Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 3

"I shall be as secret as the grave"


Heading up the lake in the direction from which he came, home, after excusing himself because he had several lawns to tend to and promising to return, at Clay's invitation, "anytime – night or day," Todd could only be thankful for the step-father he had compared to Clay's experience with a step-mother who obviously had no feeling for him except his wealth. Todd found it difficult to wrap his head around how difficult life may've been, or is, for his new-found friend.

He might not be able to wrap his head around the issue, although he wouldn't mind wrapping his lips around the fleshy teen cock he'd glimpsed earlier or wrapping his arms around Clay's waist, cupping and massaging the sweet smooth globes of the ass he envisioned Clay possessing, or squeezing his own anal muscles, gripping Clay's hard member embedded in deep and thrusting. Given the chance, he'd mount Clay just as quickly and deeply. Todd was a versatile gay teen, or so he thought since he'd never really had a gay experience – seen it plenty of times, but never experienced it! Not even a hand job by another boy or having his cock sucked! Yet, Clay St. Claire is one teen boy he wanted to fuck and be fucked by- hard, long, and often!

By the time he reached the home dock, Todd was hard as one of the many granite outcroppings and rocks so evident in the area, but there was to be no relief in his immediate sight! He wondered how Clay's skin would feel when he ran his hands across it; how it'd taste as he licked and kissed his way from top to bottom and everything in between; what his teen juice would taste like fresh from and spigot and in what amounts; would there be warmth, moisture, massaging, and encouragement as he pumped back and forth in Clay's tight backsides?

He had too much to do, even with the help of Simon Hayes and Derrick Bowers, his two very best friends to spend in fantasizing a sex life with Clay St. Claire. The three of them were best friends since they entered school. Their fathers were partners in the computer business, Campbell and Associated, located along Lake Kabetogama.

Thinking of the past few years and Clay's predicament, Todd reflected on how much his life changed after his mother married Ted Symthe. He knew very little of Ted prior to the marriage, except Ted was, at one time, the DNR Warden assigned to the area, left to a teaching job (he held a PhD) in a small university, returned to supposedly do some research on wolves, and came into some big inheritance while here.

Ted was good friends with the people at Campbell and Associates, those who lived at The Lodge on Remote Lake, the Suttons at the Resort, Jessie Sutton-Campbell and his spouses, Jason and Tyler, and Eric Trempealeau and Evan Troutman, two very elderly gentlemen who'd lived here since, maybe forever.

It was after the marriage between his mom and Ted when Todd's life began to take several strange twists. These twists were life-changing, on the inside, but not evident on the outside unless you were privy to the same information and experiences.

Todd was mildly surprised, yet not so, when he outed himself to Ted, explaining he'd never had a gay relationship, but knew he was gay. Ted's response was, "As a philosopher once put it, 'know thy self' and so you do. Don't let your sexual identification identify you, let it be part of you. You are more than just one or two parts. Just don't fall in love with a straight guy. It can be devastating!" he admonished, almost as an afterthought.

Todd knew his best friends, Simon and Derrick were gay, they made no bones about it when he was around. When swimming, at Campbell's, they swam nude, along with many of the other teens and pre-teens as well. The others didn't seem to mind the nudity and neither did he, after a while. The first time he saw one of the younger boys fuck one of the younger girls, he almost collapsed as his dick hardened. It really hardened and throbbed the first time he saw Derrick fuck Simon! He'd seen his friends nude before, hard as well, their uncut, long cocks sticking out and wobbling as they walked, but he'd never seen them in the act of copulation. It didn't happen at Campbells, but on a small beach on a small island in Elveden Lake, not far from where Clay lived now. All three of them had not yet sprouted hair, but Simon and Derrick had much bigger dicks than Todd. It continued into puberty.

His two friends seem not to really care which one was a "top" or a bottom, but either one could ejaculate a tremendous amount of cum. It was shortly after they started growing hair around their dicks and their balls produced the man-juice, Todd noticed a sore, much like a bite mark, on Derrick's shoulder, near the base of his neck – almost like a hicky. Commenting on it, Derrick just shrugged the comment off, as if the mark was something either expected or not unusual.

He finally asked, one day after they'd finished fucking, if they were boyfriends and they acknowledged it.

"Is that why neither of you will do me?"

"Pretty much," conceded Simon, although Todd felt there was more to it than Simon said.

Ted was a wise, smart person, capable of deep thought, insightful advice, and an extremely good listener. His relationship with those at the Lodge, Campbell and Associates, Jessie Sutton-Campbell, and the others he associated with, was very personal and, when needed, quite confidential. There were times, as Todd grew older, living in the household, if Ted was visiting with some of those people, noticing him, the conversations would change, as if they really didn't want him hearing. Yet, Todd had no reason or want to ask why. He too, could keep secrets and keep them well.

Todd soon realized Ted was an expert at dodging a question without offending. He also noted there were times, when Ted was observing certain individuals, there'd appear a slight, almost knowing look on his face as if he knew something about them others didn't. His expression was most noticeable when Simon, Derrick, and he were together. Todd began to think there was more to what was going on than he realized and became more watchful.

