Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 5

"Beginning of the teaching for life,
The instructions for well-being…
Knowing how to answer one who speaks,
To reply to one who sends a message."

"Well," mused Chase as he maneuvered David to straddle his lap, back to belly, encouraging the smaller male to position himself in such a manner so he could impale himself on Chase's very erect, throbbing member, "this could be interesting and fun."

"It always is," responded David, wiggling as he lowered himself to accommodate the fat, large plum-shaped head of Chase's penis brushing the anal ring, for entry into his butt. As the head popped through, David's bowels began stretching and massaging the invader in a conditioned reflex to welcome it further and further into his depths.

"Can't deny that," Chase whispered softly into David's ear, nibbling a lobe with his lips as his cock was sinking deeper and deeper, "but I was referring to watching and hearing what Prewitt does and says."

"Who's Prewitt?" David gasped, his butt cheeks resting solidly on Chase's pubic bush and pelvic bones, the long, fat cock he loved so well, fully and truly seated, preparing him for breeding.

"He's Gaige's friend, the Feufollet garcon, a Cajun boy fairy. Watch closely and you'll see him, eventually, after he decides he's done with Jessie."

"NO?" Jessie, declared, questioning Prewitt's incredulous refusal to obey his command to show himself. "You would defy me?"

"You, bet I would," Prewitt fired back emphatically from somewhere in the room. "You have no authority over me and you know it! You may be an extremely powerful wolf, but if you're not careful, Brownies, Pixies, and Wood Nymphs may decide to make your life miserable for a time."

Prewitt had no idea if they would, but he thought it'd be a good retort to throw back at Jessie.

Jessie sort of sputtered, Jase and Tyler glared about the room in anger, yet not knowing where to look for the Cajun boy fairy. The Landry's just snickered, quietly, of course. Eric, Evan, Stephen, and Flynn just sort of sat back and watched the drama unfold in front of them the boy fairy was visiting on the leadership of the Averill Creek Pack. Rick and Mike began moving closer to their Alphas and their mate.

"You boys just need to calm down," Prewitt explained, much like a nannie might address her charges. "Maybe a bowl of Jambalaya would help. Ever had Jambalaya? Probably not! Puts fire in your belly and lead in your pencil. Of course, in your cases, it may take more than one bowl to put enough lead in your pencils, considering the sizes."

Prewitt laughed heartily at his joke!

Jessie finally wagged his head from side to side in resignation, offered up a smile, asking, "Okay, Prewitt, Cajun Fairy, or whatever you prefer, what do I have to do or say to make you appear?"

"He's decided to cooperate and listen, Ted," Prewitt whispered, suddenly appearing perched on Ted's shoulder. "Don't worry, he can't see me yet."

Still unseen by the others in the room, Prewitt explained slowly, "Ask me nicely and apologize to Ted for all the nonsense you put him through."

Gaige and Christopher, accompanied by Patrick, entered the room from the lake side of the house and Patrick received a message from Jessie to the effect of "what the heck is he doing in here?" Patrick shrugged his shoulders, indicating he had no real control over Gaige once Gaige set his mind to something.

"Prewitt," Gaige said, "Please stop the teasing, show yourself, and tell my Poppas what you told me a few minutes ago."

"Yes, my Lord," Prewitt replied in obeisance. He hesitated before adding, "Right after Mr. Powerful Wolf apologizes."

Jessie quickly obliged, apologizing to both Ted and Prewitt.

"That's better," Prewitt announced happily, popping up alongside Ted, appearing in the shape, form, height, and beauty of a very, naked young boy, clothed only in a sheer, white transparent open robe. Prewitt was beauty personified, beyond all imagination, but quite transparent in his wispy, milky white color.

"Oh, my god, Eric," Evan sighed softly, "have you ever seen something so delicate, so erotically sensual ever?"

"No," Eric exhaled gently, "so delicate, so perfect!"

"Perfect enough to make an impotent man erect and randy as a colt."

"So deliciously tempting," Eric responded, "and uncut."

"No calories in that one, I'll bet," Evan said, swiping his tongue across his lips.

Jase, Tyler, and Jessie, looking carefully at the Cajun Boy Fairy, tried to ascertain his actual role and relationship to Gaige.

"You may not be aware, Prewitt," Jessie announced, "Jase, Tyler, and I adopted Gaige as our son in order to offer him our protection and a home, as his Auntie Marie requested. Given that, why should we believe what you have to say to us?"

"You may be the adopted parents of his Lordship, for now, but I'm the Consort to the Prince, his companion, appointed by our good and gracious Fairy Queen!"

"And we are to believe you, why?"

"Ask the Cajun Wolf, seated there on the stairs. He'll be Alpha of the Bayou Parish Pack once they are gathered together and after the defeat of the Red Wolf."

