From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 8

The Monday was a day of exploration and discovery, and my, what did they discover! They had been booked into a five star hotel with its own private beach and so for swimming they had the choice of the sea or the pool. At breakfast William and Jamie looked around the dining room and listened. The first thing that struck them was the almost fifty-fifty split between British and Germans. However, there was another fifty-fifty split which cut across the nationalities, and that was gay couples, male gay couples. William and Jamie would not have recognised lesbian couples even if they had had it stamped across their foreheads. The nice thing they discovered was that no one took the slightest bit of notice. They were all accepted, by the staff and equally by the other guests.

"What are you two going to do today?" asked Mr Timm.

"Explore," said William.

"Swim and sunbathe," said Jamie.

"Don't forget to smother yourselves in sunscreen," warned Noah. "It might be winter, but that sun is still strong."

"What are you two going to do?" asked Jamie.

"Explore," said Mr Timm.

"We're going to take off for the mountains in the hire car," added Noah.

"Expect us back in time for dinner," said Mr Timm " and don't do anything we wouldn't do."

"That gives us plenty of scope," said William cheekily.

After breakfast the pairs split and went their separate ways. "Hey, William, let's go and walk along the shore."

"Okay, but we'll put our bathers on first and take towels so that we can take a dip in the sea."

"Then I'll take my backpack and we can put the sunscreen and some water in there."

"Good idea."

The boys left and headed out of the hotel's beach area and made towards a town on the other side of the bay in the near distance. After they'd been going for a quarter of an hour the flat sand changed into dunes. "The island's famous for its dunes," said Jamie. They passed a sign in Spanish and German.

"What does FKK stand for, Jamie?" Jamie shrugged his shoulders. They were following the marked path though the dunes when suddenly out from behind a bush popped a dark, sun tanned man wearing nothing but a vest. They were certain it was a man. Their jaws dropped and they tried not to stare. The man just went on his way, ignoring the two youngsters. William gave Jamie a puzzled look. "I don't get it."


"Why's he wearing a vest?"

The path led through the dunes back to the seashore and then it became obvious. There were other men, this time completely naked. "I get it," said Jamie. "We've found the nudist beach."

"Oh," said William.

There were rows of sun beds, most of them taken, all the sun worshippers men, but what puzzled the boys was that walking along the shoreline were families, dressed, mothers, fathers, children, not taking the slightest notice of the naturists. "Hey, Jamie, are you up for it?"

"Wot? Getting our kit off?"

"Yeah. You won't see anything you haven't seen before."

"Yeah, sure, if you do it."

"I'll do it if you do it." They looked at each other and grinned. They stripped off their clothes, stuffed them into Jamie's backpack and slapped on sunscreen where sunscreen had never been slapped on before. And nobody took a blind bit of notice.

They found a nice spot on the beach, spread their towels out and lay down to enjoy the sun. As the morning advanced, the sun rapidly grew hotter. William and Jamie decided it was time to cool off. They were a bit worried about Jamie's backpack, less so about their money as they only had about ten euros each and that was hidden in a secret compartment, more so about walking back to the hotel if their kit got stolen. They took the plunge, running into the warm sea and diving into the water. They frolicked and had fun chasing each other, ducking and diving, and were completely oblivious to the fact that the temperature of the water had taken its toll on their manhood. They dried each other off and helped one another to apply more sunscreen. "Hey, watch it, Jamie. You're making me chub up… Whoops! Too late," and there was William's pole displaying a ring pierced through a frenulum. And still nobody took any notice.

The friends lay on their wet towels, but the sun was becoming too hot and it was soon time to get dressed and move on. They decided to return to the hotel for a snack, followed by a siesta.

Tuesday was Christmas Eve. The decorations did not look right in a warm climate. The hotel staff were wearing Santa hats, something which did little for their personal dignity, but seemed to please the guests. Over breakfast the four discussed what they were going to do during the day. The celebrations in the hotel would start at four o'clock, which suited the Germans, and continue throughout Wednesday which suited the British. The more camp guests were also already wearing their Santa hats.

"I think we all overdid it yesterday," said Noah. "We should have used the first day to chill out. I'm knackered and you boys don't look exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed." 'Bushy tailed' made the teenagers grin, which neither of them were on a permanent basis.

"Difficult getting any sleep," mumbled Jamie, but it was oblique praise rather than a complaint.

"It's the way our slave masters have been driving us over the last few weeks," said William.

"But it was worth it," said Mr Timm. "Business has really taken off since we opened the studio and don't forget, it's paid for this holiday."

"So it's relaxing by the pool for you two boys?" said Noah.

"And boywatching," added Jamie.

"Nudist beach apart," said William "there's quite a bit of talent about."

"There probably is on the nudist beach too," said Jamie, "But you just don't dare look in case you get beaten up."

"You're not in England now. There's much more acceptance out here," said Noah.

"Anyway, oddly enough," said William "I'd much rather watch a boy in a speedo than one who's naked. Gets your imagination going."

"Chubs you up, William," said Jamie. "That's what you really mean."

"That too. Wow, look at that hottie over there by the window. I think that's worth getting to know during our stay."

Breakfast finished, they went upstairs to change for their morning by the pool. "Hey, Jamie, I can't find my bathing shorts."

"You won't, William. I've hidden them."

"You bastard. Where?"

"If I told you, they wouldn't be hidden, dipstick."

"Oh yeah, that's true, but why the hell did you do it in the first place?"

"As a full blooded, teen and apprenticed homosexual, I was not willing to have my equally full blooded, teen and apprenticed homosexual boyfriend seen in bathing shorts." William's jaw dropped. Had he heard right? Boyfriend? "But since you are so interested, I hid them in the black plastic sack the chambermaid uses to empty our bins."

"You eejit. I'll have to go out and buy some new ones."

"Fear not. Would I have done something like that without forethought?"

"S'pose not."

"And you are now going to receive a part of your Christmas present early." Jamie delved in his suitcase and produced a package wrapped in Christmas paper, its snow scenes, bearing in mind the weather and temperature outside, equally incongruous.

William, still a little miffed, carefully took off the wrapping, but his face lit up when he discovered a speedo with the same pattern as Jamie's. His mind turned to the other surprise. "What's this about boyfriends?"

"William! You are at times the limit. Don't you know how to say thank you properly when you're given a present?"

"Sorry, Jamie." William went over to him, took him into a hug, pressed his lips to Jamie's, opened his mouth and their tongues did battle while they were pressing and rubbing their packages together. When they finally came up for air, Jamie said

"William, do you now understand the bit about being boyfriends?" William said yes and added

"Jamie, will you finished me off now?"

The boys put on their speedos and a bathrobe and went down to join Noah and Mr Timm by the pool. It was the first time William had seen Mr Timm less than fully dressed and he had to concede, in his mind at least, that his Daddy had definitely got himself a hunk for a fiancé, one who should certainly be nominated for a 'Best Package' award.

"You took your time," said Mr Timm.

"Sorry," said Jamie. "We lost something and had to look for it."

"Certainly not your virginity," retorted Mr Timm sarkily.

