From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 10

A couple of weeks later Noah said "Will, you look a bit down. You've been like it for days."

"Yeah, it's this kid at college bugging me. He keeps coming on to me."


"He touches me up and keeps asking if I want a wank."

"Are you wearing your padlock?"

"Yeah, course, specially with him around."

"I take it he's gay and knows you're gay?"

"Daddy, everybody knows I'm gay."

"Not that that's an excuse. Do you want us to do something about it?"

"What are you thinking of, Daddy?"

"If he wants gay sex, let's give him gay sex. I assume he's old enough to be legal?"

"You can't go to sixth form college unless you're sixteen."

"Of course not."

"Tell him that if he wants to jerk you off to come home with you after college on Friday. Then we can sort him out. I don't think you'll have any trouble from him after that."

Noah explained part of his plan to William, just on a need to know basis. He didn't want him to dwell too much on what he had in mind except that it would be a visit to the dentist. William knew what that was code for and, of course, developing role play was part of his apprenticeship. "What's this kid's name?"


"His surname?"


"Poor kid. His parents must be a bit dim."

"Not so. His real name is Michael. His mates at his last school christened him Wayne and it transferred to sixth form college when he and his mates did."

Noah's enthusiasm must have been infectious for once William confirmed he was bringing Wayne home on Friday he perked up. Noah agreed to pick them up from college at half past three and made sure William fully understood his instructions before he went off that morning.

In the afternoon Noah got ready to set off. He pulled up the hood on his anorak. Slowly driving along outside the school, he spotted William waving, with Wayne at his side. When he stopped, William opened the door for Wayne to get into the back, then followed him in. Noah activated the child lock. His black SUV had deeply tinted windows at the back and it was impossible for anyone to look in. "Wayne, this is my Daddy. He said he'd give us a lift, but for professional reasons he doesn't want anyone to know where we live. So do you mind putting this balaclava on?"

"Ooh, sounds exciting," said Wayne in a camp voice. William helped him on with it, while Noah was pulling out and drove off, except that William put it on back to front. Noah drove home by the scenic route to confuse any remaining sense of direction Wayne might have had.

"So how old are you, Wayne?" he asked.

"Eighteen last month." 'Even better,' he thought. William was re-assuring him by stroking the inside of his thigh and giving his balls the occasional gentle squeeze. They were both sitting there with hard-ons, not that Noah could see them in the rear view mirror.

When they arrived home, William helped Wayne out of the car. "Wayne, we've got to go down some steps. Daddy's going to carry you to make it easier." They were going straight to the basement. Once inside William locked the doors and Noah set Wayne down on an ordinary chair. William took the balaclava off. They had switched just one red light on and so Wayne's eyes adjusted quickly. He could see the bed, but 'The Chair' was behind him.

"Would you like a cup of tea, Wayne?" Noah said to put him at ease. But there would be no tea. He came up behind him and squirted a short burst of aerosol into one of his nostrils. In seconds Wayne was asleep.

"That'll make him easier to handle, Will. We've got about five minutes before he wakes up." Together they stripped his clothes off down to his boxers. They lifted him back onto 'The Chair' and strapped him in.

Originally, 'The Chair' had been a dentist's chair. You sat in it. It rose and lowered and tilted by means of an electric motor, but Noah had adapted it. He had removed most of the part you put your legs on and replaced it with stirrups up and to the side and he added arms. They were all adjustable. Once the patient was in it, strapped in it, yes, the straps were fixtures, you could change his position as you wanted. You could get at his dick and balls and arsehole without any impedance, and there was nothing he could do about it. It was good for flogging too, and many other things. It was one of his favourites.

William stood by the chair with his hand resting gently on the headrest. Noah's head whirled with luscious images. ( Pace Jack Taylor – The Story of Tim .)

However, tempus fugit . They still had to change into their dentist's kit – light blue cotton smock and trousers, mask and cap. The trousers had an opening like pyjama trousers, that is with neither zip nor buttons. They were wearing nothing underneath, ready for action.

They switched up the lighting and as they did, Wayne stirred, looked around, and smiled, saying "I must have dropped off to sleep." The large clock on the wall had been deliberately set at the wrong time to confuse the patient. It said twenty past eleven. Then he tried to get up out of the chair. "What the ff…!", but before he could complete the word, William slipped a penis gag into his mouth and fixed it at the back of his head. This was quickly followed by a blindfold and a large pair of wireless headphones playing William's favourite Ronan Parke track on a loop.

"What about that cup of tea now, Will?" He went off and came back with two steaming mugs. "I don't think Wayne will want one for the moment.

"You drink his, Daddy," he said.

