The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 1

It was 6:30 in the morning on a typical day in the early 1950's. Drew Sampson had the news stand open and ready for the first bus load of customers. It would be busy for the next half-hour or so as riders for the morning bus to Durango and beyond came to get their morning newspaper and a cup of coffee. Then things would be slow until the next bus rolled into the station and dropped off passengers coming to Hesperus and picked up more outbound passengers. Some of Drew's customers were regulars and would ask about his mother's health and some were strangers just passing through or headed to the nearby Army base. The regulars would often compliment Drew on the excellent job he was doing running the newsstand while his mother was home recovering from her battle with cancer.

Drew was not his usual cheery self, as noted by several of the regulars. They assumed it was due to his mother's set backs in her recovery from cancer. But it was something else altogether.

Drew was very mature for his age in some ways but also had led a mostly sheltered life and was very immature sexually. He had some friends at school but would go right to work after school with no time for play so never picked up the school yard sex education that his peers enjoyed, such that it was in the '50's. He was slow to reach puberty but it hit him all at once. He noticed the changes in his body but assumed that was simply growing up, unaware of the unseen changes taking place inside as well. He did notice that his penis would occasionally chub up for no reason. His rational was it was the way his penis would grow in size along with the rest of his body. It would swell up and then return to it normal size, presumably having grown slightly when returning to it's relaxed state. How else could he explain it to himself. He had no one to talk to about these things, his father being gone and none of his classmates close enough to discuss such personal matters. He did have one close friend, Bernie Thompson, but not close enough for this.

This particular morning he was upset because he assumed the swelling of his penis was due to an infection, not a normal growth cycle. During the previous night he was awoken by an unexpected and violent discharge of a thick white substance from his penis, presumably puss from an infection. That would explain everything. He had cut his toe once and it got infected, it was swollen and when he pressed on it the puss squirted out. Same as his penis. He certainly couldn't discuss this with his mother. Too embarrassing. And his friend, Bernie? They were friends but in the '50's subjects like this weren't talked about openly. Besides, what could Bernie do about it?

One of the regulars who came for his morning coffee was Butch, a driver for one of the bus companies. Butch was very friendly and outgoing and had made friends with Drew quickly. It also made it easy to like Butch because he reminded Drew very much of his father. He was about the same age, same build and Drew always saw him in his bus drivers uniform.

"Good morning, Drew. How are you this morning?" Butch asked as he took the coffee from Drew's hand.

"Ok, I suppose," Drew answered quietly.

"Something wrong?"

Drew looked around to make sure no one was in hearing distance,

"I have a problem and I don't know what to do about it," Drew whispered.

"Anything I can help with?"

"I'm not sure,"

"Care to tell me what your problem is?" Butch asked quietly as well.

"I have an infection in my penis," Drew said as his face turned bright red.

"Oh my! You too young to have a girlfriend so I surmise you've been sitting on a dirty toilet seat?"

In those days it was commonly thought you could get a venereal disease from sitting on a dirty toilet seat or kissing someone on the mouth that was infected.

"I don't know how I got it. But it swells up and last night a lot of white puss came out," Drew confessed.

Butch tried hard not to laugh. The diagnosis of those symptoms was a typical teenage wet dream. He wasn't sure if he should get into a discussion of puberty with Drew so he just reassured him that it would take care of itself and it was nothing to worry about.

"But what if it happens while I'm here working? I die if that happened."

Again, suppressing his laughter,

"It may swell up occasionally but I'm sure there will be no discharge during the day. That only happens at night," he told Drew.

"So it will happen again?" Drew asked with panic in his voice.

"It might but just clean it up and go back to sleep. You'll feel better in the morning."

"If you're sure."

"I am. I have to go so I can keep on schedule. We'll talk again when I have more time."

Later that week the salesman from the magazine distributor that supplied the newsstand stopped by with a new magazine he wanted them to carry.

"It's very popular and selling out at every location I place it. Here, take a look," handing Drew a copy of the new magazine, 'Playboy'.

Drew looked at the cover then thumbed threw it quickly.

"Holy hell, it's full of naked women!" Drew exclaimed.

"That's what makes it so popular. But it's a men's magazine and you shouldn't be looking at it. This is just a sample. The ones for sale will come with a paper wrapper so no one can look at it until they buy it."

Drew suddenly panicked. His infection was acting up again and making his penis swell. Fearing another release of puss, he readily accepted the stack of magazines and promised to put them discreetly on display.

"Good decision. You won't be sorry."

Soon Drew would find out how true that statement was. 'Playboy' would open the door to the sexual knowledge he was so sorely lacking.

