The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 2

Drew went to work early the next few days and quietly stole to the storeroom to peak in at JR and his morning jerk off sessions. He was fascinated at what JR was doing and the release of the white liquid at the same time JR was writhing on the bed. He so desperately wanted to ask JR about it but that would give away the fact that he was spying on him.

The fourth morning as Drew assumed his usual position just outside the door, JR stopped jerking his cock and called out to Drew.

"Drew, don't just stand there, come on in and join me."

Drew panicked! He didn't know what to do so he beat a hasty retreat and scurried back to the newsstand. He was out of breath and sweating as his first customer walked up. It was Butch.

"Hey Drew, been jogging this morning?" Butch asked.

"Er, ah, no, just had to run back from the storeroom to get ready for you. I mean customers, well that includes you I guess," Drew was stammering.

:"Relax bud. If I didn't know better I'd swear you were drinking too much of your own coffee." Butch laughed.

"No, it's not that." Drew looked around and saw that no one else was in the station yet. "Can I ask you a question, a kind of personal question?"

"Of course, you know you can."

"I know I told you I thought I had an infection in my penis and some puss came out but I don't think that was it. I saw J…, ah, a friend pumping his hand up and down on his penis and some white stuff squirted out. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Is that normal?"

Butch knew he had to have a serious sex talk with Drew.

"I'm early and have some time to talk to you about this stuff. You've noticed the changes in your body lately?" he began.

"Yes, my muscles are stronger and I've put on some weight. My voice is deeper than it used to be," Drew answered.

"Any other changes, like hair where there didn't used to be any?"

"Ya, that too," Drew replied sheepishly.

"You've already told me about your spontaneous erections. Congratulations, you've hit puberty. You are now physically a man. The white stuff you mentioned isn't puss, it's your sperm."

"My sperm?" Drew was confused.

"Yes, sperm. Also called cum, spunk, baby makers and too many other slang words I don't have time to mention."

Butch went on to explain the birds and the bees to Drew. Drew's face was turning redder and redder at each new sentence.

"Until you find a girl to marry and have sex with, your body has to do something with all the excess sperm it's making. If you don't release it yourself through masturbation, you'll have the occasional nocturnal emission, or wet dream as it's more commonly called."

"Oh my god, how often do I have to do it? Do I have to do this every time it gets hard? Is that what my friend was doing?" Drew asked nervously.

Butch laughed out loud at Drew's apprehension to jerking off.

"You don't have to do it every time you get a boner. If you did, you'd constantly have you cock in your hand. And yes, that's is what your friend was doing. Have you ever masturbated?"

"No, I don't think so," Drew said quietly.

"You'd know if you had, believe me. It the next best thing to having sex with someone."

"I think I know how to do it, just pump myself up and down until it shoots out?"

"That's all there is to it, technically. Once to you get the hang of it you'll find more creative ways to achieve an orgasm."

"Wow. Does everybody do this?" Drew asked

"There are two groups of guys. Those who jerk off and those who say they don't but are lying. How often depends of the individual. Young guys like yourself tend to jerk off more often, sometimes a couple of times a day. Guys like myself can get by on once or twice a week. My wife takes care of the other times."

"You do it too?" Drew was surprised.

"I told you, every guy does it. Older married guys not as often as you young studs." Butch laughed.

"I don't know if I'll have time to do it that often. I'm pretty busy here."

"You'll find time, trust me. But remember, this is a very private activity, not something you discuss openly. You don't want to sit down to supper with your mother and announce that you've jerked off twice that day. Or tell a stranger at the counter that you were in a hurry so you could go to the men's room and stroke one out," Butch cautioned him.

"Are you kidding? I'm so embarrassed talking to you about this I won't be able to look anyone in the eye for the rest of the day."

"I've got to get going before I run late. We can talk more later if you have any more questions," as Butch turned to walk away.

:"I'm good for now. Thanks so much for the advice."

Drew was busy getting ready for the first customer of the morning when JR walked up and came behind the counter.

"Good morning buddy. How are you this fine morning?" JR asked with a grin.

"Oh, hi. I'm doing okay. Just getting things ready here," Drew answered nervously.

Drew's face was turning red when he looked at JR and all he could see was him laying naked on the bed jerking his cock. Drew avoided all eye contact.

"I was hoping you were going to come in and join me this morning," JR offered.

