Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 5

"The pleasure of love is in loving. We are happier in the passion we feel than in that we arouse."

(Francois, Duc de Le Rochefoucauld)

Ted, Todd, and Gregory fished the various underwater structures of the lake; the bars off of islands, and other likely spots providing cover and food sources for fish, over a two-hour period. Between the three of them, enough fish were boated for a meal of Walleye fillets. Gregory seemed to be the most successful, although Todd was a mite skeptical how and why knowing what he did concerning his younger brother.

"Prewitt and Dusty unseen," he thought were helping Gregory out in his fishing skills.

Todd, on the other hand, gained a wealth of knowledge, information, and insight from Ted, listening to him speak of his first encounters with the Lycan and Paranormal World existing all around them; where and why he returned to Kabetogama; his relationship with Eric, Evan, the Averill Creek Pack led by Jessie, Tyler, and Jase; and the Kabetogama Pack led by Art Campbell.

Fascinated by the revelation Gaige Saulnier was really a Prince, guarded and protected now by Jessie Sutton-Campbell as his adopted father, the Lejeune Family, the Landry Family, and the fierce battle at Remote Lake, and the residents of the Lodge at Remote Lake, Todd could only shake his head in amazement. He damned near fell out of the boat when he discovered the real source of his step-father's wealth, to a point! Todd was certain Ted didn't reveal everything connected with it and, frankly, he really didn't want to know.

"You'll learn so much more as you become acquainted with and develop relationships with Eric and Evan, Jessie Sutton-Campbell, and Art Campbell. One word of caution; Art Campbell and Jase and Tyler Campbell are Alpha Wolves. It means they are more than just the leader of their Packs. They are the most powerful creature in their packs! Their word is law! All other wolves give them obeisance or fealty by tipping their heads and baring their necks in submission. You'll learn to work with the Alphas, not against them! It'd be rather unwise to do otherwise."

"It's a fascinating world," Todd thought. "I never knew a world such as this really existed!"

Todd wanted to learn as much as he could; see, hear, and experience this new world, meeting and seeing all the other world creatures living in it. He already met four, if he counted Gregory, members, specifically Prewitt and Dusty, creatures of the Fae World and Simon and Derrick, members of the Lycan World. They'd prove to be excellent sources of information. At the time, he didn't realize he'd be introduced to one more when bare-assed naked emerging from the shower.

The day was hot and Todd mowed, raked, and trimmed three cottage lawns. They were close enough he could use the ATV to pull the trailer containing the riding mower, the trim mower, rakes, and other tools to them. It saved Ted the chore of doing so with the pickup truck. The gravel roads he traveled were dry and dusty. Todd could swear most of the dust settled somewhere on or in his body. He needed a shower when he came home!

Clean, cooled just a little, with a slightly chubby, healthy, large teen cock, Todd stepped from behind the glass shower door into the bathroom and was welcomed by a silvery, translucent, white male, with gossamer wings, curly hair, an adorably beautiful face adorned with an impish 'come-hither' smile, totally naked except for the light, see-through robe hanging from his shoulders, standing with his hands on his hips as if to call attention to his rather large penis and set of balls.

"My, my," the beautiful creature sighed, "you are quite the beauty to behold, for a human. Everything and more than Dusty and Prewitt described."

Having made that pronouncement, Todd watched the lovely boy creature's phallus begin to engorge, lengthening, and curving up banana-like toward his abdomen. Todd's own cock responded in like manner, jutting up all seven inches toward his stomach.

"And just who might you be?" he asked the lovely boy spirit.

"Well," giggled the creature, placing a hand just above his crotch, grinning happily. "I'm Parnell and I'm happy I decided to accept this assignment."

"What assignment was that?"

"To be your guide, guardian, your fairy god-brother or whatever. So, I'll be around anytime you need me."

Todd looked about furtively. "Can anyone else hear you or see you?"

"Not unless I want them to or you order me to let them."

"Great," muttered Todd. "Probably won't have any private time now. You're just like Prewitt and Dusty."

"Not quite," Parnell said with a giggle and pointing down at his cock and balls.

"You got that right!"

"We're gonna' get along just fine," sighed Parnell, fluttering his wings to bring him closer to Todd, positioning himself where he could give Todd's cock a closer scrutiny, before commenting, "That's a real dandy!"

Under the tutoring and mentorship of Parnell, guidance of Ted, and close friendship with Simon and Derrick, Todd grew in knowledge, understanding, patience, and loyalty to the beings of the paranormal world. By the time he graduated from high school, he was well known, accepted, and respected by the Lycan Community and the local paranormal world. They watched after him and he was loyal to them in keeping their secret. He was most appreciative of all they taught him, their company, and the protective nature they exhibited for him.

Todd finished his lawns in good time, with the help of Derrick and Simon. All three were hot, dirty, and tired and in need of showers. Derrick suggested Todd take his shower over at Clay's place.

"Duh!" Todd complained, "I just met the guy."

"If he sees you naked with your cock wobbling in the breeze, he'll think you're one hell of a good -looking stud with a rail splitting cock," claimed Simon.

