Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

"It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives it sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it."

(Christian N. Bovee)

Clay barely slid into bed when the ferocity of the storm intensified! There'd been rain and strong lightning accompanied by distant thunder, but then the wind increased and the rain a virtual deluge! The house lights flickered off momentarily and came back on, energized by the large emergency generator Clay's grandfather installed several years before. It was fueled by liquid propane, contained in the large cylindrical container several yards from the house. It was the same gas used for heating, hot water, and cooking. Fortunately, Clay thought, the caretaker made certain the tank was at capacity before he arrived.

Unable to sleep with all of the racket resounding outside, Clay pondered going to the basement just in case the strong winds became more treacherous than they appeared to him from inside the house. For some strange reason, he felt reassured there'd be no need to do so. It was as if something just told him all would be well and the storm would fade by morning. He attributed it to the weather forecast rather than some "sixth" sense one might have. As a result, he settled down on the couch in the living room, snuggled under a blanket, and, with the lights out, watched though the living room windows the electrical display occurring outside.

Every now and then, he'd notice a small flash of light bounce around the room, seeming to flicker out and then reappear elsewhere to disappear again. He attributed it to static electricity or reflected light from the storm outside.

His nakedness covered with the blanket, pulled to his shoulders and arms to cover them, Clay's hands wandered down his mid-rift to his stiffening cock and warm balls. The storm raged, the lightning continued to flash, temporarily illuminating the room with bright, white flashes of light. For a moment, Clay thought he saw a ghostly, white, transparent, and quite naked boy about ten or twelve inches high floating near one of the living room walls. The maleness of the apparition was quite evident by the large, out of proportion to the size of the specter, hard, erect penis and large balls.

Clay blinked a couple of times and the phantom image disappeared, He attributed the apparition to his tiredness, his imagination, and the reflection of lightning off of windows, glass coverings in picture frames, or other such items. What didn't disappear was the image in his mind of the youthful specter slowly morphing into a remembrance of young Robbi Platt, a nine-year-old in the dormitory house he proctored for a semester.

Robbi was a cute, slim, dark-haired, precocious lad who was unabashed concerning his desire to have his young, small cocklet sucked or his small, tight, ass fucked! He'd make an after-hours soirée to Clay's room at least a couple of times per week. He'd waste no time peeling his sleeping togs off, sliding under the covers with Clay, lubing Clay's stiff penis up with his tongue, and then, on his hands and knees, encourage Clay to mount him and "fuck me proper!"

Clay remembered how tight, hot, moist, and talented Robbi was each time he was fucked! Clay stroked his cock harder and faster as he felt, again, each thrust and twist his cock made into and out of the young lad. The only problem with Robbi, Clay remembered, just as he'd start to unload his massive load of teen sperm into the lad's ass, Robbi would squeal as his dry orgasm hit. If Clay didn't cover the boy's mouth, the whole house would hear him shout out his pleasure. Not that Clay cared particularly, since the squeals of pleasure were a good "come-on" to others in the dorm to seek their own pleasures with Clay another night – or the same night after Robbi left. Clay was never without a young one to occupy his bed and relieve his balls.

Clay's thoughts drifted as sweet Robbi's face slowly faded and was replaced with the image of Todd Johnson and Robbi's short, immature cock replaced with the image of Todd's stiff, massive love muscle. He could almost feel the heat, the velvety smoothness, and taste the slightly salty ejaculate. In his imagination, as he stroked and fondled his cock, he wondered what Todd's cock would feel like, penetrated into his twitching hole, deep past the prostate, tickling and flicking that sensitive nub on each pass.

It wasn't long until Clay's legs stiffened, his stomach tightened, his stroking increased to the point of him shuddering, and lifting his hips with each spurt of juice from the end of his circumcised cock. The hot, sticky thick liquid squirted up onto his chest, stomach, and dribbled down on his balls until his orgasm subsided.

Clay woke, still covered with the blanket, still on the couch, but slightly chilled. The storm arrived on a cold front and with it a distinct drop in the outside temperature. The rain appeared to have ceased, although it was still quite windy and very cloudy. The steady, low hum of the emergency generator was barely discernable, sending a strong signal the main power had yet to be restored. The power line from the road to the house was buried, so the power outage had to be on the main line along the road somewhere.