"Oh, that. I'm sorry I invaded your privacy. I never should have been there watching."

"Nonsense. I always enjoy an audience. But I enjoy company even more. Maybe tomorrow morning?" JR reached out and rubbed Drew's shoulder.

JR's touch sent a chill up Drew's spine. He pulled back quickly and wasn't sure what to do next. Luckily Mrs. Jackson came up to the counter to get her morning coffee before boarding her bus.

"Good morning, Drew. How is you mother these days?" she asked

"She's doing fine, thank you. I'll tell her you were asking about her," as he handed her the coffee. She took a sip and pulled the cup away from her mouth. "Drew, you forgot the sugar. You always get my coffee just right for me. Are you sure everything is alright?"

"Yes, I just didn't get much sleep last night and I'm not on my game yet," he apologized as he added sugar to her cup.

If he was honest, he would have told her he was thinking about stiff cocks and shooting cum. But he remembered Butch's warning about being too open.

"You get to bed early tonight. You need your rest. You're a growing boy."

"Yes, Drew, get to bed early tonight, maybe grow a few more inches" JR snickered and headed off to help passengers.

Drew was off his game all morning. Every time he had settled down and got his mind on his work, he would happen to look up and catch sight of JR. His mind immediately pictured JR naked, walking across the bus station lobby. To make matter worse, JR would sometimes look over and see Drew watching him and he would give Drew a little wave and a wink.

JR wanted so much for Drew to join him in his morning jerk off sessions and more. He hadn't had any physical contact with another guy since the gardener. And that wasn't very satisfying. The gardener was just using JR to get off and soon as he shot his load he would pull up his pants and go back to work. The only way JR had any relief was to jerk off while he was sucking him. With Drew he imagined it would be different. He liked Drew and it seemed that Drew liked him. Not in a sexual way, at least not yet. But JR was going to work on that. Drew hadn't been very responsive so JR decided to take things slow and see if Drew would come around. The station was almost empty just before lunch so JR walked over to the newsstand.

"Hey Drew, how was your morning?" JR started.

"Busy. We, not really busy but I was having a hard time concentrating," Drew responded, making a conscious effort not to look directly at JR.

"My fault, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been kidding you about this morning."

"It shouldn't be a big deal. I've got to learn to lighten up some. It's just that… Drew hesitated, "I've never talked to anyone about this stuff before. I know I sound like a baby, but I've been too busy running the newsstand to pay much attention to my body and those kinds of things," hanging his head and his face turning red again.

"Sure, I get it. I'm older so I know more about this. If there is anything you want to know or have any questions, just ask. You've helped me out so I want to help you if I can," JR offered with sincerity.

"Thanks, I appreciate it."

"So, we good?" JR asked.

"Yes, of course. Other than Bernie, you're the closest thing I have to a real friend."

Drew was the first person who ever called JR a friend. He was so moved that he instinctively reached out and pulled Drew into a tight hug.

"I'll help you out in any way I can. That's what friends are for," Drew professed.

He held the hug a little longer than one would expect, JR's leg pressed against Drew's crotch and he could feel Drew's cock stiffen.

"I would even be glad to help you with that," JR whispered as he pushed his leg softly against Drew's cock. JR pulled back from Drew and took a few steps back.

Drew's face was bright red as he looked at JR with a slight grin. They looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds while the world around them stood still. The spell was broken when a customer stood at the counter and asked for a bus schedule.

"Oh, yes, sir, they are right here," Drew spoke as he reached for a flyer from the display on the counter.

JR had also reached for a flyer at the same time. Their two hands touched and they both froze. An electric current ran up Drew's arm, took a turn at his shoulder and bolted right down to his groin. This was the skin on skin contact that JR so dearly missed. He had some casual contact when a person he helped shook his hand, but that was strictly business. This was a personal connection with someone he wanted to be intimate with.

Both pulled back their hands quickly but there was no pulling back the feelings that both boys had felt.

The man grabbed a flyer himself and found the bus he wanted to take. It wouldn't be leaving for a while so he was going to find a seat and wait. JR wanted to avoid any awkwardness with Drew so he bolted around the counter and offered to carry the man's luggage to where he was going to sit. Drew turned his back to the counter and tried to inconspicuously move his rock hard cock to a more comfortable position in his pants.