"Not someone else's?" enquired Noah.

"Nah. Still working on him," replied William.

"Ooh, what a give away!" exclaimed Jamie.

"And then we decided to upgrade our relationship to boyfriend status," announced William.

"Shouldn't you have sought your slave masters' permission first?" asked Mr Timm. Jamie went white and William looked puzzled. Noah gave his fiancé a look, the sort that could kill, and Mr Timm bit his lip.

"Congratulations, boys," said Noah. "We hope you'll be very happy and long may it last. Come and give us a hug."

The boys were content to chill out by the pool. They realised the value of just sitting there doing nothing, but they didn't do absolutely nothing. To begin with they wanted to keep an eye open for the QT they'd spotted by the window at breakfast. Whenever they became a little too warm, they took a dip in the pool. Noah ordered drinks every so often and in between dozing off, they each read a book. However, such idleness could not last into the afternoon, not for the two teens and so after a light lunch they took a stroll down to the sea and swam there. They were not yet ready to repeat the nudist beach experience again. They had done it and they might do it again before they returned to England. Slowly though, they were moving towards the idea of gaining an all over tan. They did not forget that they had to be back at the hotel for the beginning of the festivities at four o'clock.

It started with the Manager's cocktail party which went on until people drifted away to change for dinner. William and Jamie hoped it would be a 'Meet the Boy by the Window' party, but there was no sign of him. Christmas had begun for the Germans; the British would have to wait until midnight. At dinner there was still no sign of the 'Boy by the Window'. His family must be in the second sitting.

The boys decided to go to bed early to allow Father Christmas plenty of time to deliver the presents. Jamie had already given William one present and now it was time for William to give Jamie one.

The next morning they woke at their normal time. Breakfast didn't start until eight, but they knew it would be nine before Noah and Eddy arrived in the dining room. "Time for another Christmas present," said William.

"Take me. Do whatever you want," replied Jamie, "but don't hurt me."

"Have I ever?"

"Not intentionally," and he kissed his boyfriend.

They did not roll over and fall asleep after the dirty deed was done. They talked. "Jamie, why did you turn white when I told our masters we were now boyfriends?" Jamie remained silent. "Was it Mr Timm's reaction?" More silence. "Were you thinking of white overalls?"

"William, you didn't pack yours, did you?"

"Course not. We're on holiday. Did you pack yours?"

"I was told to," said Jamie, "but I disobeyed. I thought I could use yours."

"But there's something else, Jamie, isn't there?" He looked away from William as they lay there. "Does he maltreat you?"

"You asked me that before, William."

"And you didn't answer." Jamie really clammed up. William was wise enough not to pursue the matter then, for he didn't want to spoil Christmas Day which, after all, should be joyful. William pretended to fall asleep. A quarter of an hour's silence broke the dour mood and the two boys had fun in the shower together. Jamie had apparently forgotten, or rather suppressed, their conversation.

They went down to breakfast dressed in their Rosebud one pieces with shorts over them so that they wouldn't give any old queens that saw them a heart attack, frighten the women, or indeed any horses that might have strayed into the hotel precincts. They each took along a carrier with presents.

On entering the dining room, they were greeted by Father Christmas who invited William to sit on his knee and he asked him whether he'd been a good boy. "Certainly not," grinned William "and neither has my boyfriend Jamie," who went and sat on Father Christmas's other knee and they posed for the official photographer. After receiving their presents, they thanked Santa, who was already eying up the next couple, and went and sat at their table. The first thing they did on reaching it was to look across towards the window. Yesss! Jamie punched the air. He was there. At that moment Noah and Eddy turned up and there were hugs all round. William watched Jamie out of the corner of his eye as he hugged his master. Either Jamie was a very good actor or there really was nothing wrong in their relationship.

"So why the great celebration, boys?" said Noah.

"It's Christmas Day," said Jamie. "What better thing to celebrate," but he was so transparently implausible.

"People don't usually punch the air just because it's Christmas." William came clean.

"Don't look now, Daddy, but over by the window…" Noah's and Mr Timm's heads immediately swivelled round. "… is the most fantastic teenage hunk and with your permission of course, Daddy, I want a bit of that before we go home."

"You can, as far as I'm concerned. What do you think, Eddy?"

"Go for it, both of you."

"But I warn you, from here he looks to me as if he's criminally heterosexual. Still, let's get our grub and then we can open our presents." They went off to the buffet.

William said "Hey, Jamie, I've got an idea."

"What's that?"

"Family day today so we won't do anything to spoil that, but tomorrow breakfast time it's action time."

"Action time for what?" asked Jamie all confused.

"Operation Boy by the Window."

"Ooh, getcha now. So what's this idea?"

"We'll have to come down to breakfast earlier because he's already here when we arrive. Anyway, it might be less inhibiting if Daddy and Mr Timm weren't there. We sit at our table until he goes up to the buffet, then we go and get some food with us standing either side of him. We chat him up and if we get anywhere, we'll invite him to go swimming and walkabouts with us. Then if he says yes, we'll end up on the nudist beach."

"But we don't know anything about him. What if he's not gay? What if he's a foreigner?"

"What if… what if…? Where's your sense of adventure, Jamie?" William knew the answer. Slavery had knocked it out of him, but he didn't dare go down that path. It was too sensitive and would do no good. "Trust me. I'm your boyfriend now. That's one of the conditions of being boyfriends. Trust." That last remark appeared to hearten Jamie.

"When we take our food back to our table, we'll take the scenic route and pass by his table," which they did. Close up they could see that he was part of a family, father, mother and sister. The sister was equally beautiful and younger, say fourteen. She appeared to be receiving all the attention – plus point. He did not tweak the gaydar in either of them – minus point, but he did tweak something else inside their lycra. The family was speaking English – plus point. William and Jamie returned to their own table to avoid accusations of loitering. Noah and Eddy had their backs to the window. The boys sat down and got on with their breakfast.

When everyone had finished eating, Noah announced that it was time to open the presents. Mr Timm handed William a package; likewise Noah handed William a package. "These are from both of us and they are the same," said Noah. The boys opened them to find Rosebud corporate competition tops and compression sweat pants. They were delighted, so delighted that Jamie grew a stiffie, but it was hidden by the table cloth. He and William took out four wrapped cardboard boxes, two each.

"We have to be careful that everyone gets the right box," said William.

"And you might like to wait until you get upstairs before opening them," added Jamie.

"We'll take the risk," declared Mr Timm. William and Jamie swapped gifts.

Noah unwrapped his first and declared "A butt plug. Just what I always wanted."

"But look more closely, Daddy," said William.

"OMG, I get it now. This is an exact replica of you, Will. What did you have to do? Have a plaster cast made."

"It was a little more sophisticated," said Jamie. "We were measured by lasers. That's why it's so precise." William handed the second carton to Jamie and received one in return, as did Mr Timm from Jamie.

"How did you get these done?" asked Noah.

"Daddy, don't you even know what you sell in your own shop?" exclaimed William in mock exasperation.

