Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

"In Idle wishes fools supinely stay;
Be there a will, and wisdom finds a way."
(George Crabbe)

The silence permeating the room, precipitated by Jase's pronouncement of what the Averill Creek Pack must do and punctuated by Jacques's low, deadly, permanent sentence on the marauding pack of wolves bent on destruction, was broken by Eric saying calmly,

"We certainly have a great deal to think about and plan for don't we? Better to plan on a full stomach rather than an empty one, so Uncle Eric will fire up the grill and start what little cooking the steaks will take for the majority of us. I'll need some help setting up tables and chairs on the deck and lawn. While we do that," motioning to Chase, "why don't you introduce your brothers, your mates, and yourself to Mr. Symthe?"

Chase overheard Tyler, pointing at Patrick, to stick close to Gaige, advising him if he needed someone else to help, find them. "Nothing," he emphasized, "nothing shall happen to our son."

Patrick understood quite well what his responsibilities toward Gaige were. Not only that, but living in the same house brought them closer together. Gaige looked up to him as a big brother and Patrick happily took on the roll. He'd do whatever it took to protect the young boy.

Chase, acceding to Eric's request, led his brothers, David, and Lindsey over to where Ted Symthe stood, looking somewhat amazed and confused. Chase introduced himself and each of the others in turn, although he did omit David's and Lindsey's last name. He was still in the process of forming a judgement of this human newcomer into their lives.

"So," Ted began after the introductions, "I suppose you wonder how, in the past, I fit into this picture, as convoluted as it may seem, and why Jessie and the Campbell Twins, as well as most of the others, seem to mistrust me. Little do I blame them since I wasn't such a nice person at the time. Knowing what I know now, I can see their main reason, other than my job and personality, for their mistrust and hostility."

Ted explained his quest for the "mutated grey wolves who grew to such large size" and how he was quite brusque in his questioning and investigation, not realizing they misinterpreted his reasons. It wasn't to capture, but to document the existence of the large animals. Had he done so, it would've put the entire pack in danger and risked exposure to the world, and in Jessie's case, his family, of their dual existence. It would've sent werewolf hunters to the woods in scores and the only option would've been to leave the area, permanently.

Shaking his head, he said, astounded by the naked humans all around him, "I just can't believe," waving his hand at the gathering, "all of this! Never did I realize it wasn't all mythology and fables, but another dimension of the world and to our lives. I shudder at what would've happened if I'd revealed any of this. People," he continued unhappily, "I'd known for years would've been endangered and I would've been the reason."

Chase nodded his understanding. Since he was old enough to walk, talk, and understand, he'd been prepared to become the Alpha of the Bayou Parish Pack and to deal with the human population they'd have to associate with just to exist in communities. His Gran-mere Marie Le Compte made no secret of her human origins and how his Grand-pere turned her, willingly sacrificing her human existence for her love for him.

"You know," a serious tone in his voice, "it wasn't an idle threat the Averill Creek Alpha's mate made," pointing in the direction of Jessie. "You breathe one word of our existence, except in the human form and someone will kill you and, if it's Lycan's, any person you may've told. It cannot be made public knowledge."

Ted realized it wasn't a threat, but a promise and didn't doubt for one minute the sentence would be carried out. However, he saw no reason for it ever to be now he saw and understood what the consequences of speaking out entailed. Their secret was safe with him. If Eric and Evan could keep it all of those years, so could he.

"You're going to discover," Chase continued, "you're in the midst, here in these woods, of the largest concentration and population of Lycanthropes in one place probably in the world, not only in the United States. Don't be surprised at anything! You'll soon learn to discern humans from shifters, by sight and actions, just as Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan have. We all, and I do mean all, trust them with our lives. I hope we can do the same with you, but only your actions and time will tell."

Their conversation was ended when Evan called out, "Time to eat!"

The group of young people lined up at the buffet table with Diondre and Annie leading since they were the only couple there with really young children or "pups" as Chase referred to them. One little guy was toddling along holding Diondre's hand while the other boy was nursing at his mother's breast, siphoning his meal with gusto! The rest lined up in no other order what-so-ever. With a couple of exceptions; at Chase's suggestion, Ted waited until the end, along with Eric and Evan, since "the steaks will be done more to your liking."

Anyone viewing the assembled body of young people would imagine they could be part of a family gathering or a group of friends celebrating some event. A major concern, to the outside observer not accustomed to the sight, would be the fact they were all naked, except for the three older men, and very buff and fit, as fit as could be for their ages.

"Do the young ones, like Diondre's boys or Gaige and his friend Christopher, shift from human to wolf?" Ted asked, curious about the process, and realizing he had much to learn in his new-found status.

