From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 11

"Will, we need to talk about the Easter holidays." William looked up from his meal and said

"What were you thinking, Daddy?"

"I've finally sorted out the business with the sub-basement. The contractors want to work over the Easter weekend. It doesn't then stop them from getting on with their everyday work and it's easier to fit us in."

"Won't that cost more in wages?"

"Probably, but they gave me an inclusive quotation before we settled the date and so that's their problem, not ours, but back to your original question. I was intending to get you and Jamie to help, but on thinking it through, there was very little you could do as the professionals are in and it would be finding you jobs for the sake of it. So I thought of sending you off to spend the Easter holidays at Jamie's." William's face lit up, then lost its sparkle. He looked like a boy who had lost a bob and found a tanner. Noah sadistically let that sink in until he added "Mr Timm and I will be here to oversee the work. He'll probably have to give up the idea of erecting a dungeon at his house. He's not happy about it, but even though his house is bigger, it's not proving easy to come up with a plan for a dungeon and the local council's planning committee is not so 'liberal' as ours. It's the old saying. It's not what you know. It's who you know, if you get my drift." Even at his innocent age William got Noah's drift.

"Now, let's get the dates clear. You're off from college for two weeks, Holy Week and Easter Week."

"The week before and the week after Easter," said William.

"That's what I said."

"Jamie breaks up from school a week earlier and gets three weeks, lucky bugger. I don't suppose we could go away somewhere?"

"Both of you look at your bank balances and work it out. You're big boys now."

"We know that," grinned William.

"If you chose one of our group hotels, I might be able to get you a discount."

William skyped Jamie that evening to ask whether Mr Timm had discussed the Easter break with him. It was sufficient to know that the two lads were not expected to help with the building works during the holidays. In fact their presence was definitely not required and they were expected to remain at Mr Timm's while he stayed at Noah's to assist in overseeing the work.

"Can't we think of anything better, Jamie?"

"I can't off hand."

"How about another stay at the seaside?"

"Okay, but not Brighton."

"Daddy said that of we booked into a Rosebud Group hotel he might be able to get us discount."

"Do you know of any, Will?"

"Not off the top of my head, but I'll get back to you. That's what the internet's for." Half an hour later William texted Jamie. «How about Torquay? It's still got vacancies.»

The following morning Noah booked the boys into a Rosebud hotel in Torquay and charged them a nominal amount he knew they could afford, while he and Mr Timm claimed staff discount and subbed the remainder of the cost. They had to make their own way there, though.

Noah picked William up from the station on the Saturday before he was due to go back at college. Noah was obviously excited about what had been going on at home for he scarcely gave William time to answer the question about how he had enjoyed his time with Jamie before he expounded on the work the tradesmen had done. From his description you would hardly know it was an S&M dungeon. And that truly illustrated his attitude towards it. A planning problem had been solved in a neat way and provided the dungeon was run on good financial and 'elf 'n' safety lines, that was all Noah wanted to know.

William hardly had time to drop his luggage off into his room before he was whisked off on a guided tour. He and Noah went down to the gym area. When Noah opened the trapdoor, the sub-basement was flooded with neon light. He led the way down the steps. "Close the trap behind you, Will." As soon as he did, the neon lights went out and the sub-cellar was dimly lit in red light. "We can choose the colour." Noah went across to a console, flicked a switch and the dungeon went from red to green to blue, all giving it an eerie atmosphere. "UV light is on permanently, though naturally you can't see it. It makes white clothing glow in the dark, but you know that already." He pushed another switch and the full blast of neon light came back on.

William was amazed at the transformation. The dungeon was starker than the gym. The main feature were the two separate prison cells built into the wall. One had a lavatory, basin and a metal couchette or pallet, for want of a better word, all in stainless steel, which folded down from the wall to double as a chair or a bed and could be locked to deny the sub that simple comfort. The other had nothing, its purpose being a holding area and the bars could be used as shackling points.

The whole sub-basement had a concrete floor painted with a black waterproof sealant, sloping, as in the gym, towards a showerhead with drain hole. The saltire, the floor to ceiling pole, pulley system and shackling points were in place.