The four fell silent when Noah and Eddy exchanged gifts. They slipped matching rings onto the other's third finger of the left hand. The boys burst into applause. "Are they engagement rings?" asked Jamie.

"Strictly speaking, no. They have no diamond, but we shall think of them as such," answered Mr Timm.

"Shouldn't they be gold rather than silver?" enquired William.

"This is something better than either silver or gold," said Noah. "They're made of platinum."

The four decided that breakfast was over and they went upstairs to get ready for a family day by the pool before Christmas dinner and a walk along the shore afterwards.

Christmas Day had passed quietly, if predictably. It was what people refer to as a 'quiet Christmas'. The Fourbois and the Timms had been fed well. Christmas dinner was served, as opposed to the usual buffet. No chance there to chat up the Adonis. However, William and Jamie had a good view of him across the dining room over their masters' shoulders. He smiled in a certain way as he spoke, an enchanting smile. The afternoon was spent by the pool, the walk having been dismissed as too strenuous after such a lunch. William was wearing his new speedo. A ring of white skin could be seen above the waistband. The boys were tanning up nicely and that would soon disappear.

"I'm going to stretch my legs for a bit," said William. "Are you coming, Jamie?" They walked around the large pool.

"Why don't we just go for a swim?"

"We can do that as well, but I need a few minutes freedom."

"Bondsmen have no freedom," countered Jamie.

"I know. Do you realise that at New Year we're half way through?"

"You're right. I hadn't thought of that."

They stepped their way carefully among the sun beds, collecting many admiring glances and a few comments as they went. However, the hotel guests were a disciplined crowd, not to mention paired up by and large, and the boys felt safe. "I had two reasons for taking a stroll," said William. "Firstly, just doing a recce to see if our QT is here. Oh, yes. See him over there with his family? Pity about the boardies, but if our plan works, they won't matter."

"You said there were two reasons."

"The second one is trickier. Now that we're boyfriends, Jamie, I'd like you to call me Will, but…"


"But the only person that calls me Will is my Daddy. I like it from him, but it was an instruction he gave when I became his slave. I had to call him Daddy and he, and no one else, should call me Will. So you see, it's a bit special, and that's why I'd like you to call me Will, but…"

"That 'but' of yours again," said Jamie.

"Don't change the subject. I know you like it. You see, I'll have to get Daddy's permission first."

At those latitudes and at that time of year the sun rapidly loses its warmth after four o'clock. Only the most hardy were still to be seen round the pool at five. "I'm going in," said Mr Timm, collecting up his belongings. Jamie automatically followed his master.

"Aren't you going in as well, Will?"

"In a minute, but I'd like a chat first, Daddy."

"Something troubling you?"

"Mmm, in a way." Noah put a tee shirt on.

"I'll take 'in a way' to mean a definite yes. And gazing into my crystal ball, I'm going to guess it's about Jamie."

"How did you know?"

"Pay a little attention and people are easy to read. If it concerns sexuality, it's called gaydar, but that's just a small part of greater mental awareness. So what have you noticed?'

"The way a look of utter fear that comes into his face sometimes when his master is mentioned. I've asked him straight out, but he avoids the straight answer."

"If you sense there is something wrong, you are correct. It is against etiquette for me to talk about how another master treats his slave. He is after all a slave, but I'll say one thing, and it's only because you know it already.

"You remember how Mr Timm and I met. You know that for a year and a day he was my slave, as you are now. He was my first slave and I made a lot of mistakes. He accepted it as just part of the training. I hope in training you I've avoided those mistakes. Jamie is Mr Timm's first slave and naturally he is on a learning curve, probably using me as an 'example of good practice' or a 'role model'. Let's just say that Mr Timm is a strict disciplinarian, that I'm on Jamie's case and I'm asking you to trust me. I hope before we fly back to England that things will be different. Can you trust me, Will?" William thought over what he had just been told.

"Of course I can, Daddy." He paused. "There is one other thing about Jamie." Noah raised an eyebrow. "No, it's nothing serious enough for raising an eyebrow. As you know, we are now officially boyfriends. I love that boy and I believe he loves me just a much. It's not just the sex we have, though it's bloody good. When I first became your slave, you said you wanted to be the only person who called me Will. Things have changed. In particular you have become engaged to Mr Timm and I have fallen in love with Jamie. And so as a sign of that tight bond, I'd like him to call me Will, as well. No one else, not Mr Timm, just the two men in my life."

"Not even the QT you're planning to seduce tomorrow?"

"Not even the… hey, Daddy, how did you know about that?"

"Because, Will, I can read you like an open book. Go ahead, Will, with my blessing. Your lover can call you whatever he wants, and as I say, leave the other matter to me."

They collected up their belongings, put the used towels into the laundry basket and walked back into the hotel, Noah with his arm round Will's shoulder and Will's arm round Noah's waist. "I love you so much, Daddy. Not in the way I love Jamie, but I still love you."

Boxing Day: Thursday William and Jamie came down to breakfast a quarter of an hour earlier. They were beginning to feel the benefits of resting up over the past few days for they really were bright eyed and bushy tailed that morning, despite a passionate night. Needless to say, this was buoyed up by adrenalin in anticipation of the hunt, and the hunt was a traditional Boxing Day sport.

William was tucking into his scrambled egg on toast when Jamie gave him a nudge. "Hey, Will, they're here."

"Who? Daddy and Mr Timm? It's a bit early for them."

"No, shit for brains…"

"I love you too, jelly for a prick…"

"… the family."

"Oooh. You mean the family." William took the last mouthful of his scrambled eggs and was immediately all attention." They casually looked across towards the window.

"Mmm, I haven't got jelly for a prick now," said Jamie. William surreptitiously felt him under the table.

"Too right. Save some of that for me."

"Who else? Concentrate, Will."

"Concentrate, Jamie."

All four rose to go across to the buffet area to make their selection. "That doesn't exactly make it easy with them in a group like that," said Jamie as the boys took the scenic route to catch up with them.

"Table 29," said William.

"What do you want to know that for?" William tapped the side of his nose with his forefinger.

"That's good. He's gone to get fruit juice and the rest of them have gone to the cereal counter." William and Jamie took up position either side of the Adonis. William saw his opportunity, nudged the boy's arm, immediately walked round the fruit juice bar and approached Jamie and the boy from the other side. The boy had spilt orange juice all over Jamie's tee.

"OMG, what have I done?" exclaimed the boy. "Someone bumped into me." but as they looked round, there was no one there to have caused the accident.

"No worries," said Jamie. "I was going to change it after breakfast anyway."

"Here, use my handkerchief," said William. "It's clean."

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say."

"To start with, tell us your name," said William.

"It's Felix."

"I'm Jamie and this is my b…b… this is my best mate, William."

"Jamie, William, I feel such a clumsy oaf."

"Shit happens," said William. "We've sorted it."

During this exchange a lady had come across to join them. "Hello, I'm Mrs Towe, Felix's mother. Is there a problem?"

"No, Mum. We've sorted it." There was some irritation in his voice because she'd come and interfered. "I spilt some orange juice on Jamie's tee shirt. It's all right. It was going into the wash anyway."