A quick wash with a washcloth, wet with soapy water, cleaning his face first and then he set about cleaning up the dried residue from last night's wank on his torso and on and around his cock and balls would have to do, he decided. Clay lay wandered about the house, after he turned the furnace up, naked, relishing the freedom, as he had in Falkham in the presence of other lads, of allowing his male equipment to swing freely without restrictions of garments.

Todd was up early as well. After the storm during the night, he knew there'd be clean up to do for his regular customers. But first he wanted to check on Clay to see how he survived the night. Well, he already knew that since Parnell gave him a full report, and very detailed at that!

According to Parnell, from his observations the evening before and from minutes earlier, Clay was "young, hung, and horny" and just Todd's type.

"Well, I knew that already," Todd acknowledged to the lasciviously grinning Parnell, who as the fairy talked, was slowly stroking his own stiff member, "but what I really want to know, was the house or anything damaged?"

"A tree or two across the drive and some limbs down near the house, but," confided Parnell, "it's a wonder he doesn't damage his most significant part the way he pounds on it and groans when he……"

"Enough, Parnell!"

"I thought you'd like to know," grumbled Parnell, slightly miffed at the mild rebuke, "the technique and how much he……"

"Cool it, Parnell, okay?"

Parnell fluttered off to the top of the toilet tank, where he sat, feet and legs hanging over the edge of the lid, while Todd finished pissing.

" You sure do seem to have a large capacity bladder," assessed Parnell as he leaned forward to get a better look at the stream emerging from Todd's rather long and thick member. "Does the size of your 'whizzer' have anything to do with it?"

"You're pushing it Parnell."

"My, you are the grumpy one this morning," Parnell huffed. "Maybe you just need a proper fu……"


"Then it's time for breakfast," muttered Parnell, flitting off to the bedroom while Todd dressed.

Todd chuckled to himself. He couldn't help but love the little fellow! Parnell was witty, intelligent, out-spoken for certain, good-looking, a constant companion, easy to talk to, always on guard, insightful, offered sound advice (most of the time), protective, really fun to be around, and oh so very, very naughty! Best of all, Parnell was loyal to a fault and much respected and welcome. Parnell had been with Todd several years and neither would have it any other way.

"So," said Parnell, unseen by others as he perched on Todd's shoulder as he walked to the kitchen, "you really like this Clayton St. Claire, right?"

"Right, Parnell," Todd answered in a soft voice so not to attract too much attention, "I think he's super!"

"Well, he is that!" Parnell snickered. "But I think he really likes you as well."

"You think?" Todd said, once outside, a cup of coffee in one hand and a large Danish roll in the other, heading toward his truck.

"What I think," Parnell said seriously, "you two are meant for each other and you need to hook up permanently! That's what I think! Of course," he said lasciviously, "if you stick that big banana up his poop-shoot with as big as it gets when hard, you may be permanently hooked up."

Parnell laughed, leaned over onto Todd's neck, and stayed there until Todd commanded him to "Scoot!" Even then, he fluttered just off to the side as Todd crawled into his truck. Parnell took his usual place on the dash passenger side, while Todd loaded the truck and trailer with the equipment and supplies he might need for the day.

Before Todd left home, he made a quick call to Clay. Clay was quick to answer, assured Todd he was just fine, was without power, but the emergency generator was handling well.

"Better check for downed trees across the drive and in and around your yard," cautioned Todd, knowing what Clay would find. "I'll stop later on this afternoon once I check out my lawn service customers."

"You know Derrick and Simon are already there, don't you?"

"Parnell, how in the hell would I know that?" snorted Todd. "You're the one who can appear and reappear wherever and whenever you want. I didn't sprout wings and fly over there, you know!"

"You're right," Parnell sighed, "but there are times I think you'd be able to pole-vault there, especially when your cock………."

"Parnell?" Todd cautioned.

"Well, it is rather big and long, you know, especially when it's hard!"

"Enough! We've got work to do today!"