"That pole looks wicked, Daddy. Better than the silly little one in Mr Timm's studio."

"We learn as we go along." Noah was proud of the economic improvements too. "In our marketing strategy the gym is the introductory level while the dungeon is full on and not a place for wimps. Two other things you might find interesting, Will." He operated more switches and out of hidden speakers came the screams of men being severely flogged and tortured. "What would you think if you were immobilised and blindfolded and heard that?"

"And the other thing, Daddy?"

"Two actually. We're going to shave their pubic hair as standard, and if we don't like the younger ones' hairstyles, we'll give their heads a No 1 cut. Our aim is to brutalise our more select clients."

"Isn't that going a bit too far, Daddy?"

"We're not sure. We'll gauge public reaction, but with the younger sub the skinhead look goes well with the BDSM image. I can get quite worked up over a naked skinhead, you know, Will."

"I'd better watch out for my hair," he remarked with a grin.

"Oh, no, my darling boy. You're perfectly safe with me. The important idea, though, is opening up the dungeon to straight guys. No women doms. They'll be humiliated even more by gay doms. Not that they'll know that until they feel a prick shoved up their arse and they can protest as much as they like. It's too late. No one will hear them anyway and there's very little they can do about it."

William was more impressed with the technology than the business plan. "The third plus about this set up is that we can deal with three subs, possibly four at a push, under one dom in a single session. And if those 'resting' want to watch, they can pay extra to have their blindfolds removed." Noah pointed out the solution to the ventilation problem with an air conditioning shaft in the ceiling, an emergency battery back up and emergency breathing apparatus in case of a power cut. "Working temperature at 24°C, but the thermostat can change that. We don't want the clients' tiddlies disappearing up inside their bodies now, do we? That's counterproductive. And, of course, the emergency exit, which leads up to the corridor in the upper basement and can also be used if the air con fails. No naked flames allowed under our licence. So we can't use candle wax.

"Now look at this, Will." He pointed at a power socket. "You've no doubt seen these Airwick room fresheners? This is the opposite. Press the switch." Within seconds the dungeon was filled with a dank, musty smell. "Okay, enough of that," and Noah switched it off, then sprayed the cellar with air freshener. "Other flavours available."

William had to admit he was impressed, not so much with what was available to the client as with how the transformation had been made, for like his master he had no great personal interest in S&M. He thought back to the time he had to help clear out and clean the sub-basement and what an unpleasant job it was. "The furniture and kit won't be delivered until Wednesday, but after that we must get this dungeon open to the public, if we don't want the FD on our backs."

"I thought you were the boss, Daddy."

"I am, but that's what we employ him for. To make money. You'd better get yourself unpacked, young man, and changed. We're eating out at seven and then you can tell me all about your love life with Jamie."

When William went back to college after Easter, he was in a generally good mood, the product of two weeks' carnal and emotional satisfaction in Jamie's company. Also certain things were clueing up in his life. He had just two and a half months of his slavery (and apprenticeship) left to serve. Since Noah's engagement to Mr Timm, his sexual interest in William's bondsmanship had waned. They had become more like companions than slave and master. The same could not, however, be said for Jamie and Mr Timm who still kept strict but, since Noah's little chat, not so harsh control. However, he still commanded Jamie to his boudoir whenever he could no longer keep his libido within bounds. At college William was finally getting to know more people. First year exams were looming too which helped to concentrate his mind.

Wednesdays William and Murray would now go off in their free period for a coffee together in the cafeteria. "So, Murray, how are you getting on with Amanda?"

"Great, perhaps a bit too great."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I always thought the bloke was supposed to chase the girl, but with Amanda she comes on to me whenever she can. It's getting a bit demanding, but I have to admit that I enjoy it."

"You two want to get married, Murray. It will stop all that nonsense."

"Tell me something, William. As a full blooded straight guy, I've never understood this."

"What's that?"

"When I see a tasty chick, I look at her tits, then her face and then her tits again. Then I fantasise about feeling her tits and if I really fancy her, on what it would be like giving her one. What do you gayboys look at?"

