Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 11

"In that part of the book of my memory before which is little that can be read, there is a rubric, saying 'Incipit Vita Votra' (The new life begins)"

(Dante Alighieri)

Unbelieving the announcement made by Stephen, Franklin asked, uncertain if Stephen's declaration actually if the wizard computer hacker was his cousin or someone else, "I beg your pardon?"

Franklin wasn't the only one of the group taken aback! The others were similarly surprised. All looked, patiently yet expectantly, for further explanation, hoping Stephen would clarify his remarks, satisfying their own curiosity and enlightening them further on this "wizard" of a hacker.

"I said," Stephen reiterated somewhat calmer than his initial reaction, "Troy Granger is a cousin of mine, a second cousin as I recall. If your young computer whiz is from Eagle Lake, Maine, then he's my cousin."

It was now Franklin's turn to be surprised! Taking a deep breath, he admitted what he knew of the lad was true, but secretly hoping it wouldn't complicate the situation, he nodded, "Yes, he is!"

Shrugging his shoulders in perplexity, added, "I had no idea!"

"We've seen him a couple of times when we were home," Flynn offered, "but aren't really well acquainted. He's sort of out of our age group. As I recall, he's not a very big lad, small frame, maybe about the same stature and size of David," pointing at his nephew, David, "dark hair, good looking, and sort of quiet. He never appeared to be real aggressive, so I don't know what kind of fighter he might be."

"I hope it doesn't complicate the situation," Franklin commented with concern.

"I'm certain it'll all work out," Eric said, trying to ease some of the discomfort in the room. "In fact, it just might be more of a benefit than we realize. For one thing, it does add another fighter, albeit according to Flynn maybe not a real aggressive one, but if the Red Wolf and his cohorts are communicating with each other electronically, we could hope he could hack in and keep us appraised of what happening with the enemy. At his age," Eric continued, "having a cousin close by will not only ease his concerns over what's in store for him, but should help him understand the predicament we're in and maybe give him some ownership in the fight as well. Hopefully, he likes his cousin and does not find him a pain in the ass!"

Eric delivered the last with a smirk and a chuckle, but Stephen hoped to hell it wasn't true!

The group started to disperse and migrate toward the snack buffet Becca assembled so they might enjoy the goodies. Jennifer, sitting next to Patrick, could clearly see the outline of his long, stiff member snaking down the inside of his right thigh, concealed and covered by his jeans. She decided, resisting temptation to reach over and give it a stroke or two, it was time for her to try some of Patrick's "goodies."

Taking his hand, encouraging him to stand, and, with a twitch of her head, invited him to follow her up the stairs to Lindsey's bedroom.

"It's okay," she said softly, reassuring Patrick, "I asked her earlier if I could use her bedroom and she gave the okay. Only thing she did say was maybe Henri and she would join us since she thinks he's such a horn-dog."

Jennifer and Patrick saw each other naked several times since she arrived with the Lejeune's during those times when they shifted to wolf form and back to human. She was quite aware of what his cock looked like when erect and when soft and he was more than aware what her female parts, with a small patch of dark hair and her developing breasts, were as well. But this time was different! This was the time to taste, feel, touch, and experience all of it to the maximum, committing to the ultimate of pleasures for both of them!

Stretched out on the bed, naked body to naked body, Patrick's middle finger explored and stimulated her wet, virginal entrance. He wondered if he'd be able to gain entry without difficulty since she felt so small.

Jennifer clasped her soft hands around, as far as she could close them, his velvety stiffness and wondered, because of its length and circumference, if it'd go where she wanted it most. Smoothing the clear, slick pre-cum oozing from the end of his cock, around the head and up and down the shaft, she hoped it'd ease the head in and help the forward progress of his instrument of love.

He was experienced, she was not!

Patrick used his hands to spread the moist lips of her vagina, leaned forward, engaged Jennifer's lips with his own, and slipped the fat, bulbous head of his cock into the now open orifice and pushed slowly forward. Meeting her maiden barrier, he apologized softly for the pain he was about to cause her, and thrust forward, burying himself until their pubes met.

"It fit!" Jennifer declared and pleased.

"That it did," Patrick mused, pleased as well, and began the rocking back and forth motion both desired.

The pressures built quickly in his balls and in her from the heated stimulation and pent-up desire both experienced. He felt himself swell, Jennifer's sheath began to tighten around his shaft, until his cock began to throb with the pulsing of jets of semen gushed into her as she shattered her orgasm, meeting his.

"I could do this again," Patrick said trying to catch his breath.

"Me to!" Jennifer acknowledged. "So, do it!"