"Nope!" announced Jacques proudly. "Only when their balls begin to drop and hair starts to grow around their dicks. See?" he said, pointing at his teen cock and sparse pubic hair. I had my first shift a year ago."

"When our females give birth," Chase recounted, "they no longer shift until the pup can survive without nursing and able to eat solid food. I fear in Diondre and Annie's situation, it'll be a long time for her."

"Yeah!" Henri giggled. "He's really horny!"

"And you're not?" Lindsey responded with a playful slap on Henri' shoulder.

Embarrassed to ask as he looked at Lindsey's pubescent crotch with its small opening and sparse hair, yet unable to turn his eyes away, Ted took a deep breath before asking hesitantly,

"How do you and Henri keep from getting yourself, you know, pregnant?"

"The females can stop ovulation so they don't get pregnant during intercourse until they've been claimed and mated. Even then, in times of food shortages, stressful times, too large a previous litter, and any number of reasons, they can prevent or delay pregnancy," Lindsey explained. "I do know I don't want to get pregnant until after we graduate from high school."

"Chase and I don't worry about it," David added.

"I'd think," Ted shot back with a laugh, "you'd be more concerned about keeping anything in after that," pointing at Chase's big dick, "came out."

"Actually," Chase informed Ted, "there is no stigma attached to sexual play at any age, especially the younger ones. It gives them the opportunity to explore, experience each other, and help sort out mates in the future. The teens, such as Jacques who's not mated, sometimes spend a lot of time enjoying the company of others in a sexual way. It also gives them the opportunity to work off tensions. Of course, the older ones do as well. This is especially true after a fight or battle. The males will often fuck the defeated or each other for release."

"For those couples such as David and me," Chase went on, "and Henri and Lindsey who have chosen our mates, we enjoy our pleasures whenever and as often as we wish."

"I suppose that includes Rick and Robbie," Ted commented pointing out the two of them off to the side with Robbie bent over and Rick mounted from behind, pumping a load deep into Robbie's ass.

"Yep!" smirked Jacques.

Ted neared the end of the buffet line, opting for a scoop of potato salad and a hard roll to have with his steak.

"Medium, Medium rare, or well?" Evan asked.

"Medium, please."

"Thought so. I set one aside for each of us. Eric and I both prefer our steak cooked, not almost raw."

Eric invited Ted to join them at a small table, separate from the others, on the deck where they could visit and still enjoy the sights and sounds of their young guests. Little was discussed while the three men enjoyed their meal. Finishing, Eric said seriously,

"They'll," pointing at the young Lycans, "want to keep you near where they can watch over you. You'll probably think its mistrust and probably there is some, but they have much to guard in their secrecy. In addition, if this band of marauding wolves or whoever this stranger is, discovers your role in all this, your life will be forfeit."

"How about the two of you? You have a longer involvement with this group than I do."

"Oh, we've known the dangers before, haven't we Love?" Eric said, smiling at Evan. "So for a couple of old farts, we do have some resources. However, what will be will be. We've done our best to protect and help this group, our family," waving at the young people enjoying themselves.

Chase gathered his brothers, David, and Lindsey at a table well enough away to allow some modicum of privacy while they ate and visited.

"We are faced with some difficult or as, some would say, "shitty," times ahead of us," Chase confessed, "and our goal will be to survive. Sometimes that's not always the end result as we witnessed with Mom, Dad, and our grandparents. We must do our best to defend our Prince as we promised to do and to provide for the survival of the Pack."

Jacques knew where this was going and started to object.

"Jacques," Chase reminded him, "you know I have no choice and neither do you. The possibilities Henri and I might be killed are great and you must survive. When the fighting nears, I want you safely inside the Campbell Compound or at the Lodge. No one can get to you in either place."

Raising his hand to stop any protests, he continued. "You'll be joined by David and Lindsey."

"No!" they both growled at once.

"Chase," David said, "my place is with you, now and forever."

"And mine with you, Henri," Lindsey echoed emphatically. "I'll have it no other way!"

Rather than argue the point with them, Chase merely said, "We'll discuss this another time. But there is something we need to talk about now."

Chase explained if the Red Wolf or any of the mercenaries hired to help him should discover their relationships to each other, the would-be attackers would try to use David and Lindsey against Chase and Henri in order to kill them.

"We can't hide it since too many people in the area know we're couples. My god, we go everywhere in each other's company. So, we must turn the tables on the bastards and use it to our advantage."

"Dad always said a good offense is a good defense," Henri added.

"So it is, so it is," Chase said thoughtfully.

Chase wasn't certain how it'd work out with David and Lindsey, probably not as he hoped, but Jacques knew his duty and responsibility, disappointed as he was. The Bayou Parish Pack just could not die out for many reasons.