"Okay, imagine I'm walking along the street or across the campus and I see a cute boy coming towards me. Depending on my eye level at the time, I look at his face or at his trousers. You rarely get enough time to take in both because you don't want to be busted… or… if your gaydar is reacting positively, maybe you do. Now this is a defining moment. If he's got a pretty face, that's fact. He's got a pretty face. If he's got an attractive bulge, that's fact too, but if his trousers give nothing away, that does not mean he's got nothing of interest between his legs and it leaves you lusting, and if the guy's really hot, he gives you a boner too. So face for both of us, tits for you, crotch bulge for me."

"What about if he's in front of you and walking in the same direction?"

"The same as for you heteros, you have more time to look at his bum. Bubble butt? Bum that swings or wobbles? No bum at all? A bubble butt is supposed to be the ideal, but I prefer no bum. Don't like saggers, either."

"Hey, William, I'll tell you something. The kid next door to me at home, he's just had his twelfth birthday and he's already developing a bubble butt."

"You see, Murray, there you go. Even you check out boys. He's not obese, is he?" said William.

"No, not in the least. Quite the opposite. There's not an ounce of spare flesh on him."


"One hundred and one percent boy.

"Tell me, William. Have you ever been busted when checking out another guy?"

"Dozens of times."

"Don't you ever get embarrassed?

"Used to before I came out."

"What do you do if someone says something?"

"I tell them that if they're going to go around looking so hot, cute and pretty, then they've got to expect it us gayboys to check them out."

"Aren't you scared of getting the shit kicked out of you?"

"These days people seem more tolerant and if a kid or his mates look as if they're going to turn nasty, you don't check 'em out in the first place."

"Hey, William, don't look now, but guess who's just come in?" William's head naturally whipped round immediately. "No one but the college hunk and Romeo, Dean Thrust.

"Classic example," said William. "I'm sitting and so my eyes are at crotch level. Gets my juices going because not only is he wearing 501s which are sexy in themselves – notice I quite often wear them?"

"Not really."

"But he displays a really good bulge in loose jeans. The large package is always sexier for me in loose trousers than in tight ones. You know there's something worth getting your lips round."

"Wouldn't you fancy a bit of that?"

"Not really. Far too hetero for me. He'd be a Rohypnol job."


"Date rape drug, and I've too much professional pride to use that," said William. "I want my partner fully alert and enjoying what we're doing together, and it can be a bit messy if, say, it makes him puke."

"William, you said 'get your lips round'. Don't you want to give him a good rogering?"

"That's where you people from the vanilla world always get it wrong. You think all we gays ever want to do is stick our pricks up another bloke's arse, any bloke's."

"Don't you?"

"Nah. Ask any gayboy and you'll find he's more likely than not to give head rather than shag. Coïtus between males is quite a refined procedure if you don't want it to hurt or cause internal injury."

"So you see this fantastic guy on the street, check him out, yet don't think 'I want to give him one'?"

"You see, Murray, again that's where we are so misunderstood. You'll find that the majority of gayboys either take it or give it, they're bottoms or they're tops, but rarely both."

"So one's the man and the other's the woman?"

"No, you great pillock," said William, scarcely able to suppress his frustration. "I don't know if you've ever noticed a gay couple…"

"Not really. Not my forte."

"… but one's a man and the other one's a man. That's the main qualification for being gay. I just happen to be one of the exceptions."

"So what about you?"

"I'm 'versatile'. That's the technical term. I like to take it and I like to give it. So does my boyfriend Jamie."

"How do you decide who does what?"

"We don't even have to talk about usually. We automatically understand what our partner needs."

"I mean when you see a hottie on the street?"

"My hormones decide. If I'm checking a kid out and by now my brain is securely attached between my legs…" Murray giggled. "… it says 'OMG, I'd really like to feel him inside me, whereas maybe with a different guy my brain says I'd really like to stick one up him."

"You have a lovely turn of phrase, William."

"So, Murray, tell me about some of your experiences. You weren't at it when we were at secondary school, were you?" Murray grinned archly. "You were? I didn't know that. When did that happen?"

"About the same time that you and Ben got together."