Ted looked toward the stairs as Prewitt was pointing and slowly shook his head from side to side in disbelief.

"I thought there were no surviving relatives to the Landry's according to the newspapers?" Ted muttered to Prewitt.

"It didn't say there were no surviving relatives, the reports just didn't mention any!"

Ted looked closely at the group on the stairwell, focusing on the older teen and the young man sitting on his lap.

"My god, Prewitt, they're fucking!"

"So are the boy and girl," Prewitt responded, switching his gaze from Chase to Henri and Lindsey, noting the depth of Henri's cock buried pubes deep in Lindsey's small front opening to Ted.

Ted looked carefully, deciding the small opening and the large phallus inserted in it and wondered just how the hell it fit!

"Tight, very tight," Prewitt conjectured, "but look at Chase's partner, not only stretched as tight as a gnat's ass across a drum head, but as deep as his belly button, maybe!"

"Excuse me, for interrupting, Jessie, but I want to know why a boy fairy for Consort and not a Fairy Godmother for Gaige," Jase wondered.

Prewitt sort of snorted, disgusted, aghast at the question!

"Really," he responded with disbelief in his voice, "how would you feel, dancing around in your nakedness with your cock flopping about and balls jiggling up and down like two melons in a feed sack in front of your Fairy Godmother, if you had one? Give me a break!"

"Would you look at her, smile, and ask her if she wanted to hold your melons or check out your water hose? I doubt it! Could you talk to her about fapping your whizzer? Forget that! Any more questions? If not, let's get down to business. My Lord, his Excellency, has requested I relay to you what I revealed to him."

Eric, ever the attorney and in an attempt to cool down any rhetoric, broke from his admiration of the winsomeness of the Boy Fairy long enough to ask,

"Prewitt, why don't you tell us, from the beginning, what danger young Gaige is in and from where, please?"

"Just a moment," Prewitt begged and flitted over to the staircase, landing and then standing just two steps below Chase and David. He leaned over, then crouched down for a better look. Furrowing his eyebrows as he inspected where the two were coupled together, shook his head several times before saying, "looks like you've stuffed four pounds of bananas in a one pound container."

Looking up at David, he asked, wincing as he did, "Doesn't it just hurt terribly?"

"Watch it, Prewitt," Chase warned, "I'd advise you to get back to Uncle Eric's request!"

"Right!" the fairy responded, quickly retreating and resuming his position next to Ted.

"Well," he began, "Gaige was such a cute baby when he was born."

"Prewitt!" Chase warned from the staircase.

Pouting and grumbling, Prewitt said, "He said at the beginning."

"Chase will confirm, if you doubt me, there's always been some rivalry between the Packs, especially between the Bayou Parish Pack and the Red Wolf Pack, but nothing ever really serious until last year."

There'd been minor skirmishes over the years, but nothing to be overly concerned with. Herbert Landry, the Alpha of the Bayou Parish Pack, knew very well Alfred La Rue, the Alpha of the Red Wolf Pack, coveted the territory of his pack, but if the Red Wolf would encroach, cause some difficulties, or make some sort of overt attack, Landry would report him to the Grand Council. The Red Wolf would be mildly castigated and reprimanded and thing would quiet down.

"Marie Le Compte, your distant cousin, Mr. Trempealeau, was a wise wolf with second sight. She foretold the past battle which brought her grandchildren and Gaige Saulnier to your home. She knew it wasn't going to be pleasant, with much death, and destruction of the Bayou Parish Pack. Marie couldn't allow her grandsons or her adopted son to be murdered. Someone had to survive to protect the future Lord of the Lycans. As a result, she began making arrangements to protect them. Only she and her husband and the Landry's know who his Lordship was destined to become. Evidently, this wasn't the case, as I discovered."

Marie's preparations were made secretly long before the actual event, even the Landry Brothers had no idea what arrangements were made for Gaige and them, until the night of the fatal attack on the Pack. The four of them escaped as the battle between the two Packs was enjoined. She'd also warned Pack members, several days before the attack, to send children away secretly so they'd survive. Not all members of the Pack did so.

"My Prince is also blessed with second sight and knew he was to be sent away. This he told me, but didn't know exactly where it was to be. He also knew there was to be a battle coming and warned his Auntie Marie. He left with the Landry Brothers, considerable wealth, and, most importantly, the large signet ring of his ancestors signifying his royalty and his heritage. Gaige Wyatt Saulnier, when reaching his majority, is to become Lord of the Lycans, as had his ancestors before him."

