Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 7

"If all the world and love were young,
And truth in every shepherd's tongues
These pretty pleasures might me move
To live with thee, and be thy love."
(Sir Walter Ralegh)

The morning sun was just gaining strength, warming the cool summer air as it peeked slowly over the pine forests at the end of Remote Lake and began dusting night's shadows away from the Lodge where David and Lindsey lived with their mother, their infant half-brother, and Step-father, Franklin Campbell.

Around midnight, David, Lindsey, Chase, Henri, and Jacques rendezvoused near the dock in front of the Lodge, where Chase, Henri, and Jacques waited in wolf shape for David and Lindsey to shift and join them. The five wolves, yelped their excitement, and began an energetic, invigorating, and delightful night run through the forests adjacent to and surrounding Remote Lake. The Lake and the Lodge were in the midst of a mixture of State, Federal, and County forests so the wolves' territory for this particular run was large and familiar. They made no kills, but just enjoyed the freedom their wolf shapes provided them. The five wolves didn't announce their presence, other than their initial yelps as they started out, by howling as they ran, preferring to remain unnoticed so attention by humans wasn't drawn to them.

There was a sizeable population of Lycanthropes, shifters, in the area now and all they needed was to spark some bit of curiosity to inflame those who'd wish them harm or harm to the natural Grey Wolves in the timber surrounding Kabetogama. Ted Symthe's discovery of their presence, identities, and inclusion of him into their secret world was something Chase wished could've been avoided, but it was not to be.

About an hour before sunrise, Jacques declared he was heading home and bade the others farewell. He'd be a lone wolf traveling cross-country through the forests, albeit friendly territory, but there were still dangers. He'd be home in less than an hour, knowing not to dally along the way, bringing more worry to his older brother than already existed by his lone trek.

"Let me know when you're home," Chase requested.

"Got'cha," Jacques acknowledged.

Loping along without his brothers was a relatively new experience for Jacques, but it did remove him from a situation causing him great loneliness. Chase and Henri had mates and he had none. He so longed for a female his age to share with and enjoy her company. Jacques thought he had much to offer in the way of looks, personality, and energy. If his brothers were any examples, he'd be able to provide a willing female a very full twat! He believed, as Chase and Henri discovered and his now deceased father said, he'd know his mate when he saw her. If things worked out, mayhap he'd know sooner than later.

Jacques approached the house cautiously, not that he expected anything but, he'd rather err on the side of caution than be caught and killed. Everything appeared to be calm, there were no strange scents, except for a filthy bear who smelled like he'd been rolling in shit, lingering in the air, and he could hear Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan's soft, yet steady snores.

Jacques shifted to human as he stepped up on the porch, looked around again, just to check. The fact there was a killer squad on the way, presented danger not only to his brothers and him, but to Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan as well. Entering the house, he tested the air again, perked up his ears, and decided all was well. He decided from now on, until this mess was sorted out, he'd stick close to the two elderly gentlemen. He'd be able to fight in a way they couldn't and be able to identify the attackers sooner. Before crawling in bed for a short snooze before he joined Eric and Evan for breakfast, he sent a message, telepathically, to Chase announcing he was home, safe and sound.

Chase and David were laying on the dock at Remote Lake, in front of the Lodge David and Lindsey called home, allowing the early morning sun to dry their naked bodies. Lindsey and Henri, after Henri buried himself inside her small, female slit, several times, were walking toward the house. Lindsey, arms around Henri's neck, her head resting on his shoulder, remained impaled on his huge phallus. Each step he took brought soft, welcoming moans from her and brought an increasingly pleasurable friction to his cock. Henri doubted he'd last until they reached her bedroom before flooding her again with a load of his cum.

David and Chase were both erect and passionate for each other, even though prior to their swim, they'd coupled several times during their run and after arriving back at the Lodge. David knew very well what his sister and Henri were doing in her bedroom and imagined Jacques, without a girlfriend, was busying wanking his own prod to ejaculation.

"Why do that when I can do this?" he thought, reaching over giving Chase's swollen penis several strokes.

"Anytime you want and as often as you want," Chase answered invitingly. His cock throbbed, ready to seek a warm, moist, tight place to go to work.

Chase turned David over onto his back, slipped between the smaller teen's legs, lifted those smooth legs to his waist securing them around his waist, smiled, gripped his prick with one hand and spread David's ready, wrinkled pucker in order to ready it for penetration, and leaned forward until the thick, large plum-shaped head nudged the entrance to the holy of holies. A slow, but strong, push, a bit of resistance, and they were coupled balls to ass.

"Take me, please, Chase," David pleaded, longing in his eyes while his penis throbbed with his sexual desire for release.