"That was end of Year 9 beginning of Year 10."

"I must admit I was surprised how easy it was to get it with certain girls. You can easily tell them apart from the tight ones."

"How did your first time go?"

"It was in a broom cupboard at school. She took me in there and I got her up against the wall and with a lot of extraneous fumbling it went from there."

"Did you use protection?"

"Na, not the first time. It wasn't planned and that type of girl is usually on the pill anyway. But I do now. Ever since then I keep a packet of Durex handy. I got into row at home about that one time. Mum found them in the pocket of a pair of Levi's she was going to put into the washing machine. Secretly, though, I think she was quite proud that her little boy was growing up and that she was not going to be a grandmother just yet.

"I'll tell you what," continued Murray. "I don't know if you found this when you lost your cherry, but for me that first time was a bloody awful experience, and so messy. You only want to do it again 'cos you think from all the fuss people make it must get better."

"It's different for gays. I'll tell you about it sometime."

"I'll tell you another thing. By the next morning every girl in the year group knew I was up for it and, what was more embarrassing, they all knew the size of my dick."

"Crikey," said William, "even I didn't know the size of all the other kids' dicks, and boy, did I want to!"

"You'll have to seduce me to find out the size of mine."

"Careful what you say, Murray, heart face. The way I feel so incredibly randy when I haven't got Jamie around that challenge is more of a probability than a possibility."

"Piss off, William, you great bender," grinned Murray.

At that moment the bell for change of lessons rang. Walking along the corridor, William pointed at a cleaners' cupboard and said "Meet you in there at lunch break, Murray?"

"Like fuck you will," and they slapped each other on the back while guffawing their way to their classroom.

The rest of April and May fled past. They were so filled with academic work that William scarcely missed not getting any sex, so much so that he was ashamed to wake up one night to discover that he'd had a wet dream. Nocturnal emissions were due to bad housekeeping, he had been taught. He skyped Jamie about it the following evening, telling him how much he missed him. Jamie missed William so much that earlier in the day at school he had seduced a third former and given him head in the sixth form loos. William and Jamie were forgiving because they had learnt from their apprenticeship as well as experience how much pressure they were under when they were apart long term. Both Jamie and William knew their boyfriends performed weekend duties in the Gym or Studio. (William wasn't allowed to work in the dungeon, although he had full access to the HD cams in there.) To atone for what he had done all he had to do was give William a comprehensive description of the boy concerned and what they had done together, while they each jerked themselves off in front of the webcam. William slept soundly that night.

He did, however, access the cameras in the dungeon, for one reason and one reason only. Rosebud Enterprises had succeeded in obtaining the services of Butch ftom The Gay Door's younger brother Cassidy as Head Dominator and security man in the dungeon. Now, if you thought that Butch was the greatest hunk in the world, you would soon be disabused of that once you saw Cassidy. His working uniform was a pair of white speedos embroidered with a black rosebud, that and just that apart from footwear. His skin gleamed, his teeth shone out when he smiled, which he frequently did, the white speedo made a deep contrast to his black skin, and it was black, in daylight, even more so when viewed under UV light, and they concealed nothing.

June was the last month of William's apprenticeship. He had to juggle college exams, apprentice's exams and trade tests. By the last day of the month he knew that he and Jamie had passed with flying colours. Late afternoon he and Jamie were unexpectedly whisked off the Rosebud hotel in the country, where their nascent relationship had formed. The next day, the 1 July, they would receive their freedom, a year and a day after being made bondsmen. There were still certain formalities to be completed.

By gracious permission of their slave masters they were allowed to share a room. They had strict instructions to come down to breakfast dressed in sackcloth underwear, white coveralls and white ball cap. "The last time, thank God," sighed Jamie.

"You know, my little cutie, I've quite grown to like this kit, including the scratchy feeling," said William.

