From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 9

The short dull days of the English winter can drag on in their depressing manner. February hails some hope with the lengthening of the days and, more important, half term and a visit from Jamie. During term time William was expected to give due attention to his college work, but also on Saturday and Sunday help out in the parlour. He was never allowed to forget that he was a slave, and slaves were expected to work. Similarly with Jamie. There was one deprivation William did have to suffer, and that was a lack of sex. Now that Noah was a respectable engaged man he slept in his own room, alone, and William slept in his. However, Noah and Mr Timm did have frequent business meetings. Finally William could last out no more and he sought solace at college.

He had a free period and instead of going to the library to get on with his homework, he was drawn to the male students' toilets, the one where he was party to the illicit creation of the glory hole. Abandoning his normal caution, he sat on the lavatory seat, pulled down his zip and gently rubbed the bulge in his underpants. Only then did he see on the inside of the door a laminated notice. His curiosity was aroused when he read, printed in capitals on an official college letterhead at that, 'This is a dedicated queers area.' 'No ambiguity there,' thought William. 'More of Doug's work, I wonder?'

He did not have to wait long until someone came along, went into the adjacent cubicle and locked the door. Shortly after that he could see an eye peering through the hole in the partition. Then a piece of paper was pushed through the hole. William picked it up. By now the adrenalin was pumping and his brain was comfortably ensconced between his legs alongside his genitals. The piece of paper blandly stated 'Stick your prick through the hole.' He thought no more about it, dropped his slip, stood up and did as instructed. His cock was now fully erect. The feeling of a tongue gliding up his shaft made the shivers go up and down his spine. If he wanted to pull back, it would have to be done very carefully so that he didn't chafe it on the edges of the hole. But he didn't pull back. Having his cock probed by an unknown tongue just added to the excitement. But the unexpected was yet to begin. The licking and the sucking suddenly ceased and William felt what was undeniably a condom being rolled over it. Standing flat against the partition, he couldn't look down. Standing up, he couldn't bend his knees to pull his cock back through, particularly when he thought back and remembered the hole had been tailored to his height. All he could do was suffer, or rather enjoy, what was happening to him. He even attempted to hold back his orgasm, but try as he might, he eventually came off. His co-respondent was obviously a skilled and experienced operator for however violently the spasms went through William's body and transferred to his cock, he kept William's dick in his mouth and when William had made the final thrust, it was released. He heard the sound of someone adjusting his dress, the flush of the loo and the departure of the occupant, but not before another note was shoved under the partition.

William's dick took its time softening and its tender feeling prevented him from withdrawing straightaway. When he did pull back, he saw the green condom. He carefully pulled it off, knotted it and smelt, then licked the outside. It was of the fruit flavoured variety, in this instance lime. He picked up the note from the floor. 'Same place, same time, same day next week?'

William felt better than he had since his last romp with Jamie. He carefully wrapped the used green condom in his handkerchief. He didn't know what he was going to do with it, but at that moment it held the status of a trophy. William waited until he thought the toilets were empty before emerging from his cubicle, just in case perpetrator had gone, then come back to see who partner was.

William was in a peculiar position at college. This was due to his own peculiar position in his personal life. He had no close friends there. Okay, there were a lot of people he was friendly with, most of them boys. Therefore he had no one with whom he could safely discuss the matter. Okay, he would talk it over with Noah at home. There was no fear there, and that night he would give Jamie a ring and tell him all about it on the level of 'So how was college today?' He did, however, keep his ears open in case anyone was talking about it. He did think about going through the college timetable to see who had no lessons that period, but it just reminded him of haystacks and needles. He wasn't upset by the act. After all, he didn't have to stick his dick through the hole. It was entirely consensual on his part. Did the other person know who he was blowing, or was not knowing part of the thrill? Was there a module for this sort of thing in his apprenticeship? Then William came to a decision.

William duly talked through with Noah his day at college. That done, Noah said "Will, do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?"

"Let's get the bad news over and done with." His face had dropped in preparation.