"Okay, Will, you've completed the theoretical module. Now's the time to put it into practice." William went over to the sink and rinsed his mouth out with Listerine®. Meanwhile Noah set the chair in an upright position. He took the penis gag out. Wayne started shouting and resisting the spider gag, but William just squeezed his balls and Noah slipped the stainless steel jaws of the spider gag between Wayne's teeth, fixed it and ratcheted it to the required width. William began to tease Wayne's lips with his tongue and as soon as Wayne poked his tongue out to meet his, William withdrew it. Finally he relented and allowed their tongues to meet. Meanwhile this had made Wayne's cock gorge itself with blood and William watched it swell, stiffen, poke up through the slit in his boxers while the foreskin slowly rolled back to reveal a dark red glans, glistening with precum, but all that was for later even though he was drooling.

Now came the time for William to leave his trademark. He had no pity for Wayne Kerr who had to take the consequences for molesting him, for feeling his balls uninvited, especially as it would be very uncomfortable for William when his prick attempted to pop a boner while the ballock was padlocked. William applied his lips first to the left, then to the right of Wayne's neck. He licked it to form a seal and then sucked hard on each side for the standard half a minute. It could not even be called a kiss. The aim was to cause as much damage to the capillaries in Kerr's neck as possible in the limited time. After a few minutes two beautiful purple lovebites had appeared.

William kissed and licked Wayne's left nipple. It swelled with blood as he rapidly flicked the tip of his tongue over it. The noises emanating from Wayne's mouth were little whimpers of pleasure. He had given up the attempts at defiance, sensibly anticipating that they would only hasten the return of the penis gag.

Time to move on. Noah pressed the switches to tilt the chair back. William dribbled into Wayne's innie of a belly button and started to lick it out. William's engorged prick was attempting to stick out of his trousers, but was restrained by his ballock. He was beginning to wish he were wearing a jockstrap underneath. It would have mitigated the discomfort. His cock was straining so hard it was hurting and he needed relief, but he wasn't going to allow weeks of hard training and discipline to come to nought because of a little sexual discomfort and indiscipline. A slave had to be disciplined and if he wasn't, punishment was swift and arduous.

The foreplay was coming to an end. They were approaching the serious stuff. William took a pair of scissors and cut Wayne's boxers so that they revealed his groin. This was the first time William had seen Wayne's balls. They looked like low hangers. He could not make a final judgement until he had seen whether they hung below the length of his flaccid cock, but he approved, except for one thing, their untidy growth of hair. He would retch if he attempted to suck them. The temperature was deliberately kept high when the basement was in use to ensure the patient's cock and balls were loose and large. "I don't like that, Daddy," said William. "I think we need to do a shave jobbie."

"All right," said Noah. "Do you want to do it?"

"Okay." Noah got the stuff ready on a trolley and pushed it up to the chair. When William ran the electric razor through Kerr's pubes, he tried to buck, but the body straps held him too tightly. Noah brushed shaving soap into the remaining fuzz and William went round it with the wet razor. Noah congratulated him on not drawing blood. He sprinkled talcum powder over the shaved area. "We'd better look at his crack while we're at it." He altered the tilt of the chair so that Wayne was lying on his back with his legs in the air and spread as wide as they would go. "Just as I thought." William performed the shave, revealing a beautiful rosebud. "A long time since that saw the light of day," Noah said. "While we're working on this end, there's another little job needs doing."

"I almost forgot," said William.

"Just so that he remembers." Out of a drawer in the trolley he took out a transfer and placed a transfer of two entwined male symbols on his lower abdomen close to his dick. Noah pulled the ragged remains of the boxers from under him. There was a ripping noise. With difficulty they slipped a plastic sheet under him.

Noah fetched the douche from its drawer and filled it with tepid water. "There you are, Will. I don't think you've done one of these before. I'll hold the bowl so if anything's spilt, I've got no one to blame. You remember how to do this?"

"Sure, Daddy, and I'm certain you'll tell me if I do it wrong," William grinned.

He put on a rubber glove, poured some gel onto his fingers and started massaging it into Wayne's hole. Sounds of approval came from Wayne, all defiance vanished in the hope of enjoyment rather than in resignation. He lubed the spout of the douche, gently inserted it and carefully pressed the bulb. "No difficulty there. His butt's obviously used to penetration. The procedure over, Noah dried Wayne's crevice with paper tissues. William slapped Wayne's bum. "One thing we can do to help later is to insert a butt plug. Don't forget the rubber, Will." He put a clean latex glove on, rolled a condom over the butt plug, relubed Wayne's hole and pushed it in, a little too roughly for Wayne's liking as again he tried to buck in the chair. It was time to deal with his dick.