The rest of the day went by quickly, JR trying to hold back being more aggressive with Drew and Drew being cordial but cool to JR, having mixed feelings about the events of the morning. Drew couldn't explain to himself why he felt the way he did about JR, why looking at him and touching him made his cock get hard. He knew he liked feeling that way. He wanted to be good friends with JR but he was just afraid if JR knew he was getting hard, JR would think Drew was weird, or worse, and not want to be friends.

After the last customer boarded the last bus for the day, JR came over and offered to help Drew clean up and put things in order for the next day. They worked side by side, glancing at each other and smiling. The tension of the morning had melted away. Now there were just two friends working together. Once they had everything cleaned up, JR asked if Drew was going to restock in the morning as usual. Drew tensed up, thinking JR was thinking about the morning jerk off sessions and hoping Drew would join him.

"No, I think it's best if I restock before I leave. That way I can sleep in a little longer in the morning," Drew told JR, much to JR's disappointment.

"Ok, let's get it done so you can head home," JR offered, again not wanting to pressure Drew.

They both walked to the storeroom and gathered everything they needed. They carried it back and put everything away where it belonged.

"Thanks for the help, JR," Drew thanked him.

"Glad to lend a hand my friend. Anything I can ever do to help, just say the word," dropping a subtle hint but not pushing it too far.

JR put his hand out and the two of them shook hands. Drew again felt the rush of touching JR, even though it was just his hand. JR waved and turned to head back to the room where he slept. Drew stood there thinking about JR and trying to understand why he had these feelings when he came in contact with JR. He never had that reaction with anyone else. He was fidgeting and getting ready to go when he realized they hadn't brought more coffee lids for tomorrow. He walked back to get another box of them we he saw JR had left his door open. He quietly approached, wondering if JR was stroking his cock again. As he pecked around the doorjamb he saw JR totally naked on the bed, his eyes closed and his hand wrapped firmly around his manhood. Suddenly Drew felt emboldened and open the door wide enough to walk in. He moved slowly over the side of the bed and just stood watching the show JR was unknowingly providing. Drew felt his own cock getting hard and started to rub it through his pants. JR opened his eyes and was startled by the sight of Drew standing so close, rubbing himself.

"You didn't go home yet," JR said softly.

Drew didn't respond.

"Maybe you need some more help with something," and JR moved his free hand over and put it on Drew's hand, moving in sync with Drew's hand. He moved Drew's hand to the side and began to rub his cock for him, eliciting a groan from Drew.

Drew closed his eyes and spread is legs slightly. He wasn't sure what was happening inside his head but he knew for a fact what was happening in his crotch. A magnificent feeling, something he had never experienced before.

JR stopped rubbing and moved his hand to unzip Drew's pants. He slid his hand inside and felt the hardness restrained behind the tight white underwear. Drew put his hand on JR arm, not to stop him but to have contact, to feel the flesh. JR took that as a signal to keep going. He tried to maneuver his hand to get to the top of the waistband but Drew's pants were to tight. Drew took the initiative and undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his ankles. JR could now easily slide the elastic waistband down and free Drew's throbbing cock. As JR put his hand directly on Drew's cock, Drew pulled at his underwear and slid it down his legs. Drew's cock was now sticking out in all its glory. A full 6" of leaking, pulsing circumcised teenage erection. JR turned and sat up on the edge of the bed so he could face Drew. One hand massaging Drew's balls and one hand slowly moving back and forth on his cock as Drew closed his eyes and moaned loudly.

Drew knew this was wrong. Two guys should not be touching one another like this. It shouldn't feel this good. But fuck, it did feel good and Drew didn't want it to stop no matter how wrong it was. In his naïve mind, he likened it to eating ice cream just before supper. It was wrong, but it was wonderful. A feeling of freedom to do something forbidden and enjoying it so much.

JR continued to give Drew his first hand job, smiling up at him even though Drew still had his eyes closed. Then Drew began to feel something different. It was like all his nerves in his groin were on fire. His whole body was sending all it's energy and senses to his cock. His upper body stiffened, he felt his balls get tighter in JR's hands and then it happened. A feeling of euphoria washed over him as his first daytime orgasm let loose torrents of cum, spurting relentlessly from the tip of his cock. It landed on JR's face, his chest, his arms and his hand. Drew was yelling as he grabbed both of JR's arms.

"Oh damn, oh damn, oh fucking holy hell!!"