Todd declined their suggestions, choosing to shower at home and call Clay to see if he was up to having company. As teens are wont to do, they'd exchanged cell-phone numbers earlier, so, after thoroughly scrubbing all of his most important parts, Todd called Clay to see if he'd be home after supper.

"Got a better idea," Clay responded. "Come over for supper. I've a couple of steaks we can grill, a couple of salads to choose from besides lettuce, fresh strawberries, and ice cream for dessert. It'll give us a chance to get better acquainted."

No way was Todd going to turn the invitation down, especially the "better acquainted" part.

"What time?"

"How about now? We can cook, visit, and whatever!"

Todd cleared it with his mom and Ted and was soon off in his pickup truck since he really didn't want to travel the lake in the dark after they ate. Not that he hadn't done it many times, but rain was predicted later in the evening and he could do without getting soaked. A spring rain can be cold and miserable and he'd just as soon avoid the misery if possible.

The drive around the end of the lake and to the other side took about twenty minutes. The gate was open and Todd drove down the lane to the house. He'd made this trip many times while Mr. St. Clair and his wife was alive and in residence to care for their lawn. This time, it was strictly for pleasure to enjoy their grandson, the current occupant of Tanglewood.

Clay was standing on the front porch steps when Todd drove up. A shit-eating grin was plastered across his face as he watched Todd emerge from the truck and start up the short walk to the house. Not only was there a grin on his face, but in his jeans, a hard cock, throbbing with lust, lay concealed, somewhat.

Todd expected the usual fist-bump in greeting, instead received a firm, warm, welcoming embrace. Clay's arms wrapped around him, Clay's head resting on his shoulder, warm breath tickling his neck and ear, brought his already hard cock to almost a super engorgement, thumping and twitching in the confines of his jeans. As Clay seemed to press their bodies closer, Todd could feel the hardness of a very nice, long cock imprisoned in Clay's jeans.

"God," Todd thought, "is this the same kid I'd fantasized about over the years?"

Todd, when he was about ten years old, began accompanying Carl when he serviced lawns in the area. One of the customers was Mr. St. Claire at Tanglewood. Todd's job was to use the gas-powered push mower to do the trim and areas Carl couldn't reach with the rider.

Several occasions, over the years, Todd noticed a boy, perhaps his own age, with Mr. St. Clair, either fishing together or around the house during the summers. Sometimes other boys, the same age or older, was with him. The boy didn't seem to notice Todd, but Todd really noticed him one hot, July afternoon.

The image of the boy seared in his mind, affecting his own cock, was the day the boy and several others, some older and some the boy's age, were swimming and playing in the water at the small beach near the boat dock.

The sight of the boy, slim, lithe, narrow-hipped, small ass barely covered by a small, tight, blue bikini swim suit was an invitation for Todd to stop momentarily and stare, fixing it in his mind. The boy turned to talk to another boy, positioned so his front could be visible by Todd, his crotch barely covered by the thin bikini material, revealing a noticeable bulge and the outline of a small, but quite discernable boy-cock. It was enough to last Todd's jack-off fantasies for years. More than one load, once Todd was able to produce one, of cock-snot was pumped out as Todd reviewed the mental picture he'd stored of the boy and imagined what he'd like to do with him.

Now he was face to face and crotch to crotch with the boy! Clay St. Claire was all grown up and Todd was as hard as a fence post! He hoped, against hope, Clay wouldn't notice his predicament.

Clay did and from what he felt, was a phallus of considerable length and girth! He hoped this was a signal of what might be coming soon. Clay knew he wanted to be fucked by it and fuck the guy it was attached to!

Clay released Todd, and Todd stepped back, sending a signal neither teen wanted to rush the situation.

Clearing his throat to clear the hoarseness brought on by his desire, Clay asked, "How about a soda?"

Todd nodded his approval and at Clay's invitation took a seat on one of the chairs on the porch.

Relieved to accept the invitation to sit down, Todd thought if another minute passed by locked in the intense embrace with Clay, he would've orgasmed, splaying thick ropes of cum, of sufficient quantity to soak through his shorts and jeans.

Clay was just as relieved and thankful. He spent a couple of minutes in the kitchen, concealed from Todd's sight, slipping his hand inside his pants and rearranging his stiff, rampant cock so it just might be less obvious.

The conversation, while they enjoyed their sodas and looked over the lake, while they weren't looking at each other, revolved around Todd's summer work and his life here, the fishing available, and other activities. Todd finally asked Clay why he chose to live here, other than it being his grandfather's, now his, house.

"I really wanted to escape," Clay confessed.

"Escape from what or who?"

"The constant harassment, threatened lawsuits, and confrontations. I could've chosen to live in my grandparents' home near Des Moines or the condo in Florida, but I feel more comfortable and safer here. Bonita, my father's widow, was resentful from the day she married him, about the transfer of assets and other financial interest held in partnership with my grandfather and my father, even though she'd signed off on it all in the pre-nuptial agreement. When my father died, his will stipulated she receive half of his estate and the other half was to be equally divided among the surviving children by his blood and creation. In other words, a paternal tracking to check the DNA and make certain they were his and not someone else's. That didn't set well with her either. She figured I had plenty so her two sons, my half-brothers, should receive my share and opened a series of court challenges and law suits"

"When my grandparents passed away, I became, other than a substantial bequest to Uncle Bill, the sole heir to their estate. That really pissed her off! She thought, as widow of their only son, she deserved a goodly portion of that estate as well."