"Jamie is not going to visit us at half term." William did not think his face could fall any farther. Not wanting to demoralise his bondsman, Noah came in with "But the good news is that we are going to spend half term with the Timms." That really brought William back to life and he got up and gave his Daddy a great big hug. "Don't think you two are going to swan around sticking your dicks up each other's butt whenever you have the chance. We're there to work. By the 1 March their bondage parlour has to be open, or we'll have the accountants and the bank on our backs. Are you up for that, Will?"

"Sure am, Daddy. Any chance we can visit the Towes?"

"We'll see how the work goes first, shall we?"

The week passed slowly. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning William deliberately refrained from having a wank. He wanted something to offer his mystery partner. He followed the previous week's routine as closely as possible, except that he wore sweats and boxers to make himself more easily accessible. He sat on the lavatory pan, patiently waiting and using his left hand to instil a little interest into his dick, not that he needed to. It was way ahead of him. He had already dropped his sweats and his boxers. He didn't want the situation where his stiffie was poking through the fly slit and preventing him from dropping them.

His adversary was a punctual man. He arrived at the same time as the previous week to the minute. William gave a little cough to show that he was there, unnecessary because the eye was already peering through the glory hole. The note came through the hole, but before he obliged William had slid his smartphone mounted on a selfie stick under the partition and he took as many pictures as he could before retrieving his phone safely. The same routine as the previous week. William fed his weapon through the hole, and an attempt was made to lick his balls, but it failed. The protagonist amply licked and sucked William's dick before rolling a rubber down his shaft and taking his pleasure before William shot his load. During all this there was no conversation. Only William's grunts and groans could be heard and when he ejaculated, he had to stuff his hankie into his mouth to prevent an orgasmic scream from ringing out. William used the selfie stick to take more photos, this time over the partition. He'd pulled out of the hole in case the mystery person took back the condom. It was deep purple, blackcurrant flavour. He took it off carefully, knotted it and placed it into a self-seal plastic sachet that he'd come armed with. He silently dressed himself while waiting for his suitor to disappear, which he did, after leaving another note behind, inviting him to the next assignation.

William didn't bother to review the snaps then and there. He didn't want to be seen using his smartphone. He went off to the cafeteria for a badly needed cup of coffee.

After eating his sandwiches, William took himself off to the library. It had study carrels where he found sufficient privacy to scroll through the pictures he had taken. The ones over the partition showed a black NY ball cap with the peak covering the face and a black hoodie covering the back of the head. No clues there. The ones under the partition were scarcely more informative. The mystery man was wearing off-white cotton trousers available at any high street store. They were zipped up and the top was the other half of his black hoodie. It could be anybody.

William went home that evening sexually relieved and mentally frustrated, quite a favourable turnaround. He duly reported to Noah. "You know, Will, you have the perfect DNA sample? His sputum dried on the outside of the condoms."

"I hadn't thought of that, but we need a match."

"I've got an idea, but it will mean the end of your fun because he'll know he's been busted." William listened.

"Sounds good to me, but I think I'll need some help, more moral support than help."

"Anyone you know ell enough and can trust?"

"There's Murray from my old school."


"No. Straight as they come, but we've know each other since primary school and he knows I'm gay and it doesn't faze him."

Next day at college William counted half a dozen black New York ball caps and the ones in different colours, and that figure did not include the ones worn by the girl students. Black hoodies and beige trousers were so numerous as to became an irrelevance. He'd been searching all morning for Murray, without success. Finally they met in the corridor outside the male students' toilet. "Hey, Murray," said William.

"Hey, William," replied Murray.

"I've been searching for you all over."

"I don't have any lessons until period four. So I don't come in till eleven."

"Have you got ten minutes? I need some help. I'll buy you a coffee."

"Let me take a slash first and I'll be with you."

"Touting for custom, William?" said one wag from his class when he saw him loitering outside the loos.

"No." William shook his head. "I'd be inside there, if I were. Like me to show you around?"

"Some other time maybe." William couldn't work out whether he was genuinely interested or gently taking the piss. At that moment Murray came out and the two went off to the cafeteria.