A lull in the arrivals and departures every afternoon gave Drew some time to restock his supplies and straighten up from the morning rush. Today he took a copy of the 'Playboy' magazine and started looking through it. Afraid that someone would see him, he tucked the magazine under his arm and retreated to the men's room. Once safely in one of the toilet stalls he sat and opened the magazine. He hadn't gotten too far when his infection acted up again. He was sitting on the toilet so if his penis leaked puss again, it would simply drip harmlessly in the bowl. He came across the 'Forum' and the 'Letters' sections and began reading stories for other readers about their sexual adventures. Reading between the lines gave him a clue as to the real reason behind his infection. It wasn't an infection at all, but a natural reaction to sexual stimulus. But there had to be more. There was no stimulation that he knew of when it happened. He felt he had stayed long enough and had to get back to the newsstand.

The next day he took the magazine and went to the men's room again. This time he spent more time looking at the pictures. That definitely contributed to his swelling problem. He was starting to understand the cause and effect of beautiful women. Some of the men pictured with the women also caught his attention. They were naked as well but not nearly as much was exposed as the women.

Back at the newsstand he found he was spending more time watching the people coming and going through the bus stop. The movement of people had always been there but Drew only paid particular attention to his customers. The people came in all shapes and size, some old, some young, some middle age. Some of the women were dressed smartly, likely headed into the city to go shopping for the day. Some were dressed very utilitarian, making a trip for more practical reasons. Drew would try to imagine what the women would look like naked. Would they look like the pictures in the magazine, or better, or simply plain? When he saw a particularly attractive woman he would feel his cock chub up. (Yes, he learned new names for his penis) He would try to stop it from happening by looking at some of the men instead of the women. But he would imagine them naked as well, comparing them to the magazine pictures. This plan backfired sometimes when his mind's image made his prick got even harder. Luckily the counter of the newsstand was high enough that no one could see the bulge in his pants. Despite the discomfort it caused him with his manhood jammed awkwardly in his pants, he couldn't resist his new pastime.

During his new past time of people watching, Drew noticed a young boy, probably a year or two younger than him, who would show up when a bus arrived or shortly before one was about to depart. He would approach the passengers and offer to help them with their luggage or anything he could do to try and elicit a tip from them. When the crowd thinned out the boy would disappear, only to return at the next round of activity. He didn't seem to be with any adult and seemed quite young to be on his own. Of course Drew was not one to judge that. He was thirteen and running the bus stop on his own.

The young boy was shorted than Drew with a stocky build. Not fat, mind you, but solid for his age. He had brown wavy hair, parted down the middle. A chubby face and a button nose looking pale like he didn't spend a lot of time outdoors.

Whenever the boy would show up, Drew used him as a convenient diversion from looking at the adults and letting his imagination play games with them. Watching this young lad had no affect of his libido what so ever and gave his cock a chance to go soft. Eventually the boy caught Drew staring at him more than a casual glance. This seemed to make the boy nervous so he mingled into the crowd to be out of Drew's sight. But then he'd find a generous traveler who wanted his services and he would have to emerge so he could do what he could to earn his tip.

After a few days of this game, the young boy approached Drew at the newsstand.

"Hey kid, have you got anything to eat besides this candy?" the boy asked with an attitude.

"Not really. You're not the first person to ask that so maybe I'll start to offer sandwiches or something," Drew replied.

"I'm hungry and I don't want to wait for you to get around to it," and turned to walk away.

"Hey, I've got a sandwich I brought for lunch but didn't eat it. You're welcome to it if you want," Drew offered.

"How much do you want for it," the boy asked, digging into his pocket for his tip money.

"No charge, you can have it."

"I ain't no fucking charity case. I pay my way," the boy growled at Drew.

"I never said you were a charity case. I've seen you earning money from the passengers," Drew replied in defense.

"It ain't none of your business how I get my money. How much for the sandwich?"

"First of all, it is my business. My family owns this bus stop and I run it for them. And second, I told you the sandwich is no charge. I'm only going to throw it away anyway. Do you want it or not?" Drew asked as he held out the sandwich for the boy.

"Fine! I'll take it. If you're going to call the cops on me, I'll be gone before they get here," he mumbled defiantly with a mouth full of sandwich.

"I'm not going to call the cops on you. I'm glad you offering to help the passengers. Makes for good business, for you and for the bus stop. What's you name?"

"You don't need to know my name," turning once more to walk away.

"Hold up. Do you want a soda to go with the sandwich?"

"How much is the soda?"

"It's a nickel. What flavor do you want?" Drew asked.

"The sign says ten cents. I told you I ain't no charity case."

"I'm running a special today. Soda is half price with every free sandwich I give away," Drew smiled and picked up one of the nickels the boy had placed on the counter.

The boy looked stone faced at Drew, showing no expression at all. He took the soda and one last time turned and started to walk away. He took a few steps and stopped. He turned his head and looked at Drew,

"JR" and turned back.

"JR? What that?" Drew questioned.

"My name." And off he walked to disappear again until the next arrival.