"If you'd like to give it to me, I'll get it laundered."

"Thank you, Mrs Towe, it's only a little bit." William joined in.

"I'm William and we'll give it to Felix later. We'll be in the lounge at half past nine. We'd better get on with our breakfasts now. Nice to have met you, Mrs Towe." The two parties went back to their tables.

Noah and Mr Timm had meanwhile arrived and were tucking in to cereal. "Trouble?" said Mr Timm.

"No, quite the opposite," said William and he explained what had happened, ending with "How manipulative was that?"

"And now we've ended up with an assignation," said Jamie. "Do you mind if we go off on our own this morning?"

"It might last into the afternoon, if our luck's in."

"Don't forget to take some protection," said Noah.

"We don't shag on a first date," said William.

"I meant sunscreen," he emphasised. "You boys have a one track mind."

"Yeah, dirt track," grinned Jamie.

Having finished their breakfast, the boys excused themselves and went up to their rooms to change and put the final touches to Phase II of Operation Boy by the Window. "Will, just why did you want to know the Towes' table number?"

"It doesn't matter now, but I was going to have a look at the waiters' list to see if I could find out the family's name."

Felix was as good as his word. He was already sitting in the lounge when the boys came down at twenty-five past nine. "Hi," he said and since he had his hand in the air waving, William didn't miss the opportunity to high-five. Jamie handed over his tee shirt.

The boys now had to work hard to turn a simple exchange of soiled clothing into a successful chatting up session. "You're not in too much trouble, I hope?" said William.

"Nah. More a mother protecting her cub situation until she realised there was nothing to protect him from."

"Are you enjoying your holiday?" asked Jamie.

"S'okay. Bit boring. We're supposed to be going on some excursions, but they don't run any until after Boxing Day."

"We're going exploring and swimming in the sea," said William. "D'you want to come with us?"

"Hey, love to. I'll have to ask the 'rents first. Prolly be okay. They're more worried about my sister. They seem to think every young male wants to knock her off."

"How distasteful." said William.

"Looking around here, I don't think there's much to worry about, know what I mean?" said Jamie.

"I know what you mean. Karen's only fourteen anyway."

"So how old are you?"

"I was sixteen last week." William and Jamie glance at each other. Another hurdle overcome.

Felix took out his phone and texted. After a couple of minutes he said "Yep, it's okay."

"See you down here in ten. Go and get your kit. We're wearing our bathers," said Jamie.

"And bring plenty of sunscreen and some water," added William. "We'll provide the rucksack."

Ten minutes later the three teens were ready to go on their walk, two of them dressed in speedos and glistening with factor fifteen. Of course, William and Jamie were not exploring. They knew jolly well they were going to retrace Monday's footsteps. They also knew that they were not going to push a gay agenda. They did not want to frighten him off and that would be done for them once they reached the nudist beach. They had no reason to think he was anything but straight, but therein lay the thrill of the chase. Neither had intentionally done stuff with a straight boy.

"So what are you two doing here?" said Felix. "Apart from spending Christmas in the sun."

"I'm here with my Daddy," said William. "He works very hard and needed the break."

"Oh, what does he do?"

"He's an entrepreneur."

"How about you, Jamie?"

"My dad's dead. I'm here with my guardian," he answered, slightly stretching rather than distorting the truth.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I was quite small when my father died."

"So the connection?"

"They went to school together and now they're business partners."

"Have you heard of Rosebud Enterprises?" said William. Felix shook his head. That might be for the best, he thought, and it might stay any questions if Felix saw the logo on our clothes, such as the tee shirt in the laundry. "What do your folks do?"

"They're in the medical profession."

"Doctors?" said Jamie.

"Yeah. Mum's a physician and Dad's a surgeon. So she's called Dr and he's called Mr."

"Whoops! I called her Mrs."

"That won't matter. She calls herself Mrs in private life and I think she introduced herself as Mrs anyway."

Meanwhile they had reached the start of the dunes and had hit the marked trail to the sea. They walked along it. There were plenty of other people around and today nobody popped out from behind the bushes. After a quarter of an hour they passed a sign which said 'Playa Nudista – FKK – Nudist Beach' and something else in Spanish. "Well, guys, I'm up for it," said William, stripped off his speedo, slapped on more sunscreen and put his speedo in his backpack.

"So am I," said Felix.

"Me too," added Jamie and they both followed suit.

"You don't mind if I keep my watch on, do you?" said William. It was a rhetorical question. He wasn't wearing a watch. 'That was remarkably painless,' he thought. He and Jamie were rationing the admiring glances towards Felix in case he thought they were gay. In two minutes they had reached the shore and the line of sun beds with their incumbents.

They found a spot on the sand and set up their position, before running into the sea for a swim. When they had had enough, William and Jamie ran back to their place on the beach ahead of Felix and called out to him, just so that they could watch him coming full frontal out of the sea. "Surely this must be Aphroditus coming out of the sea on Cyprus?" exclaimed William.

"The water must be a lot warmer today," remarked Jamie as both boys drooled at the flaccid cock and loose balls that were bouncing up and down as Felix ran out of the water towards them.

They dried themselves off, put more sunscreen on, spread their towels out and lay on them sunbathing. When they'd settled down, Felix said "Okay, you guys, you've got some questions to answer." 'Shit, we've been busted,' thought William, but instead of panicking he thought it through for a few moments. 'But if he didn't like what he's seen, he would have dumped us and cleared off.' Even Jamie's face had turned that familiar white under the suntan.

"So what do you want to know, Felix?" William said in a steady and calm voice.

"First, William, why are you wearing that dog's collar?"

"It's not a dog's collar. It's a slave collar and it's because until the 1 July I am a bonded slave, learning an apprenticeship. So's Jamie, but he's wearing his round his ankle."

"Do you like being slaves?"

"We prefer to be called bondsmen," said Jamie, now having recovered his mental equilibrium. "We became bondsmen voluntarily and it's teaching us a lot in self-discipline."

"What are those double male symbols for that you've got tattooed on your groins?"

"More slave marks," William said.

"Nothing else?"

"Use your head," said William, getting bolder, "two male symbols entwined?"

"You're gay."

"Spot on. Are you?" Felix hesitated as the tables were turned on him.

"I don't know. I'm what my medical parents call 'bi-curious'."

"You've actually discussed that with them?" said Jamie.

"Yes. I think coming from a medical family makes discussion easier, I guess."


"Have you ever actually done stuff with another boy?" asked William.

"No, never!" he said emphatically.

"Would you like to?" he said, softening his tone. That question undermined Felix's confidence.

"Well, er… no… I mean yes. Bloody hell! How am I going to find out if I never do anything with a boy?"

"Have you ever done anything with a girl?"

"Yeah, a couple of times. They've snogged me a couple of times and made me come off in my trousers and all that's happened is that I've gone home wet and smelly. So far I've failed the tits and finger pie tests and my sister says I'm getting a bad reputation. Why do you shave off your pubic hair or hasn't it started to grow yet?"

"Come, come," said Jamie. "That might happen to one of us, but by the law of averages not two."