William knew Murray would be free because they followed a similar timetable on a Wednesday. When they'd got their coffees, they sat down at an empty table. William explained what had been happening to him. He said he could let this go on for weeks, except he couldn't stand the uncertainty. Even the professional sex he had when he was at home working in the gym didn't have this degree of anonymity. Finally Murray agreed that it sounded a damn good wheeze and agreed to help his old schoolmate.

The following Tuesday they did a dummy run before going home and met again in the toilets on Wednesday morning. They went in and occupied the first two cubicles, which were at the opposite end from the glory hole. They went in, leaving the doors ajar so that it looked as if they were unoccupied, and stood on the lavatory pans, on the assumption that the average person never looks up. Dead on time the phantom sucker came in, dressed in black sweats and hoodie with the hood covering the back of a black ball cap. As soon as he'd passed the first cubicles, the boys silently left their positions. Murray blocked the exit door while William dashed up behind the phantom sucker and with his left hand pulled the hood back whilst with the right he snatched off the ball cap… and then… horror of horrors for both boys to see. The hair fell loose and William discovered that he had been sucked off by a girl!

It took all three a few moments to regain their equilibrium. A girl sucking off a gayboy in the male students' toilets was the least expected outcome. Robert, being the least involved, was the first to speak. "I think we'd better get you out of here. What's your name?"

"Amanda… Amanda Lhinne."

"I'm Murray. I'm the man brought in from the agency, and this is William, the boy I believe you had an arrangement with."

William meanwhile did not know whether to laugh or to cry. The thought of having been given head by a girl made him feel nauseous; the way he had been tricked made him laugh and feel embarrassed. The fact that he'd enjoyed it just confused him. His reputation as a gayboy was now in tatters. "I think we'd better go and talk," said Murray. "Coffee in the cafeteria."

Amanda explained that she liked sex, implication with boys. "My name in Latin even means 'she who must be loved'." Her crueller friends called her a nympho, which she thought was marginally better than being called frigid. Her brother had told her about the glory hole and she thought what better way to get some gratuitous cock. What he hadn't explained was that only gays use the glory hole. William said he should have suspected something with the condom for a blowjob, let alone a flavoured one. Real gayboys take it raw. The conversation ended with the three of them becoming friends, though William would not be offering his services again. However, Murray compensated by telling Amanda that his cock was always available for girls. She replied that she would bear that in mind.

"And it's bigger than William's."

"No, it isn't, peewee." But Murray and Amanda did date the following Saturday.

When William got home and told Noah, he roared with laughter. Jamie was no different when William rang him later.

When William and Murray met at college on Monday, they high fived and William asked "Good weekend?"

"Yeah, I should say so. But I broke one of my cardinal rules."

"What was that?"

"I shagged on a first date."

"Your place or hers?"

'Oh, neither. There's an unlit alley down the side of Burger Star that's got quite a comfortable wall. One thing she did say…"


"She's never come across a cock quite like yours before."

"Hey, keep your voice down. I've got my reputation to consider. I don't want people going around and thinking I'm straight. Anyway, what's wrong with my cock? I don't get any complaints from my boyfriend."

"Oh, it's not a complaint. It's just that she'd never seen one that starts thick at the head and noticeably tapers towards the body."

On the Friday at the beginning of half term William got away from college as soon as possible. Within an hour he and Noah were in the SUV travelling towards the Timms' house. The roads were crowded with people going away for the school holidays. When they arrived, there were huge welcoming hugs. This was the first time William had seen Jamie's home. He quickly gained the impression that his boyfriend was happier in himself. He was shown to Jamie's room where he unpacked his belongings.

Work began sharp at eight the following morning. Mr Timm had provided dungarees. Overalls had bad associations for both boys. "I'll tell you what I'm wearing underneath," said Jamie. "A thong and a half length tanktop. It can get pretty warm down in that cellar, even on a cold day outside."

"You rotten bastard," said William, "how do you expect me to be able to work with you going around looking like that?"

"We'll both cope."

