Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 7

"The realm of fairy-story is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: all manner of beasts and birds are found there; shoreless seas and stars uncounted; beauty that is an enchantment, and an ever-present peril; both joy and sorrow as sharp as swords."

( J. R. R. Tolkien )

Diondre smiled broadly as he climbed out of his county squad after seeing Clay St. Claire and Todd working together cleaning the trees from the drive and hearing Clay's astonished remarks. Approaching the duo, he extended his hand, to Clay.

"Right you are! I'm your caretake guy!"

"I didn't know you were a deputy sheriff," Clay apologized sheepishly.

"I wasn't originally," Diondre explained. "I answered an ad your grandfather posted on the bulletin board at Sutton's seeking a part-time groundskeeper."

Needing an extra dollar, although working at Sutton's, Annie and Diondre planned on marrying (although already mated and committed in the Lycan world), he felt extra money would help them through Vermillion College and with their anticipated family. The work was not overly strenuous, consisting of lawn care and odd jobs during the summer, checking on the premises during the winter, and opening it in the Spring and closing it in the Fall.

"Your grandparents were really quite special so I just kept the job, passing on the pay, but they rewarded me in so many other ways. I was heartbroken when I learned of their deaths. Once I learned you were to be the new occupant of this very special, lovely, lakeside home and property, I vowed to do everything I could to make it ready and continue, as long as you wished and needed it, to offer my services."

"For which I am extremely grateful and wish for it to continue," Clay offered. "Grandmother St. Claire always said this house, property, and the lake it is on was, indeed, a very special place! She used to say it was enchanted, almost magical, with many special features most human eyes couldn't see or recognize if they did. Evidently, she did, since she loved it so. She one time told me to guard the property well and protect all who call it home. In fact, she almost insisted, if anything should ever happen to her, for me to come here, take up residence and carry on. I wasn't certain, and still am not, what she meant by carrying on, but I'm here!"

There are those who might have decided her beliefs to be whimsical, imaginary, odd, or just the vagaries of old age on a woman who perhaps had too little to do. Clay knew better, because when he visited, he often felt the same way. He never mentioned it to his grandmother, but somehow, she knew and would smile knowingly at him. There was no undecidedness concerning his return to Tanglewood. It was the perfect place, he felt, to escape the nastiness and oppression of his father's wife and his half-brothers; a place he could feel close akin to his grandparents and protected by those "magical spirits" she referred to often and inhabiting Tanglewood

Hesitating, deciding to affirm in a nonchalant manner what Clay said, Diondre offered, "I'm certain she did! If there was an enchantment to the place with those special features others failed to see, I'm certain those unseen watched over her as well." He knew very well what the "special features" of the area and Tanglewood were and the protective stance over Clay, those "special features" and "creatures" would take.

Changing the subject, diverting any attention or further conversation concerning any strange or mystical occurrences or ambiance around Tanglewood, Diondre announced with a grin, "Hey, guys, I've still got territory to cover, so I'd best be on my way."

Climbing back into his squad, he happened to mention to Todd, "Keep an eye out for anything unusual as you take care of your clients. It's the time of year outsiders come in for the weekends and summers, okay? Some of them can cause us trouble and make extra work for me."

Todd nodded slowly and met Diondre's eyes as if confirming some sort of message Diondre's comments sent.

Diondre drove off with a wave from Todd and Clay. Clay thought, although unspoken, some message was delivered to Todd, perhaps just a usual one concerning summer people and others who showed up. In other words, watch out for break-ins and other mischief, at least that's what Clay thought, but he wasn't certain. What he was certain of was he really wanted to finish this cleaning up, strip Todd naked, and enjoy every inch of his body inside and out!

Dusk was upon them when they finished up and put the tools away. Both were hot, dirty, and hungry! Their hunger was beyond just the empty stomach and body requiring nourishment. Their hunger was for each other as well!

"I need a shower," Clay announced.

"Me too!" echoed Todd, adding a lascivious grin in answer to the unasked question of what should happen during or after said shower. "I brought clean clothes and told Mom and Ted I'd be home in the morning."

Clay grinned back and waggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Oh, so proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance?"

With a laugh, Todd retrieved a small overnight bag from behind the seat of his pickup and followed Clay up the steps onto the front porch.

"Hold up a minute," he said, dropping the bag onto a chair. "As dirty as I am, the clothes come off out here. No sense tracking dirt and sawdust throughout your house."

"Right," Clay responded, licking his lips, swallowing hard as he watched Todd peal his clothing off. Shoes, socks, and shirt were dropped in a pile. Clay stared, eyes fixated, watching Todd unbuckle, unzip, and drop his pants on the floor, leaving his completely naked, a hard, long, cock with a banana curve pointing up toward the stomach, fully exposed and extremely tempting!