"The boy asked a question, Jamie," said William. "It's up to us to give him an honest answer. Three reasons. It makes us look slicker and cleaner; it makes our tackle stand out more; we don't get our teeth flossed during fellatio." The last reason made Felix laugh.

"You said you'd never done anything with a boy, Felix. We could change that for you." Felix thought. Then his eyes lit up.

"You're not bullshitting me, are you?"

"Course not, but it'll cost you," said William.

"How much?"

"Oh, not money. We don't do that sort of thing for money."

"Well, not when we're on holiday," added Jamie.

"So what do you mean when you say it will cost me?"

"Oh, we just want to look at you, admire you, drool over you and take a few holiday snaps."

"What are you doing after dinner?" said Jamie.

"Not a lot."

"Then I suggest you bring back my clean tee shirt to our room and stay for an orange juice."

The boys were beginning to feel hungry. They put on their bathers and trainers and made the return journey to the hotel. They were surprised that it had gone two when they got back. They reported in, put a tee shirt over their bare tops, then walked into town to buy a snack.

"You two look all spruced up and ready to go," said Noah as the four of them made themselves comfortable at their table in the dining hall. "On a promise?"

"We're always on a promise," replied Jamie.

"Not so much on a promise as on a date," said William.

"You know the little incident at breakfast? Felix was going to give me back my tee shirt, but William insisted he brought it back to our room."

"After dinner."

"Apart from that," said Mr Timm, "you had a good day?"

"Fantastic," said Jamie. "We took Felix to the nudist beach."

"I thought you said you were going exploring," argued Noah. "You went there on Monday."

"That's right. We weren't exploring the nudist beach," said William with a look of disdain. "We were exploring Felix, and we liked what we found."

Our group took its time over dinner. The Towes were after all booked into a later sitting. "What are you doing this evening?" Jamie said to the masters.

"We're going to a gay bar in town that's been recommended," said Mr Timm, "but there's no point getting there before ten." After dinner they went their separate ways.

The boys were getting a little impatient, but just before nine there was a knock at the door and when they opened, there was Felix looking stunning in a polo shirt and short shorts which couldn't hide his package. Jamie took his tee shirt from him, William gently groped Felix's bulge. Completely soft. Jamie took a packet of orange juice out of the fridge and poured three glasses. "I take it you drink orange juice?" Jamie asked with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Just be more careful with it this time," added William, even more wickedly.

They sat around chatting about the day. William could not keep his eyes off the bulge in Felix's shorts, even though he knew perfectly well what was nestling in there.

"So you've never done anything with a boy before?" asked William.

"We've never done anything with a girl," said Jamie. William shuddered at the very thought. "Well, I guess from what I've seen at school dances and parties we start off the same way, with a kiss."

"But boys don't do that sort of thing," protested Felix.

"You really ought not to say that sort of thing," said William. "Someone might believe you. Come here." He led Felix across to the king size bed and got him to lie down. William lay down beside him and gave him a few pecks on the lips, used his tongue to stimulate him, then open them and finally poked it in for a long, and by the expansion in his shorts, effective French kiss. Jamie had already popped a boner from watching all this. "Okay, Jamie, your turn."

Jamie and William swapped places. Jamie started, then stopped to take Felix's tee off. William caressed the inside of his thighs, working his hand up to his bulge. When Jamie came up for air, William asked if Felix was enjoying it. All he got was an affirmative groan. The mood was right. Only sod's law could now prevent him from getting off.

"You're going to toss me off, aren't you?" said Felix.

"Certainly not," said William. "We're far more sophisticated."

"You can do that for yourself. We've something much better lined up for you," explained Jamie.

"Wot, you're going to rape me?"

"We have never raped anyone yet," said Jamie "and if you mean buttfuck, we never shag on a first date. Lie back and think of England." William removed Felix's sandals, slipped his shorts, then his underpants down. 'Mmm, aussieBums, eh? Classy,' he thought. 'No wonder his package looks so big. Doesn't really need them, either.'

"Sit on the bed, legs apart, Felix. That's it." William knelt between them, took hold of his large, loose ball sac and weighed them on his hand. His semi-erect cock rose to its full height. 'Show-er, not a grower,' William noted to himself. Jamie continued to address the top end. William licked the hairless scrotum. He was unable to get even one ball into his mouth. His tongue progressed, scrotum, shaft, under the foreskin and glans, top of the glans and slit, before he sucked as much of the cock into his mouth he could without gagging. Felix tried to say something, but Jamie's tongue effectively gagged what was supposed to be a warning, but too late. William lost control at the bottom end and finished up with a more than ample facial. Jamie licked some white gold off William's face to complete his French kissing with Felix.

All three were exhausted. They lay side by side on the bed, each with a great feeling of achievement, half dozing, half awake, until the telephone rang and ripped them out of their fantasy world. "Hallo," said William.

«This is Mr Towe. Is Felix still with you?»

"Yes, Mr Towe."

«Can you smack him on the bottom and send him home, please? Mrs Towe likes to know all her chickens are in the coop before we go to bed.»

"Will do, Mr Towe. Good Night. You heard that. Felix, I think you'd better look at yourself in the mirror and wash your face before you do go."

"Thanks, guys. You've given me something to think about. Won't see you during the day tomorrow. Excursion to Aqua World."

"We're going to Animal Prairie," said Jamie. "Do thank your mother for the shirt. I'll thank her myself when I see her." They said good night and Jamie locked the door.

"Are you all right for some fun time, Will? You didn't come off in your pants?"

"Sure. Bit of excess precum, but otherwise okay. Don't know how I managed, though. That is one hot boy, and after this evening I don't mind betting who he'll end up batting for."

"I'll get a shower."

"No. I'll take you raw and as you are."

Friday. William and Jamie were the first down to breakfast. It had only just got light. They were sitting at their table with bowls of cereal in front of them, but their interest was in their iPhones which they had swapped and were looking at the photos they had taken the previous day, both at the beach and in the evening. "Just look at those bollocks," said William. "No wonder I couldn't get one, let alone two in my mouth."

"Still think he needs a groin shave," harrumphed Jamie.

"Do I detect a slight tone of envy in your voice?" teased William.

"Slight? Certainly not!" retorted Jamie. "A great deal of envy, if you must know. I thought us two were pretty well set up, but we're not even in the competition now."

"Don't worry, Jamie. I still love you, and your equipment."

At that moment Noah turned up. "Good morning, boys. Fun last night?"

"I should say so," said Jamie, grinning evilly.

"Daddy, where's Mr Timm?"

"He'll be down in a minute. He's just shaving his underarm hair."

"How was the gay bar?" asked Jamie.

"Noisy, smelly. We were home by midnight."

"Daddy, take a look at this." He handed him Jamie's phone.

"Mmm, not bad. Nearly as big as me."

"Ho, ho, ho. It's the way you tell them." Jamie winced. He would never have dared say anything like that to his master.

"Have I just missed Santa?" The boys looked up to see Mr Timm arriving just as the 'ho, ho, ho' was dying away. The three looked blank at him. "Good morning, boys. Good time last night?"