Mr Timm's house occupied more ground than Noah's and so the basement was bigger. However, there was no sub-basement. Rosebud Enterprises would have to think carefully about adding an S&M suite. Mr Timm, being of a harder nature than Noah, was still very keen to do this and wanted to get involved personally. Still they hadn't fulfilled the basic plan yet, let alone preparing for the extension. Although the dimensions were different, the basic design was the same. Instead of being called the 'Gym', it was referred to as the 'Surgery' and an adapted operating table had already been installed as the central attraction. Interesting too was a vertical pole, concreted into the floor, which had various shackling rings welded onto it for keeping the patient safe.

"Who's going to vet the patients?" asked William.

"Earlier in the year we opened a branch of The Gay Door," said Mr Timm "and so we run a system similar to yours."

The work was not so hard as in the Gym. The contractors had finished all the installations – secure entrance, emergency exit, electricity, water and plumbing, heavy furniture, even the CCTV system. The work that still had to be done consisted of fittings, checking stock, stowing it away in the proper places, hanging up the various instruments and toys, and most interesting for the boys, testing and familiarising themselves with the various apparatus, including the operating table. They even had to give one of the apprentices from the local Gay Door a trade test, the first part of which was to check for the double male sign tattoo, rosebud tattoo and ballock. They were surprised to find he had a full set of pubic hair which soon disappeared once he was no longer in a position to protest. They later received a reprimand as the slave owner liked his boy's pubic hair, but William and Jamie argued that a shaved pubic area was an approved part of the trade test, company policy and corporate identity, as well as being preferred by the clients, and in the end it was only the slave owner who was making a fuss.

That evening over supper while talking about the incident, Mr Timm divulged that they had even talked about slave circumcision as part of the apprenticeship, again to promote corporate identity and hygiene, but after a lengthy discussion where the argument for nearly won the day they decided against because they thought they might be up against human rights laws and whereas pubic hair grows back, foreskins don't. "I wouldn't have joined if I'd known I'd lose my foreskin," said William.

"By the time you knew about it, it would have been too late," joked Noah "and you can't superglue it back on." He obviously wasn't carrying the others with him on that topic, partly because Mr Timm and William knew Noah had his intact.

The work was finished on Friday and so as a treat Noah arranged for the boys to visit the Towes for the day on Saturday. He would call in, but he also had business in the town. Mr Timm would pick up Jamie in the evening and take him home, while Noah and William would carry on home.

Soon after arriving home, Noah waited until an ongoing session had finished before switching on the kitchen television monitor to check what had been happening in the Gym. "Ah, it's been installed," he said half to himself.

"What's that, Daddy?"

"Let's just say a fantastic upgrade to the facilities and you will find out in good time."

"If I have picked out correctly what the cam is focussing on, it's an office chair."

"Not just a chair, not even an office chair. All will be revealed in good time, Will." Noah's eyes were sparkling.

On the Monday morning it was back to college till the end of March. The days were becoming progressively longer, a source of joy to William. "What are you up to next weekend, Will?" enquired Noah.

"College work."

"Have you got behind?"

"No, but I will be if I don't get my psychology dissertation in next Monday."

"Why did you leave it to the last minute?"

"I didn't, Daddy. They only set us it today, on the psychological theory that if they had given us six weeks, ninety-five percent of students would still do it in the last week, and also they had already given us sufficient teaching for us to complete the assignment."

William was not a great socialiser without Jamie. Jamie lit up his day and there was no one at college who had the same effect on him. He was sociable enough with his classmates there, but he found sixth form college rather impersonal compared with his secondary school. He considered many of the other gay students he knew rather fem and if there was one thing he and Jamie were not, it was fem; neither were Noah and Mr Timm. There were a couple of emo boys in his year he found quite attractive, but they were usually too wrapped up in themselves to realise that other people even existed. William would also pop along the road to see his mother, but needed to choose his times when her boyfriend was not there. He could tell that from whether his car was parked outside. It wasn't the fact that she had a male companion. After all, he had a boyfriend. It was rather the thought of his mother being intimate with a man who wasn't his father. Since he became sixteen, William hadn't seen his father any more. His money appeared in William's bank account regularly. He expected that to stop on his eighteenth birthday.