Jessie interrupted Eric, Evan, and Ted in their visiting announcing he'd made arrangements for Ted to stay a couple of nights at Sutton's motel and then in a cabin for a week once one opened up.

"After that," he said, "we should have something a little more stable for you, Ted."

He headed off a negative response from Ted by announcing he was paying the bill for it all.

"He can well afford it," Eric added with a grin as Stephen and Flynn joined them.

While the Landry's visited, Chase noticed Stephen and Flynn, joining Jessie at Eric and Evan's table.

"Somethings up!" he announced, quickly standing. "I'm going to find out what."

"I'm going with you," Henri added, determined to find out as well, but asking Jacques to stick with David and Lindsey while he and Chase left the table.

"Mind if we join you?" Chase asked nonchalantly and without waiting for a response, stepped behind Eric and waited for Henri to join him.

Stephen opened the discussion by explaining Flynn and he, having considerable experience with the dealings and makeup of the various Lycanthrope packs throughout the United States and Canada, thought it'd be a good idea to start the planning process now, in order to be prepared for the coming assault.

Jessie announced Jase, Tyler, and he would be free in two days so it'd be great opportunity to meet. He suggested Eric and Evan be in attendance since their advice and insight was always appreciated and welcomed by the Averill Creek Pack.

Somewhat perturbed the discussion thus far hadn't included his brothers and himself, Chase interrupted the discussion.

"Excuse me, Henri, Jacques, and I will also in be attendance, along with David and Lindsey. This entire issue isn't going to be held without inclusion of destruction of what remains of the Bayou Parish Pack. Granted, the protection of the Prince is foremost, but there's much you don't know and won't know if we are excluded."

The manner in which he delivered his remarks left little doubt he'd brave no argument to the contrary. If there was, it'd prove to be futile. There appeared to be no objection from those assembled.

"Stephen and I," Flynn suggested, "would like to invite Franklin Campbell to attend. He's an I.T. wizard and is also closer to the Grand Council than any of us. It'd be more convenient and definitely more secure if we meet at my sister's place on Remote Lake. Since Becca and Franklin married, he's made a great many security improvements there."

The meeting was set to happen in two days, about mid-morning at Remote Lake.

Tyler, with Christopher on his shoulders, and Jase, with Gaige on his, followed by Patrick, walked up from the lake, having retrieved the young boys from their swimming fun. Approaching the group of adults, Jase announced, "I think it's time we get our young studs dressed and head for home."

"Aw, Uncle Jase," Christopher pleaded, "do we have to?"

"Yep! It's been a long, busy day with lots of fun, but the sun will be setting soon."

"Not too soon," Gaige observed, arguing the point. "This is the start of summer and we have more daylight."

"You're absolutely right," Jessie countered, "but it doesn't mean you sleep less, so let's get you dressed," as he lifted Gaige from Jase's shoulders.

Chase could see the other members of the pack gathering their things, cleaning up the tables, putting left-over's away, and preparing to leave.

"I suppose," Ted began, "I should take my leave as well."

"No, no," Eric pleaded, "please stay and visit with us. Stephen and Flynn are going to stay as well. You need to become familiar with their relationship to the Landry's and how those boys came to be with us."

It wasn't long until cleanup was complete, goodbyes, and hugs given, leaving Eric, Evan, Ted, Stephen, Flynn, David, Lindsey, and the Landry Brothers, who lived there, and the group dispersed. Evan urged them to retire to the front screened in porch so the pesky mosquitoes would be less of a problem. The seven shifters decided to get dressed as well. Chase and Henri would've preferred to stay naked with David and Lindsey, but what they might do probably would prove to be disastrous to the real reason why Eric and Evan wanted Ted to stay. Ted needed to know some of the history and understand what he should expect from the relationships he was entering into.

"I think, Ted," Eric began once the crowd departed, "you need to understand the relationships in our little mixed, human and shifter, LGBTQ, and straight community. First of all, Chase, Henri, and Jacques are grandchildren of a cousin of mine, Marie La Compte. This, I assume, you've already concluded by tracking them to our house. Marie sent a rather descriptive portfolio with the lads, containing everything I'd need to know concerning them and what they'd need to understand as they matured. She sent them here for protection. She made these provisions to protect her grandchildren, her adopted son, Gaige, and the future of the Bayou Parish Pack. This we will do! Now that's relatively simple to a point. Everything after that gets rather complicated."

Eric turned to Flynn and asked him to explain his position and that of Stephen's.

