Tony's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 4

The Tulsa Boys Home was beginning to feel like it was home to Tony. He was getting along with the other boys in his room, and was managing to grasp his school work. His room captain Danny was beginning to trust him, and thanks to Jermaine, he was learning to play basketball and earn a little respect on the court. It felt good.

His situation wasn't perfect of course, but there were some advantages to being here. When he was with his father, he and his brother Carlos had been expected to perform sex with men for money and then turn the money over to his father. If they didn't bring home enough money they were beaten. He certainly didn't miss the beatings, although some of the sex he enjoyed. He did miss that, not that there was ever any love involved. Tony was beginning to make some friends and had found a couple of boys who enjoyed the same sort of sex play, but there was nobody he really felt close to.

That is until he met Bobby. The little red headed eleven year old got to him for some reason. He was shy and quiet and seemed to be really scared. It was not surprising to be afraid at being placed in a boys home for the first time, but there was more to it then that. He had no idea what had happened to the kid before he came here and knew he shouldn't ask, but he guessed that it wasn't good. Tony felt a certain compassion for the new boy and had the urge to look after him.

With Danny and Jermaine's help he had obtained permission for the little guy to accompany them to the gym where he planned to share his new found understanding of basketball. Sports was something that Tony was good at and it had helped him to be accepted. He thought maybe it would do the same for Bobby.

After several evenings of coaching, the boy was better able to dribble and pass the basketball, and the positive attention that Tony and Jermaine were showing him was perking up his spirits.

"You're doing better," Tony said as he passed the ball back and forth to Bobby.

"Am I?" he asked.

"Yeah. Even Jermaine says you're doing better. I can see that you are really trying."

"Thanks," Bobby said with a smile. When he smiled, he looked like a different boy.

He was a nice looking kid, slender and wiry, if not all that strong. When he was around Tony he was less shy and began to talk more and even laugh and smile. He was starting to look happier, although he was still a quiet kid around others. For some reason that made Tony feel good. Tony was still horny most of the time but he didn't look at Bobby that way. This was something else.

After breakfast, Tony was walking back to their room with Jermaine. "Bobby has sure taken a shine to you," he said. "That kid follows you around like a speckled pup."

"He's OK." Tony acknowledged.

"Yeah, he is a nice enough kid, but he looks like he has been whipped," Jermaine observed.

Tony knew what that felt like. He had to wonder what had happened to the boy before he came here, but he didn't want to ask him too many questions. He figured if the kid wanted to tell him that he would. More often than not, Bobby tried to sit next to Tony at breakfast and supper.

After Bobby had been at the home for a week he followed Tony to the gym after Sunday night supper and was in a talkative mood.

"When are they starting you in school?" Tony asked him.

"On Monday. I will be going to Cleveland," Bobby answered.

"Really? Will you be in sixth grade?"


"Really? I am in sixth grade at Cleveland too."

"That's nice," Bobby said. "Maybe we will be in the same class. I was in sixth in Broken Arrow before I came here."

"That's cool," Tony said. "I figured you to maybe be in fifth grade."

Bobby looked down. "I'm eleven, almost twelve. I'm little but I'm not dumb."

"Hey, I didn't mean you were dumb. Sorry, man."

"I know, everybody thinks I'm younger than I am. I do pretty good in school though."

"Hey, man. I can tell you are smart, really," Tony tried to make it up to him. "I got a brother Carlos who was in eighth grade there too. But he is in a foster home now and he don't go there anymore."

"Really? I got a brother in eighth grade too. He is still in Broken Arrow."

"Yeah? You just got the one brother?"

"Yes," he answered.

Tony told him. "I got 3 brothers. There are 4 of us altogether, but we are kind of spread out now."

"Where are they now? I mean can I ask that?"

"Yeah, I don't care. Carlos is fourteen and in a foster home somewhere. Then Juan is sixteen and Pablo is eighteen. Pablo has a place, an apartment I guess, and Juan is living with him, but I don't know where they are. They are all in Tulsa somewhere I think."

Bobby volunteered. "My daddy was in the army and got killed in Vietnam. Now my mother has a boyfriend but I don't like him."

"Why not?"

"He is not very nice. He doesn't like me."

"How come he doesn't like you?" Tony asked.

Bobby looked down and said. "He is not a nice man. He wanted to do nasty things to me, and I wouldn't let him."