JR grinned and licked the cum off his chin. He scooped up what he could off the rest of his body and licked his hand clean. Drew reached out to steady himself, his legs getting wobbly and his breathing quick and shallow.

"Tasty," JR commented. "Maybe next time I'll get it right from the tap."

Drew hastily pulled his underwear and pants up and buttoned them.

"I'm so sorry, JR. I don't know what came over me," Drew apologized.

"I know what you did, but you came over me!" JR said as he fell back on the bed laughing.

"It's not funny!" Drew yelled. "It's wrong. It's not right. We shouldn't be doing this."

"Didn't it feel awesome?" JR asked.

"Well, yes, but… no, it felt wrong."

"Do you really believe anything that feels that good can be so wrong?" JR asked.

"I have to go. I'm sorry about all of this," Drew apologized as he ran towards the door.

"I'll be here tomorrow morning, same time, same place if you want to come by," JR offered with a chuckle. He was worried that he may have scared Drew away but he was hoping that a good night's sleep would give Drew enough time to get over his guilt.

Drew ran home and burst through the door. He said a quick hello to his mother and told her he had to go take a shower.

"Don't you want to eat? I put a plate in the oven to keep it warm for you," his mother informed him. "If I knew you would be this late, I would have started supper later."

"No problem, mom. I just need a shower before I eat," and up stairs he ran.

He went in the bathroom, started to the water to get it warm as he stripped down. He could still detect the unique odor of sperm on him just before he got wet. He grabbed the soap and lathered up like he was washing off the plague. As he scrubbed his body, trying to rid himself of the dirty thing he had done, his cock chubbed up. He looked down at it and stopped moving, hoping it would relax. Invariably his mind flashed back to JR's hand being there and it continued to stiffen. Giving in, he took a hold of his cock with his soapy hand and started working it the same way JR had done. The feeling returned, though not as good as it was when JR was holding his meat. But it was still pretty damn good. It hadn't been but ten minutes ago he had cum but being a horny teenager, he was quick to achieve his second orgasm of the evening. As he watched his cum shoot out, he held his empty hand to catch some. He brought it to his mouth and licked it. It didn't taste as bad as thought it might. Realizing what he had just done, he spit it out and put his mouth under the showerhead to rinse his mouth. His guilt level was right over the top. He was so ashamed of himself and what he what he had been doing, he didn't think he could go downstairs and face his mother. Butch had said you never tell anyone about jerking off but he knew his mother would know the minute we walked into the kitchen. She always knew when he had done something he shouldn't have been doing. He dried off and hunger pushed his quilt to the background for now. He dressed and went down to the kitchen to get his supper. He took it from the oven and sat down to eat. Just then his mother came in and sat across from him. He keep his head down and continued eating, knowing he couldn't look her in the eye.

"Drew Sampson, I don't know what I'm going to do with you," his mother said as she leaned forward and put the elbows on the table.

Drew choked on his mouthful of food. He just knew that his mother could figure out what he had doing with JR and again in the shower. Mother's knew these things, yes they did.

"We have to do something about this," she continued.

Drew almost started to cry knowing he had disappointed his mother. He wasn't sure what she had planned for him but it wouldn't be good, that's for sure.

"You're barely fourteen years old and you're getting up early and coming home late so you can run the newsstand all by yourself. And not complaining one little bit. Other boys your age are hanging around and playing with each other."

Again, Drew choked on his food at her last comment. He took a drink of water and stopped putting anymore food in his mouth before he choked again.

"Aunt Mildred is coming for a week to stay. I'm feeling so much better that she and I are going to run the newsstand for a few days to give you some time off. You need some personal time to enjoy yourself for a change."

Drew didn't have any food in his mouth but he had to swallow the last sip of water he had taken quickly before that was ejected from his body just like his cum.

"Thanks mom, but that's not really necessary. I'm doing okay, really," Drew argued.

His mother didn't know about JR and he was worried she'd find out about him staying in the storeroom. He was sure she'd call the police. He couldn't let that happen to JR. He couldn't bear to have JT sent back home to be forced into boarding school prison.

"I know you can handle things yourself, but even thought you won't admit it, occasionally you need someone to give you a hand."

This was getting to be too much for Drew. He couldn't take any more of this conversation.

"I'm tired, mom, can we talk about this tomorrow?" Drew said as he got up and put his empty plate in the sink.