The Red Wolf and his Pack of marauders, augmented by some rogue wolves he recruited or volunteered, attacked the Bayou Parish Pack, and the battle was fierce and violent. His orders to his pack of killers was to leave no survivors, especially the Landry's. La Rue wanted to take no chances one would survive and challenge him in the future. The battle was furious, but relatively short, ending just before dawn.

"La Rue was injured severely by Marie Le Compte during the battle and now has a great scar on his left rear leg and walks with a significant limp and his Beta took over."

Ted overheard a strong, solid, almost triumphant "YES!" emanate from one of the three Landry boys when Prewitt announced the injury to the Red Wolf. He could feel the pride and sense the sadness at the same time in the voice praising the injury inflicted by Marie Le Compte. Although he'd never met the lady, he was growing in his respect for the now deceased shifter.

The Beta ordered the Rogues of the Pack to eliminate the La Compte's, if any were left, and the Landry's. The Rogues had never seen either family, so when the battle was over and all the Bayou Parish Pack appeared to be dead, they declared to La Rue both families were killed and bodies left to rot. The Red Wolf Pack also suffered significant losses and La Rue was slowly recovering, so no follow-up was made.

"Somehow," Prewitt continued, "your Grand Council of Elders was convinced this was another pack rivalry fight, came in, cleaned up the mess, and provided cover stories. La Rue was left with the impression my Prince and the Landry's were dead and buried since the news reports of the deaths indicated there were no surviving next of kin. Had he known otherwise, he'd have left no rock unturned hunting them down. The Red Wolf is easily duped, I discovered."

Prewitt paused momentarily, tapping his head, raising his eyebrows, stated knowingly, "Albert La Rue is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you know what I mean."

"I don't think he had any idea the killing of the Landry's was the secondary purpose of the battle. I'd have thought the same if it hadn't been for my Prince's warning to me he had to leave. Who would want your Prince of Lycan's dead? My Queen appointed me his Consort at his birth, but I had no idea where he'd disappeared to so secret was it. I pleaded with her to allow me to go find him, but she ordered me to stay put and keep my eyes and ears open. She was convinced there was a bigger plot afoot and the attack on the Landry's was just a cover to destroy the Prince's lineage and reign. The Red Wolf was a willing and stupid pawn and still is. I'm so pleased I stayed and learned what I did."

Chase, David, Henri, Lindsey, and Jacques left their staircase perch and migrated to the living room where the others were gathered listening to Prewitt. Chase decided to be closer since it'd appear not only were his brothers and himself going to be the subject of some sort of assault, with possible annihilation by the Red Wolf, but he wanted to learn all he could from Prewitt in order to defend themselves and Gaige from the coming attack.

All three knew La Rue was not overly brilliant, as Prewitt informed the others, but he was brutal, ruthless, and devious. He was a creature of habit and not overly supplied with mental acuity. He could be outwitted, but it'd take some careful planning.

Gaige, Christopher, and Patrick settled themselves closer to Jessie. They'd heard most of what the Cajun Boy Fairy was going to say, but Gaige wanted to hear it again, this time in the closeness and protection of his Poppas.

"I spent some time," continued Prewitt, "visiting the Red Wolf's tavern, you know the one, Chase. It's dark, kind of a dive, and where you only order a drink from a bottle and not from a glass. About the only things the customers order there is raw beef. I also spent some time visiting your old homes along with listening in on meetings of the Red Wolf Pack. Nothing of consequence was learned until about two months ago."

Prewitt was alerted to something going to happen by a couple of Brownie friends who just happened upon La Rue talking to someone on the phone. La Rue was going to meet someone, a stranger from out of town, at the La Compte house. The stranger evidently didn't want anyone to know he was in town or in the area.

The two men met, but Prewitt was unable to eavesdrop on the entire exchange, but he did hear, as the stranger passed an envelope to La Rue, the stranger comment the Landry's were at some distant human cousin's home.. He told La Rue, once those relatives were located, to scout the area well, then make his move. I heard him say, "I don't think you'll need them since the cousin is human, but I'll arrange for three or four rogues with you. They'll be ruthless and won't leave any survivors. I want it done before the end of August."

"If La Rue would've heard the phone conversation after he left, he'd never would've agreed, 'cause the stranger told whoever he called to make certain there were no survivors, including La Rue and all his pack."

"He did say, your job is make certain the Saulnier brat is dead. Evidently he was asked how they'd know who it was and the stranger told him he'd be the one with the ring on his finger or on a lanyard around his neck."

Prewitt paused, a very serious look on his face. "I remember distinctly the stranger telling the person on the phone not to worry because he'd be there himself to verify it."

"Well, that's quite some payment for services, isn't it?" Eric commented dryly.

"So," Chase asked, "What do we do?"

"We kill them all!" Jase responded.

"Every fucking one of the bastards," Jacques growled to his brothers.

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