"Did you tell your mom?"

"I tried to but she wouldn't listen to me," he said. "Then he started picking on me for everything. He would get drunk and beat me up. I was supposed to say I fell down or something but that's not true. He beat the crap out of me all the time. That's why I am here."

"Did he really hurt you bad?"

"Yes! He broke my arm, broke some ribs. He knocked me down and kicked me hard." Bobby's voice began to shake. "I was in the hospital a bunch of times before the welfare people figured out what was going on and put me in here."

"No shit? Didn't he get in trouble?"

"Not really. My mother lied for him and told them I was clumsy. I hate her. I hate both of them," the anger rose in his voice and he began to cry.

"Hey man. That really sucks. My old man used to beat me too," Tony admitted.

Bobby stifled his sobs. "Why? Didn't he like you?

Tony stopped talking. "Maybe I will tell you sometime. It was a bad thing."

Bobby sniffed and wiped his nose on his sleeve. "I'm sorry. I'm not suppose to ask about that stuff."

Tony put his arm around Bobby's shoulder. "Hey, it's OK really. Maybe sometime I'll tell you about it. It's hard to talk about, OK?"

"I know," Bobby sniffed.

"Yeah, I guess you do," Tony felt really bad for him. "Hey, here we are at the gym, so let's play some basketball, OK?"

They picked up a basketball and began to toss it back and forth. First a bounce, then a straight pass, back and forth. Jermaine saw them and waved. Bobby's face was set in a blank look and he concentrated on passing the ball. He wanted to please Tony who had been so nice to him.

"That's good for now. You know how to play Horse?" Tony asked Bobby.

"I don't think so."

"Here, I'll show you," Tony tossed the ball at the hoop and missed. "OK, I missed so I got H on me. Now you try to make a goal from anywhere you like."

Bobby moved half way to the goal and off to one side. He threw the ball to the net and it wobbled in. "I made it," he said, a little surprised.

"OK, now I got to do the same thing," he stood on Bobby's spot and threw the ball at the goal. It bounced off the rim and fell to the floor. Tony looked at Bobby and grinned. "Now I got HO on me. You get to shoot again."

Bobby smiled, moved to the other side and shot again, missing this time. "Now you got H on you," Tony laughed. "My turn."

They continued in a hit and miss fashion, Tony reaching HORSE just one letter before Bobby.

"I think you been playing before," Tony teased. Bobby protested but looked very pleased.

"That was fun!" he said with a grin that lit up his face. "Want to play again?"

"Nah, you too good," Tony complained.

By then Jermaine had walked up. "You giving Tony a lesson?" he asked Bobby.

"No, he is teaching me," Bobby assured him, obviously very pleased with himself.

Jermaine called Bobby to the free throw line. "Want to work on some free throws?"

"Yes!" Bobby was reveling in the attention.

Tony sat down and watched as Jermaine patiently instructed the young boy in the art of shooting. It felt good to see the sad little boy enjoying himself, earnestly doing his best to follow the older boy's instructions. After several failed attempts he managed to get one in and earned Jermaine's praise.

"Good one. You're getting it."

They worked a little longer and Jermaine put him on the dribbling and walking exercise, then gave Tony a wave.

"Want to play some pick up?" Tony joined the larger group at the other end. He felt good, really good. This was fun.

They played for over an hour. Tony was too short to be a star, but he was holding his own and nobody laughed at him any more. Jermaine fed him the ball, he scored a couple of baskets and managed to defend against several from the other side. He got some nods of encouragement from the others and they were not condescending, they were sincere. He was earning respect and it was sweet.

At about 9:00 it was time to shut things down. He went over to Bobby who was still walking and dribbling, trotting and dribbling actually and looking balanced. "Hey Bobby, we need to go," Tony called to him.

They started back to their building.

"You are doing pretty good, man. I thought you never played before," Tony said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I didn't say I had never played before, I just said I wasn't very good at it," Bobby explained.

Tony laughed. "You surprised me. I think you are gonna be pretty good real soon."

Bobby responded with a huge grin. "I have some good coaches. Thanks Tony. I really appreciate your helping me."

"Hey, that's OK Bobby. You are a good guy. I had fun too," he put his hand on the boys head and ruffled up his dark red hair. Bobby didn't say anything but put his arm around Tony's waist and leaned into him.