"So, more court cases, right?" Todd surmised.

"Yep, and still ongoing. Uncle Bill thought it best I remove myself from her harassment and move up here. He doesn't think they know anything about Tanglewood and if they did, he figures they're too damned lazy to come up here and give me shit!"

"Let's hope so!"

Clay changed the subject by announcing it was time to start the gas grill and have some supper. The two teens set the table on the porch, prepared the salads for serving, and put the steaks on to grill. The steaks, one medium rare (Todd), were eaten slowly and with relish, the boys enjoying not only the steaks but the companionship. Ice Cream with strawberries topped off the meal for dessert.

Relaxing, after finishing their meal and cleaning up, Todd and Clay returned to the porch to watch the sun set and continue their conversation. As they sat down, Clay spotted two grey colored animals, barely discernable, just inside the woods from the clearing.

"Look!" he exclaimed pointing toward the creatures, "Wolves!"

Todd looked where Clay was pointing and smiled slightly. No doubt in his mind who the two wolves were- Derrick and Simon checking on him and scoping out his date.

"That's why I carry a pistol when I walk down the lane in the evening to close the gate. I've seen them around here since the second night after I arrived."

Todd frowned, cocked his head toward his new friend, commenting, "You have nothing to fear from those two. I've seen them around for several years. They're just curious! Forget carrying a gun, you have more to fear from a barking dog than those two wolves or any others around here. You'll be better off carrying a can of bear spray. Bears, Lynx, Bobcats, and Coyotes, if they are intent on doing you harm, can be dispersed with a shot of bear spray in the face. I doubt any would decide to attack you unless you seemed to be a danger to them or their young. I think there are humans who present more of a danger if you want to know the truth. There's always some dumb fuck who thinks he or she wants what you have and is willing to take it by force!"

Clay nodded, he really didn't want to shoot any of the critters in the area, but just thought he should be protected somehow.

"Why don't you get one of those electric gate closure devices? They make solar operated ones and you can control them from your smart phone. No sense walking down to gate day and night, especially if it gets stormy, like it is now," Todd suggested looking off in the distance.

Looking at his watch, noting the evening seemed to slip by, Todd announced he'd better be heading home, especially with a storm brewing.

"How about fishing in the morning?" he asked, reluctant to lose contact with Todd.

"Let's see what the weather brings, okay, Clay?"

Todd stood to leave, expecting a handshake or fist bump, but when he made contact with Clay, Clay pulled him into another tight hug, It really wasn't a hug Clay sought as his lips lightly dusted across Todd's lips, once then twice, and seeing no resistance on Todd's part, extended his tongue and began slowly tickling, licking, probing, seeking Todd's permission to enter and explore the sweetness within.

This was Todd's first real kiss with another male, especially one his age and as so fucking good looking as Clay. He opened to accept Clay's tongue, engaging it with his own in a cock-hardening throbbing engagement.

Both teens moaned their pleasure and began grinding their hips together trying to increase the sexual excitement and fruition. Todd felt one of Clay's hands reach down, slide his zipper down, reach in, and extract his cock.

"So fucking soft, smooth, and big," Clay sighed erotically and wrapped a hand around it, as best he could. Feeling Todd's cock began to swell as he stroked it, heard Todd warn,

"I'm about to cum!"

Clay quickly bent over, captured the exposed head of Todd's penis in his mouth, bobbed a couple of times, and felt Todd began to spew thick ropes of his juices. Rather than pull back and release the plum-shaped cock head, Clay clasped his lips tighter and accepted the hot essence.

Todd groaned, "Oh my god!" feeling his knees begin to buckle, a lightening in his head, and an urge to collapse in ecstasy as his orgasm intensified and completed! Never had he experienced such acuteness, almost ferociousness before when he masturbated. Of course, he'd never had a blow-job before either.

"First time?" mused Clay licking his lips before standing up in order to steady a very shaky Todd.

"Yeah, how did you guess?"

Clay only laughed, clasped Todd's shrinking manhood, giving it a couple of squeezes testing its firmness and enjoying the feel of it.

"I think I should do you," Todd said apologetically.

"Too late," Clay responded pointing down at his cum-soaked jeans. "Shot my wad about the same time you did!"

A sharp crack of lightning, followed by the deep, loud, but distant, rumble of thunder broke their conversation and the intimacy of the moment.

"Better get for home while I can," Todd said begrudging. "If I don't, Ted and mom will worry."

He gave Clay a quick kiss, scrambled off of the porch, and headed for his truck. Climbing in, starting up, and rolling down the window, Todd shouted, "See you in the morning; I've got a lot of catching up to do," before starting toward home.

It was not to be! The storm packed more ferocity than originally forecast!

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