"Oh, my god!" Clay whistled, as he focused on Todd's nakedness, one particular large item in particular sort of wiggling and bouncing as Todd made even the slightest movement. His own cock began to swell in his jeans at the sight of the large teen cock wobbling from Todd's crotch.

"Care to join me?" Todd asked, inviting Clay to remove his own clothing. He wanted to enjoy Clay's nakedness as much as Clay appeared enjoying seeing his. There was no doubt in his mind it'd be just as appealing and alluring as he envisioned it would be.

Clay hesitated in disrobing, not because of shyness or unwillingness, but because he desperately wanted to reach out and touch, clasp, experience the heat, the stiffness, the velvety smooth length of man-flesh rising up from a dark, pubic bush in front of him. His clothes quickly joined Todd's on the porch floor before he reached out, one hand on clasping Todd's stiff phallus while he gently lay the other on Todd's sweaty, dusted with sawdust and flecks of dirt, chest accumulated from the day's strenuous activities. Stroking the stiff penis a couple of times as he ran the other hand, with feathery, light pressure, down Todd's chest to just above his bush and back up the stomach to Todd's taut nipples.

"So soft," he whispered, clasping the large cock, squeezing it gently, so beautiful and exciting!"

Granted, he'd had the wonderful object of his adoration in his mouth one other time, but this was the first he'd really seen it in its entirety. Naked, unadorned, stiff, and throbbing, it was more than wonderfully enticing and erotically arousing. The sight and touching of it cranked up his libido, causing him to leak a slippery discharge from his own penis.

"I've never had sex, other than with my own hands," Todd groaned softly as Clay fondled and manipulated his cock, "and when you--- you know—the other day, with anyone before!"

Clay responded with a smile. "Then this will be first! Not to worry; years in a boys' academy taught me much. All of which I want to share with you," as he wiggled with excitement and anticipation.

"And I'll coach, so don't worry," Parnell, licking his lips and grinning reassurance at Todd, but cautionary as well. "Didn't I tell you he had a big dick?"

Todd groaned softly, sending a message to Parnell to cool it!

Clay could only imagine the groan was from pleasure. "Let's shower first," he suggested, "before we take this to the bedroom."

"Or the floor of the living room, chairs on the porch, over a log, or standing up leaning against a wall or just bent over hammering away like bunny rabbits!" suggested Parnell.

Todd hissed another warning to Parnell as Clay led him, by his cock, to the bathroom in the master bedroom.

"Well," snorted an indignant Parnell, "just offering suggestions. You know, you can fuck anywhere and in many positions. But perhaps you either wish to be comfortable, more particular, or are just being difficult, Todd. Personally, I'd advise you taking Clay anytime, anyplace, and in any position. At least, that's what I'd do!"

Todd said nothing, he was too busy concentrating on not spewing his seed on the floor while Clay led him to the shower. Every step Clay took, his warm hand clasping Todd's erection, caused the hand to slip up and down the now very sensitive shaft making the head swell and increase in sensitivity.

The shower water, warm and cleansing, cascaded over both teens, rinsing away the first layers of grime, but as Clay noted, Todd's hair and his own needed shampooing, "and, we must be thoroughly clean; our hair and every little crack and crevice, each deliciously tasty portion."

A dollop of shampoo in his hand, Clay lathered up Todd's head and began a gentle, erotically stimulating, massaging motion with his hands on Clay's scalp. Finished, the falling shower water rinsed Todd's scalp, while Clay squeezed body wash into his hands and began the meticulous washing of Todd's body. Hands carefully and gently washed Todd's back, his chest, his buttocks, the back of his legs, and moved to the front, as Clay continued his ministrations from his stance behind Todd. Clay's slippery soapy hands stroked across Todd's lower abdomen, migrated to his pubes, fingers twirling through the hairy bush, before stroking out the length and back of Todd's phallus, foreskin fully retracted, the head fully exposed and dripping.

"I'm going to cum if you keep that up," Todd advised, catching his breath and pulling in his stomach.

"Well, we wouldn't want that, just yet anyway," Clay said, returning his hands to Todd's back where he spent considerable time washing Todd's asshole. Satisfied it was as he desired, he said, voice filled with lust and desire, "Now, it's your turn to do me!"

Todd nodded, but was somewhat hesitant, yet eager to please Clay. It'd be a first for him since bathing his younger brothers to help his Mom. They enjoyed it and so did he, except for different reasons. This time, this place, this male was a totally different and a wonderful exception and experience, an experience he would relish and revel in!