Bobby's show of affection gave Tony a rise. Tony was not sure how to distinguish between affection and sexual attraction, but his response was troubling to him. He knew he didn't want to take advantage of the boy, but realized that he had an erection.

They were back at their dorm and Tony stepped away. "You did good Bobby. See you tomorrow. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Bobby said. "Thank you again."

"Hey, no sweat man," Tony gave him a wave and went in his room.

The others were there and were getting ready to shower before bed. Tony felt sticky and decided he needed one too. They all grabbed a towel and clean underwear and headed for the bathroom. They stripped and took a piss before getting in the shower.

Justin stepped to the urinal next to Tony and eyed his still semi-erect penis. "You are looking good Tony," he said very quietly.

Tony looked down at Justin and saw he was plumped up as well. "You too man."

They got in the shower and adjusted the water temperature. As they soaped up Bobby came in with another boy who Tony assumed was one of his room mates. They nodded but did not speak. Tony still had a partial erection but would rather not let Bobby see it so he turned toward Justin. Justin saw it and smiled which caused it to grow some more.

Tony finished washing and took his towel from its hook and began to dry off, hiding his erection with the towel. He couldn't resist looking at Bobby who was turned towards him, washing himself unaware of Tony's gaze. He was a beautiful little boy, very slim but not really skinny. He had a firm little six-pack and a nice shape to his chest and shoulders. His hairless penis was small and cut. He looked more like nine than eleven, almost twelve. Tony felt a wave of emotion come over him. He could not tell if it was affection or sexual desire but the attraction was very strong. He bunched his towel in front of himself and hurried out of the shower to pull on his briefs and T shirt.

Justin joined him and whispered. "I want some of that."

"Yeah, me too," Tony replied. "But I don't want to get in trouble."

"Wait until the others are asleep then we can come back in here," Justin whispered.

Tony nodded but didn't say anything.

Back in the room Jermaine spoke to Tony. "Your helping Bobby means a lot to him. You are doing a good thing."

"You doing the same thing for me," Tony told him.

"OK, but it is still a good thing. Nobody asked you to do that and it makes a lot of difference to him."

"Yeah, well...." Tony smiled and shrugged.

After a little chatter they turned out the lights and went to bed. Tony slept in the bottom bunk next to the door and Justin was above him. Jermaine was opposite above Danny. Justin waited about 30 minutes until he could hear Danny and Jermaine breathing deeply and quietly let himself down from his bed. He leaned over and put his hand on Tony's chest. Tony was awake and looked up at him. Without a word, Justin let himself out of the room and left the door open a crack.

Tony waited a minute and then followed Justin into the hall. Justin reached down to feel Tony's dick and found it hard. They quietly slipped into the bathroom and let themselves into the far stall.

Tony's heart was pounding with a combination of fear and lust. Justin pushed his boxers down and sat on the toilet seat. He pulled down Tony's briefs, and began to suck his cock. Tony may have had conflicted feelings about Bobby but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with Justin, and knew that Justin wanted the same thing.

Justin put one hand under Tony's balls and with the other began to rub his butt and slide his fingers into the crack of his ass. Justin liked to suck cock and he was good at it. He pushed his face into Tony's pubic hair and swallowed him, running his tongue around his dick and moving in and out. He pulled away and began to lick him. He pulled Tony's foreskin back and started to work his tongue around his dick head, kissing and sucking while his finger slid up Tony's asshole and moved around.

"Go ahead," Justin whispered. "We don't have much time."

Tony needed little encouragement and began to fuck Justin's mouth, quickly filling his throat with cum, which he swallowed eagerly. Justin pushed his face into Tony's pubes and pressed his lips together, pulling back and stripping what cum was left into his mouth.

"Man, That's good. I like the taste of that," he whispered. Tony shivered and sighed with pleasure. Justin's finger was still deep in his ass.

"Now let me fuck you." He whispered to Tony. Justin turned Tony around and pulled him down to sit on his hard cock. He was wet with precum and it slid into Tony's ass with little effort.

Tony let himself down on Justin's erection. He liked the feel of a dick up his ass. Justin was very hard but had a long narrow prick that fit easily in Tony's butt. It didn't hurt and went deep enough to feel really good. They began to rock back and forth, Tony raising up and down to make the nice pumping motion that gave him such pleasure. It didn't take long and Tony could feel the hot wet cum fill his ass. He sat down and pushed against Justin's cock making it go deep inside. The two boys had a mutual love for boy sex and knew how to please each other.

