Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 12

"A picture is something which requires as much knavery, trickery, and deceit as the perpetration of a crime. Paint falsely and then add the accent of nature."

"Edgar Degas)

The next three days were extremely busy for Troy, getting acquainted with his new surroundings, computer, and understanding Franklin's expectations for him. He was so busy, he had little time to spend with David and Lindsey. They did, however, stop in several times per day to visit and check on him. The evening dinner meal was taken with them and the others in the Lodge, otherwise his meals were prepared by Stephen and Flynn and eaten with them in the cottage. One of them was never far away from him. At first, he thought they were there to keep him from fleeing, but not according to the explanation given by Flynn.

"Quite the contrary! We want to prevent the wrong people from getting to you. You're too valuable an asset to risk!"

David and Lindsey were fun to be around he discovered. Troy could relax, laugh, and be himself, not fearful to discuss his own sexuality or his life in Maine before coming here. Their mother, also a native of the same locale, added to his comfort level and soon erased any vestiges of homesickness from his mind. It was exciting to be here, with them, in the Lodge.

He confessed to Flynn, one afternoon while sorting out a particularly difficult route to some offshore accounts he was suspicious of concerning the individual he was tracking before he came to the Lodge, he felt like a puppy, albeit an older one, in a litter when he was with David and Lindsey, comfortable, warm, and secure with a full tummy.

The only comment Flynn made, with a wink and a smile, "I think I can understand why."

As the weekend approached, everyone became a little more tense, expressing in their words and actions a heightened sense of security. It became more evident with Franklin double checking the electronic surveillance systems and devices inside and outside the Lodge and cottages. Franklin sat down with David, Lindsey, and Troy to review what to expect the next few days.

"The group of four leaving Louisiana to gather information concerning us, will leave soon. Once they do, you're to remain here, inside the grounds. You'll have company for a few days. Gaige and Patrick will be here, as well as Andy, Alicia, and Jennifer Fournier. Bruce will stay at Eric and Evans' and Mark will be with Jessie, Jase, and Tyler. I'll let you know when things return to normal."

Friday, Eric and Evan made a trip to Duluth to pick up the replica of the ring and the special ammunition needed for their weapons and the ones they'd purchased for Ted Symthe. On the way home, they received a text message from Chase informing them he'd been notified the "party of four" left for a "fishing expedition" and were expected to arrive late Sunday or early Monday morning. Reservations were made by them, using a credit card, at "Suttons Resort" for two motel rooms.

"Better get things ready, Love," Evan advised. "The Party's about to begin."

The clear water of Remote Lake was cool, refreshing, invigorating, if one preferred the colder waters of the north country such as Minnesota or Maine, which, Troy discovered he did and missed sorely. Flipping over onto his back, floating in the water, his naked, exposed front with small waves lapping across him like a dog licking a bone, he slowly kicked his legs and fanned his arms to propel him back to the floating swim dock anchored some twenty yards out from the swimming beach in front of The Lodge.

"Hurry up, slowpoke," invoked an inpatient David waiting his turn to rocket down the small slide on the dock into the water. "You're in my way!"

Troy smiled to himself, pleased he accepted David and Lindsey's' invitation to join them in an afternoon swim. He really needed the break and also discovered he missed their company and companionship, building the bond between the three of them stronger each day since his arrival at The Lodge.

Earlier in the afternoon, Troy decided to head for The Lodge to seek out Franklin. He'd discovered something most intriguing and puzzling concerning the individual presumed to be the force behind the pending attack on Gaige. In the process of hacking the offshore accounts he attributed to the perpetrator, Troy ferreted out passwords, PIN's, and account user names on the accounts. Examination, plus several searches of the records of one of the accounts, provided him with a better clue what and who he was dealing with.

David and Lindsey were in the Great Room of The Lodge, starting to shed their clothes in readiness for a swim, when Troy entered.

"Come on," encouraged David, "strip off and join us for a swim before Chase and Henri get here."

Troy swallowed, almost gulped, as his eyes viewed the beautiful, slim naked bodies of both David and Lindsey, yet, for some reason, didn't react sexually or feel uncomfortable in their presence. He'd seen naked people all of his life, especially when the adults or those old enough to begin shifting, shifted into wolf form or back to humans. Generally, as he grew older, he'd bone up when seeing the males, their cocks and balls a siren sound to his own cock. With David and Lindsey, it was different. They were similar in build and features to him, casual in his presence, seemed to give him confidence and strength, and accepted him for what he was. Of course, David was just as queer as he was, so it was understandable.