"What do you mean, we?"

Todd's call brought out the curious side of Clay so, rather than dressing in order to check out the drive, knowing full well he was the only person on the property, Clay decided to slip on a jacket and his tennis shoes and venture outside to check out the damage. The early morning sun, bright, and warming, set in an almost idyllic blue sky, belied any evidence of the terrible storm the night before. Naked from the waist down, Clay stepped out onto the porch, looked around, felt he was alone, and descended the steps into the yard. He noted some large limbs down near the edge of the timber, but none damaged any property.

Two young wolves lay, well concealed, just inside the tree line behind a small downed pine tree. Their sharp eyes focused on Clay, their noses twitching for any danger present to the human, and seeking his scent as he emerged from the house and started walking down the lane.

"He's naked!" Derrick sputtered to Simon.

"Yep, and smells of dried cum! You suppose he rubbed out before coming outside?" conjectured Simon.

"Nah," responded Derrick testing the air with his nose and zeroing in on Clay. "Earlier, probably during the night."

Clay made a half turn toward the two wolves, looking over his shoulder, just enough to inadvertently expose his front side and his fleshy circumcised penis and wobbling balls to the wolves.

"Nice piece of man-flesh," commented Simon admiringly, complimenting Clay's cock.

"Not as big as Todd's," acknowledged Derrick. "Close, but no cigar!"

"Let's see what he does."

The two wolves continued to watch as Clay looked around the house checking for any damage, surveying the outbuildings and dock for the same, before hearing him say to himself,

"Not bad; better check out the lane though. Todd mentioned there might be some trees down there given the amount of wind."

Clay turned toward the lane and started toward the road.

"Nice ass!" Simon observed. "Wouldn't mind pegging that sweet hole deep and long."

"Can't disagree," agreed Derrick, "but we better not! Let's just follow instead."

"Well, if we stop for long, after looking at that nice piece of man-flesh, you're gonna get fucked, Derrick!"

"Shit, you're always ready for a romp!"

"And you're not?"

Derrick and Simon, in wolf shape, padded silently behind the half-naked teen as Clay casually strolled down the lane.

"He doesn't know we're behind him!" commented Simon.

"Not a fucking clue!" Derrick retorted.

Clay stopped, encountering a rather large tree blown down by the wind and blocking the drive. He looked it over carefully as if trying to judge how long it was and then bent over to look underneath, trying to decide whether to walk around the downed tree or crawl under it.

"That is one fine ass!" Simon again said, admiring the firm, white, and delectable globes on display before him and stepped forward.

"What the hell are you doing?" Derrick wondered, knowing full well Simon was up to no good.

"Just you watch!"

Clay's breath caught in his throat, his heart palpitated, his asshole clenched tight, and a series of fearful shivers rocketed throughout his body, as he felt something slightly round, wet, and cold rammed into his bung. Remaining bent over, fearful if he turned to look over his shoulder at what he might see, he squealed when a wet, rough tongue touched the end of his cock, slipped from it to between his legs, and up the full length of his butt crack.

"Oh, shit!" he whimpered, clenching his butt cheeks even tighter. With great hesitancy, with great trepidation, Clay slowly rotated his head and looked over his shoulder. He saw four furry ears, one set of two closer than the others, just above the rounds of his ass. Taking a deep breath, he slowly straightened up, made a full turn, and gasped, softly, at the sight of two very large and, obviously more than just friendly, wolves standing there, tails wagging, and by looking at underneath their bodies at their hindquarters, very male, evidenced by the large, mottled pink, dripping, and extended canine penises.

Clay could have sworn each of the wolves had a leery, comical smile on their faces, if wolves could smile.

"Steady," Clay murmured to himself, watching the two wolves watch him. "These must be the two Todd spoke of."

Addressing the two large canines, with just a slight tremor in his voice, he said, "Todd said I have nothing to worry about when you two are around. I sure as hell hope he's right!"

Todd took a deep breath, noting neither wolf seemed to dispute his declaration, so he sort of waggled a finger at the two.