Flynn nodded; "David and Lindsey are my sister's children, hence my nephew and niece. Stephen and I became involved in a rescue of her and David and Lindsey from an abusive husband and step-son. Becca, my sister, lost contact over the years and we were reunited when she finally found me and requested my assistance. Stephen and I were partners since high school. Franklin Campbell, older brother to Jason and Tyler and now brother-in-law to Jessie Sutton, assisted us, at our request, in our rescue. My sister and he married shortly after we completed our mission. My sister was turned by Franklin; David was turned by Chase, and Lindsey was turned by Henri. Got it so far?"

"You also need to know," Flynn continued, "the three of us, Stephen, Becca, and I are all from the Eagle Lake area of Maine, where you came into contact with our kind. Stephen and I are well aware of the eccentric side of Dr. Steele. Becca didn't know him as our Pack did. Throughout the region it was rumored he loved fucking young and teen boys. No one ever came forward accusing him of it or admitting being a paramour or participant, but there were many who knew it to be true since they'd been fucked by Steele on one or more occasion. He knew us and he also knew we wouldn't hesitate, if he reported our existence, to produce a victim or two to give testimony which would put him away for life. He'd be fucked every night several times to the point he could no longer control his bowels. That fate he feared and didn't want! So, we had him and he knew it!"

Chase listened carefully as the men discussed their background and area of origin. They were making every effort to enforce Symthe, trying to bring him into the loop, so to speak. Eric and Evan listened attentively as well, offering little except when asked or they felt the need to clarify a point or insert into the conversation some important detail they thought the others may have overlooked.

Over the year they'd been living with Eric and Evan, Chase and his brothers grew to respect and love the elderly gentlemen. His grandmother chose well for a guardian for her grandsons. Although aged, the two men's minds were as sharp as ever, albeit their bodies were not quite as agile as they often expressed, lamenting there were certain things they couldn't do or were slow in accomplishing. Their age didn't seem to stop them from doing most things, including achieving a respectable cock-stand long enough to get their rocks off.

"Amazing," Chase thought as he watched and listened. "I can only hope as much at their age."

His thoughts drifted to the upcoming meeting concerning their plan of action, wondering what plan or plans may be presented and what resources each participant in the action would bring to use in defense his brothers, himself, and the Prince. As far as he knew, Eric, Evan, his brothers, and he were aware of the massive amount of information his grandmother sent with them to give to her cousin, Eric. There was print as well as electronic data contained on thumb drives. Those thumb drives contained their financial assets, their family lineage including the Bayou Parish Pack's role over the generations, and most importantly, lists of those who escaped by being sent away to safety and their locations. These escapees were noted by name, age, gender, and packs they were sent to.

The major contribution his brothers and he, other than two fighters, was knowledge! They knew the Red Wolf, how he fought, what his strengths and weaknesses were, and what he and some of his pack members looked like in both human and wolf forms. Of course, in return, they knew what the Landry's looked like so it sort of evened out. Somehow, someway, his brothers and he would have to devise a way to see without being seen or recognized if they were seen by members of the Red Wolf pack.

The conversation was slowly winding down. Symthe finally announced he needed some sleep. "It's been a long, somewhat confusing, but most revealing day, and I'm worn out."

"How about meeting us for breakfast in the morning at the Pelican?" Evan invited. "We'll be there about seven. Please come join us."

"Boys?" he asked, looking at Chase.

"Nah! We'll be going to Remote Lake in the morning, unless Jacques would want to go along with you guys," Henri declared.

Jacques snickered, nodding he's just as son go with Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan, knowing full well having breakfast at Remote Lake was secondary to the fact both Henri and Chase just wanted to fuck. His face sort of sagged afterwards, his thoughts pulling into his mind.

Eric saw the reaction on Jacques face, and nodded his approval. "We enjoy his company and would be happy to have him," noting Jacques quick "okay,"

Eric and Evan hugged each other in bed that evening and while doing so, Eric brought the subject up. "I think Jacques is lonely, not so much for family, but for someone of his own. I'm thinking he feels he's the odd man out when he's with Chase, David, Henri, and Lindsey."

"I think you're right," agreed Evan. "I also think he's straight, maybe bi but pretty sure he's straight. We'll have to do something about it, don't you think, Love?"

Eric nodded his approval, but raised another question. "What are we going to do about this other little problem that came our way today?"

"Don't know yet. Let's sleep on it, okay?"

Ted, well situated in his motel room at Sutton's, drifted off to sleep, wondering if Prewitt was happy now he had his Prince to watch after.

Prewitt, settled on the headboard of Gaige's bed, listened to the soft, light snores of HRH Prince Gaige. "Much better than all of the moans, shouts of delight, and the thumping and rocking of the beds in this house. I think Patrick, Gaige, and I were the only ones either fucking or being fucked!"

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