Troy, entering the passenger lounge and waiting area in the terminal, was surprised to see Flynn and Stephen there to greet him. He expected one or more of the men who'd come to see him some time ago, after he'd been caught hacking. All the phone call his parents received and what they revealed to him was "it was time to pay up." If they knew anymore, either they were reluctant to tell him or they were sworn to secrecy. His parents were an older couple and he was the only child. There was no doubt in his mind they loved him, even though they knew he was gay and promiscuous. Well, not really promiscuous, but was involved with an older human. He thought, perhaps, this was their way of breaking up the liaisons and hopefully, find a gay male his own age someday.

With plenty of hugs and kisses, his parents told him how much they loved him, he boarded a local flight in Fort Kent with connecting flights to International Falls. As far as he was concerned, International Falls, Minnesota could've been the far side of the moon. He'd not been anywhere in his young life except for visits to Fort Kent. For that matter, he'd never been on an airplane before.

"Thankfully," he sighed once the plane landed in International Falls, "I didn't barf all over the place."

"Hi yah, Troy!" Stephen said, greeting him. "Welcome to International Falls! Remember us?"

Troy raised his eyebrows, preparing to ask why Flynn and Stephen were here. Of course, he remembered them. They were gay and a couple and he was somewhat envious, always hoping he'd find his true mate like they did, but so far had no luck.

"No questions now!" Stephen hastily added, noting the expression on Troy's face. Looking around the terminal, he continued, "Everything will be explained later; too many people around here. Let's get your gear collected and get out of here."

The ride from International Falls was quiet. All he was told they were heading toward a place called "Kabetogama." The landscape, from his vantage point looking out the window of the pickup truck they'd used to pick him up with, looked quite similar to around home, without the ruggedness of low-lying mountains. He responded to their questions with short answers. His folks were fine; the flight was okay; and he didn't care what they had for supper.

Troy's thoughts were elsewhere, contemplating what lay ahead for him. He felt uncomfortable, fearful of what would happen to him once he arrived at Kabetogama, wondering if there were any young people his age, what the Alpha was like, and if he'd ever see home again.

He wasn't a very big guy, even for his age, five foot or so in height, one hundred pounds or so soaking wet, not very muscular, but damned smart, that much he did know. He was also worried about how larger, more dominant or stronger wolves might use him or abuse him. It'd take some wits to escape those who would fuck him for the hell of it, not that he expected it now with his cousin and his mate close by, but he couldn't be certain. He was a bottom, but not an Omega, one who gave his body to every wolf just to keep the peace in a pack.

"At least," he thought, "it's better than being locked up, isolated from others werewolves on some isolated island where werewolves who'd committed less than capital crimes were sent," at least that's what he'd heard. Troy shuddered at the thought of being someone's cum dump several times a day. He was most fearful, in fact scared shitless, when the three men confronted him at home about hacking into a confidential, supposedly secure website. All he could imagine was being sent to a prison and never coming home again or, at the very least, never being able to control his bowels.

His thoughts were interrupted when they pulled through the gates of a very large compound deep in the woods and on a lake with several outbuildings and a large lodge.

"We're having a small get-together at the Lodge tonight," Stephen said. "You'll be introduced to the others, given an explanation why you're here, and a briefing on the situation we face. You'll be living with Flynn and me in our cottage here and have a bedroom to yourself."

Troy looked over his room in Stephen's cottage. It was larger and nicer than the one he had at home, but it really wasn't home! He'd felt the creeping fear of homesickness on the flight here and was doing his best to conquer it. As an only child of older parents, he realized he was "totally spoiled," as some of his friends would often accuse. That may well be, but he was loved and accepted for what he was and did. His parents may have disagreed with his sexual orientation and preferences, but they never castigated him for it or treated him any differently. In return, he loved them unconditionally. Troy missed them terribly!

He knew, in his heart, they were doing the right thing for him. Instead of being punished for his misdeeds, he was being given the opportunity for a new life, a new start, the chance for an education, and future employment they'd never would be able to provide. His parents were given reassurance they'd be able to come visit, after he was comfortably settled in, at no expense to them and, perhaps, in the future he might be able to return home for an occasional visit, although no promises were made in that regard.

He unpacked his travel bag, arranged his clothing in the various dresser drawers, and hung other items in the closet. On one side of the bedroom a desk and chair were situated providing a view of the forest beyond the compound clearing where the cottages and other buildings were located. Electrical access was provided near the desk, giving him reason to believe he'd be provided with some sort of computer with access to WIFI and a mainframe for his own use and for what they determined, whoever they might be, wanted him to do. His personal laptop was confiscated by the man who delivered his plane tickets. Where it was, he had no idea. He hoped, if he got it back, they hadn't deleted folder of gay porn movies he had stored in it.

A soft knock on his bedroom door interrupted his thoughts. He responded with a "come in" and was greeted by Stephen and Flynn.

