Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 13

"Whatever is only almost true is quite false, and among the most dangerous of error, because being so near to truth, it is more likely to lead astray."

(H. W. Beecher)

"It's hot down here, Prewitt!" complained Dusty. "And there's big, long critters with long tails and big teeth swimming in the water."

"They're alligators you ninny and they don't eat Fairies so don't be such a worry-wart. You're just all heated up trying to recover from our most enjoyable and lustful encounter. Besides, Fairies don't sweat, feel heat, or cold."

"How long do we have to stay here?" Dusty whined.

"Until we get the information Jessie wants! Want to go another round or has your magnificent wand temporarily lost its sparkle?"

"It still twinkles," giggled Dusty, slipping behind Prewitt.

Before he heard the soft rap on his bedroom door, Troy knew it was Andy by his scent, feeling his very presence, although not seeing him.

"Come in!" he said, responding to the knock, and Andy stepped in.

"Want to go for a swim?" he asked. "Ted's going to come by in a couple of hours. Now the coast is clear, we can return to our normal life and enjoy things."

"I'm not certain I want to," admitted Troy, already missing Andy even before he left. "It means you'll leave," he added shutting down his computer and joined Andy in the doorway.

Andy pulled him close to his own body, nuzzling, kissing, touching Troy, re-establishing his claim by rubbing his own distinct scent on Troy's body. Together, they walked through the main Lodge and down to the beach. On the beach, at the lake shore, Troy dropped his shorts and peeled off his t-shirt, his cock already hard and pointing up his small frame. Because of his stature, his penis appeared large, out of proportion to the rest of his body. He turned to face Andy just as Andy shed his shorts as well.

Troy's gaze drifted down Andy's nakedness, settling, focusing on the rather long, stiff male appendage, pointing not up, but more out with a slight incline down, possibly because of the weight thought Troy, with large low hanging balls swinging beneath it.

Troy's actual previous relationship with this particular part of Andy's anatomy was tactile in nature, since visually it was concealed by clothing the other times they'd been in each other's presence. He'd felt the length, tested its hardness before, but all through the confines and concealment of cloth, but this, this marvelous creation, large, thick, and throbbing was almost beyond belief!

"My, oh, My!" he breathed out slowly. Never in his encounters with other males, Lycan or human, had he had anything of that proportion inserted into his rectum. It'd be akin, he thought, to splitting a dinner roll with a sword. He felt his gut spasm as his mind tried to envision even accepting such a massive instrument into his own body, yet he wanted it, no matter the sacrifice. Surely such sacrifice would bring an abundance of joy and reward?

Andy closed the distance between them, placed one arm over Troy's shoulder, pulling him close enough for their bodies to make contact and his large weeping cock to smear its clear discharge on Troy's hip and abdomen, further marking him as belonging only to him.

"Let's get wet," Andy encouraged Troy. Clearly, mating with Troy this day wasn't going to happen or be a short process. Andy wanted to take his time so they'd learn to love each other and not just be together for lust. His parents mated for love and he intended to do the same. Given the pheromones Troy was exuding, there'd be no problem with that. Andy wasn't interested in some "slobber and thrust" relationship. He wanted true love, love that not only would be pleasurable to both parties, but enduring, life-long love only death could rend asunder.

Jessie dropped by just before dinner and to pick up Patrick and Gaige. Jennifer and Patrick knew their opportunities for contact would soon be limited until after the pending conflict was resolved, thus took every advantage of the time they had left to share each other's bodies. Share they did, several times in the morning, each time Patrick flooded Jennifer's vagina with copious amounts of his male seed. Once they left, each to their own abodes, it was imperative the fewer people knew of the presence of Jennifer and the Lejeune's, the less chance the defenses developed against the attack of the Red Wolf would be compromised.

"I visited with Eric and Evan earlier," Jessie explained to Franklin, Becca, Flynn, and Stephen, "and they think once we hear from Prewitt and know more of the Red Wolf's plan and the closer we get to when Gaige predicts the attack will come, it'll really be necessary to use The Lodge and grounds for a secure place of concealment for Gaige. It means Patrick and Gaige, along with Andy, Alicia, and Jennifer will arrive a day or so before arrival of our attackers. Bruce and Mark will return to the same positions they had during the reconnoitering just completed."

"I agree," Franklin said. "I still have to wire up Eric's house so we can monitor it as well."

Eric and Evan sat on the deck enjoying the view of the lake and an early afternoon cocktail. Bruce was on his way back to Ted's and, if Eric figured correctly which he usually did, Mark should be with them. It wouldn't be long, however, before the transfers would begin again, this time in earnest, preparing for the attack.