"One of you was a naughty boy; well," looking again at the unsheathed large cocks waggling under the wolves, "I suppose the term boy is understating the facts since it appears you're both beyond the boy stage in life, but be that as it may, one of you was naughty!"

Breathing deeply again, trying to assume the same manner of addressing the wolves as he did when a house proctor and one or a number of his charges committed some infraction of rules or decorum, "You may have succeeded in sticking your nose in my butt and washing my cock and balls with your tongue, but if those cocks hanging down below your bellies are any indication of what you might do next, forget it!"

Waggling a finger back and forth in a clear signal of what was not going to happen or be interpreted as an invitation, he said emphatically, "Me --- you're not going to fuck. If you're that sexed up, then fuck each other, understand?"

One wolf looked at the other, sort of shrugged Clay thought, and mounted the other one, burying his long canine cock deep in the other wolf's ass and began a rather vigorous fucking.

Clay's eyes bugged out, but only commented, "Just like a couple of horny eight graders," before turning and walking back down the drive toward the house, hoping the two wolves would be engaged in their copulatory activity long enough for him to reach the porch. He really wasn't afraid the wolves would attack and bury their sharp teeth in his tender butt cheeks, but he was more concerned they'd not have enough sex and bury something else up his teen butt!

Safely on the porch, just in time it would appear, he vowed never to walk half naked around the yard, at least alone, as the two wolves trotted by on their way into the woods.

"Wonder you can even walk," Clay muttered, observing their easy loping gait.

Late in the afternoon he heard a chain saw running from the direction of the main road and his drive. Deciding it must be Todd, Clay grabbed a pair of gloves, put on his baseball cap, and headed toward the sound, after carefully looking around for any sign of his two previous visitors.

Todd was in the process of limbing the branches from a rather large tree blocking the drive. Geared up in hardhat, goggles, chaps, and leather gloves, didn't hinder him from spotting Clay. Todd turned off the saw, removed his goggles, and gloves and waited for Clay to approach.

Clay clasped his arms around Todd in a warm, loving embrace.

"I'm dirty and I stink," Todd apologized.

"You smell good to me!" Clay countered, snuggling closer, his hard crotch up against Todd's.

Clay moved his face and mouth from Todd's neck and shoulder, rotating enough his lips came into contact with Todd's. Engaging the soft, sweet lips of the other teen, Clay pressed his lips against Todd's, not hard but soft, yet invitingly delightful, silently requesting permission to continue this encounter, relishing and expecting the warmth, the affection he felt for Todd returned.

Todd kissed back with sincere and deep erotic fervor, twisting, moving, tongue sweeping, seeking the extreme intimacy of desire and intensity! Clay opened to him, allowing Todd's tongue to sweep his mouth, tasting the welcome tongue and Todd himself. Moaning loudly in desire and feeling of sexual desire building within him, wanting the moment to last forever, ground his crotch, rubbing up and down with movements of his pelvis, against the equally stiff cock enclosed in Todd's jeans. Clay's desire for more than a kiss from this beautiful, strong yet tender, well-hung teen, was for him to fuck him into next week!

"My god," thought Todd as he felt Clay melt into his arms, "I'm so fucked up! I've a step-father who is confidant to Werewolves, Fairies, and who knows what else in the paranormal world; a wizard and clairvoyant for a half-brother; two of my best friends are Werewolves; Parnell as a constant companion and guardian, and I've fallen in love with a gay, rich guy who could buy me and sell me many times over."

Todd started to pull back, quite reluctantly, explaining, "We need to get this drive cleaned up so we have time for other things."

It didn't take them long to clear the drive once they set their minds and bodies to the task. Todd cut and Clay tossed the branches to the side, into the woods where natural rot would take care of the debris. The larger branches and the trunk, the main part of the tree, Todd cut into fireplace and stove lengths, which Clay stacked along the drive for pickup later. They were just finishing when a county sheriff's squad pulled in and stopped in the drive. A deputy climbed out, and gave a wave.

Clay gasped, "That's my caretaker guy!"

"Well, your caretaker guy as you so adroitly put it, is Diondre Carlson. A good friend of our family and a deputy sheriff assigned to this area of the county."

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