Troy was older and somewhat more sexually developed, although not much. David's pubic bush was a bit sparser, cock about the same size, and balls the same as his as well. Lindsey was well into being a young, attractive teen with a small female slit and light dusting of dark hair decorating the entrance. He returned to his original reason for coming to The Lodge.

"I am hunting for Franklin," he explained, trotting up to join the two of them.

"He's not here and won't be back until later," countered Lindsey. "So, bare your sweet little buns and join us."

This time, Troy didn't hesitate to add his clothes to the pile on the floor. Naked, walking with them to the beach, Lindsey explained Franklin was at work at Campbell and Associates and would be home for dinner late that afternoon.

"Besides," she reminded him, "you need a break."

The trio, tired from their swim and rocketing down the slide, plunging into the cool waters of the lake, lolled on the main dock, having abandoned the swim dock, allowing the sun to dry and warm them, lying flat on their backs, exposing their fronts to the sun. Lindsey raised up somewhat, looked at Troy, focusing on his lower abdomen, zeroing in on a spot near his left hip. She frowned, tentatively reached forward, and lightly touched the blemish located there.

"What's this?" she inquired, immensely curious, suspicious of what it might be and if it correlated with what she already suspected.

"A birth mark," Troy responded candidly, as if it was a question asked and answered often. "It's faded some from the bright red it was when I was younger."

"Oh!" Lindsey responded and looked over at David, who acknowledged her question and his answer with a short nod of his head, but added nothing to the conversation.

He did lift his head, however, sniff the air and announce, "Chase and Henri are here."

Chase and Henri, stripped of their clothing, bounded from the Lodge, across the deck, and down the lawn to the main dock. Troy couldn't help but notice the very ample packages both teens were blessed with, as their male appendages wobbled back and forth as they ran toward him and the others.

"Three peas in a pod!" Chase laughed, viewing the three laying on the deck.

"I'd bet there's more like a half bushel of peas in those pods," he thought to himself, taking a closer look at the large cocks on Chase and Henri on display. He glanced over at David and noticed he was boned up! Chase held out his arms, David quickly stood, and melted into them, his stiff cock up against Chase's stomach and his erecting cock. It was, to Troy, an amazing sight, watching Chase's cock erect, wondering how David could ever accommodate it in his small butt. Troy shrugged, remembering Steele's wasn't quite as big but good sized anyway, so if he could, why couldn't David?

Thinking it might be best to leave and allow the foursome to do what he knew they wanted and would do, he stood up, stretched, and announced he had to "finish up some work" and excused himself. He headed to the cottage and his bedroom. It didn't take long before he's spewed a large load of his sticky essence all over his hand and stomach, thinking how lucky David was.

Sexual tension temporarily relieved, he sat at his desk and typed out the items he wished to discuss with Franklin. He thought, after his discussion, he might seek an opinion from someone else, specifically a human by the name of Ted Symthe. He trusted Symthe! Symthe knew him from their contact in Maine and, from what Troy could see from his contact here with him, seemed to be great at research, sort of a nerd like himself.

Chase and Henri joined them for dinner and while the conversation at the table was light, it soon became serious as they discussed the coming weekend and the group of scouts arriving from Louisiana. Chase reminded everyone Gaige and Patrick would be brought over this evening to spend the next few days at The Lodge, until the threat passed.

"It means," nodding to David and Lindsey, "you'll have to help Flynn and Stephen guarding Gaige in case something unexpected would occur. Gaige has to be protected and Henri and I won't be here. We'll be at Uncle Eric's playing our part. Troy, you'll do your best, but try to stay out of it if you can. We need what information you can gather for the future and the identity of our unknown foe. I want the Red Wolf so bad and make him pay for what he did to the Bayou Parish Pack, so let's play the game according to plan."

"Which reminds me," Troy interjected, "can I have a few minutes of your time, Franklin, to talk about some things I've found?"

Franklin followed Troy to the cottage and his bedroom where his computers were set up. Troy fired up the devices, opened a folder, and pointing at the screen, explained what he'd uncovered so far.

There were six different off-shore accounts under six different names, six different passwords, and six different PIN's. There seemed to be no relationship between any of them, which seemed strange to Troy.

"I'd have thought there might be some connection, you know, similar names or numbers. Something which would make it easier to remember the passwords and PIN's. But right now, I can't find any. There just has to be some relationship unless this person could memorize series of numbers such as these."

The transactions were routed through several countries, including the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany, France, England, and a couple of Slavic countries. The same path was never taken in the same order. The most recent accessing of one of the accounts was two days previously when a withdrawal was made and sent somewhere else."

"I haven't found where that money went yet, but I'm willing to be it's scattered among a bunch of smaller banks," Troy conjectured.