"I'm glad this phase of the charade is over for now," sighed Evan. "Walking around like an old man, holding myself upright with two canes, gets to be wearisome."

"I hate to ruin your fantasy and destroy your self-perception Evan, but you are an old man, however, at the moment without canes. Unless you count that white one hanging pendulously from your fly."

"Shit!" muttered Evan, fumbling with his cock and fly trying to put the horse back in the barn. "Why didn't you say something?"

"I just did!"

"No; before!"

"Why spoil the view? Was it any worse than me using that damned walker? Got in the way every time I wanted to do something!"

"At least you didn't need to lean it up against something or hang it on your arms to take a piss," complained Evan.

"Oh well," sighed Eric, "we have a few days before we have to resume our charade and get serious. If Gaige's prediction is correct, the full moon or the Blood Moon is in a week and a half."

Chase and Henri, now free to leave home without fear of being spotted by the blackguards from the Red Wolf Pack, headed to The Lodge. It wouldn't be long until their visits came to a halt, at least until after the predicted attack to kill Gaige and destroy them was over, that is, if they survived the battle.

Chase and Henri were reluctant to admit, at least to David and Lindsey, the possibility of not surviving in a fight against older, more experienced, and proven killers such as existed in the Red Wolf's Pack and the outside killers hired, was very real. The composition of the attackers tipped the battle in favor of the Red Wolf.

"You've got less than a week," Chase reminded Henri, "to put a pup inside her, unless you already have."

Chase hesitated before adding, "I had Uncle Eric draw up a Will for me and I left my share of Mom and Dad's estate to David."

"I did too," echoed Henri, "only mine goes to Lindsey. Suppose Jacques did the same with Alicia?"

"I hope he doesn't need to but I'll bet he has," a resigned Chase sighed.

"I'm heading over to your property on Clark Lake," Franklin said to Becca as he kissed her goodbye. "Dad's got a crew of techies from Campbell and Associates coming over to wire it so we can monitor the activities of our renters and get a head's up on any changes in their attack plans. After that, we'll do Eric and Evan's house. The monitors will be set up in the library and the entries to it will be reinforced. Troy will man the monitors and computers, but if entry is in danger of being gained, you'll all have time to secure yourselves in the bunker. Troy will press the destruct button once all of you are secure. The equipment will be destroyed. You'll have several monitors in the bunker giving you a view of the library, the outside grounds, and the bunker exit. I suggest you review this with David and Lindsey. I don't think Stephen and Flynn have told Troy about the bunker yet."

"Which leads me to wonder," he continued, "when you're going to say something to Troy about his birthmark?"

"Soon," Becca responded, "soon."

Chase, coupled tightly face to face with David, pulsed his seed deep into the interior of the warm, moist, constricting sheath of David's bowels, flooding to the point of overflowing out and around his thick cock.

"I could do this several times a day," he sighed in post-coital pleasure.

"You do!" corrected David. "At least when we can get together. Less than a week left, right, Chase?"


"Remember," David continued, "when the fight starts don't piss on any metal posts! Wouldn't want this," squeezing his rectal muscles, gripping Chase's cock, "damaged beyond repair!"

"Stop that!" softly Dusty hissed. "They've made contact and are ready to begin."

"But, I like playing with it," Prewitt whined just as softly. "Especially when it gets all stiff and points up so nicely. It's like an invitation to play."

"Later!" Dusty moaned, giving small thrust into Prewitt's hand.

"Is everyone here that's supposed to be?" a voice asked from the laptop on the table in the back room of the Red Wolf's tavern.

"Yep, all are here!" the Red Wolf reported. "Your four guys, Mauton, and Tregre."

"Tell me what you found out in your visit. Include anything you think might help us." The voice paused before asking, "Did you find the boy?"

The discovery of the whereabouts of the young boy who was to be Lord of the Lycan's someday and destroy him now was the primary goal of this mission. The deaths of the Landry boys were incidental to this and only important to the Red Wolf.

"Sure did," answered Mauton. "Here's his picture," and a photo of a young boy, ring on a gold chain hanging about his neck, popped up on the screen. "You should be showing this on your screen right now as well.:

"Got it! Looks about the age I thought he should be. Find out his name?" The faceless voice already was aware of the lad's identity, but he wanted to check to see if what Mauton said was the lad's name was the same. If there was a difference, it was game off for now.

"Name is Gaige Wyatt Saulnier, the adopted son of Marie and Jean Le Compte. Gaige's parents were killed in an auto accident and he ended up with the Le Compte's, a great-uncle and aunt. The kid is the successor, in a direct line, to the throne. He's currently the ward of Eric Trempealeau, a distant cousin of Marie Le Compte."

