Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 4

"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other."

(Charles Dickens – Tale of Two Cities)

Ted stood, his hand on Todd's shoulder, feeling the tremors, the shakes, the shivering in his step-son's body, realizing the teen's young mind tumbled with bewilderment, confusion, consternation, and some anger, almost unable or incapable of comprehending the impossible happening before his eye, his mind trying desperately to sort the imbroglio racing through his brain!

Todd continued to gaze, eyes wide, trying to assimilate the scene, as his two naked friends, now released from Gregory's embrace, focused their eyes on him. Their faces were painted with the guilt of discovery and their eyes brimmed with sadness for what they felt was a betrayal of trust of their best friend. Quicker than a blink of the eye, metaphorically, they shifted, their nakedness as a human replaced by the luxuriousness of grey, thick fur of beautiful, young wolves. They turned to head into the deep woods, affording Todd a glimpse of large, furry balls, and thick, skin encased cocks.

"Gregory?" Ted called softly and cautiously. "Please come with us to the house. Your brother needs and deserves an explanation."

Todd felt Gregory's small hand grip his as he followed his step-father to the house.

Seated at the kitchen table, Gregory ensconced comfortably on Todd's lap, leaned up, whispering sadly,

"I'm sorry!"

"For what, little bro?" Todd responding, finally finding his voice.

"For not telling you! I just couldn't 'cause I'm not supposed to."

Ted interrupted the short conversation, speaking softly so as not to alarm Todd.

"Todd, what I'm about to tell you, what are about to hear and perhaps witness, is probably the most bizarre, unbelievable, and mythical tale you might think could be found only in science fiction. However, let me assure, it's not science fiction, it is real and exists all around us every day. So, I have to require you to make a solemn pledge never, even on a threat to your life, to reveal what you are going to hear and perhaps see, from this point forward! I'm asking this of you because saying something to anyone, especially the wrong people, will put those you love and your friends in extreme danger."

"Should you refuse to swear or have any doubts, you'll wake up in your room, believing you fainted in the yard, and remember nothing. Understand?"

"You can do this?" Todd asked incredulously.

"No, but one who Gregory can summon can and will!"

"Ted, are you one of these science fiction characters?"

"No, but many of my friends are."

Todd agreed, shifted on his chair, moving Gregory a little so they were both more comfortable.

"You're about to become introduced to," Ted began, "the mysterious world of the paranormal; a world I only read about but was personally unaware of or had any experience with until a few years ago when I returned here. It's a world existing out of our sight, unless they choose to allow you to see them; showing themselves to us, in likeness to our existence, appearing in human form; and a world of magic, mysticism, and totally unbelievable to the uninitiated, but utterly, completely fantastic and adventuresome. It's a world many may dream of, write about, fantasize over, but never experience! Todd, the world around us is inhabited by all God's creatures, great, small, visible and invisible. It's a world where nymphs, house spirits, banshee's, brownies, pixies, gremlins, leprechauns, Incubus, Succubus, elves, fairies, vampires, sorcerers, werewolves, and vampires, plus many more, exist, although in our neck of the woods, you'll not run into all of them."

"Elves are really fairies, only bigger!"" a voice from somewhere said somewhat indignantly.

"Yeah, real big in some places," snickered another hidden voice.

Try as he might, searching the room for the speakers, Todd couldn't locate anyone.

"Prewitt, Dusty, show yourselves," Gregory requested, "so Todd can see you."

From nothing, except the dust of the kitchen, so Todd thought, a small speck of bright light transformed itself into two miniature, silvery-white, translucent, twelve-inch tall, naked, human male forms but with wings; beings of some sort.

Todd was mesmerized by their appearance, their beauty, and their ……!

"Oh, my god!" he exclaimed noting one of the small beings was mounted on the back of the other, resting his head with his pecker embedded in the butt of the other, his small butt cheeks pumping thymically. "They are, you know……!"

"Yeah, we know," Ted responded wryly. "Quite often, in fact. You'll find sexual inhibitions in this particular paranormal world, are pretty much non-existent. You'll really see it as you become more familiar with the Lycan world around here."

"I'm Prewitt," the one being pronged offered and flicking a thumb over his shoulder to the pronger, "he's Dusty. We're both fairies."

"Well," offered Todd, with a grin at the sight of two fairies fucking and all that might entail in his world, "you're both beautiful."

"You're mostly right," Prewitt rejoined, "I'm beautiful and he's," again pointing at the grinning fairy looking over his shoulder, "he's handsome, hung, and horny."

"And your job, other than what you're doing, is what?"

"You're half right; we're done doing for now, but our real job, our pleasure, and our duty is to be companion, instructor, guardian, protector, and whatever else needs to be done for young Master Gregory."

"God, this is a lot to absorb," muttered Todd.

"I thought the same thing a few years ago," Ted offered, "but I wouldn't trade all of this for all the gold in the world."

"Does Mom know about all of this?"

"I sure as hell hope not or she'll have us locked up in the nearest insane asylum quicker than a wink."

"So," Todd asked cautiously, hoping not to either embarrass, offend, or anger his little brother, "just what is Gregory? A real, live Harry Potter?"