At home, Todd thought his Mom happier than he'd ever remembered. They didn't want for money, Ted loved her dearly, as he did his whole family, all seven of the boys. Ted and his mother had three boys of their own, yet didn't treat the other four any differently.

Gregory ran across the lawn to the dock to wait for Todd to dock the boat. His grin, watching Todd pull in, wasn't only a sign of his personal happiness at seeing his big brother, a brother he loved dearly, but of his overall personality. Gregory was a happy, well-adjusted (considering his circumstances), and vibrant boy!

"Grab a rope, Greg," Todd laughed, just as happy to see his little brother as his little brother was to see him, "and tie me up."

Boat secured, Greg waited somewhat impatiently for the hug he knew he'd receive from Todd.

Embracing Greg, Todd looked around and asked, "Where's Cam and Jerod?"

"Helping Mom bake cookies!"

"I'll bet they eat more than helping, don't you think?"

Snickering, Greg nodded his agreement and quickly changed the subject.

"Did you meet the new guy over at St. Claire's Simon and Derrick told us about? Was he as good looking as I said he'd be?"

"Yes, and yes!"

"Are you going back?"

"He invited me to come back any time, day or night."


Todd loved all of his brothers, but the three youngest, Gregory at age eight, Camden at age six, and Jerod, age four, were special. Oh, his three older brothers were loved as well, but the youngest were his "little" brothers and deserved his special attention, he thought. Of the three youngest, Gregory was his favorite. The boy was a very special, happy, intelligent, and extremely gifted boy. He was so, so special, something Todd discovered as Greg grew from baby to now.

From day one, when his mom brought Greg home from the hospital, Todd took it upon himself to not only be Greg's big brother, but instrumental in caring for him and protector. Little did he know there were other protectors and caregivers, other than his parents and himself!

Gregory was a happy, well-contented, and healthy baby; easy to care for, bubbly, active, and intelligent, seeming to miss nothing going on about him. He'd lay contentedly in his crib, jabbering or cooing with an excited, little outbursts of baby noises every now and then behaving as if someone else was in the room with him entertaining or talking to him. If he'd fuss because of messy diaper or hunger, Todd or Ted or his Mom would quickly take care of it. Most often it was Todd since he seemed to be not far from Greg when he was home. Ted would often just sit in and watch and visit while Todd cared for Greg.

Todd loved the little guy so much and reveled in watching him grow and develop. As soon as Gregory began toddling about (it didn't seem as though he crawled long), he became Todd's shadow, which didn't displease Todd at all.

Greg was age four or so, and in his room, when Todd thought he heard him speaking to someone. Todd's Mom and Ted were at the doctor for a checkup since she was expecting Jerod. Cam went along with them, leaving Todd to care for Greg.

"He's supposed to be napping," Todd mused, walking toward Greg's room.

Just before stepping inside the bedroom, Todd distinctly heard Gregory speaking to "Prewitt" and "Dusty." He knew no one by those names and quickly stepped inside the room. He noted there wasn't anyone else there except Greg.

Greg immediate shut up, turned and grinned at his brother, asking, "Can I get up now?"

Todd took little note of it at the time, deciding Gregory had "imaginary" friends. It seemed to be an isolated incident, but as time moved on, it wasn't so! Watching, sometimes from a position where Greg couldn't know of his presence, he'd notice items Greg seemed to want, float across the room or float in space to Gregory's hands. Another time, he asked Greg to pick up his toys and put them in the toy box. He turned, as he stepped out of the room, to see if Greg started, and was surprised to notice the toys were already put in the toy box.

"Been watching too many 'Harry Potter' movies," Todd grumbled to himself.

The real puzzler, the shocker, the one incident bringing the mystery to a head, when Greg was five, the day Gregory was playing outside, the day Todd and Ted were home alone with him, occurred when Todd spotted Greg, after he'd heard him call out something quite authoritatively (for a five-year-old) out on the lawn and a large, black bear emerged from the woods, and started ambling toward the lad. The bear was making no threatening actions, but certainly was curious concerning a helpless morsel before it. Todd dashed out the door and raced toward Greg and the bear. The only thing he could think to do was to run at the bear shouting and screaming and try to chase it away.

Before he could utter a word, Gregory, issued another command which Todd couldn't understand, attributing it to distance, excitement, and fear, waved his hand in a bit of a circle over his head and then out in front of him, two very large wolves appeared facing the oncoming bear! The two wolves snarled, gnashed their teeth, and moved menacing toward the bear, ready to do battle. The bear, quickly deciding discretion was the better part of valor and knowing it wouldn't stand a chance against the two menacing canines, swapped ends, butt to the ground and hightailed it out of there.

Continuing to watch, Todd stood in awe, dumbstruck, confused, as he witnessed the two wolves change from wolf to human; two naked, teenage male humans with ample evidence of their sex wobbling between their legs; teenage male humans who received strong hugs from Gregory; male humans with whom Todd was very familiar; they were his best friends, Simon and Derrick! So absorbed and dumbfounded, shaking his head in disbelief, he failed to hear Ted step up behind him, but felt Ted's hand on his shoulder.

"Relax, Todd. Don't be afraid. Now you know and we need to talk."

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