There was no need to stiffen it up. It had remained rigid from the moment it had first peeked out of his then intact boxers. The Chair adjusted, William first addressed Wayne's now hairless balls with his tongue, then taking them separately into his mouth. His tongue was soon lapping Kerr's shaft and then savouring the copious precum. The object of the exercise was to edge him as many times as possible, until it hurt, but William was rather inexperienced in the art. Not only did Wayne come off too quickly, but William had misread the signs and ended up not only with a spunk facial, but almost with a spunk shampoo as well. "Good job you've got the mask and hat on," remarked Noah. He cleaned himself up as best he could before proceeding to the finale, time which allowed him and Wayne some relief as their dicks went soft.

"Will, he's obviously not a back virgin, but we'll assume he is and so go gently. I don't want any blood on the Chair. Good job we put that plug in. I'll do him first and that'll make it easier for you." Noah lugged out his wand and gave it a couple of tugs which made it stiff. "Put this on for me," Noah said, handing William a condom still in its foil.

"How do you manage not to get hard with all this going on, Daddy?"

"Experience, I suppose. As you saw, I'm always ready for action." He squeezed the condom out of the foil, rolled it over Noah's aching cock and added some lube, something that didn't happen very often because Noah and William used to do it bareback. He adjusted the angle of the chair.

"A black one. Looks really sexy on you, Daddy." Noah took it slowly and gently. He managed to edge himself three times before no longer being able to hold back. The orgasm shook his body.

"Your turn now." To his astonishment William did something that was not in the schedule. He knelt between Wayne's legs and started rimming him. When he was ready, he got his master to unlock the ballock, roll a condom over his dick and lube it. He went in and imagine his surprise when, despite having been aroused for such a long time, he made it last longer before coming than Noah had. He pulled out, carefully removed the rubber, poured the contents over Wayne's opened rosebud and knelt down to felch him. He ended by removing the remaining spunk with his tongue, going to the other end of Wayne's body and sticking his spunky tongue through the spider gag.

"That's our work done," said William.

"Not quite," Noah countered. He fetched the aerosol he had used before, took the cap off and squirted it into Wayne's other nostril. "That should knock him out for another five minutes or so." Wayne's body visibly relaxed as he went under. Noah opened a drawer on the trolley and took out a syringe and an ampoule. He filled the syringe, went up to the chair and injected Wayne at the base of his penis.

"What did you do that for, Daddy?"

"It's something called Depo Provera . It's a form of chemical castration. It will stop him getting hard for up to two months. It won't take effect for a couple of days. Just right for Monday at college, in fact. He won't be molesting any innocent boys in the near future."

"Wow, wicked."

"Come on, Will, we've got to get this boy ready to go home."

They set the chair in the normal position, took off the gag, the headphones and the blindfold, undid the restraints, and just as they'd finished tidying up, Wayne woke up with a smile, his eyelids flickering, and said "Where am I?"

"You've been in detention. It's time for you to go home," said William.

"Hell, is that the time?" Neither William nor Noah commented.

"You can use the shower before getting dressed and you'd better have these. We had to cut off your boxers." His eyes opened wide when he saw a pair of white aussieBum briefs with red trim in the cellophane pack.

When he was ready, William put the balaclava back on Wayne's head, reversed, Noah carried him up to the car and William got him into the back seat and sat with him. "Where do you live, Wayne?" He told them the name of the street. During the roundabout journey Wayne said

"I feel a bit sore, but otherwise good. I'm a bit hazy about what's been happening."

"Not a lot," Noah said. "Let's just say you've been in detention and attended a rehabilitation camp and we hope you've learnt the lesson. You don't interfere with other boys against their will. You will say absolutely nothing about what happened today. Remember we have the photos and they will go viral on the social networks, if you do blab, and the prints will appear on the notice boards at college." We dropped him eventually a couple of streets away from his home. William took back the balaclava. Noah de-activated the child lock. "Goodbye, Wayne. Remember. Keep out of trouble and we won't meet like this again, okay?" said William.

"Just think," said Noah. "People pay good money to get what he's just had for nothing."

Wayne ran to his house, opened the door and went in. "Hi, Mum," he said to Mrs Kerr. "Sorry I'm so late."

"Late, Michael? You said you were going to visit a friend after college and it's only just gone six now. OMG, Michael! What have you done to your neck?" He was even more confused, but he could still feel the gags and so he kept his mouth shut.

When Wayne got to college on Monday morning, the lovebites had faded to the yellow stage and no one made any remarks. He bumped into William in the corridor and gave him a grin. "Great time at yours on Friday, William. It made me feel really horny all weekend." 'It won't,' thought William. 'It should be starting to work any time now.' "I don't s'pose we could do something next weekend?"

"Nah!" said William. "See ya around, Wayne," and he walked off.

That evening Wayne was sitting in front of his computer looking at porn, as he would, and wondering why he couldn't get hard.

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