"Sort of," Ted replied with a grin and wink to Gregory, "he's a very special boy, gifted with power I don't understand, but will develop more as he grows. Prewitt called my attention to him when Greg was just a babe. Prewitt and Dusty and others constantly instruct him, accompany him, protect him, and generally allow him to use his special powers in a good way, and try to keep him from doing something he shouldn't like turning someone into a frog or something."

Gregory frowned, yet giggled. "I won't Daddy, I promise. Maybe a toad, but not a frog!"

He found it absolutely hilarious as did Prewitt and Dusty. From a corner of the kitchen, somewhere, came a soft "croak" and some tittering.

"In regards to Gregory," Ted continued, "we are his shield from others who'd think to do him harm. If someone should notice him doing something unusual, we either disregard, laugh it off as coincidental, or devise some other explanation. We protect, we cover-up, and we outright lie, specifically to other humans, to keep them from gaining any knowledge concerning what he is, other than a very bright, precocious boy! We continue this until he has matured to the point of handling the situations himself, which, I might add, will come sooner than later."

"In the main, the world we will deal, in large, other than fairies, elves, pixies, nymphs, and so on, is Lycanthropes – shapeshifter, werewolves. You already met two and you will meet many more since there is a sizable population of Lycans and paranormal- wee-folk, in our world. For example, everyone at Campbell and Associates, Jessie Sutton and his pack, a term you'll soon understand, and all of those at the Lodge on Remote Lake are Lycans."

"How many of others know about all this?" Todd asked cautiously, wondering if he really wanted to know.

"Only two others I know of. Eric Trempealeau and Evan Troutman. You'll have a chance to visit with them soon. They're growing older and we need to understand and learn what they know so we can carry on."

"Head up, guys," Dusty cautioned, "Bev's about five minutes from home so you better bring this to a close for now."

"Right. Todd, we'll take a fishing trip tomorrow. If your mom has nothing planned for Greg, he'll come with us."

"How about?" Todd asked, pointing at the two male fairies.

"They go wherever Greg goes!"

"Time for us to disappear," acknowledged Prewitt, quickly qualifying it by stating, "we really don't disappear, we just become invisible to others. Won't you be surprised if, while you're with other people, one of us whispers in your ear, knowing full well you can hear us, but they can't?"

The day, the emotional shocks and revelations catapulting on Todd, was almost unbelievable! Exposed to admissions, discoveries, sights and visions he never would've thought possible, left Todd tired, but bothered in mind. One would've thought it would've left him so exhausted he'd fall asleep immediately. It was not the case!

Todd lay in bed, wide awake, but quickly feigned sleep when Carl came home from his night shift at the Birchwood at Sutton's. Todd waited patiently while Carl showered and climbed into his own bed. They'd shared a room for many years and would continue until Carl left for college. He soon heard Carl's deep breathing and light snores, indicating he was sound asleep and would be until daylight.

Thinking taking a piss outside and some time to reflect on the day's events by relaxing on the bench near the dock, would help him relax and finally go to sleep, Todd left the bedroom, wandered out onto the porch, and then out into the yard. The moon was very bright and there was a light breeze wafting from the lake, keeping the mosquitoes at bay and back in the woods.

Pulling his cock out from his boxer shorts, letting the stream splatter on the grass by the walkway to the dock, Todd looked off toward the woods, near the edge of the clearing, and spotted two large grey wolves sitting on their haunches watching him. If one could make the analogy in describing the expressions on the wolves faces, it'd appear they were sad, the expressions in their eyes moist with tears. He knew who they were, he'd seen them earlier in the day, and so much wanted to talk to them.

He walked toward the two wolves, stopped some ten foot away, and motioned them to come closer to him by extending his arms in welcome. The two creatures padded softly to him, facing him, yet close enough for him to reach out both hands and touch their heads, soft and warm with fur.

"Don't be sad! You're my best friends and always will be!"

One wolf stuck his nose up the inside right leg of Todd's shorts while the other did the same to his left. He stifled a squeal in surprise and delight as both quickly licked his balls and his cock, to the point his hard, twitching erection poked out from his boxers.

"Look what you two did!" he admonished in a joking manner, pointing down at his hard phallus. "Now, show yourself, or whatever I have to say to get you changed, so I can see you. Well, I can see you now, but I mean as Derrick and Simon 'cause I can't decide which one of you is which."

Todd watched as snouts turned into noses, ears lost their pointed furry look and became human, faces changed from animal to human, front and back legs changed into human arms and legs, and canine genitals into human male cocks and balls- large human cocks and balls!

"God," he snorted, reaching down and slowly stroking a cock in each hand, "you two have the biggest most amazing cocks and balls of anyone I really know. I'd bet your wolf dicks are just as big or bigger."

Simon laughed, "Never thought of it before. I guess they might be, but either way, mine seems to fit Derrick's ass when we're in wolf shape just fine."

"And mine seems to fit Simon's just as well," commented Derrick, "but, if you keep on stroking us like this, you're either going to have a fountain of cum on each leg or the ground will be white with our stuff."