Franklin looked everything over, rubbed his chin with one hand, and thinking aloud, "This guy is smart, probably a techie of some sort, has some connection to the Grand Council since he was able to discover where Gaige is, and I think he's just plain arrogant and vain as well. I'll have our people over at Campbell and Associate's apply their genius to it and see what we can uncover."

Patrick and Gaige moved into one of the guest bedrooms not two doors from the library/office in the Lodge. It didn't take long for them to unpack and put their clothes away before hooking up with David, Lindsey, and Troy. All were excited, yet nervous, concerning what lay ahead of them, realizing the necessity of secrecy and staying out of sight.

"No bare-ass swimming," Patrick lamented.

"Not even supposed to go outside," David added. "Although I suppose it'd be okay for Lindsey and me since we're the children of a remarried widow and grandchildren to her now deceased recluse of a father-in-law. Mother-fucker that he was!" he muttered angrily.

"Really?" Troy asked, wondering at the expletive David used to describe his grandfather.

David and Lindsey didn't hesitate to mince words when it came to describing the life they led with their father, grandfather, and step-brother.

Troy was still shaking his head in astonishment at the life, according to David and Lindsey, they lived, as he prepared for bed later in the evening. Stripped of his clothes, preferring to sleep in the nude, was about to crawl into bed, looking forward to the pleasures of a long and leisurely wanking, a soft, small voice suddenly proclaimed,

"What's that funny mark near your pecker, Troy?"

"What the fuck!" he stammered, looking around his room and seeing no one. Closer scrutinization caused him to focus on two small, very small bright, white specks of light near the doorway.

"Show yourself!" he commanded, not quite certain why he did so, not expecting whatever it was to do so. He suspected it was a fairy or elf found in some parts of the country. He'd had experiences with woodland fairies, brownies, pixies, and nymphs before in Maine and they were not always cooperative.

Two very beautiful, almost effeminate ghostly white, translucent boy fairies appeared. It was obvious they were male from the view they offered him from the front and visible through their pale, transparent cloaks. One seemed to be more male than the other, given the difference in size of its uncut penis.

The two beauties, each about a foot tall, fluttered toward him on their gossamer wings, hovered in front of him for a moment, before one said, "We haven't met. I'm Prewitt and this," pointing at the other, "is my boyfriend, Dusty. Isn't he just a beauty?" flipping Dusty's cock several times as if to emphasize his declaration.

Both boy fairies giggled!

"Since you already know my name," Troy said watching them closely as they flew even closer, hovering about eighteen inches away from his pecker, "I don't have to introduce myself. To answer your question, it's a birthmark and what are you two doing here?"

"Well," Prewitt began, "I'm His Royal Highness's consort and he's," pointing at Dusty, "with me or in me depending how we feel or what we're doing."

Troy was then subjected to a rather lengthy tale of how and why Prewitt ended up at The Lodge and why, noting particularly the friendship he had with Ted Symthe.

"So," he concluded, "we're here to help protect our Prince anyway we can. Just give a shout, although" he confessed, hand near his mouth to give the impression of speaking in confidentiality, "we're going to be pretty busy the next few days."

"Doing what?" Troy thought the way Prewitt looked at Dusty, it'd be fucking!


"Well, I'll be damned!" Troy snorted as the two of them flew away and out through the wall. He didn't think to ask, "spying on who?" but he figured, after watching Dusty maneuver himself in such a manner so he was behind Prewitt and, witnessing the open-mouthed, silent "OH!" from Prewitt as he was impaled on the large, fairy cock, anything he might do with himself wouldn't be beyond the pale as far as the two fairies were concerned.

Shortly after breakfast, Ted Symthe arrived with Andrew, Alicia, and Jennifer so they might begin their temporary residency at The Lodge. The two remaining guest bedrooms were given over, one to Alicia and Jennifer and the other to Andy.

"Bruce is now at Eric's and Evan's," Ted explained to Franklin after greeting David, Lindsey, and Becca. "Mark is now unofficially your brother's and brother-in-law's adopted son. I'll be off to look over an empty rental house on lake property Evan wants me to photo and check out, so I won't linger long."

David, standing patiently while Franklin and Ted visited, waiting to show their new guests their rooms, although the way Patrick fidgeted David figured he was anxious to show Jennifer his "whatever" and put it to temporary rest, interrupted,

"Troy mentioned something about wanting to see you before you left. He generally has breakfast in Flynn and Stephen's cottage, so if you don't mind, could you go over and see what he wants?"

It was a short walk to the cottage and a rap at the door gained him an invitation to enter. Stephen, Flynn, and Troy were in the kitchen finishing cleanup after breakfast.