"So I shall, my love," Chase responded and began a slow, but steady thrusting back and forth, with David reciprocating with his own squeezing of his anal ring and upward pushes of his pelvis, brought the dual to a groaning, whimpering, ejaculate deluge, coating stomachs and David's internal receptacle with the pleasure and release they both loved. The thousands of tiny swimming sperm would dry up and die on their stomachs, while those desperately swimming in the rich and bountiful semen deposited by Chase inside David would do no more than become eventual waste for the toilet.

Chase rolled over, carrying David with him so his lover now rested stomach to stomach and face to face. He didn't however, pull his still hard phallus from David's love chute, preferring to leave it imbedded and still twitching, almost readying for another round of love-making. They reveled in the high brought on by orgasm and the restful bliss following it.

Laying quietly for a few moments, Chase nuzzled David's neck, and carefully broached the subject which wouldn't make David a very happy camper. It was essential, however, to speak of it, not only for the future of the Bayou Parish Pack, but for the preservation of his mate and Henri's as well. David had to agree to the conditions put forth and the responsibilities going with it, if the most dire consequences of the upcoming battle occurred.

"The meeting tomorrow," Chase began slowly, "will be somewhat hectic with each of us bringing our ideas on how the battle with the Red Wolf shall be fought, what should we do to alert ourselves of his eminent approach, and how to manage our fighters. Personally, I'd prefer an ambush of some sort, perhaps using some sort of trap with something to lure him into it. I'm afraid, however, the major concentration will be on the protection of Gaige and less on the protection of Jacques and Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan. Jacques is our future and if Henri and I don't make it through this fight,….."

David interrupted, a catch in his voice, pleading, "Don't say that! I won't let you die!"

"Well, I don't intend to give up without one hell of a fight, but I still have to consider the possibility I might not make it and so do you. I think we have some advantages, but I really need you and Lindsey to stay back, protecting Gaige, Jacques, and Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan. I can't be worrying about them at the same time I'm trying to save my own ass."

"Why can't you help us? Gaige will be well protected by Jessie Sutton and his husbands, the Campbells."

"Probably so," agreed Chase, "but our Pack, under various names over the centuries, have pledged to help protect our Prince and so Henri and I must do so."

Saddened by what he knew had to be, David nodded. "I understand, but I don't like it. We'll have to plan and decide where would be the best place to make our stand in case we're attacked as well. Perhaps a hideout, a defensive place other than your house. It'll just be the two of us holding off larger, more experienced fighters."

"Four of you, not counting Jacques," Chase smiled, "maybe five."


"Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan for two of them."

"How in the world are humans going to stand up to and fight werewolves?"

Chase twitched his cock inside David, giving a thrust and a short laugh,

"When this thing kicks off, stay at least twenty to thirty feet from Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan."


"They'll be carrying pistols, shotguns, and rifles loaded with silver bullets and shot shells full of silver pellets. They keep them locked up in a lead lined gun cabinet in their bedroom. From what I recall from others, when the battle with the Rogue Wolf some time back happened, those two crafty buggers have their own bag of nasty tricks which blast the shit out of werewolves."

"Oh, my god!" exclaimed David, tightening his sphincter muscles around Chase's cock. "Whose number five?"

"Ted Symthe!"

David started to rock back and forth, stimulating both himself and Chase.

"Hold up, a second," Chase cautioned, "there's one more issue we have to discuss."

David stopped!

"About three months ago, Uncle Eric showed us the list of where the young from our Pack were sent to protect them after Grand-mere Marie's warning. They are scattered all over the country, some not too far from here. In most cases, only the very young were dispersed, but in others, parents wanted to keep the family units together so sent the entire family group, from the oldest to the youngest. The oldest in each family group would have been anywhere from thirteen to fifteen, generally. It was her idea these would serve the basis for reestablishing the Bayou Pack and provide future protection for our Prince."

"I'm planning on surviving this battle, David, and my question is simply this; if I should bring the Pack together and if Gaige should decide to re-locate, would you be agreeable to leaving here and going with me to wherever the new place might be?"

"Yes!" David answered emphasizing his commitment by beginning the rocking motion on Chase's cock.

Henri and Lindsey, in her bedroom, were having a similar conversation. Chase and Henri agreed to broach the subject with their mates earlier. This, making love, seemed to Henri the time when Lindsey might be most agreeable.

His cock, wedged tight and deep in Lindsey's welcoming and reacting vagina, throbbing and spewing out copious amounts of semen rich with sperm, was so thick it'd prevent any leakage from her small twat. Her response to his proposal was clear, unambiguous, and quite different from the response her brother delivered to Chase. She agreed to Henri's decision and proposal, but added a caveat of her own.