Shampooing and rinsing Clay's hair, washing Clay's body, including his most sensitive and very hard male member, Todd sighed,

"I just can't touch you enough," leaning over Clay's shoulder for a kiss. Lips meeting lips in warmth and love, had to end as the water began to cool with the hot water heater struggling to replace it.

"Let's dry off and take this to the bed," suggested Clay, just as eager to continue the physical contact in more intimate ways. Using large bath towels to soak up the dampness on their bodies sufficiently enough to declare them dry, the naked, horny teens headed into the bedroom and the waiting bed.

Motioning Todd to lay on his back, Clay then positioned himself on Todd, their naked fronts touching, sending shivers of desire throughout their bodies. Cocks hardened from yearning and contact, seemed to throb seeking release. Clay wiggled, causing their cocks to rub up against each other, and began his experienced acts of love and affection at Todd's neck, ears, lips, and face. His lips kissed Todd's, each teen savoring the taste of the other, before working his way down Todd's chest, nibbling on the hard, perky nipples, before moving to Todd's torso and lower, his tongue reverently lapping the oozing opening in Todd's large, exposed cock head!

"God, I do want this inside me!" Clay declared, giving the cock a suck around the head and a couple of strokes with his hand, before rolling them both over so he ended up on the bottom and Todd on top. Clay spread his legs, raising them slightly so Todd was settled between them.

"I want to see your face," he announced, "when you enter me for the first time."

Motioning toward the night stand near the bed where a tube of lubricant was and with a tip of his head, Clay let Todd know to retrieve it. Certain Todd had just a smidgen of an idea what to do, he removed the lid, took one of Todd's hands, and squeezed a large dollop of lube in it.

"Slick up your cock and then spread a good amount of gel around and in my bung!"

Clay assured Todd he'd tell him what to do and how. Clay just didn't know he'd have some help in doing it.

"Don't know what to do first, do you? Shit or get off of the pot," snorted Parnell. "So, Mr. Big, thick, and horny, take the lube and using your fingers, glob plenty on the outside and inside of his bung hole. Take your time; he'll love it!"

Todd did as Parnell told him, although Clay was telling him basically the same thing.

"Now, hand the tube to Clay, so he can lather up the Mighty Mo!"

Clay's hand reached out and took the tube from Todd and with practiced ease and care, smeared on a healthy coating onto Todd's stiff cock. Once satisfied the pleasure pole was well greased, he guided it to his portal of delight.

"Go slow," he cautioned Todd. "You're pretty big and it's been a while since anything has been up there and settled in for a visit. Just sort of lean forward and when you feel resistance, push the head of your cock until it pops through the outer ring," quickly adding the answer to Todd's unasked question, "don't worry, you'll know!"

He did!

Slowly, at Clay's urging and Parnell's fluttering about offering suggestions, Todd pushed forward slowly until he felt his balls resting on Clay's. He was deeply seated in what he thought was the hottest, most erotically massaging, moist, sleeve he could imagine.

Taking a deep breath, adjusting himself to accept the intrusion and secure it tightly to himself, Clay ordered, "Now fuck like a rodeo cowboy rides a bucking bronco!"

Todd did just that, but not for as long as he'd hoped. The tightness, the heat, and moisture surrounding his cock as his piston actions drove back and forth in Clay's interior tunnel, brought him to orgasm in short order! Hips thrust forward, butt cheeks clenched, and cock swelling with each burst of man seed spurting from his cock into Clay, Todd expended himself with a vociferous amount of built-up cum, ending with a shiver, a groan, and a whimper as his ecstasy came to fruition. He collapsed on Clay, his head resting on Clay's shoulder, until Clay clasped it with both hands and brought Todd's lips to his own in a powerful, long, passionate post-coital kiss!

Finally catching his breath, Todd wheezed in amazement, "I never thought it'd be this wonderful, so complete, yet leaving me wanting more and more."

"Isn't sex great?" agreed Clay, who concluded when it came to be a bottom, he definitely wanted his top to be Todd, although not a confirmed bottom only. No, Clay would still feel free to dip his wick, provided it was with Todd's approval. Fucking the younger boys at Falkham Academy had been extremely satisfying. Of course, perhaps another male of his age such as Todd, might provide a happy highway to satisfaction – with Todd's approval. As far as Clay was concerned, he'd found his soul-mate, the one he wanted to spend his life with.

"Want to do a flip?" Clay asked. "You know, I do you?"

Todd nodded, with the caveat Clay take it easy. "Nothing's ever gone in there except my finger."

"Not to worry," assured Clay. "Lay on your stomach and I'll get you ready."