"Come on, let's go," Tony said, standing up and pulling Justin out of himself with a pop. He pulled off a handful of toilet paper and wiped at the cum which was draining out of his butt.

They hurried out of the toilet and eased over to the door of their room, slipping inside and getting into bed as quietly as possible. Tony stepped back to let Justin pull himself into the top bunk, then turned around to sit down on his own. Just before he sat down he glanced up at Jermaine and saw to his horror that his eyes were open and looking at him.

He lay down and pulled his covers up, half expecting Jermaine to get up, or say something. There wasn't a sound except for his own heart pounding. After a minute he heard Jermaine turn over in his bed, then it got very quiet again.

It took Tony a long time to go to sleep. For the first time since he came here, he felt fear and guilt. Fear because things were were going too well for him to want to screw up. But why guilt? He had done sex with lots of men and boys and it was his nature to do it again. Then he thought of Bobby. Sweet, shy, innocent Bobby. He knew he was going to have to be very careful not to screw that up.

Tony was up and out for breakfast Monday morning, hoping not to have to talk to Jermaine. He knew that the older boy had seen Justin and him come in from the bathroom after everyone was supposed to be asleep. Things had been going well for him and he didn't want to get in trouble.

He sat down with the boys from his room, taking care not to sit next to Justin. After a moment the empty chair next to him was filled with a small auburn haired boy wearing a bright smile.

"Hi Tony," the boy said.

"Hi Bobby," Tony replied. Seeing the boy made him feel better. "How you doing?"

"I'm OK. I start to school today."

"Yeah, we'll be going to the same school, right?"

"Yes. I don't how it works there," Bobby said.

"What do you mean?" Tony asked.

"Well, do we stay in the same room all day or move around?"

"Oh, I see. We each got a home room, OK? We start off there then go to different classes," Tony explained.

"I wonder if we will be in the same home room," Bobby wondered.

"I don't know man. I guess we'll find out."

They finished breakfast without Tony speaking to Jermaine but when he glanced over at him Jermaine was looking at him. It made Tony a little nervous but he avoided him and went on to school.

Tony looked for Bobby at school but didn't see him. They were for sure not in the same home room he guessed. When he got back to his room Jermaine and Justin were already there. He came in, put his books on his desk and sat down as if to study.

Jermaine sat down on his chair and said. "Hey you guys?"

They turned and looked at him.

Jermaine looked a little displeased. "I knew that girls like to go to the bathroom together, I didn't know that boys did."

"What do you mean?" Justin said a little defiantly.

"I just think it is a coincidence that you guys both have to go for a piss at the same time."

"Ain't none of your business if we did," Justin growled. Tony looked down and said nothing.

Jermaine gave Justin a hard look. "You don't really want to piss me off."

Justin looked away and shrugged. Tony said. "No, I don't. Sorry."

Jermaine said to Justin. "Why don't you go somewhere for a little while."

Justin kept his defiant look but had the sense not to say anything. Tony kept his eyes on the floor.

Jermaine spoke to Tony in a softer voice. "Look, I am not the boss of you guys, but I want you to know something. I told you that some of these guys could get you in trouble. I know that Justin didn't make you do anything you didn't want to do, and I don't really know what you guys were doing. Justin's right, it's none of my business. But there is one thing that concerns me."

Jermaine paused. "That little red headed boy thinks you hung the moon. Now if you were to do anything to hurt him.... Honest to God, I would make you regret the day you were born."

The hard edge in Jermaine's voice was impossible to miss.

"Hey man, I really like that kid. I wouldn't do nothing to hurt him. Nothing at all," Tony assured him.

Jermaine said nothing but continued to give him a cold look.

Tony felt very uncomfortable. "I swear to you man, I wouldn't do nothing to hurt Bobby. There is something about him that gets to me. I just want to help him, to like, make him smile, you know?"

Jermaine's face softened a little. "OK, I hear you. Maybe I am seeing something that's not there. It's just that.... Well I have my own story, like all of us here. Maybe I'll tell you sometime. Probably not."

Jermaine continued. "I told you the other day that you helping Bobby meant a lot to him. I hope you will keep on doing that. He trusts you and needs a friend. But just remember that anybody who hurts that boy will answer to me. If I've got you wrong I apologize, but just remember that. OK?"