"What's up?" Flynn asked as Ted walked in.

"Understand Troy wanted to see me, right Troy?"

"Yep; I've got something I want you to look at," and waved to Ted to follow him.

Both sat where they could view the computer monitor on Troy's desk. Troy carefully explained what he'd discussed with Franklin concerning the six offshore accounts, the names on the accounts, passwords, and PIN's. Pausing in his account, he asked,

"You're from Upper New York State, aren't you Ted?"

Ted smiled, nodded he was before saying, "So, you've scoped me out as well, right?"

"Yeah," Troy admitted sheepishly, embarrassed, yet pleased Ted noticed.

"Find out anything interesting or scandalous?"

Troy only giggled, before responding, "just that you're one heck of researcher, smart as hell, and have a doctorate from a college in Indiana. Even got a copy of your doctorate dissertation."

"So, my young friend," Ted said, "what does this have to do with what we're looking for?"

"See these six accounts and names? I somehow lucked out early yesterday and found this. Five of those accounts have regular activity, especially over the past several months. While this one," pointing to the screen and one particular name, "had none! It's lack of use seemed suspicious to me, so I really began to dig into the account."

The anomaly puzzled Troy, to the point he spent a great deal of the night digging around on the Internet, tracking the path of the account, and with a great deal of effort and hacking was able to track it back to New York, specifically to Albany. There it was routed through several public libraries, college servers, and a couple of mega churches, but could go no further. Troy thought, since Ted had a background in New York, he might be able to add some insight into the matter. Besides, with his research background, he just might accept the challenge to help.

"Really clever, smart guy," commented Ted nodding absently while he scrutinized the screen. "Almost untraceable! He exists, but doesn't exist, almost like my mutant wolves. Hiding in plain sight, but unseen because we don't know what we're really looking for."

Turning to Troy, "Have you hacked into the Red Wolf's e-mails or texts yet?"

"Not yet!"

"Why don't you and see what we can find."

Troy noticed and took pride in the use of "we" coming from Ted.

"Meanwhile, please print me a copy of the accounts, names, and so on. Something just might pop out at me as I think about them."

Ted left, copy in hand, and headed for his vehicle. Troy was sorry to see him leave since he did enjoy his company, but there was a faint scent on him, not of him but on him, that made Troy's dick as hard as a nail.

The list was interesting to Ted. There was a name on the list he seemed to recollect from somewhere but just couldn't place it. "Maybe," he thought, "there might be something in my research notes."

Ted's challenge to Troy, re-energized him in his quest to locate and identify the Red Wolf's e-mail accounts and financial accounts, causing him to remain ensconced in his room through lunch and well into the afternoon. His preoccupation came to a halt when Flynn announced it was time for dinner and they needed to go over to The Lodge. Troy cleaned up quickly and accompanied Flynn and Stephen.

"You remember, don't you, Troy," Stephen reminded him, "Andy and Alicia Lejeune and Jennifer Fournier are going to be living here for a few days and joining us for dinner?" knowing full well it slipped Troy's active mind.

"Yeah, I did," admitted Troy, before wondering aloud, "How are we gonna' manage this short walk from the cottage to The Lodge during daylight? Especially if we're being spied on? Anyone have a plan for that? I'd hate to think I'm confined to the cottage until the Red Wolf's spies leave for back down south."

Neither Flynn or Stephen could answer his concerns, but just shrugged in a non-verbal reply, hoping the advance party of wolves wouldn't see The Lodge or its inhabitants as a threat. After all, few if any, knew of the presence of the Lejeune's, Jennifer Fournier's, or Troy's presence on the grounds. Granted there were locals who knew Flynn and Stephen lived here and it was common knowledge Franklin Campbell married the Giordano widow with two children, and she and Franklin had one son and another baby on the way, but according to Jessie Sutton, there'd be nothing to worry about.

The trio entered the Great Room of The Lodge where Jennifer, Andrew, Alicia, David, Lindsey, and Franklin and Rebecca waited for them. With a wave of his hand, Franklin motioned everyone to head to the dining room for dinner.

Walking through the Great Room, Troy's olfactory nerves picked up a scent, the same scent he'd noticed previously at Eric Trempealeau's house, and just lightly on Flynn earlier in the day. Now, however, it was stronger, assaulting his senses with an almost overpowering blow, hitting him with the strength of a blacksmith's hammer on an anvil, forging hot malleable iron into a hard-steely instrument designed for sex, taking form and shape in his cock, hardened with strength and rigidity!