Drew wasn't sure what the boy's story was. The way he devoured the sandwich told Drew the boy hadn't had a meal in a while. Was he a runaway, homeless, an orphan? Where was he living when he wasn't at the bus stop during the day? He felt he should do something but he had no idea what. If he pressed the boy for information, he'd likely move on to some other place and possibly be in a worse situation. Maybe Drew could befriend the boy and help him somehow. If he asked his mother, she would undoubtedly call the police and then what would happen? Drew decided to just see how this played out.

A few days had passed and Drew would now motion JR over to the newsstand when he could catch his eye.

"He JR, I have another sandwich I can't eat if you want it."

"Still have the half priced soda deal?" he asked.

"Of course."

"Good here's two nickels so give me a candy bar too," JR bargained

"Sure. Pick out the one you want."

JR picked his candy, took his soda and the sandwich and left. But not before quietly saying thank you over his shoulder.

Drew was pleased that he was making some headway in penetrating the hard shell JR had surrounded himself with. He still wished he knew more about him.

A few more days had passed with similar encounters. Drew was trying to catch JR's eye when he noticed two men in black suits come through the front door. They both went towards the waiting area and were looking around as if they were looking for someone. JR saw them and tried to blend in with the people headed away from the waiting area. JR looked over his shoulder and saw the men coming his way so he ducked behind the counter on the newsstand and put his finger to his mouth for Drew to be quiet. One of the men approached Drew and the other one continued to look around.

"You work here, kid?" the man asked.

"Yes sir, I do. Can I help you?"

"You're kind of young to be working here by yourself, aren't you?"

"My family owns this bus station and I manage it for my mother," Drew answered indignantly.

"I'm looking for this kid, have you seen him?" throwing down a poster with JR's picture at the top.

"I'm not sure. We get a lot of people through here in the course of a day. Is he wanted for something? Is he a criminal?" Drew inquired hoping to find out more about JR.

"Have you seen him or not?" growled the man.

"It says he wanted and there is a reward. Sounds like a criminal to me."

"None of your business! Just tell me if you've seen him around here or not." He yelled.

"If I have seen him, do I get the reward?" Drew asked.

At that question, JR who was sitting on the floor behind the counter out of sight, punched Drew in the thigh.

"Ow!" Drew hollered.

"What's your problem kid?" the man asked.

"Just a leg cramp. I get them from standing here all day listening to questions I don't have the answer to," Drew replied with attitude.

"Look, punk, before I come over the counter and whip your ass just tell me what I want to know!"

"No, I haven't seen him," Drew answered rudely.

"You're sure? I'll share come of the reward money with you if I can find him."

Drew picked up the poster again and studied it.

"You know, I think I saw him a couple of days ago," holding the poster up so he was looking at it and looking towards the main door. "Yes, I'm pretty sure it was him. I remember seeing him pick up a bus schedule off the floor and look at it then run out the door towards the loading area. I thought it was odd that he picked up a schedule off the floor when I had plenty here for free. The way he ran out I guessed he wanted to catch a bus that was ready to leave. Haven't seen him since." Drew fabricated a story to throw them off JR's trail.

"What day was that? What time? Any idea what bus he was trying to board?" questions firing fast from the man.

"It was two days ago. The only bus leaving around then was headed to Durango."

"Come on, Paul, we have to get to Durango fast," as he turned and motioned for his partner to follow him.

"What about my reward?" Drew asked.

"We haven't caught the little son of a bitch yet," and they were gone.

"You can come out now, JR" Drew said as he extended his hand to help him off the floor.

"Thanks. But why did you do that? You might have gotten a reward?" JR asked

"I'm a pretty good judge of character and I didn't like them or trust them. There is no way I was going to get any part of any reward from them," Drew explained.

"Still, you kind of took a chance lying to them. Suppose they find out? If they are as bad as you think they are, won't they come back for you?"

"Nope, they are more interested in catching you and getting the reward. Can I ask why you're being hunted, if it's not too personal?" Drew asked timidly. He didn't want to pry but his curiosity had gotten the better of him.

"It's a long story."

"I'm not going anywhere, and neither are you now," Drew laughed.

JR looked at him and grinned before turning serious again.

"My father is super rich, I mean like ultra super rich. He feels a need to control everything and everyone around him. My mother died giving birth to me and my father never forgave me. Like I had anything to do with it. But that's just the way he is. He resents my very presence and mostly ignored me growing up. My nanny and the rest of the household staff actually raised me. He would not allow me any pleasures and Christmas and birthdays were ignored. I hated my life as much as he hated me. I had just turned 16…"

"Wait? You're sixteen? I had you pegged at 12 years old at the most."

"That's the other curse of my life," JR snarled.

"Sorry, but you're short and have a slight build. No offense intended," Drew apologized.