"Trempealeau and his partner," flashing a picture of Eric, using a walker and Evan, a cane in each hand to balance him as he walked, "taken as they were walking from the inside of the house to the deck on the lake side of it. The house," a picture appearing on the screen, "located on a lake out some distance from the small town of Kabetogama, is somewhat isolated."

Strange as it may seem, Mauton or any member of his advance party couldn't remember taking the photo and several others, but since they were on his phone, they must've, especially since he had such a vivid memory of the house and the surrounding grounds. He remembered driving up to the house, parking, and looking it over carefully and was greeted by the man with the canes, but beyond that, things were fuzzy. He and the others put it down to the hectic schedule they kept and all of the activities associated with putting together the information needed to have a successful attack and sufficient information for the man on the other end of the conversation.

"We couldn't detect any signs of security around the place so we figure it'll be easier to penetrate and enter the house. Living with Trempealeau, besides young Gaige, are the Landry Brothers. They are target our Alpha, the Red Wolf, is most interested in."

He flashed a picture of the three Landry boys on the screen.

"If we kill these three, it ends all future leadership of the defunct Bayou Parish Pack and puts our Alpha as Alpha of all of those who may have been loyal or protected by the Bayou Parish Pack. We could concentrate our attack on this house and kill all four at once, had not we learned some other news which we will discuss in a minute or two."

"Apparently," Tregre said as he picked up the narrative from Mauton, "the Landry boys have become friends with Jessie Sutton and Jason and Tyler Campbell." A picture of the three of them were shown on the laptop.

"Jessie Sutton is the son of the owners of Sutton's Resort where we stayed while in the area. He married one of the Campbell twins, Jason. According to information we gathered while there and, in the area, Art Campbell, owner of Campbell and Associates, was not very happy with the gay marriage or the intimate living arrangement both twins enjoyed with young Sutton and as a result, has little to do with them. Campbell is the Alpha of the Kabetogama Pack and, in deference to his sons, allowed them to form a small pack unto themselves. Their small pack consists of these three and four others, Rick Hayes, Mike Bowers, Robert Bowers, and Chad Coleman. Sutton also adopted this boy," flashing a picture of a prepubescent boy, "son of a deceased cousin. No one else wanted the boy so Sutton took him. Our assessment of the small pack is simple; it's weak and does not appear to very aggressive. Should they interfere, they can easily be killed."

Snickering, he added, "I'd imagine the young boy's the evening treats for this pack of homo werewolves."

Warren Floyd listened to the comments concerning "homos" but made no reply. It was just as well the Red Wolf and his Pack knew nothing of his own proclivities and his desire to capture and fuck the Sutton lad. Now, he was trying to figure out a way to kill the Campbell twins and claim young Sutton as a fuck toy. He owed the Campbell twins for the way they threatened and treated him in the restroom at The Birch years before when he interviewed for a position with Campbell and Associates. His cock hardened yet whenever he thought of young Sutton and his masturbation fantasies centered around the young man.

"Question," the voice asked, "Do you anticipate any interference from the Alpha, this Campbell character, of the Kabetogama Pack? I believe that's what you referred to it as being called, when we attack and kill the pretender as Lord of the Lycans?"

"Not at all!" interjected Fred, one of the mercenaries assigned to reconnoiter the area, "in fact, I checked around and there's a definitely no love lost between Campbell and his sons. He's definitely not pleased with the homosexual marriage and the male to male sex going on there. Claims it is a den of, how did he say, "iniquity" with young men and boys constantly engaging in "unnatural sex."

"How about when we kill the Landry Brothers?" the La Rue asked, concerned about a counter attack. "Because of their friendship with Sutton and the Campbell Twins?"

"Again, no problem. I couldn't see any ties between the Alpha and the Landry's so I'm certain he'll just see this as a grudge fight between packs and keep out of it. That's the impression I got when I visited with one of his employees; actually his oldest son, Scott, who was having dinner at the restaurant one evening and we just happened to strike up a conversation in the parking lot."

Samuel, the other mercenary along on the trip north, offered, "We did find something really interesting one night while we were having dinner. Mauton mentioned we'd discuss it later and now is the time. The Sutton kid, Jessie, and the Campbell Twins were waiting tables and I overheard them talking about a surprise birthday party of young Gaige."

A surprise birthday party was being planned for Gaige and was to be held on property owned by Jessie Sutton on Remote Lake. Gaige and the adopted Sutton boy were friends and wanted to have a party for his friend. The area was a large tract of forest land with a nice clearing, a shelter house, some picnic tables, and a sandy beach, perfect they thought for a party.