"Before the battle begins, Henri, I want you to put a pup or two inside me. Putting it bluntly, I want a baby!"

Henri was shocked at her demand!

Slowly shaking his head, he argued, pleaded, they were still young, in high school, she was so small having a baby might harm her, they should wait until she was older and more physically mature, her mother would object, and so on. His pronouncements met absolutely no acceptance from his mate!

Lindsey listened to all of his pleadings patiently, finally contracting her internal muscles, squeezing the vestiges of his cum from his still stiff cock, raised up facing him, relaxed, and pulled away bringing a soft "plop" from his cock as it exited her cunt.

Putting her arms around his neck, she smiled wickedly. "I hope you've enjoyed your last fuck with me, Henri, at least until the battle is over. You'll get no more from me until you agree to my terms or until the fight with the Red Wolf is done!"

With that said, she released him, stood up, pulled on a robe, and left the bedroom!

"Say what?" Henri muttered aloud as she departed and his cock rapidly deflated.

Ted met Eric, Evan, and Jacques at the "Pelican" the next morning at the appointed hour. It was but a short walk from his motel room to the café, but the morning was bright and the forecast was for good weather. His three breakfast companions were seated at their usual table overlooking the parking lot. Ted pulled out a chair and joined them.

Bev Johnson, a waitress at the "Pelican" approached the table with coffee intending to fill their cups, sans one, Jacques, who'd have hot chocolate. It was routine for Evan and Eric to have coffee before ordering and Bev knew Jacques loved hot chocolate so brought a cup full for him. Bev could generally predict what Evan and Eric would order, but Jacques was sometimes hard to predict. She'd waited on Eric and Evan ever since she began here, but only Jacques for the past year. He wasn't a regular with just the two men. Usually, his brothers were along. Eric and Evan tipped well and lord knows, she could use the extra.

She was surprised, but oddly pleased to recognize Ted Symthe, the former game warden, seated at the table with her regulars. When Ted lived in the area he'd frequently stop in the "Pelican" for breakfast or coffee and was quite pleasant to her, contrary to what some of the locals thought he was to them.

Bev thought Ted was a good looking man, probably around her age or a year or two older and, from her observations previously when he was dressed in his uniform seemed quite virile, if what was outlined down one pant leg was any evidence of it. She wouldn't mind giving him a bouncing ride just for giggles and shits! She'd been married at fifteen, pregnant at the time, birthed four boys, and widowed at age twenty-six. Her oldest was fifteen and the youngest nine. She said often, her logger husband could walk in the bedroom door, look at her, and she was with child.

Pouring coffee for Eric and Evan, Bev looked at Ted, "Coffee?"

He nodded and accepted the full cup from her.

"So, Ted," she queried, "what brings you back to Kabetogama?"

Ten pondered his response, not willing or really able to give her his true reason. If he would, she'd think he was totally bonkers.

"Oh, I have some research to complete and I had some legal business to discuss with Mr. Trempealeau. I figured no one better than the crafty person who seemed to prepare such legal documents and provide advice his clients. I'd observed him in practice defending his clients or advising those who sought it while I was stationed here with the DNR."

Quickly changing the subject, he asked, "And how's your family?"

Bev took a deep breath, responding, "Since you left, Ted, my husband died in a logging accident."

"I'm so sorry to hear that," he returned quite sympathetically.

"It's been tough, but we're making it. The boys are fifteen, thirteen, eleven, and nine now so it keeps me busy."

Ted listened attentively as she spoke briefly of her sons and how they were doing after the death of their father. Better, according to Bev, than Ted imagined they would. As he listened, he couldn't help but admire her delicate facial features and her trim but nicely shaped and curvaceous body. He felt his cock harden in his pants. It was as if she was signaling him in an erotic way, welcoming his manhood, inviting him to bury it deep in her warm sheath.

Finished, Bev took their orders, and headed for the kitchen to deliver them.

Eric made some comment, while Ted watched her walk away, causing him to turn to Eric and apologize , "I beg your pardon?"

"I said," Eric intoned, "she's available!"


"Her marriage wasn't the best," Evan added. "I watched the asshole she married growing up from a mean little shit to a mean big shit! Wonder she and the boys survived," he concluded and said no more on the subject.

It didn't take long for the kitchen to prepare their meals, but the four of them took their leisure in eating it. Small talk while they ate and, after the empty plates were removed, over coffee, the conversation seemed to take a more serious turn.

"So, Ted," Evan inquired taking a sip of coffee, "what are your plans, now and in the future?"

"Well, my grant has just been renewed for another two years so I'll be able to continue with my research and this area might be as good as any to study the American Grey Wolf."