"Master, take a look at this."

"Mmm, nice proportions, but not much to write home about," and Mr Timm walked over to the cereal bar.

"Hey up, action," said William. The Towe parents had just turned up with their little Towes in tow. Or perhaps not so little a Towe in Felix's case. The family split in customary fashion. Our boys thought it was time for a glass of fruit juice.

"Hey, Felix," said Jamie.

"Recovered from yesterday?" asked William in order not to be too specific.

"Yeah, great. When can we do it again?"

"Wot? Go and swim at the beach?" said Jamie

"Well, yes, that as well." William and Jamie realised they were being teased. Felix looked round to make sure that Mrs Towe was not lurking.

"We were thinking of doing something else," said William.

"Wot? You've got another date?" said Felix, looking very disappointed.

"No," said Jamie. "Something along the lines of 'If you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy this'."

"Look, guys, can I make a suggestion? You come to my room. If my mother knows I'm safely tucked up in there, she won't disturb us."

"Sounds all right to us," said William. "We'd better get back to our tables."

"Be careful with that orange juice," laughed Jamie.

William went straight back to his table. Jamie went across to table 29 to thank Mrs Towe for laundering his tee shirt.

Both families were out on excursions that day. William and Jamie had to guess what time to arrive at Felix's's until he had the obvious idea of giving his room a ring on the hotel phone. That settled, the pair discussed strategy and put some things in a carrier bag for later.

Dinner was a slow affair because William and Jamie wanted to kill time. Finally they left their table and sat in the lounge over coffee, chatting about their day at Animal Prairie, or the zoo as they had come to call it. Having downgraded it to a zoo, they had nonetheless enjoyed themselves thoroughly with performances from the parrots, the dolphins and the birds of prey. They waved to the Towe family as they made their way to the dining room.

Finally the boys arrived outside Felix's room. Mrs Towe was tucking down his bed and was about to say good night. "I know you're on holiday, Felix, but not too late to bed. You need your rest. Hallo, Jamie and William. I hope you heard what I just said."

"Oh, Mrs Towe," said William "we shan't be too late going to bed ourselves." He could be such a duplicitous smoothie at times.

"Good night, boys. Sleep tight. I must make sure Karen… (with the stress on the long first syllable) …is getting ready for bed." She shared a family room with their parents. Better still, it was on a different floor.

The boys talked for half an hour about what they had been doing during the day. "Aqua World really is fun," said Felix. "Take a towel and be prepared to get wet."

"We'll see if we can persuade our m…m…" Jamie suddenly stopped. He couldn't say 'masters' without causing a whole lot of complications. They had never been in this position before. Quick witted as ever, William completed his sentence with 'guardians'.

"Okay, Felix, let's get down to the serious stuff. We thought that because you enjoyed feeling your dick in someone's mouth, you might enjoy feeling it inside someone's butt." He paused for a reaction.

"After what we did last night, you can imagine, I had a lot to think about. I think yesterday my life changed, massively, when I met someone… some people and they made me feel so happy, so safe and now everything just feels great. Well, that someone… those people are guys, and it did take me by surprise a little bit. It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn't until yesterday that something just clicked. It felt right and I was like okay. Of course, I still fancy girls, but right now I want to date a guy and I couldn't be happier. I feel safe and it just feels right."1

William and Jamie looked at each other. They wanted to punch the air and shout out 'yess', but their sensitivity made them realise in time that such a reaction would be entirely out of place and destroy the atmosphere, the ambiance, the moment. William stood up from the bed, walked across the room and gave Felix a great big and long hug, followed by Jamie.

The moment eventually passed and Jamie said "Felix, do you still want to do what we planned?"

"Oh, very much. I've caught the crest of the wave and I want to ride it all the way to the shore."

"I'm sorry, Felix, but as this is your first time we are going to have to be less romantic and more businesslike. To begin with, if you want to penetrate someone's butt, because it can sometimes hurt first time and needs some skill, it's considered best practice to experience it yourself and so, if you're still happy with it, one of us will penetrate you and then when you're ready, you will buttfuck the other. Any preference?"

"No." William took a coin out of his pocket, an English one because it was so hard to tell heads from tails with euro coins.

"Toss this, Felix, and let it land on the floor. If it's heads, Jamie's the top, and if it's tails I am." Felix spun the coin and fell heads up. "Okay, get your kit off and put this on." He handed Felix a jockstrap from his backpack. "It's to help stop you coming off while you're bottoming. Kneel on the bed and I'll lube your hole. That's right. Now roll this over Jamie's cock. We're ready to go, but listen to me."

An hour later the dirty deeds had been executed and three naked teens were lying side by side on the bed dozing. They began to feel cold, which woke them up. They put their clothes on. "How do you feel, Felix?" asked Jamie.

"Fantastic. I just know it's right for me."

"You're natural top," said William. "You gave me a wicked ride with that kidney wiper of yours."

They sat around chatting. Our boys were offering advice and pointing out tips from what had happened. Felix was listening attentively. Then suddenly he had a fit of the giggles.

"What's up?" said Jamie. "Is it something we said?"

"No," answered Felix, tears streaming down his face. "I've just thought… Do you believe in irony?"

"We talked about irony in school in English lessons," said Jamie.

"The thought struck me that there are my mum and dad mother-henning around my sister all the time in case she loses her virginity to some Don Quixote…"

"Don Juan," said William. "Don Quixote went round on a donkey, charging windmills with his lance."

"Doesn't matter. In case she gets laid by some Don Juan, while their son is getting absolutely rogered almost under their noses."

"The only difference is," said William "is that you won't get pregnant."

They chatted for another half an hour or so. "I'll get that jock laundered for you," said Felix.

"Oh, no, you won't," replied Jamie. "We can get off by sniffing that." The boys gathered their things together and made to go.

"Oh, by the way, y ou never did tell me what you were doing an apprenticeship in," said Felix."

"Oh, we're learning to work in the gay sex industry, specialising in bondage," answered William.

"See you at breakfast," said Jamie. "Good night."

"It was gone one, when the boys got back to their room.

Saturday and relaxation was the order of the day. The boys found it hard to keep their eyes open at the breakfast table, but Noah and Mr Timm let it pass. They knew why without asking. William and Jamie caught up with Felix at the fruit juice bar. He looked no better than they did. In fact he was hobbling slightly, something that Mrs Towe didn't fail to notice, but Felix dismissed it as having slept in a funny position and getting pins and needles. She wasn't convinced, especially as she was a physician, but had the good sense to leave it, and certainly she did not suspect the real reason. William and Jamie settled down to some sunbathing, but soon got bored. They got up wandered along to where the Towe family had settled. Karen Towe, dressed in just her bikini, switched on the charms when they turned up, but obviously didn't realise she was wasting her time. However, to their relief, she didn't ask if she could accompany them to the beach. Did she know it was a nudist beach? Or that it was men only? The three boys decided that they would walk through the dunes to the beach and take a swim in the sea. When they were sunning themselves after the swim, William said "You know, Felix, we really must do something about your pubes. They clash with your blond hair and spoil the outline of your groin."