Their cocks weren't an unusual sight for Todd, but he never really saw them in this light before, nor had he ever stroked them to the edge of orgasm. His own cock started to drip, revealing his own excitement.

Changing the topic, hoping to delay or stop any ejaculation, Derrick apologized to Todd.

"We're sorry!"

"About this?"

"No, for deceiving you about who or what we were! Hard way to find out your best friends are shape-shifters or in our case Lycans, you know, Were-wolves."

Todd made no reply, instead moving his hands from the cocks, to around them, pulling them close in contact with his body.

"Surprised me, yes, but it makes no difference! You guys are still the best friends I ever had and ever will have!"

Feeling their wet, oozing pre-cum slipping out onto his own nakedness, he pleaded, "You know where I want these big buggers planted don't you?"

"Yeah," Derrick moaned sadly, "but we can't!"

"What? Who said? I'm the one making the plea!

"Let's go sit on the bench by the dock," Simon suggested waving a hand in that direction.

The three of sat, Todd in the middle, on the wooden bench near the dock and the swimming area. All three still maintained erections, although Todd's started to flag a bit, knowing there had to be some reason they wouldn't fuck him. He hoped it wasn't because his cock was smaller than theirs. It was a nice thick seven incher but, he still had doubts concerning its attractiveness to them.

"You know," Simon began, "we both want to fuck you and have you fuck us so bad, but we can't."


"You know Jessie Sutton-Campbell?"


"Did Ted tell you he's a shifter as well?"

Todd nodded, wondering where this conversation was going. He'd never guessed Jessie's status or any of the others until he saw his friends shift and listened to Ted's limited explanation.

"Well," Simon continued, "Jessie is a very powerful and wise wolf and well thought of in our circles. He has such powers he can summon demons and paranormal we never knew existed until he grew in powers. He's the mate to Jason and Tyler and they're the Alpha's of the Averill Creek Pack. As a mate to an Alpha and because of his powers, when he says not to do something, you don't and he said not to fuck you since there might be a chance we'd bite you in the process, especially if one of us would cum inside you at the same time we bit."

"What would happen?"

"At the next full moon, you'd shift to a Werewolf and be a Lycan forever," Derrick said sadly. "Once done, there's no turning back the clock."

Todd swallowed hard, suddenly realizing what just might happen and wondering if that would be what he'd want. Derrick went on to explain, turning a human, without that human's full consent, might lead to a dangerous, rogue wolf who could do great damage and, to turn a human, they needed their Alpha's consent to do it.

"So," he said hesitantly, trying to make light of the situation, "if being fucked by a wolf, I have to beware of the wolf's bite, right?"

"Exactly!" admonished Simon. "If your asshole's being filled with cum and a set of teeth glom onto your neck and shoulder, you're more than just fucked!"

Todd questioned if Jason and Tyler were their Alphas and learned not necessarily so. Derrick and Simon were actually part of the Kabetogama Pack where the Alpha was Art Campbell and their fathers were the Enforcer and the Beta of the pack.

"But," Simon explained, "the Averill Creek Pack is made up of mainly gays so we tend to spend more time there."

"More opportunity to get our rocks off!" laughed Derrick. "Not that we need to since we have each other, but the atmosphere is better."

The teens went on to explain both Packs felt it was necessary to cultivate a couple of humans to help them in the human world since Evan Troutman and Eric Trempealeau were getting quite old. Ted already was "in the pack" so to speak and Todd made a logical choice, especially since he was becoming suspicious of Gregory's powers after the room cleaning incident.

"Okay," Todd asked trying to learn why Simon and Derrick showed up when it appeared Gregory summoned them.

"Actually, it was more luck!" Simon surmised, "We'd just been given our assignment to join the others watching over Gregory." He looked at Derrick in such manner Todd thought looked as if they were communicating in some unheard manner by the rest of the world.

Apparently getting the okay, Simon went on to explain they were actually there to watch over Todd. Ted approached Art Campbell and Jason and Tyler explaining Prewitt decided Todd was growing too suspicious of Gregory's developing powers and thought Todd would be a good candidate for pairing up with Ted. All agreed it made sense but they were going to take it slow. In the meantime, Simon and Derrick would be assigned to watch over Todd to help him learn and to protect him. They were natural choices since the three were best friends and would draw no undue suspicions, except maybe by right-wing conservatives because all three were gay.

"People see the three of us together all the time!" Derrick bragged. "So, what would be better? We'd just begun to shift a little less than nine months ago so it made it more natural."

"Maybe being allowed to fuck each other?" Todd laughed.

Realizing what Derrick said about shifting, nudged Todd in the direction of wondering when, why, and how they shifted. Learning Lycans around here didn't begin to shift until they reached puberty was enlightening to him.

"So, when your cocks begin to grow and hair forms around it, you can shift?"

"Right!" both his friends responded.

Over the next two hours, Todd received his first really full lesson on werewolves and their lives in and around the Kabetogama area. He knew when they finished, there was more to learn and he was eager to do so.

Really exhausted this time when going to bed, before he dozed off, he thought he saw a very small white light flicker in the bedroom, not far from his bed.

"Probably just Prewitt or Dusty checking on me," he muttered softly before falling sound asleep.

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