"That's what I mean, you're hard at it all day long," his mom added, having no idea of the meaning Drew was getting from this conversation. "You get a good night sleep. Sweet dreams, honey," as she kissed his forehead and sent him off to bed.

Sweet dreams maybe but certainly not wet dreams tonight.

Drew had a difficult time falling asleep, thinking about what had happened with JR and then again in the shower. Maybe JR was right, something that felt so good couldn't be all bad.

Drew woke up early, showered and headed to the station. His cock was chubbed up as he headed to the storeroom to see if JR was awake. Drew wanted to confront JR and let him know that what happened was not alright and could never happen again. He walked to the door and peeked in. JR was awake, lying naked on the bed, just staring at the ceiling. He turned to look at Drew. Drew's resolve melted as their eyes met.

"Hey man, I'm sorry about last night. I hope you're not mad at me," JR said sincerely.

Drew didn't say a word as he walked up to the side of the bed. His expressionless face got JR nervous that he might be in for a beating from Drew or be banished from the station as his father had done at home. Instead he felt Drew's hand reach over and touch his limp cock which rapidly rose to the occasion. Drew had inhaled quickly as he felt JR's genitals, holding his hand still. As JR's cock responded to the touch, it raised up for Drew to encircle it with his fingers. Drew slowly pulled back the foreskin and then back again until JR's cock was too stiff to allow the foreskin to cover the tip. Drew still had no expression on his face as he proceeded to slowly pump JR's cock. JR reached out to put his hand on Drew but Drew pushed it away.

"It's my turn," he said succinctly as he continued to stroke JR.

JR smiled and put his hands behind his head. Drew sped up his strokes and soon JR raised his hips as he felt the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm. JR put one hand out to grab Drew's leg and hold it as he began to shoot his cum. Drew had aimed it towards JR's chest, covering it with the white creamy goo. When JR was done shooting his sperm, Drew wiped his hand on the bed and walked silently and slowly out of the room.

Walking back to the newsstand, Drew was thinking about what he had just done and the pleasure JR enjoyed. It was a different kind of satisfaction getting him off instead of getting off himself. Not an unpleasant feeling nor a feeling of disgust or revulsion, being that two guys should not be doing things like this with each other.

Drew had just finished making the first pot of coffee when Butch stepped up for his morning caffeine fix.

"Good morning Drew, how are you this morning?"

"Good, thank you," Drew responded with his head looking down at the counter.

"How is your mother doing these days?" Butch asked making small talk while he fixed his coffee with milk and sugar.

"Very well. Her sister is coming to visit and the two of them are going to take over for me a few days a week,: Drew told him.

"That's terrific news. You deserve some time for yourself. All work and no play makes for a dull life."

Drew looked around to make sure no one was near.

"Butch, I have something very personal I have to ask you. You can't tell anyone about what I'm going to ask you, okay?" Drew spoke quietly.

"Of course. You know our talks are confidential."

"Even from my mom?" Drew looked for reassurance.

"Even from God almighty," Butch told him.

"Well, last night, I… well, we… that is to say… Drew stumbled over his words, trying to tell Butch about JR last night.

Just then JR came around the corner and said a cheery hello to Drew, not noticing Butch on the other side of the counter. As soon as he saw Butch, he waved a quick hello to him and walked away. Drew's face had turned bright red.

"So what did you want to ask me?" Butch picked up the conversation again.

Drew's looked at JR walking away and then replied to Butch.

"Nothing. Thanks anyway. I have to finish making coffee"

Butch looked towards JR and saw him look back then turn away quickly and go out the door to the loading area.

"Did it have something to do with that young man?" Butch inquired.

"No, it was nothing to do with him. Why would it?" Drew was getting nervous and wished he never had started this.

"If you want to talk, I'm here for you, now or later," Butch said with compassion.

"Thanks. I know"

Butch took his coffee and headed out to his waiting bus. He saw JR outside and looked at him intently wondering what has going on between the two of them. JR saw Butch and quickly walked between two of the parked buses. Butch didn't know if Drew was in trouble or what this boy could be doing that caused Drew so much angst. He would try and talk to Drew on his return trip.

When Butch had pulled out with this bus, JR came back inside and came up to Drew.

"What did that guy want? Was he looking for me?" JR asked.

"No, nothing like that. He's a good friend, just someone I talk to from time to time," Drew replied.

"You weren't talking about us were you? What we do is just between you and I," JR wanted to know.