Ted paused thoughtfully, looking around to see if anyone might be eavesdropping on their conversation before continuing. "I definitely will be hanging around until the current situation is resolved. I never disliked the area, only the job I had."

"If you had a place to stay, without any obligation for long-term or to buy, would that help you in the decision process?" Evan asking, trying to make some determination on where Ted might be in his thought process. He thought the way Ted looked at Bev, she just might be an integral part of the process as well.

"It'd certainly be helpful in the short term, Evan."

"I have a three bedroom cabin, actually a home, sitting empty on a forty acre parcel sitting on a small lake. I'd like to get someone in it, just to have it occupied and kept up. I got it back on a land contract default and the market is real soft right now. A house doesn't sell well after it sits empty for a period of time and this one could sit for a year or two. You could have it rent free if you'd agree to take care of the lawn, pay utilities, and make necessary repairs, at my expense of course."

Ted thought a moment before agreeing to take a look at it and let Evan know. In his mind, it'd be better than a motel room or a vacation cottage at Sutton's.

Eric sort of cleared his throat before saying cautiously, "We have another little predicament we'd like some help on as well."

"It would seem," Eric continued, "our youngest ward has been conducting a very secret electronic liaison with a young lady he was very familiar with on a regular basis before he moved here."

"Uncle Eric," Jacques hissed softly to the older gentleman, "do we have to talk about it in here?"

Evan raised his eyebrows, leaned forward toward Jacques, "You mean you don't want others to know you were fucking her on a regular basis before you came here? You know since age eight or so?"

"She was nine and I was eleven!" growled Jacques.

"You're probably right, Jacques," Eric apologized, "perhaps it'd be better if we discussed this at home."

With that, he gathered up the cheques, paid them, and motioned for Jacques to follow him out. Evan approached Bev to offer her a twenty dollar tip and visited a moment or two with her as Ted followed Eric and Jacques out.

Jacques was thankful Chase and Henri weren't home yet when they arrived. "Probably buried balls deep, fucking their brains out," he thought, hoping, in the near future, if everything worked out, he'd be doing the same; that is if Chase didn't kill him first.

Eric, seated on the deck with Evan, Jacques, and Ted, decided to restart the conversation by relaying he'd shown the list of the names and places the young Bayou Parish Pack members had been disbursed to prior to the Red Wolf's attack.

"Evidently young Jacques has quite a memory since he seemed to remember where his lost love had been placed."

He hoped Jacques would step into the conversation and provide additional detail as they went along, feeling it would be crucial to obtaining their ultimate solution to the problem Jacques created, seeking the cooperation of Ted Symthe. Evan already paved the way by offering a very comfortable home to live in. Certainly large enough for more than just one person.

"Jacques disobeyed the instructions restricting contact with other exiled Pack members, for fear of revealing his brother's and his location, not to mention Gaige as well. Thus, he began an e-mail conversation with the young lady who'd he'd shared sexual favors with over the years while growing into puberty, putting at risk their location and safety."

"Uncle Eric," Jacques pleaded, trying to explain the situation. "No one could ever trace me and know where I was living."

"And why is that?" Ted asked, entering the conversation for the first time.

"Because Patrick,…oops!" Jacques stammered, revealing his accomplice in the clandestine interaction.

"Because Patrick what?" Ted asked more than just mildly curious.

"In for a penny, in for a pound," Evan reminded Jacques. "May as well reveal the whole bit to Ted before Chase gets a hold of you."

Jacques sighed, knowing now he'd have no choice but to reveal who all was involved.

"Allan Bowers, Simon Hayes, and Patrick," he announced softly. "Patrick's really clever and good at computer stuff. He routed my messages through maybe ten servers and a bunch of countries using the Campbell computer system. As far as anyone else would know I was some fat man sitting naked on a bed in Bulgaria," adding proudly, "it's one of the most sophisticated systems in the world."

"See, I knew where she was, but she didn't know where I am!"

"In the process," Eric intervened, "Jacques found out his girlfriend and her brothers were extremely unhappy and welcomed his invitation to move here where he assured them they'd be more than welcome and completely satisfied with life."

"And this was to happen when?" Ted asked hesitantly, now seeing the direction this conversation was going.

"Day after tomorrow," Jacques answered timidly.

Ted took a deep breath. "How did this young lady know it was you?"

"I sent her a picture."

"Your face?"

"Nope, my dick! See, it's got a real banana curve up toward my belly button when I get hard and there's a small freckle on my left nut. She's real familiar with it, you know, on an up front and personal basis."

"Oh my god!" Ted moaned at the revelation.

"Oh my god, what?" Chase asked from the corner of the house where Henri and he stood.

"Oh, shit!" groaned Jacques.

"And two is eight," added Evan.

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