Tony felt tears in his eyes and looked away. "Hey man, you been good to me for no reason. I mean, you don't owe me nothing. I don't know why you did that. Maybe I feel the same way about Bobby. I don't owe him nothing and I don't want nothing from him, but when I see that little boy, so scared and shy, I just want to do something nice for him."

He took a deep breath. "Before I came here my life was pretty shitty too. I got my own story man. Maybe it's time for me to do something good for somebody."

Jermaine gave him a long look, then said in a gentle voice. "OK Tony. I think I understand you a little better now, and that's a good thing. We probably should sit down and talk some time. We might not be that far apart."

He stood up and said. "Lets go over to the gym. Your speckled pup is probably looking for you."

Tony and Jermaine walked together to the basement gym next door. They didn't speak, but they walked as friends with no anger between them.

Sure enough, there was little Bobby, dribbling a ball around the court, changing hands, running along at a pretty good clip.

Tony yelled at him. "Hey Bobby, you looking good man."

Bobby held the ball and came running up. "Hi Tony, I was hoping you would be here. Look!" he ran around one end of the court, dribbling with first one hand then the other. When he got near the goal he tossed the ball up and it dropped through the net. "Did you see that?" he was clearly excited.

Tony and Jermaine both clapped for him. "Good one!" Jermaine called to him. He slapped Tony on the butt and walked down to where the older boys were playing, leaving Tony with his pup.

"Can we play Horse again?" Bobby asked.

"Sure, you first. Don't beat me too bad, OK"

"I won't," he laughed and shot from the free throw line, making it to his great delight.

"Hey, you just lucky, man," Tony took his spot and aimed carefully. It wobbled but went in.

Bobby laughed. "You are lucky too," he teased. "Now it's your turn."

Tony turned sideways and hooked the ball over his head, dropping it into the net. "Now you try."

Bobby looked uncertain, took the same position and looped the ball as far as he could, dropping short of the goal. "I can't throw it that far with one hand," he protested.

"Aw, I was just joking you, that don't count.,Let me shoot again." this time he stood to one side and shot with both hands, bouncing off the rim and falling to the floor. "H on me. Now it's your turn."

They went on, Bobby getting HORSE when Tony was only HOR. The boys were laughing and teasing with each other.

"It's time for supper, let's go," Tony called and they walked out together.

"You were lucky this time," Bobby said. "But I don't care, it's just fun to play."

"That's right," Tony agreed. "It's not so important to win all the time. Hey, I looked for you at school but I don't see you today."

"I had to talk to a counselor. He was telling me the rules I guess. By the time we were finished the first period was over. I will be in my home room tomorrow."

"OK, so do you know who is your home room teacher?"

"Yes, it is Mrs. Carpenter."

"Yeah? That's my room. We gonna be in the same room together," Tony was pleased.

"Oh, that's great," Bobby was almost jumping with delight. "I am going to like this school."

Seeing Bobby so happy made Tony laugh. "Hey, I hope so. I think you gonna do good. You told me you were good at school."

"Yeah, pretty good," Bobby made a show of modesty. "What is Mrs. Carpenter like? Is she mean?"

Tony shook his head. "No, she's no mean, but she will make you behave. You got to raise your hand if you wanna talk."

"Oh, that's OK. I don't usually talk a lot in school anyway."

"When I first met you I thought you were like, real shy, you know? But now you are real friendly."

Bobby looked down. "Maybe, but now I know you, and I know you're really nice, and you're not going to hurt me or anything."

Tony felt a little pain in his heart. He put his hand on Bobby's shoulder and said, "That's right Bobby. I promise I will never hurt you. And if anybody hurts you I want you to tell me about it, and tell me who it is, and I will make sure nobody hurts you, OK?"

Tony felt tears come to his eyes and he stopped and looked straight at Bobby. "I promise you, I won't let nobody hurt you. Nobody. You are like my little brother and I will look after you, OK?"

Bobby saw the tears in Tony's eyes and did not understand why he was crying, but he got the message. Tony was somebody he could trust.

Without thinking, Bobby hugged Tony tight and whispered, "I love you Tony."

Tony blinked back his tears and peeled the boys arms from around his waist. "Come on Bobby. We got to eat our supper."

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