything fun."

Justin shook his head. "I ain't never been good at school."

"You got to try," Danny said.

Justin shrugged and turned away. Danny looked at him a minute then opened his book and pulled out some paper.

Tony got up and started out the door. He looked at Justin and nodded, then walked down towards the bathroom. After a minute Justin walked after him. Tony was outside the bathroom fiddling with his shoelaces. When he saw Justin he turned and went inside.

Justin entered the bathroom and saw Tony standing at one of the urinals. Tony looked over at him and turned so Justin could see that his dick was hard. Justin shook his head. "Not here," he jerked his head to the side and walked back out.

Tony followed him out and watched as he went on down the hall and turned a corner. Around the corner was the door to a little utility closet. Justin went in and Tony followed.It was dark inside but there was some light that came in from a transom above the door.

Justin stood inside and waited for Tony to come near. "You like to play?" he asked.

"I might," Tony felt a little short of breath as he stepped close. Justin's hand passed lightly over the front of Tony's pants. He reached out and felt Justin's flat belly. The boys started to rub the other's crotch squeezing what was inside, feeling it get harder.

"You wanna jack 'em?" Justin breathed.

"Yeah," Tony whispered, unzipping his fly and pulling out his hard cock. At the same time Justin did the same so that both boys had the other's dick in his hand.

The light was dim but Tony could feel that Justin was circumcised but had a little hair over his dick. His balls were drawn up tight and his hard dick was curved to one side. Justin found Tony's foreskin and liked the feel of it. They began to stroke each other.

"You ever suck anybody?" Justin asked.

"Maybe. Did you?"

Without answering Justin dropped to his knees and took Tony's dick in his mouth, holding his balls while he sucked. Tony put his hands over Justin's ears and began to fuck his face, making a little sigh. Justin clearly liked sucking and put his hands around Tony's butt cheeks.

After a few minutes Justin stood up and said. "OK, your turn."

Tony dropped down and took Justin's cock in his mouth. It was long and thin with a curve to one side, and felt funny. Nevertheless, it was his turn and he liked the feel of a dick in his mouth. He took it as deep as he could but it gagged him when it went too deep. Justin bucked forward and Tony had to hold him back to keep from choking. Still the smooth shaft felt good, soft skin outside and hard shaft inside. His cockhead had a hard ridge like a mushroom and it rubbed on his tongue and the inside of his mouth.

After a couple of minutes Justin started to tense up and Tony pulled off. "You gonna shoot?"

"Yeah, lemme cum in your mouth," Justin begged.

"Will you let me shoot in yours?" Tony negotiated.

"Sure. I don't care."

Tony was too horny to stop now so he went back to sucking, rubbing the boy's nuts and working him with his tongue. Justin started to buck, then shot his load in Tony's mouth. It tasted good and he sucked as much out as he could. Justin moaned and held Tony's head still.

"OK, now me," Tony pushed the boy down and thrust himself forward.

True to his word Justin sucked Tony deep in his mouth and ran his tongue back and forth under his hard cock. Justin liked to suck dick and he especially liked the feel of Tony's loose foreskin in his mouth. Tony was past being horny and it only took him a few minutes and he let loose a stream of cum that filled the boy's mouth. Justin shared Tony's enjoyment of the taste and swished it around in his mouth before swallowing it all.

The two spent boys leaned on each other for a minute and caught their breath. Then Justin zipped up and listened at the door a moment.

"I think it's clear," he said and eased the door open. He looked out quickly and scooted back down the hall toward their room with Tony right behind.

Tony was afraid of getting caught but relieved to have the chance to get off with another boy. He had made at least one friend now.

Danny looked up as they came back in the room. "Where you guys been? I'm supposed to know where you are."

"We had to go to the bathroom," Justin answered.

"You weren't in there. I looked," Danny said.

Justin shrugged. "Whatever."

Danny didn't look happy but turned back to his studies. "Don't you guys have any school work to do?" he said over his shoulder.

Justin laid down on his bunk and turned to the wall. Tony thought for a minute then sat down at his desk and looked at his school books. "I guess so," He said reluctantly.

Danny looked at him. "What are you working on?"


"Like what?" Danny looked over at Tony's book.

"It says 'Compound Fractions', whatever the hell that is," Tony grumbled.

Danny pulled his chair next to Tony. "Those aren't hard. Here, I'll show you," he worked an example, explaining each step. "See? Now you try the next one."

Tony was convinced he couldn't do it but tried anyway. "Like this?"

"Yeah," Danny said. "You got it. Now do the next one."

For the first time Tony actually thought about what he was doing and realized that it was pretty simple. "Is that right?"

"That's right. See, you can do it," Danny smiled at him. "Now do the rest. They all work the same way."

Tony decided this was almost fun, like a puzzle. He started working through the row of problems with Danny watching. "I see. These are easy."

"I told you so," Danny gave him a little punch on the shoulder and turned back to his own work.

Tony did them all then pushed the worksheet over for Danny to inspect. Danny looked them over and pointed out one that he missed, showing him the right way.

"Good. Now what else do you have?" Danny asked.

"Some English stuff," Tony was not hopeful but showed Danny the assignment.

Danny looked it over. "This is easy. What does it say?"

"I don't know," Tony had not really looked at it.

"Read it to me," he said, pointing to the instructions. He thought for a minute that maybe Tony couldn't read at all.

"It says, 'Read the following paragraph and select the statements which are true'" he read. "Then there are these little A, B, and C sentences."

"That's right. Can you do that?" Danny asked.

"I don't know."

"Can you try?"

Tony thought about it. "I guess so."

"OK. Go for it," Danny said and turned back to his desk.

Tony started reading the paragraph, asked Danny what one word was then decided he understood it. He looked at the little sentences and realized that only one of them made sense so he circled it. "Is this right?"

Danny looked over. "Yep. Now do the rest."

For the next 20 minutes Tony worked through the list. When he finished he gave it to Danny for his inspection. "You got it," Danny smiled.

Tony said in amazement. "That's not hard."

Danny laughed. "None of this stuff is hard, you just have to actually think about it. Your teacher explained this stuff when you were in class. If you had been listening instead of picking your nose you wouldn't have to ask me to explain it."

"I don't pick my nose," Tony growled, but he understood what Danny meant. Maybe he was smarter than he thought.

"What's next?" Danny asked.

"Well, that's all."

Danny chuckled. "OK, why don't you go downstairs and watch some TV or something. Looks like you are through."

Tony felt a sense of relief. Maybe this was going to be OK.

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