Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 8

"There are fairies at the bottom of our garden."

( Rose Fyleman))

Clay woke, knowing it wasn't the very stiff, thick, and hot appendage now buried up his ass where it seemed to have found a home (much to his own pleasure), but something else, something he sensed to be a danger to both of them. Reluctant to wake Todd, especially since he could feel Todd's cock begin to throb, an indication, even in his sleep, Todd could effectively fuck himself to orgasm, waited until he could feel the abundant semen begin to drip out around Todd's cock and out his asshole, turned his head, clenched his anal ring several times in order to stem the flow and bring Todd to full wakefulness, hissed softly as he wiggled his butt,

"Todd, wake up!"

"Why? I feel much more comfortable this way!"

"Do you smell sausage cooking?"

Todd sniffed the air and, although recognizing one of the smells as sausage being cooked, responded, "The most obvious smell is sex, making me want to fuck you again."

"You just did!" snorted Clay. "I think someone is in the house and, whoever it is, is cooking breakfast."

"Maybe it's just your nose and mind tricking you since we failed to eat any supper last night, choosing instead to feast on each other's fleshy, delightfulness."

"It's not my imagination!" growled Clay, becoming more concerned. "It might be some vagabond or someone else determined to do us harm."

"Did you lock the door?"

"I forgot," acknowledged Clay sheepishly.

"Then maybe it is someone!" Todd said, feigning alarm.

"What are we going to do?"

"Maybe fuck quietly until they go away?"

Clay felt Todd begin to thicken again, the head of his cock growing larger, a certain sign his boyfriend was preparing to go for another round.

"Not now," Clay complained. "I don't want the undertaker, when they come to claim the bodies, to complain about having to separate us, held together by that monster cock of yours."

Todd laughed, stopped his short thrusts he was beginning to make, and said, "It's probably Derrick and Simon."

"Who are they?"

"Good friends of mine. I mentioned I was coming over here with the intention of spending the night after doing some work, so, knowing those two, they probably came over for breakfast."

Todd didn't dare tell Clay of the conversation he'd had with the two last night when they were in wolf shape. The revelation would just about freak Clay out, of that he was certain.

No sooner had he mentioned their names, when Derrick popped into the bedroom, just as naked as Todd and Clay were, and very much erect.

"Wake up you two!" he laughed, his long, stiff penis wagging out in front of him.

Clay took one look at it and decided, in comparison, Todd wasn't quite that long, stiff, or dangerous looking.

All he could say was "Oh, my god!"

"I think I'll join you," giggled Derrick, quickly sliding under the covers and, facing Clay, now wide-eyed with fearful apprehension and sexual overload watching the long, fat todger on the well-shaped teen as Derrick snuggled up tight to him, long hard cock pressed up tight to Clay's abdomen, and wrapping his arms around Clay and Todd, pulled them closer.

Derrick's hard, long stiff appendage rubbed its thick stalk up against Clay's sensitive cock-head while the head of Derrick's penis twitched up into Clay's solar plexus, weeping cock-snot as it did, causing Clay to squirm and wiggle. His action precipitated Todd to move, ever so slightly but quite sufficiently to bring another eruption into Clay's interior.

"Oh, my god!" Clay struggled to say, trying to catch his breath while trying to pinch his butt-hole tight to keep from leaking the large amount of man juice now inside his bowel, facing the owner to which the large appendage now rubbing his stomach was attached, "I'm afraid there's no room at the inn. Besides, the only one I have is now occupied."

"I'll say this, Todd," Derrick proclaimed, peeking over Clay, "you have one hell of a good looking, hung, and horny boyfriend and funny as fuck!"

"You got that right," Todd admitted, "but neither you or Simon are going to fuck him-yet!" much to Clay's relief.

"Well, that's disappointing," Derrick said feigning emotion. "So, better roll your asses out of bed, Simon has eggs, pancakes, and sausage waiting in the kitchen for us."

"Oh," he added, "don't bother dressing for breakfast. It's a rather informal meal this morning!" and laughed as he popped out of bed and out the bedroom door.

"Let's go check," Todd suggested, climbing out of bed.

"Not until I go to the bathroom and flush the pipes," Clay allowed, pinching his cheeks and heading for the toilet.

"Suppose I should wash up a bit myself," Todd added, following Clay.

Clay stayed behind Todd as they walked to the kitchen. Derrick laughed and greeted them. "Like your eggs over easy or hard like I suppose like your cocks were all night?"

"Do you want your sausages stuffed between two pancakes or prefer to nibble on them just plain?" teased Simon.

"Clay," Todd said pointing at Derrick, "this is Derrick Bowers, who you already met, and his boyfriend," pointing at Simon, "Simon Hayes. Both are good, dear friends of mine and there's no doubt you'll be seeing more of them."

"Looks like I can see almost all of them now since they're both naked."

"Guys," Todd continued, "this is Clay St. Claire."