"Okay," said Noah over breakfast "when you leave the hotel later on today, you will be leaving as free men with a career qualification. You might think that having served a year's apprenticeship in gay services is pretty limited, and you would be right. But let's put it into context. How many seventeen year olds are qualified apprentices in anything? Not many. So you two have an immediate advantage. You both have a year of formal secondary education to complete, which I have no doubt you will do successfully. We also have no doubt that you will carry on to university in fifteen months' time. So we are going to ask the question now, but we don't expect an immediate answer. We would appreciate an indication of your thinking at lunch, but again we don't expect a final or binding answer. Mr Timm and I also have decisions to make concerning our married life to come. The question is: what are your immediate intentions? You have part of the morning to discuss this with whomever. If it helps in the decision making process, there will always be a place for you in Rosebud Enterprises while I'm in charge." Both William and Jamie were perspicacious enough to note tacitly that Noah had said 'while I'm in charge'. There was no guarantee if Mr Timm were to be in charge.

"However, we have certain duties and formalities to perform," Noah continued. "You will be in the hotel lobby at ten o'clock, dressed as you are, padlocks fixed on your ballocks. Also lunch will be at one o'clock, in the dining room, naturally, when the dress code is your dark suits, collar and tie. Questions later, when you have had time to think. Have you anything to add, Mr Timm?"

"Only all things are possible. Just talk to us."

"We'll see you both at ten." The boys went upstairs to their room, wondering what was going to happen.

At ten o'clock the boys found Noah and Mr Timm waiting for them, also dressed to their surprise in white coveralls. "I bet they're not wearing sackcloth undies," Jamie whispered to William.

"Ready, boys?" asked Noah and added "Follow us," without waiting for a reply. The four of them went out of the foyer and walked round to the back of the hotel, the part not normally visited by guests. They reached a section partitioned off by a six foot wall where the dustbins were kept and when they went into the area to find four male members of staff already there, likewise dressed in overalls, but washed out grey ones. William and Jamie were obviously expected.

"Jamie, Will," said Noah, "when an apprentice passes out there are certain rites of passage he must pass through to admit him to his trade. It happened to Mr Timm, it happened to me. It happened to the four gentlemen here. If you were to look, you would find that they all carry the two trademarks as proof of once being bonded apprentices. Okay, lads."

At that they lifted up the dustbins and poured the contents over the hapless graduates. It was all over in a minute and the perpetrators didn't escape the rubbish, nor did Noah and Mr Timm either, but that was all part of the fun.

"Welcome to the trade," all the participants shouted and heartily shook the boys' hands as a replacement for giving them a hug.

"You can't go back into the hotel looking and smelling like that," said Noah, at which one of the pageboys turned a hosepipe onto William and Jamie. "Okay, that's your coveralls hosed down. Get 'em off and all your kit." When they were naked, William called out

"Don't chuck them away," referring to his sackcloth undies. "I've grown quite fond of them."

"It's okay, sir," said one of the valets. "We'll get them laundered and returned before you leave this afternoon. And you, Mr Jamie?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. That's one part of my apprenticeship I'd rather forget." Mr Timm looked stony faced.

Two naked graduated apprentices were surrounded by four domestic staff, all keen to check them out. After taking off cold wet overalls they were not at their best. William reacted to CWE better than Jamie. The former's bits tried to go tight and stick out, but prevented by his ballock; the latter's had shrivelled and almost disappeared inside his body, but for his ballock. The housekeeper made the official inspection of the two tattoos each boy had to verify their status and the hose was turned on them again to ensure that they were rid of all the detritus. Only then were they given towels, led through the staff entrance into a Victorian communal bathroom and told to take a hot bath. Not until they were clean and warm, were they allowed to put on a bathrobe and slippers and to return to their room.

Dead on one o'clock, just as they had been trained, William and Jamie appeared in the dining room to find Noah and Mr Timm already seated and perusing the menu. They were very different boys from a couple of hours ago. They engaged in small talk until the first course arrived and then the conversation took on a more earnest tone.

"You've had some time to talk to one another," said Noah. "Have you come to any conclusions?"

William and Jamie looked at each other coyly.

"Are you going to tell them or am I?" said Jamie.

"You do it."

"Okay. We have made one firm decision that is non-negotiable, whereas everything else probably is." This was spoken rather robustly for Jamie and must have concealed a deep seated passion. "Whatever we do, William and I want to stay together." Noah and Mr Timm looked at one another.