"According to what I overheard, the party is planned for noon on the tenth, five days from now. The plan is to have the Landry Brothers and Sutton and his group gathered at the shelter while Gaige is occupied by Trempealeau and his partner. They're to deliver him at the appropriate time and the surprise would be complete."

"What a surprise it could be," the voice on the laptop intoned, "with the group split, attacking both at the same time would solve my problem and the La Rue's as well. Correct?"

"Sounds good to me," Samuel answered.

"Any problems near the shelter and beach?"

"There's a large lodge and private compound across a small bay from the property. The owner is a widow with two kids. She was formerly married to Demarco Giordano son of Marcello Giordano. When Demarco died, she lived with Marcello until he died."

"Wasn't Marcello Giordano some sort of gangster type character? As I recall, the news media painted him as a rather ugly and mean type with all sort of power?"

"That's right. With him gone, the kids and her spend some time at the Lodge and a lot more somewhere down south. Right now, through the end of the month, they're away and won't be near the place. All there is now are two aging caretakers. I don't think they'll cause much problem. If they do, we just include them in the killing."

Fred entered the conversation, adding, "We also found a place to rent, on Clark Lake, for three weeks only according to the property manager, less than eight miles away from Remote Lake. There's public forest land between it and the property Sutton owns. Accessing the Sutton property would present no problems since we'd be under forest cover the entire way. We figured if we attacked from the east and north sides of the property, we could surprise them because of the heavy forest cover."

"Did you actually look the property over?" the voice questioned.

"We bought a small drone with camera equipment on it and when we looked over the rental property we flew the drone with the excuse we wanted to show our friends and covered the area around the rental property. We then drove to the Lodge area and flew it again. I'll run the clip so you can see what we mean by thinking this might be an ideal spot to use as a killing ground."

The room was quiet while everyone viewed the video clip, waiting patiently while the person on the other end of the transmission pondered his decision.

"Splitting our attack group into two, one with about a dozen or more from La Rue's pack and two of my hired help, and the other with myself and two ought to be able to complete both our goals. With only ten or so young, inexperienced and untrained defenders, La Rue should be able to kill them off quickly. With two of you, I will be able to slaughter, easily, young Gaige and the two old men."

Warren Floyd quickly opted for helping La Rue out with his attack and volunteered to do so. It'd give him the opportunity to kill the Campbell Twins and capture Jessie Sutton for his own, maybe even the young boy he adopted for an easy and occasional treat besides.

"So," asked the voice on the laptop, "how soon can the four of you leave for up north?

"In the morning," answered Samuel.

"Good! La Rue, have the rest of your fighters leave as soon as you can get them gone. I want this done and over with before the tenth of the month is over. There's a full moon that night and I expect to hear victory howls from your pack."

"When will you be there?" La Rue asked.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be there in plenty of time."

"How about my money for helping you out?"

"I'll make the transfer the morning of the tenth."

"We gotta head back now," Prewitt said to Dusty. "Jessie and the others need to know about this."

"We'll have to fly all night," complained Dusty.


"What if I get tired, will you carry me piggy-back? We could play airplane and I'd be the refueling tanker and you be the one running on empty. I could slip my hose into your tank and pump you full of fuel while we fly."

"That's not called refueling? Prewitt sighed disgustedly.

"Nope, it sure isn't!" snickered Dusty lasciviously.

"Forget it! We're leaving!"

Prewitt and Dusty weren't the only ones listening in on the conversation and exchange with the mastermind behind the plot. Troy successfully hacked into La Rue's server just a couple of hours before the meeting took place and recorded the entire exchange. He sent out an urgent text message warning the others the invasion was underway and to prepare for battle.

Not being able to see the face of the person on the laptop, only hearing his voice, was a handicap, but once Prewitt and Dusty arrived back at Jessie's, they could help identify the man since they were in the room. Still, something about his voice seemed familiar. Trying to recall it was vexing to Troy.

He woke the next morning, his mind clear, and focused after replaying the recorded exchange. Troy texted Ted asking him to come over as soon as possible. Ted arrived within the hour, bringing Andy, Jennifer, and Alicia with him. They headed to their rooms in the Lodge as Ted headed for Troy's in the cottage.

"Listen to this," Troy said playing the exchange.

Ted listened carefully to the entire recorded video.

When it finished, Troy said tentatively, "I think I know who that is?"

Ted nodded, "So do I!"

"So, Ted, what do we do about it?"

Ted thought for several minutes, before replying, "First we neuter, then kill the traitorous bastard!"

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