Instead of the cool wetness of lube he expected, when Clay used his hands to spread his cheeks in order to expose his rear entrance, Todd felt Clay's nose push into the cleft, followed by his hot, moist, exploring tongue, poking, prodding, licking at the sacred passageway.

"Oh, my god!" Todd groaned, wiggling his ass trying to escape but still stay attached. He relented, accepting the tantalizing, sex driven feelings by shoving his ass back into Clay's face in order for a continued prodding and poking, encouraging him to continue.

"It's called rimming," explained Parnell thinking to increase Todd's knowledge.

"I know," growled Todd softly.

"You say something?" Clay inquired lifting his head and face from the exploration he was making of Todd's butt-hole.

Todd, thinking quickly, replied, "I said just go already."

"Gotcha!" Clay responded, scooping up a large dollop of lube from the tube and proceeded to lubricate and stretch the alleyway of pleasure he'd previously enjoyed with his mouth. Now, he was going to take Todd's anal virginity, something he felt more than privileged to do, in fact, honored to do. It'd be an act of love as far as he was concerned, surrendering himself to his lover so Todd could gain not only pleasure, but understand why he loved to be fucked!

"Todd," Parnell said seriously, "we need to be able to communicate so other humans can't hear you-okay? So, in a moment I'm going to gift you with that power, the ability to speak to me and others in the paranormal world through a thought process. If you think it and address me, I'll be able to hear you. Understand? It may seem strange at first, but with your smarts, you'll soon get used to it. I'll be able to hear you the same way you hear me now."

Todd nodded, wiggling his ass as Clay slipped three greasy fingers up inside his asshole and began moving them around preparing him for the insertion of his long, fat cock.

"Feels great, doesn't it?" Parnell giggled.

"You got that right!"

Todd stopped, paused, grinned, and announced, "I just did that didn't I?"

"Yep," Parnell agreed proudly, flapping his wings. I'm so happy, I could just fuck you. But, alas, that's what Clay is about to do, so enjoy the ride."

Following instructions from Parnell and Clay, Todd relaxed his anal muscles as Clay's cock head pressed, seeking entrance. A little harder push and Todd felt his sphincter muscles lock around Clay's cock, securing him inside and paving the way for Clay to push slowly forward and back, gaining purchase and depth with each motion until he was balls deep.

"Am I hurting you?" Clay asked, concerned Todd would be experiencing pain with his cock buried so deep. Clay felt no strong resistance as he pushed forward, conquering any barriers minimally, instead felt Todd's inner core adjust while flexing and massaging the thick long cock inside him.

"No, I just feel full! No pain what-so-ever!"

This was contrary to what Todd had heard and read concerning anal intercourse, but he was fine with that!

"Good," smile Clay, stretching the full length of Todd's back, belly resting in the small of it, his arms locked under Todd's shoulders, and his head and face next to Todd's. He began to slowly, languorously fuck Todd, intending to make this last. It may have begun slow, but the pace quickened, each stroke increasing the stimulation to his cock and Todd's inner core, bringing both closer and close to a climatic orgasmic explosion!

"I'm cummin," gasped Clay feeling his cock begin to swell and pour forth his offering. With each pulse, he pushed forward, butt cheeks clenching as he flooded Todd's bowel.

"Me too," panted Todd, his anal muscles reacting by clenching Clay's cock tighter.

Coming down in post-coital bliss, Clay paused, raised his head, and said, astonished, "Listen, I hear wolves howling- close by!"

Sure enough; Todd heard them as well, knowing instantly who it was and why they were howling.

"Let's go see if we can see them!" Clay suggested, climbing off of Todd and onto the floor. Naked, he headed toward the front porch. Todd had no choice but to follow, just as naked as Clay.

Clay stood on the porch, Todd stepped behind him, wrapped his arms around him, rested his head on Clay's shoulder, as Clay said, "Wow; there they are, six of them"

Six young wolves cavorted on the lawn in front of the house, leaping, howling, and celebrating.

"Oh, my god!" Clay continued, "look at all of the fireflies flitting about. Almost like a fairy-land!"

"Just had to announce it to the world, didn't you, Parnell?"

"Well," Parnell responded unabashed at his actions, "it's not every day one loses their virginity, especially to such a handsome, experienced man who loves you!"

"But, not only the Six Pack but the Fae world as well!" complained Todd, feigning anger.

"Not the entire Fae world, only to those who live here. They're all so happy for you, Todd. We think he's a real keeper."

Clay interrupted Todd's conversation with Parnell by sighing, "With the wolves here and all of the fireflies, I can really believe why Grandmother St. Claire said this was an enchanted place."

Todd just nodded and was about to say something, when Derrick, stopped howling long enough to say, "Simon and I will see you two for breakfast,"

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