By Saturday the end of the dissertation was on the horizon. William would need to work all day and hopefully finish during Sunday, as he told Noah over breakfast. It was raining that morning and so the weather proved no distraction for him. However, he got little writing done apart from the notes he was making from his Google searches.

While he and Noah were munching on their sandwiches at lunchtime, the house telephone rang. Noah looked at the screen for the caller ID. "Oh, that's unusual. HQ. The Gay Door." Noah picked up. William couldn't hear the other half of the conversation which ended with Noah's saying "Okay, give me five to think this one through and I'll call back."

"Problem, Daddy?"

"Yeah, it's Sam Diego. He's called in sick"

"Anything serious?"

"Yes, UTI. That's a minimum of a fortnight off, even with immediate treatment which he's already started."


"Urinary tract infection. He's been to the walk-in medical centre and got the antibiotics. He's done all the right things, but he'll still have an uncomfortable couple of days and we can't risk having him near the place until the company doctor clears him. You see the importance of hygiene in our trade, Will. Now I need to think how we're going to deal with this. I hate cancelling and Sam was booked in with one of our best payers… I mean players this afternoon. Five minutes hush. I want to think." Will went and made a pot of tea.

William was about to pour when Noah said "Look, Will, I've got a great big favour to ask you."

"You don't have to ask bondsmen for favours, Daddy. You tell them."

"Except in this case I think I do. Will you take Sam's session?"

"Yees, okay…" From the tone in his voice Will obviously wanted to know more.

"I'd do it, but I've got an anal penetration in the following session – topping. When did you have your last wank?"

"Last night."

"Good, you should be able to give him one all right. You're okay to use the sling. Make sure he's dressed in company PE kit because it will have to be cut off. That's part of the deal."

"Who is this bloke?"

"His bondage name is Tenbury. I'll get his file up when we've finished our tea and you can work out a programme from that. He expects to be treated rough. I don't think you've done rough before. Whatever he says not to do, do it. Do you think you can manage?"

"I'll try. I'll be more certain after reading his file."

"That's my boy. And by the way, this is not slave's work. This is paid work. You'll get the normal fee."

Ten minutes later William was sitting in front of the kitchen screen reading Tenbury's notes and his eyes opened wide when he saw what might be demanded of him. "Daddy, I've never used one of those before."

"I'll give you a quick lesson. Okay on nipple clamps? And the penis plug?"

"What's that for?"

"It's a stainless steel pin you slide into the slit of the penis. It helps to keep it stiff. Make sure you use an alcohol wipe to sterilise it and insert it while it still wet as that will sting the sub. What it does is impede the ejaculation, slow down its exit and prolong the orgasm. You see from the notes that Tenbury is a natural shooter, but the plug will turn him into a dribbler. The other use of the plug is for attaching the positive electrode for electric shock treatment, but that needn't detain us here." Noah looked at his watch. Time you went and changed. Have you thought what you're going to wear?"

"Just compression shorts and trainers."

Just as William was emerging from his room to go down to the gym, the big screen sprang to life and the message came from HQ at The Gay Door that Tenbury had booked in and was on his way. William forgot to stay to look at his ident photo.

Noah went down with William to give him support. Tenbury's photo was on the screen in the Gym. "OMG!" exclaimed William. "Daddy, I can't go on with this."

"What's the matter, Will?"

"That's Mr Wells, my business studies teacher." The security cameras showed Tenbury getting out of his car.

"Okay, don't panic, Will. Todd is staying on after his scene. He'll monitor you on the screen from the guest bedroom and immediately be by your side if anything looks like going tits up. I'll be upstairs in front of a screen. We'll soon deal with it. I'm going to meet and greet and take him to his cabin to get changed. I'll explain what's happened to Sam and give him the option of cancelling. He won't. While he's changing, I'll sort you out. We need a name for you. Quentin, if you want to be posh."

"No. Roger will do nicely. It will focus my mind on what I'm going to do."

"Roger it is. I'll be back in a trice and remember he is bondage client Tenbury, not maths master Mr Wells."

"Business studies."


"Business studies teacher."

"Whatever." Meanwhile Todd prepared a trolley.