"If you're finished putting your things away," Stephen inquired, "and you're up to it, we'd like to familiarize you with your new home."

Troy shrugged, figuring he may as well and accompanied them on a walking tour of the facilities. The other two cottages were pointed out, outbuildings where vehicles and other maintenance equipment was stored, the guard houses, and the large main lodge. Troy noticed the extraordinary amount of electronic surveillance and security devices, including sensors and cameras, located throughout the property.

"The main lodge," Flynn announced as they entered through the overhead front portico and foyer of the log structure. The portico was a drive through covered area large enough for vehicles to traverse when picking up or dropping off passengers, giving the appearance and atmosphere of a high-end resort or hotel complex.

Flynn explained the facility was constructed by his sister's, Rebecca, father-in-law, now deceased, to use as a sanctuary and retreat. "He was a bit of a gangster," Flynn offered, "and made certain he'd be well protected here. My sister now occupies the main lodge with her two children, David, named after me, and Lindsey by her first marriage. You'll meet them later. She's since married Franklin Campbell and they have one son and another child on the way."

The Great Room, vaulted ceiling, with its huge fireplace and wide windows with a superb view of Remote Lake, was the center and focal place of the Lodge. From it, hallways led to the kitchen, a separate dining room, a small reading room, a staircase to the upper level where the family quarters were, and a hall to the wing where additional bedrooms were located.

"The west wing," a feminine voice announced from behind Troy, "is where my father-in-law used as his quarters, office, and rooms for his special guests. After he died, we completely remodeled them to suit our needs and preferences."

The three turned and Rebecca Franklin stepped into the large room. Troy was immediately impressed by two things; Becca was small, much like himself, very pregnant (not like himself), with a warm smile and pleasant scent emanating from her. He felt very comfortable and safe in her presence. Standing next to her was her husband, as she indicated to Troy, Franklin Campbell. He, on the other hand, was a fairly large man, not fat, just well-constructed, and gave off an aura of strength, authority, and intelligence.

Troy started to turn his head in order to bare his neck as a sign of submission to an Alpha, but was halted by Franklin. "No need, Troy. I'm not the Alpha here. You'll most likely meet several before the week is over and I'll grant you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Franklin explained he was the individual responsible for Troy being brought to Kabetogama, the Lodge, and why. Cautioning him all he was being told must be kept in the strictest confidence, Franklin explained why and what awaited them. Flynn and Stephen added to his explanation as necessary and appropriate.

"This is all detailed in a folder on a thumb drive for you to review and study," Franklin instructed. "Your new computer will be delivered tomorrow, but I'll give you back your laptop when you're done. You're not to use it to surf the web or anything of the sort. Everything you do will go through a very secure server and will be screened for hackers, viruses, and so on. There is but one WIFI connection so you really have no choice. Don't try to hack out of it, understand?"

Troy fully understood, although his eyebrows did raise in question.

"Don't worry," Franklin reassured him, "we didn't delete or tamper with any of the material on your personal computer. We just copied some information you had on some hacks you made. I'd like you to copy that to the desk top computer you'll get. You'll also have a new cell phone with apps on it as well so you can communicate with the others. No outside calls to unauthorized numbers. Those calls will be blocked. We don't want to take any chances. Okay?"

Troy nodded, but asked, "Just what is it you want me to do?"

"What you do best." Franklin responded. "Hack!"

The front door opened and a teen male voice said loudly seeing Troy "Hi, guy!" and David and Lindsey scampered into the room. They were eager to meet and greet him.

"Heard you'd be here sometime this afternoon," David said, with a warm and welcoming smile, in greeting.

Extending his fist for a bump, "I'm David Giordano and," pointing at his sister, "my sister, Lindsey Giordano."

Troy returned with smile and a bump, enjoying the friendliness of each of the Giordano's/ His nose twitched, however, catching the fresh scent of sex and of two other Lycans; one on David and a different one on Lindsey.

"They've both been mated and claimed," he thought, "and just recently been fucked!"

His fears and worries seemed to lift from his shoulders, as if they were a burdensome weight, holding him in check, bringing on a twisting of the gut, and a turbulence to his mind. The three of them began teenage chatter, exchanging information, likes, and dislikes until they were interrupted by Becca asking, "Where's Chase and Henri?"

"They'll be over for the reception later on," David giggled, pointing at Troy. "Nothing like trying to confuse and scare him all at once when the Pack and the others arrive."

Flynn, observing the three teens and their quick affinity for each other laughing and staying close, one to the other, noting their similar builds, hair color, and mannerisms, and allowed his eyes to drift to his sister.

"They certainly seem to have hit it off, haven't they?" Stephen asked quietly.

"Yes, they have," Flynn responded, "Yes they have."