"Okay," he said. "If it makes me look as great as you two, it can't be bad."

"When we get back this afternoon," said Jamie. "Our room. We've got all the kit there."

"Then you'll need some further sun tanning," said William. "A white speedo outline is acceptable. Some even find it sexy." He looked at Jamie who was subconsciously licking his lips. "The outline of boardies is just about, but a patch of white skin above your dick, surrounded by a tanned area, nah."

"Last night, Felix," said Jamie "you were talking about how you felt you had caught a wave and you wanted to ride it all the way to the shore. I know what you meant, but to shift the emphasis, you made it sound as if you're into surfing."

"Yeah, sure. I do it at home with my mates – we got a cottage by the sea. I've even gone surfing on Boxing Day. We do it in wetsuits then."

"Do you reckon we could go surfing here?"

"There are places, but the wind would have to get up first. We couldn't go on a day like this."

"Are you up for it?"


"How about you, Will?"

"Never done it, but willing to give it a go."

"I'm sure there are places that hire out boards," said Felix. "Wetsuits even, if you want one."

"Hey, guys, sorry to interrupt," said Will, "but QT alert." Felix looked puzzled. "That family of four walking along from the west, parents and two teen boys." The three sat up and watched as they came closer, walked within ten yards of them and carried on their way, and to our boys' disappointment the sons took absolutely no notice of them whatsoever.

The boys smoothed sunscreen on each other. There was competition as to who was going to grease up Felix, which ended in a compromise.

At that time of the year you didn't need a watch to know when to return. The air temperature was sufficient. Also the boys felt hungry as they had had no lunch. They went for another quick dip in the sea to get the excess sunscreen off and, after drying off, put on their speedos, tee shirts and trainers and made tracks for the hotel. They checked in, said they were going to order some snacks which were served in the lounge and then they disappeared up to William's and Jamie's room to carry out the next foul deed.

They told Felix to take his speedo off and stand in the shower. Jamie zipped through his bush with the hair trimmer and within seconds he had had a number one. He was told to lie on a towel on the bed. William wetted the remaining fuzz and applied shaving cream and the wet razor. His balls were naturally smooth. "My, there's a smart boy," said William. "We'll just check. Doggy position." Felix knelt on the bed and Jamie pulled his butt cheeks apart."

"Yes, you're starting to grow hair there. While we're at it, we may as well get rid of it, and before it could come up for discussion, his crevice was wetted, soaped up and as smooth as a baby's bottom. "You'll do," said Jamie and gave him a friendly slap on the bum.

Felix was under orders to have an early night. "But it's Saturday night, Mum." However, as usual, the difference between a terrorist and Mrs Towe was that you could negotiate with a terrorist. William and Jamie were to a great extent relieved. They were in urgent need of some 'them time'.

Sunday: as usual the three friends met at breakfast by the fruit juice bar. So routine was it that Mrs Towe no longer bothered to keep an eye on them. It was an awayday for both families. Felix said "You two know there's a disco on in the hotel tonight, don't you?"

"Really?" said William, then whispered "I've never actually been to a disco before. You don't do that sort of thing if you're gay. Have you, Jamie?"

"I've been to those school discos where the local girls' school is shipped in and they keep the lights on. Not a lot of fun if you're gay. Not a lot of fun if you're straight, so they tell me."

"So I take it you two guys aren't all that keen?"

"Depends." said William. "Looking round the hotel, I'd say that a lot of gay couples will be dancing together or there won't be anybody there."

"I'll give it a go," said Jamie "on condition that if it's pants, we don't stay."

"What do you think, Felix?"

"In this instance I'm not allowed to think. I have got to take my sister and look after her."

"Okay," said Jamie "we've got to support gay pride. We'll come with you."

The disco didn't start until nine o'clock. Both families had returned from their outings, certainly tired, but it was a healthy tiredness which showed that their holiday was beginning to do them some good. After dinner William and Jamie were sitting in the lounge, chatting and boywatching as the guests made their way into the ballroom. "One or two there I wouldn't mind having a slow dance with."

"Now, Jamie Timm, remember whose boyfriend you are. If you're good, I might even let you have a dance with Felix."

"You realise that we'll probably have to dance with Karen."

"You know how to ruin a boy's evening out. All right, one dance each with her while the other one's dancing with Felix."

At that moment Felix and Karen turned up. Our boys had to admit that she was a very pretty girl, but only on the understanding that it was because she was a feminine version of her brother. The four went into the disco. For the first ten minutes they were wallflowers taking in the atmosphere, but once Felix took his sister onto the floor, William and Jamie plucked up the courage to follow. It was dark and crowded and so they could hide away, in vain because the tee shirt that Jamie was wearing was the one Felix spilt orange juice on and there must have been something in the washing powder that caused the UV light to make it glow. That apart, the two boys enjoyed themselves. "I don't know why we haven't done this before," said Jamie as he pulled William in more tightly.

They didn't want to part, but Jamie said "Will, I'm going to do my duty." He went up to Karen and invited her to dance. There was an immediate glow in her eyes and it wasn't caused by the ultra-violet light. When they had disappeared into the crowd, William took Felix's hand and led him onto the floor. Felix felt nearly as good as Jamie. When that dance was over, William asked Karen and was readily accepted. After that dance the lights went up for the interval.

The four went out into the lounge, but it was still too hot and William and Jamie carried on onto the patio. Felix and Karen lagged behind. "Felix, I saw you dancing with those boys. You're gay, aren't you?" Felix smiled.

"Okay, I'm gay."

"I'm going to tell Mum and Dad."

"No, Karen. I'm going to tell Mum and Dad, and in my time, not yours. Understood?"

"Try and stop me."

"Fine, have it your own way, sister dear, but if you do, I am going to tell them about that dance you were having with Pedro when he had his hand inside your blouse feeling your tits."

"That's so untrue. I don't even know a Pedro, let alone danced with him."

"I know that and you know that, but with the way Dad has been watching you like a hawk, who is he going to believe? Think about it, young lady." Karen gave one of those looks that could kill. Check. Only the next twenty-four hours would say whether it was checkmate.

They caught up with William and Jamie. "We're going upstairs now," said Felix. "Bit tired. See you over the fruit juice tomorrow." Karen managed to say good night before flouncing off. "Bit of a domestic, guys. Tell you about sometime. See ya later," said Felix in a stage whisper. Then in his normal voice "You two are lovely movers. We ought do more of this."

Felix and Karen walked to their parents' room. A knife could have cut the atmosphere between them. As far as Felix was concerned, he was just going to say good night to his parents. Any thought of making sure his sister had arrived home safely had flown out of the window. After saying good night, he returned to his room and lay on his bed trying to chill out after the excitement of the evening. It was the first disco he had enjoyed, the first disco where he had danced with another boy. His thoughts went back to what he had said to William and Jamie on Friday. 'I think this week my life changed, massively, when I met someone… some people who made me feel so happy, so safe and now everything just feels great. Well, those people are guys, and that did take me by surprise a little bit. It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn't until then that something just clicked. It felt right and I was okay. Of course, I still fancy girls, but right now I want to date a guy and I couldn't be happier. I feel safe and it just feels right.' The next thing Felix knew was that it was getting light and he was still in his clothes from the previous night. What was worse, he'd had a wet dream in his pants.