"And a handsome, hung one at that," added Simon, now having his first real look at Clay.

Clay's eyes scanned both of the teen boys naked bodies and settled on their crotches, before declaring cautiously, "I think, given the night we've had, my eggs should be handled over easy and," pointing at the two large, thick, and long cocks, "I don't think those big sausages would fit between my little pancakes."

His remarks were all it took for Simon and Derrick to accept him unequivocally! He was welcomed into their friendship by close, tight hugs from Simon and Derrick making certain their scent, from their skin and the oozing from their cocks, was well deposited on him, warning others he was under their protection and others, not members of the Averill Creek Pack or the Kabetogama Pack, to steer clear. Their protection would be no different from that extended to Todd, although his relationship with the two packs was considerably different.

The four teens sat at the table enjoying breakfast and the growing comrade during their light banter and conversation, finding much in common with Derrick and Simon. A major exception was the fact they were Lycan which they felt would be unwise to share at this time with Clay.

Clay waved goodbye as Todd left in his truck and Derrick and Simon left in theirs. Todd promised to call later in the day and see if he could spend the night or not. It'd depend on how much work he had to do yet and if his mom needed him to watch the little ones.

"Either way, why not plan on going fishing day after tomorrow? I promised Gregory I'd take him out walleye fishing. It'll give you a chance to meet him, his brothers, my mom and Ted."

Clay readily agreed, quietly reconciling himself to spending the night alone, since it was very likely Todd would be more than just a little busy. He was certain Todd cut his work short the day before to spend the late afternoon and night with him.

He watched until both trucks were well down the lane.

"It's about time you made your presence known, Rani! Where've you been? I've missed you."

"For that I apologize most sincerely, but circumstances kept me away. First, let me say how sorrowful I am my friends, your grandmother and grandfather, are no longer living in the human world. I did so enjoy being with them here at Tanglewood."

"I do too!" Clay responded sadly.

"On a happier note, Clay, it's about time you found someone!"

"Me too!"

Clay wondered, if Todd found out Rani, an Elf-fairy, was his off-times companion during the summer visits to Tanglewood since Clay was eight years old, would forgive him for not explaining why his grandmother always said Tanglewood was an "enchanted place." Todd would probably think he was nuts and abandon him for someone with his sanity intact. Tanglewood was enchanted and Rani wasn't the only paranormal or unusual personage or creature in the area. Clay didn't know what or how many, but he never felt unsafe. In fact, felt as though they protected him from the vagaries facing him in life. It was one of the main reasons he wanted to return to Tanglewood after his grandparents and his father's deaths. It was the one place he knew his father's widow or his half-brothers could do him no harm.

Rani had been his grandmother's favorite, calling him her "sweet, beautiful boy" and was her companion as she gardened or worked around the house. His grandfather knew she believed in fairies and did nothing to discourage her. In fact, Rani finally revealed himself to his grandfather a couple of years before he died. Clay's introduction to him came one night years before when suffering through a nightmare, Rani appeared, comforted him, helped him develop defenses, mentally and physically to thwart future encounters of that nature and those from the humans who might torment him through any means. Clay accepted Rani, once deciding he wasn't an "imaginary" friend. He kept Rani secret until Rani revealed he'd been his grandmother's secret friend and companion for many years.

"Todd! Wake up!" insisted Parnell.


"You promised Gregory you'd go fishing and take Clay with you, remember? And, besides, I have something to tell you."

Parnell settled, astride, on Todd's stiff cock laying almost, but not quite horizontal to his torso, high enough so Parnell had room to swing his feet without scraping Todd's belly. Todd squinted down his belly spotting the small Elf-fairy riding on his cock and bouncing up and down.

"Parnell, I really wish you wouldn't do that," Todd warned, the bouncing motion causing his cock to twitch, throb, and swell even more.

"Why not? It's fun; sort of like riding one of those fucking broncos in the rodeo!"

"It's bucking broncos, not fucking broncos!" declared Todd, correcting Parnell.

"Oh, dear!" confessed Parnell pensively, "I fear I'll have to have my hearing checked. One time, while at a rodeo, I could've sworn I heard one of those cowboy types point his finger at a horse and declare 'I'm going to ride that fucking bronco or know the reason why!'"

"Did he?"

"Yes he did, but not for long! He was tossed off. But I never found out the reason why!" Parnell pondered, bouncing up and down several more times on Todd's rampant cock.

"Stop that!"

Parnell scowled, irritated Todd was spoiling his fun, and fluttered down to stand on Todd's chest. Shaking a finger at Todd, Parnell declared authoritatively, "Then you shouldn't sleep on your back!"

"Whatever!" Todd snorted. "Now, what's got you in such a twit?"

"Well," Parnell began, hands on his slim hips, "I just found out Clay's grandmother had a favorite Elf-fairy, by the name of Rani, living with them at Tanglewood. He's a real closed-mouth sort of Elf, usually not venturing far from Tanglewood. She used to call him her most beautiful, secret boy! Man, I hear he's a real looker with a cock……."