The air carrie d a faint hint of spice, of the outdoors, of a male, powerful, enticing, a desirous male, invitingly riveting, flooding Troy's mind, drawing his balls up tight! It was confusing, unnerving, annoying, yet captivating, something he'd never experienced before! Oh, Troy felt temporary lust and desire while he was being fucked by another male, spilling his seed upon the ground or in his hand as his companion squirted a load deep inside him, but never this strong, desire to be sexually possessed, to be claimed, to be mated!

What was wrong with him? What strange power did this scent have that would draw him as a moth to a flame?

Troy scanned the room, seeking the source of his discomfort. There were only three other people, other than the normal ones at a meal, in the room; Andy and Alicia Lejeune and Jennifer Fournier. He had no interest in the females besides both were claimed and mated and being fucked on a regular basis. Troy shivered with excitement and anxiety as his eyes sought out Andy, standing off to one side of the room. Their eyes locked and Troy was transfixed, almost mesmerized by the longing he saw in Andy's gaze. Andy gave a slight nod of acknowledgement and began walking toward Troy. His pace was measured, deliberate, but purposeful. There was no doubt in Troy's mind Andy was coming for him, not just to dine casually, but for another purpose entirely.

"I don't think we've been formally introduced," Andy said, extending his hand to Troy. "I think you know I want us to become better acquainted," clasping Troy's hand securely before pulling Troy into a tight embrace. As their bodies came in close contact and their faces touched, Andy leaned forward and licked Troy's neck, smearing his own scent on the slightly smaller teen male, whispering,

"You're mine, you know? Forever and no one else."

Troy nodded his understanding, his cock dripping in his shorts.

"Let's sit down," Andy said, motioning toward two chairs together on one side of the table.

Throughout the meal, offering little to the conversation, Andy and Troy sat quietly with Andy, one hand under the table, kept a constant contact with Troy, running his hand over Troy's leg, touching his side, venturing to lightly cup Troy's crotch gently cupping the contents of the fabric covered hardness and loose balls, feeling the heat contained therein. Most importantly, Andy was impregnating Troy with his own scent, marking the teen so any other interloper would know enough to stay away or be prepared to fight!

Flynn watched the interaction, evident only by changes in facial expressions, and thought to himself "It should be more than an interesting few days, especially for those two new lovers."

Within minutes of their registration and assignment to rooms at "Sutton's" the room numbers of the four enemy scouts was sent by e-mail and text messages to Jessie, Chase, Eric, and Evan for distribution to the others. It was time to set plans into action.

The next few days were extremely busy for both sides of the adversaries. Pictures taken, maps consulted, contacts made, and territory reconnoitered, all in the gathering of information for battle, attack, and defense.

Ted spotted them having breakfast the first morning at "The Pelican," secured pictures with his cellphone not only of the four miscreants, but their vehicle as well.

The four nefarious thugs identified Jessie and one of the Twins immediately the first evening at the "Birch" when they ordered dinner. There was no way Jessie, Jase, and Tyler tried to disguise their Lycanthrope scent from the four, preferring to advertise it instead.

Ted spotted the four again on the third day at the "Pelican" eating their breakfast. Bev mentioned, when serving Ted his coffee, if he knew anybody who might have a place to rent for a couple of weeks.

"Matter of fact, I do. Who wants to know?"

"Those four over at the corner table," nodding toward the four. "Seems they have some sort of reunion every year in some different spot. Maybe twenty or so, according to them."

Bev leaned closer to Ted as she continued, "They seem mighty strange and don't look like the type who'd enjoy fishing and waterskiing though."

Ted walked over the four, apologizing for interrupting their breakfast.

"Bev, the waitress, mentioned you guys might be hunting for a place to rent temporarily."

The four became wary, suspicious, but receptive.

"Yeah," answered one of the four. "Our group of friends get together every year and we came here to sort of scope the place out and see what we could do. So far, it looks like a good place to meet, if we can find a place to rent. It'd cost us a fortune to stay in one of the motels."

"Well," Ted responded, "I know of one that might be available on one of the smaller lakes. It does have access to some larger ones though. The property is rentable through Fox River Vacation Properties. There's a card posted on the bulletin board by the door."

The man thanked him and when Ted went back to his table to eat his breakfast, one of the others walked over to the bulletin board and removed the card.

"Done is done!" Ted texted to the others, waiting anxiously to see if they took the bait.

Dinner at the "Birch" the last night the four blackguards would spend in the north before heading back, found them in a good mood, satisfied with what they'd discovered in their reconnaissance mission. Jessie made certain he had their table and before he presented their bill, murmured to Jase,

"Now we send them home! Sometimes what you see is not what you think you see and remember and report!"

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