"Fine," said Noah. "We have a starting point for our negotiations."

"We'd like to spend the school holidays together," continued Jamie, "and if possible, work for Rosebud Enterprises to earn some cash and to gain some experience."

"In a safe environment," added William.

"I'm sure we can accommodate that, can't we, Mr Timm?" Mr Timm didn't disagree. "How about special room service?"

"I don't think we're ready for that yet," interjected Jamie. His face had turned white.

"It's all right, boys," said Noah. "I was only joking."

"And pushing the envelope?" added William, raising his eyebrows. Mr Timm cleared his throat.

"Jamie will have to share your room, Will. Can you cope with that?" His eyes lit up.

"I'll try my very hardest," Will assured him, trying to look serious.

"Now the next item on the agenda," said Noah.

"Jamie, where would you like to live when you go back to school?" asked Mr Timm. Jamie tried to slow down his reply to make it sound as if it were a difficult choice.

"I think I ought to go back and live with my mother."

"And you, Will?" said Noah.

"May I stay in your house, Daddy?" The two divergent answers obviously affected Mr Timm, but he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

"Well, I think we have laid the ground rules. We can discuss the details later… Boys! I was saying we can discuss the details later."

"Sorry, Daddy," said William. "We were listening, but such a cute little bellboy was walking past reception."

The four continued with their lunch with three talking nineteen to the dozen while Mr Timm got on with his quietly. When they had finished their puddings, Noah said "There remains one small matter. We must remove your slave collars."

"No, Daddy. Can I keep mine on? I feel naked without it."

"If that's what you want," replied Noah.

"Just one thing," said William. "Will you give the key to Jamie?" Noah hadn't thought of that possibility, but certainly approved.

"How about you, Jamie?" said Mr Timm.

"Yes, I'd like to keep mine on too, master."

"Jamie, I'm no longer your master. You can call me Eddy, and you too, William."

"Thank you, Mr Timm."

After a moment's silence and with the meal completed Noah gave his final instructions. "We are leaving at four. That gives you two boys two hours to make love and pack."

"No, Daddy," said William "it gives us ten minutes to pack."

The two couples went up to their rooms. On arriving in theirs, William found two sets of neatly folded and laundered coveralls and sackcloth underwear on the bed. "You can have mine, Will," said Jamie.

At four o'clock William and Jamie parted with a hug and a kiss. Jamie had two weeks until he broke up for the summer, William three. Jamie didn't know it yet, but William was going to take him to the college prom. William got into Noah's SUV, riding shotgun. It was so comfortable and being high up he had a good view. They were both in a talkative mood.

"Daddy, I so want to thank you for my apprenticeship. There were some hard moments, but I'm glad I went through with it."

"Like getting the contents of the dustbins tipped on you?"

"Nah, that was one of the easiest bits. Mr Timm did not seem too happy at lunch."

"I think a few chickens came home to roost."

"How do you mean?"

"You know that he gave Jamie a hard time?"

"He never complained."

"That's a sign of the quality of your man. You're a lucky boy to have him. Care for him. No, Eddy's had to learn a few lessons, the same ones that I learnt with my first slave."

"Was that Mr Timm?"

"No. He was my second. I think it hurt him when Jamie said he didn't want to go on living with him."

"Does he blame me for that?"

"No, he blames himself. We had a little talk about it after lunch. Then I made love to him, better than we've ever made love before. He realised I'm there for him and that our relationship is rock solid. I love looking back to our schooldays even now."

They motored on in silence for a few miles. Suddenly Noah said "Will, do you want to call in and see the Towe family? You could easily ring ahead."

"I think not, Daddy. I still consider Felix Towe is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen."

"Wot? Even more so than Jamie?"

"Even more so than Jamie. But think of it this way. Michelangelo's statue of David was the most beautiful thing he had created, but you can't blow a stone statue any more than you can give head to a holiday souvenir or a photograph. Ships that pass in the night, Daddy."

"You have a funny way of looking at things, but you're right," and he put his arm round Will's shoulder and pulled him in. And I take it you don't want to call me Noah?"

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