"Of course not. I would never say anything about that kind of stuff."

"Good. By the way, thank you for this morning. It felt awesome to have you do that for me," JR smiled.

"Don't mention it. Seriously, don't mention it, ever! I just felt I owed you that because of last night."

"I think you enjoyed last night and I know I enjoyed this morning so there is no reason we can't do it again," JR suggested.

Drew just shrugged, knowing how good it felt at the time but how guilty he felt afterwards.

Near the end of the day, Butch was back at the station and wanted to talk to Drew again. JR was headed towards the counter to talk to Drew and saw Butch walking towards the counter from the other direction. JR scooted back to the safety of the store to avoid Butch.

"So, Drew, ready to talk about your problem yet?" Butch asked.

Before Drew could answer, there was a commotion in the lobby. An elderly woman had fallen and people were rushing to help her. Butch ran over to offer his assistance. No one had actually seen what happened but the two goons who were looking for JR earlier had come in the lobby in such a rush that they knocked the woman down and kept on walking. They headed right to the counter.

"Listen you little punk, you led us on a wild goose chase looking for that kid. Now you tell us where his is or we are going to arrest you on charges of interfering in a police investigation. Talk or else," one of them bellowed at Drew.

Drew's nerves were so frazzled from everything going on is his life right now that he wasn't intimidated by the threat, just the opposite.

"Show your badge!" he hollered at him.

"I don't have to show you shit! Just the inside of a jail cell is all you're going to see," he came back just as vehemently.

"If you can't show me a badge, then get the fuck out of my station! NOW! I don't know anything about the little shit you're looking for."

Butch overheard the yelling and rushed over to see what was happening.

"Is there a problem here?" Butch asked as he eyed the two guys up and down.

"Ain't none of your god damn business so move along," the guy said forcefully to Butch.

"Well, I'm making it my business. Drew, what is going on?" Butch looked to Drew.

"Nothing. These two are just leaving and never coming back or they are the ones going to be arrested, for trespassing. Right, gentlemen?" Drew said with resolve.

The two guys looked at Drew with anger then looked at Butch and saw the same anger in his face. They decided they weren't going to get any answers so they might as well leave before the real police did show up.

"Drew, is that what you wanted to talk about? Is that kid a runaway?," Butch asked after the men had left.

"No,… he's… my cousin. He came ahead of my Aunt to visit a little longer. That's all," Drew stammered.

"If you're sure. Harboring a runaway can get you in a lot of trouble. It sounded like those guys were looking for someone and I thought it might be him."

"They told me who they were looking for and the description doesn't fit JR at all."

"I'd like to meet him next time he's around."

"I'll tell him. But he is awfully shy around strangers," Drew explained.

"If you introduce me to him we won't be strangers, will we?"

Drew knew as soon as he said JR's name that it was a mistake. He tried to move the conversation to a different subject.

"So, do you want a coffee or a snack? You've been in your bus all day so you must be thirsty."

Butch could tell what Drew was doing and didn't want to press him any more.

"Sure, a coffee would be fine, thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing your mom back behind the counter. Tell her we're all be glad to see her again."

"Thanks, I know she'll appreciate that."

Drew hoped with all his might that Butch wouldn't ask about his 'cousin' JR when he talked with his mom.

When Butch left the lobby, JR came behind the counter and crouched down.

"What the hell was that all about?" JR needed to know.

"Nothing. Everything. I have a customer coming, we'll talk later."

"Okay, come to my room after you're finished for the day. I'm going to stay there until we can talk," JR responded and then left.

Drew's world was collapsing around him. The station had always been his whole universe, his safe haven against the outside world. He was the boss. He controlled his environment and everything around him. Now he had men threatening to arrest him, his best friend Butch not trusting him, and for good reason. He was lying to him to protect a guy he had only known briefly. His mother was coming back to take over his kingdom, along with his aunt. He knew that the root cause of all of this was those two episodes of pleasure he had with JR. He knew it was wrong and he did it anyway. This was his punishment. He would never again indulge in such behavior, no matter how fantastic it made him feel. The price to pay was not worth it.

His mind was thinking back to his first hand job and giving his first hand job. He had just sworn off ever doing this again yet his cock was chubbing up with the thought of the white cum shooting out of JR's cock and knowing he had mace JR had felt as good as he had the night before.

Could he keep his promise to himself or would he cave in to pleasures of the flesh once more?

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