He showered, had a quick wank to relieve the pressure and get the excess water off his belly, dressed and went down to breakfast.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, to misquote Congreve, poet and dramatist, slightly.2 "Did you have a nice evening, darling?" her father asked. It was obvious from her face that she hadn't.

"No." It was time for mother to take over.

"Felix was dancing with those boys. It was like soo disgusting. He's gay."

"First all, darling, we know that Felix is gay and secondly we were having a drink downstairs and we saw him dancing. Thirdly, we have never encouraged our children to tell tales."

"Why am I always the last to be told things in this family?" Cue for another tantrum.

"In this instance," said Mrs Towe "it is up to Felix to decide who to tell and when. In fact, Karen, he has not come out yet. He has talked to us about his feelings."

"Then why haven't you stopped him? You stop me from enjoying myself." It was time for father to take over.

"Girls need more protection than boys."

"That's not fair."

"Felix is sixteen. He respected the age limit and now we respect the age limit. And before you go any further, your mother and I were not too keen about some of the boys you were dancing with. Now, young lady, it's far past your time for bed and when we see you in the morning, we expect you to be a little more gracious and no more talk about your brother's sexuality until he is ready to discuss it. Understood?"

Karen stormed off to her room without saying good night. "It's all right," said his wife. "I'll go and calm her down. You go on to bed, love. This might take some time."

Monday. William and Jamie were surprisingly frisky considering they had had a strenuous day and gone to bed late. They still made time to make love before they went to sleep, but they had woken later that morning and so confined their affection to a quick wank together in the shower. They said good morning to Noah and Mr Timm and were surprised to see Felix sitting alone at table 29. As soon as he saw them, he headed them off at the fruit juice bar.

"Where's the family, Felix?" He shrugged his shoulders. At that moment Mr and Mrs Towe walked into the dining room. He joined them at their table.

"Where's Karen?" He was more concerned about whether she had said anything than about her whereabouts.

"Still in bed," said Mrs Towe. "She's not feeling too grand."

"Girls' problems," said Mr Towe when his wife had gone to the buffet.

"I thought they were only supposed to happen once a month?" said Felix, partly as an enquiry, but more as an oblique and cynical comment about his moody sister.

"So what are you going to do today, son?"

"If there's nothing been organised, hang with William and Jamie.

"We haven't got anything planned for today, have we?" he asked his wife.

"No. It looks as if I'm going to have my hands full, anyway. If you two want to do something together, go ahead."

Felix was on tenterhooks while he was sitting at the breakfast table. Had that minx of a sister of his said anything about last night to their parents? Apart from the distraction of her not feeling too well, everything seemed normal with a carefree atmosphere. Obviously she had taken her brother seriously.

"Do you want to do something, Felix?" asked his father.

"I was thinking of going swimming with the lads."

"That's fine. Can I come along?"

"It's not usual for lads to take fathers along, but if you can put up with the teen humour and jokes, I'll ask the other two."

He got up from the table and wandered across the dining room. After the usual pleasantries with Noah and Mr Timm he said to the boys "My Dad asked if he could come and swim with us at the dunes."

"Doesn't worry us," said Jamie. "Naked bodies, that's what we're training for in our apprenticeship."

"And you said he's a surgeon," said William. "He won't see anything he hasn't already studied in minute detail."

"Tell him to take plenty of sunscreen," said Noah.

Felix went back to the family table and said "Dad, you're on. Mr Fourbois said to take plenty of sunscreen… and water." Felix omitted to mention that they were going to the nudist beach.

"Standing orders, as you should know," said Mr Towe, when just at that moment there was an apparition in the entrance. Karen had decided to join the family for breakfast, hair unbrushed, an excess of mascara round the eyes with mauve lipstick, and dressed all in black. 'OMG,' thought Felix, battling with himself to keep a straight face.

The four set off at just gone ten. Mr Lowe proved good company and for a grown up he fitted in amazingly well with the three teens. When they reached the FKK notice, Felix said "Sorry, Dad, I forgot to tell you this is a nudist beach."

"Okay," said Mr Lowe. "I confess it makes a change to see the naked flesh moving, but I'll cope if you three can cope with me." All four stripped off as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The only thing that amazed William and Jamie was that apart from the twenty-five years between them Felix and Mr Towe could have been brothers. The father was the one with the bush and the tan lines. The father also noticed the son's shaved groin, but chose to say nothing, neither then nor later. The boys did what they had done on their previous visits, swim, sunbathe and boywatch. Even Jamie's boner came, and went when he ran into the sea, without any comment. When they had had enough, Mr Towe suggested they walked to the nearby town. He would stand them lunch and then return to the hotel by bus, or failing that by taxi.

Tuesday, New Year's Eve: Both of the families were out on excursions that day. It was fortuitous that the excursions and the rest days generally coincided. William and Jamie were taken in the hire car to the island's capital. "If you want to do any shopping, boys," said Noah "do it today. Tomorrow will be a public holiday which means four days to complete that all over tan you've been talking about."

Everywhere they saw the New Year's decorations replacing the Christmas ones. They looked in the shops, didn't see any clothes they liked. The goods looked as if they were a mixture of Primark and Sports Direct.

Back at the hotel dinner had been cancelled and replaced with an ongoing buffet, backed up by a barbie. The two families joined forces at one table. The conversation flowed in general. Karen looked a bit sheepish and generally kept out of her brother's way, but the main thing was that she was there. There was dancing in the ballroom, but it was not the central attraction. Finally the moment everyone was waiting for arrived. The countdown started at a minute to midnight and when the bewitching hour arrived, there was a loud cheer followed by the traditional New Year's kiss. William felt great satisfaction at being able to kiss his very own boyfriend, something he had not even managed with Ben, his ex. Noah and Mr Timm kissed as did Mr and Mrs Towe, and Karen begrudgingly allowed her brother to give her a peck on the cheek, but William and Jamie saw what was happening and came to his rescue. "No one should enter the New Year without a kiss," said Jamie. On the stroke of twelve the municipal firework display started over the beach and sea and lasted for some twenty minutes. After that Mrs Towe decided her two children should be in bed, William and Jamie realised that they were missing out on fun time and Noah and Mr Timm were not far behind in their thinking. They all said good night and made their way to their rooms.

Those four days went far too quickly. On Sunday both families were returning to England, but on different flights to different airports. The parting of the ways came at the hotel as Noah drove his brood off to the airport where he had to return the car, and the Towes took a taxi, but the parting was not as painful as it might have been for they had discovered that the Towes lived roughly halfway between the Fourbois and the Timms.

Once home, reality dawned on William very quickly for on Monday morning he had college. At least Jamie's term didn't start until Tuesday.

1 pace Tom Daley

2 William Congreve, The Mourning Bride<, 1697:
' Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.'

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