The three spent the rest of their time, before the reception, wandering the house, checking out each other's room, and lounging on the deck. Troy soon found out Lindsey was mated to Henri Landry and David to Chase Landry. It didn't take him long to confess his own sexuality and was assured he'd see more than one gay couple before the day was over and not to worry.

"You might just find a mate among them," David suggested, "although all of the gay's I know of are pretty well taken right now."

Chase and Henri arrived just before the reception, introduced themselves, and positioned themselves not far from their mates. David and Lindsey explained Chase was the heir to the Alpha position of the Bayou Parish Pack since the death of his father and the others in the attack by the Red Wolf.

"So," Troy concluded, "this is part of what this upcoming confrontation Franklin told me about as well?"


David was on one side of him and Lindsey on the other as people started coming in the front door allowing Troy to put faces to the names he'd heard mentioned earlier in the day. Between David, Lindsey, Chase, and Henri they were able to clarify relationships, such as Jessie with Jase and Tyler, noting young Gaige was the adopted son of Jessie and the young Prince who seemed to be at the center of the current crisis. Patrick was his personal bodyguard and mated to Jennifer Fournier, who hadn't arrived yet.

It took a little longer to explain Eric and Evan and Ted's interaction as humans with the gathered Lycans as well as the presence of the Lejeune's and Jennifer Fournier arriving with Ted, with the gathered Lycan's. It didn't take much for Troy to note Patrick and Jennifer were mated as well as Jacques and Alicia Lejeune.

"So," Troy asked David softly, "Is the real Alpha of the Averill Creek Pack Jessie?"

"Actually, no!" David responded. "There are actually two; Jase and Tyler and they're both mated and married to Jessie."

Troy thought about it for a moment. "Do both of them, you know, have sex with Jessie?"


"Certainly not at the same time?"

"Yep again. How he can take those big todgers at the same time, I'll never know."

"You don't need to," Chase said reminding David of his own mating with him.

David and Lindsey, close by Troy's side, escorted him around the Great Room, introducing him to the others and assisting him with the refreshments and snacks their mother provided. Troy wondered, in his perambulation about the room, how such a large group could keep the secrets they seemed to hold without inadvertently revealing them in public.

His concerns were answered as he made the observation how assured and self-confident the others were in themselves and the inordinate amount of trust, they had in each other and the leadership. Jase and Tyler may be the Alpha's of the Averill Creek Pack, Chase may be the future Alpha of the Bayou Parish Pack, Franklin Campbell may be locked tight with the Kabetogama Pack, and Flynn and Stephen were in thick with the Grand Council, but the real leadership, the ones who the others leaned on for advice and guidance were Eric Trempealeau and Evan Troutman. For humans, he thought, they were beyond wise.

It wasn't until Troy made actual face-to-face contact with Ted Symthe, he realized he'd seen the human before! The encounter was in Maine where he had one of his frequent sexual assignations with the scientist, Dr. Steele. Steele preferred his sexual partners young and had enjoyed sex with Troy for some time, generally when human partners of the desirable ages were unavailable. Troy enjoyed the size of Steele's hard member and the knowledge he'd never be permanently mated to Steele no matter how many times or hard Steele fucked him.

His heart sank and a wave of despair and dread swept over him as he approached Symthe. Would the man say something, revealing his past liaisons with Steele or that he was a bottom and loved taking it up the ass? Would it fuck up his chances of really starting over, as his parents wished, finding a true mate or cause the others in this new pack of friends to hold him in distain or treat him like an Omega, expecting him to yield to any male wanting sexual release?

Ted recognized the handsome young man from Maine who'd been bent over while Steele fucked him the night he met with the adult werewolf. It'd been dark, but with enough moonlight available to reveal the young man's facial and body features, along with his apparent pleasure at the joining of bodies. Shaking Troy's hand, Ted smiled, saying, "Welcome to Kabetogama. I think you'll be happy here and discover you're with those who will accept you, a Maine transplant, just as you are, no more, no less, as they've accepted and trusted me."

David, Lindsey, and Troy, accompanied by Chase and Henri were about to step out onto the deck to enjoy the food on their plates, the nice weather, and the view of the lake, when a particularly unusual, but captivating scent, a faint scent unfamiliar to him but clearly detectable by him, wafted past his nostrils from inside the Great Room. He furled his eyebrows and flared his nostrils trying to locate the source, but was unable to.

From his observation, his companions appeared to be unaffected by the scent or even aware of it since they seemed not to react as he did. The scent, to him, was tantalizing, fragrant to the point of being alluring, beckoning him, intoxicating, and erotic, if the swelling and stiffness in his groin was any evidence. Troy so much wanted to find the source, investigate why this particular scent drew him like a moth to the flame, ants to the honeypot, or a canine seeking a mate to breed.

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