"Does Clay know about him?" Todd interrupted.

"No, I don't think so! What would Clay think if he did and also knew about me?"

"He'd think I was completely bonkers and go find another boyfriend!"

"I doubt that; he seems like such a nice boy though!"

"I think he is more than just nice; he's exactly what I want in a boyfriend!"

"I was talking about Rani, not Clay!"

"Whatever!" Todd growled and rolled out of bed.

Todd barreled down the stairs and into the kitchen about the same time Clay's pickup truck stopped in front of the house. Without breaking his stride traveling through the kitchen, Todd scooted to the front porch and waved Clay inside. He waited, patiently, for Clay to ascend the steps, gave him a quick kiss on the lips, before leading hi inside to meet the family.

"My Mom, Ted, and my younger brothers are already up and just about to have breakfast," advised Todd, more of a warning than an invitation to eat with them, since he was anxious, now, to get fishing. He did take the time to introduce Clay to the assembled family members. Bev and Ted seemed genuinely pleased to meet him and commented on how nice they thought his grandparents were, albeit having limited contact with them.

"We've not always lived here," Bev explained. "It was after I married Ted we moved to this place."

Clay was persuaded, by Bev, to have a fresh baked cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee, "just to tide him over" and to give them a chance to visit with him some more. They had so many questions they wanted to ask, since Todd seemed so besotted with Clay, but knew they really shouldn't push it. Besides, with Ted's connections and Bev's tenure in the area, there wasn't much they couldn't find out if they really wanted. What they wanted was Todd to be happy and apparently, thus far, he was!

Todd waited until Clay finished his roll and coffee and answering some of the questions before announcing it was time to go fishing. Gregory had been fidgeting in his chair for some time, just as anxious to leave as well.

Todd handled the motor, maneuvering the boat slowly over and around various lake structures which may hold the walleyes they were fishing for. The bite was sporadic and light, but they did manage to catch a couple of nice-sized fish, but not enough for the meal they anticipated at noon.

Approaching an island Todd and Gregory fished before, Clay let it be known his grandfather and he usually had exceptional luck on the off-side, the side between the island and the rocky shoreline. Todd obliged, steering the craft into position. On the first cast, once the jig and minnow hit the bottom, Clay hooked and landed a good-sized walleye. It was followed by Gregory with another, and Todd with the third. As Clay landed another nice fish, Gregory reeled in his line, ostensibly to watch Clay land his fish.

Todd noticed Gregory's action or lack of it, wondering if there was something going on.

"What's up, Greg?"

"There's something bad gonna happen, Todd," he responded.


"Don't know, but I know a big black and brown mean dog is part of it. I can show you the dog!"

Before Todd could respond, Clay with his fish now in the boat, pointed at the shoreline.

"Look, a Doberman Pincer! Wonder where it came from?"

He looked toward Todd and Gregory, checking to see if they saw the dog, quickly turned back to take a second look, and the dog was gone.

"I could've sworn I saw a dog," he sputtered. "You guys see it?"

Todd and Gregory shook their heads in the negative.

"Must be seeing things," snorted Clay in disbelief.

"That was close, Gregory," Todd relayed to his younger brother.

Gregory just giggled softly!

Gregory's giggle caught Clay somewhat as a surprise and a confused, wondering look! It wasn't really the giggle that furrowed Clay's brow, it was the twinkle or glint in Gregory's eyes, especially since it seemed Gregory directed it specifically toward him. It was the same twinkle or mischievous glint Clay often witnessed in his Grandmother's eyes when he was younger. It was a "I've got a secret" type glint and twinkle. He discovered, later, what the secret was when Rani manifested himself at Grandmother St. Claire's request.

Tilting his head in thought, pondering, puzzling, whether, if Gregory did have a secret, was Todd aware of it? So deep in thought, Clay failed to notice a strong strike from the depths and missed an opportunity to boat a nice fish!

Disgusted with himself, he happened to look at Todd and then toward Gregory. If he didn't know better since he heard nothing, it seemed as if Todd communicated something to Gregory and Gregory answered him and giggled again.

Clay wasn't confused; he just didn't hear what Todd said and Gregory answered. They blocked it.

"Gregory," Todd admonished, "No teasing! You did that on purpose!"

Gregory giggled again. "Yeah, I know but he was getting too serious. Besides, it was fun watching him scramble for his fishing pole. Want me to turn him into a toad instead? That should take his mind off of serious stuff."


"If I turned him into a toad, you could kiss him and turn him into a handsome prince!"

"Enough, already!"

"Well," interjected Parnell, not wanting to be left out of the conversation, "you could then recite the part of the poem "Twas the night of the king's castration." You know, the part about feeling the prickly prick of the prince."

Clay heard Todd let out a low moan, looked down at Todd's crotch, and saw a swelling begin to occur. Apparently, Todd was not thinking about fishing, just about poles and such.

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