Noah was back. "Okay, Roger, this is how we're going to play it. Todd is going to put this chin gag on you. It will stop you from speaking and your voice won't give you away. Then this executioner's hood which will allow you to see and breathe, but make it impossible to identify you. You can take them off once he has the blindfold and the earphones in place. White noise. Don't forget to put your gear back on before restoring him. Got all that?" William made an indistinct noise which Noah took to be yes.

Todd disappeared into his hidey-hole in the bedroom, chubbing up as he lusted over Roger. Noah brought in Tenbury, dressed in regulation PT kit, introduce him to Roger and left to go upstairs. 'William' was on his own, as it were, but 'Roger' had to deal with Tenbury. He did the regulation prep of the sub: mittens, ring gag, blindfold, earphones. The sub protested at each stage, but made no attempt to resist. He got him into the sling and raised it three feet off the ground. The sub was immobilised. Roger took off his chin gag and the hood.

He took the power hose and sprayed Tenbury's vest avoiding the shorts. He didn't want the sub suffering from CWE. The air con compensated for the wet vest. Roger looked at his nipples showing through the wet material. He admired Tenbury. He really was in good physical condition for a teacher. He must work out as well. He made a snip in the vest and ripped it up the front. It was a gratifying feeling. Time for the nipple clamps, but not before a lick, a nibble and a suck. The sub violently attempted to wriggle within his bonds as Roger applied the clamps. He tried to scream, but only an indistinct noise emerged through the ring gag along with a flood of dribble.

Roger moved on and teased Tenbury's lips with his tongue and allowed the two tongues to meet briefly, then he withdrew. It was having the right effect as Roger found out as he slowly slid his hands up the inside of his thigh and into the left leg of the shorts. Tenbury was chubbing up well, but instead of grasping a handful of balls, he grabbed a handful of pubic hair which he tugged. The sub winced. The scissors went straight up the shorts to reveal Tenbury's tackle battling within the confines of a thong with excessive pubic hair cascading from the sides of the pouch.

"Disgusting," said Roger aloud. Snip, snip, the thong was gone. He walked across the room, took the electric trimmer and completely stripped Tenbury's lower abdomen and the pubic area above his cock of hair. It just remained to shave his balls with the wet razor, but before he started that, he was amazed to discover the double male symbol tattooed to the right of his cock.

Now he could carry on with his original intention and jerk his sub off. He had no time to edge him and so he brought him off quickly and continued to wank him which was obviously causing the sub considerable discomfort. Roger adjusted the sling so that Tenbury's legs were wide apart and his hole presented at the right height and angle. He inspected it, half expecting to find a rosebud tattooed there, but there was none. Instead he discovered an excess of hair lining the crevice. Certainly no rim for him. Roger ran the trimmer over it, the best of a bad job before inserting the lube gun, fingering some more K-Y along the crevice and into his hole, before he dropped his shorts, rolled a rubber over his more than ready member, and inserted it, with surprising ease he thought.

Roger had got into a rhythm and was enjoying it as much as one could enjoy a fuck without making love when the warning light flashed. This told Roger that he had five minutes of the actual session left and fifteen for the client to shower and dress and for the staff to clear up and prepare for the next appointment. Roger quickly finished off, replaced his own cock with a butt plug, cleaned himself up before replacing his gag and the hood, and releasing the sub. Roger couldn't chat to Tenbury as he showered, but watched him, still feeling half hard under his compression shorts and thinking 'If I look that good at his age, I won't have done badly.' Tenbury dried himself and went off to his cabin to dress. The 'staff' moved in, cleaned up the Gym and set it ready for Noah's appointment. Tenbury came back in to say goodbye, said that he had had a great time and hoped he would meet Roger again, despite the loss of his pubic hair. Once the security cam had shown Tenbury driving off in his car, Roger took the hood and chin gag off and became William again. Noah gave him a great big hug and congratulated him on producing textbook stuff. "Oh bugger," said William. "I forgot to use the pinwheel."

William quickly showered downstairs in the Gym as a treat for Todd for helping out. He dried himself and went upstairs to his room without dressing, then got on with his dissertation.

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