"It's not your fault. I was born premature and never really caught up to where I should be, growth wise. Anyway, like I was saying, I had just turned 16 and my father caught me with the gardener. He was furious and was making arrangements to have me sent off to a year round boarding school, also known as a prison for boys. I couldn't take it any more and ran away." JR finished his story with a tear in his eye.

Drew didn't understand the meaning of 'being caught with the gardener'. He thought JR was in trouble for talking to the staff.

"He must not totally hate you if he sent those goons to bring you home," Drew reasoned.

"You don't understand, he doesn't want me home because he cares a diddle about me, he just wants to be able to keep controlling my life and sending me off to boarding school hell!"

"That sucks."

"You're telling me."

"That wasn't such a long story. A horrible story, yes, but not so long. I'm sorry I made you tell me. But I'm also glad you told me so I can do whatever I can to help you," Drew told him.

"You've already helped me more than you know. Not just saving me from those guys but for not turning me in to the police as a run away and letting me collect tips for carrying bags for your passengers."

"You provide a service that enhances the bus stop. I see no reason to make you quit. But I have to help you more than that. Where are you sleeping? Being on your own and looking so young can be dangerous." Drew showed his concern.

"I have a place but I don't want to tell you any more. The less you know, the better off you'll be. I've probably already said too much but you're easy to talk to. It's nice to just be myself for a change and have someone I can talk to," JR smiled at Drew.

"You can be yourself with me any time. I enjoy your company," Drew reached out to shake JR's hand.

Instead JR leaned in and hugged Drew, taking him totally by surprise. In the back of his mind, JR was hoping maybe he could be himself with Drew once they got to know one another better. Just then passengers starting coming through the door.

"Duty calls, I have to go. Can I come back later?"

"Of course you can. I'd like that. I'll be here until 6:00," Drew told him.

JR was smiling as he headed for the passengers. Not only had he avoided being caught but also he had made a friend in Drew. Maybe more than a friend if he played his cards right.

As JR headed back to the newsstand after most of the passengers had left and he had a pocket full of change, Drew was serving a couple of cups of coffee. JR was hungry and wanted to buy some candy with his earnings. Drew was busy so he invited JR behind the counter to help himself. Reaching for the candy, JR knocked the container with the wooden stirring sticks for the coffee onto the floor.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry, Drew. I'll pick them up," JR said as he bent down to pick up the sticks.

"You'll have to throw them out now that they have been on the floor." Drew told him.

"Damn, I'll pay for them," JR offered.

"They're cheap, don't worry about it. I'll just get more from the store room when I'm finished with the coffees," Drew said.

"I'll get them for you," and JR ran off to the back of the building.

Drew thought it was odd that he hadn't told JR where the storeroom was or how to find them. He figured JR would be gone a long time trying to find them but JR returned with a new box in just a few minutes.

"Here you go, Drew," JR said out of breath. " I ran as fast as I could to get them."

"Pick out your candy. It's free for your reward for getting the fresh box."

"No, I owe you a reward for saving my butt earlier. I just haven't figured out what your reward is going to be," JR said with a mischievous grin.

Drew couldn't explain it but the smile on JR's face made his cock grow. (he was no longer calling it a penis since he started reading the Playboy magazine) He didn't want JR to notice the bulge in his pants so he excused himself to go to the men's room. He walked briskly to the door and went inside. He walked up to the urinal and unzipped is pants to pretend like he was pissing. The touch of his hand on his chubbed up cock had the opposite effect and made it get even stiffer. While he was trying to decide what to do, one of the soldiers from the Army base came in and stood at the urinal next to him. Drew was mortified but also curious. He glanced over at the soldier's cock to see how big he was. The soldier caught him looking and looked down at Drew's boner.

"Nice piece of meat you've got there," the soldier looked up at Drew and commented. "I sure hope a kid as young as you knows what to do a weapon like that." The soldier finished pissing, slapped Drew on the shoulder and walked out.

What did he mean? Drew knew what do to with his cock. He was trying to do it now. You piss with it. What else would you do with it?

His cock finally relaxed and he returned to the newsstand. He and JR cleaned up and closed it for the night.

"Are you sure you have a safe place to sleep? You could always come home with me. I live right next door and I'm sure my mother wouldn't mind" Drew offered.

"No, I'm good. Besides, she'd ask too many questions. I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok, I'll be here by 6:00 to be ready for the fist bus."

Drew left and didn't look back to see where JR went. He felt he had intruded enough on the boy's privacy for one day.

The next morning, Drew came in early. He had to make room in the storeroom for a shipment of supplies coming in later in the day. He went back to the storeroom and was about to move boxes around when he heard someone call his name. It was a soft voice, barley audible but definitely calling out his name over and over. He followed the sound and it was coming from what had been his grandfather's bedroom at the very back of the storeroom. The door was slightly ajar so Drew walked up to it quietly and looked in. JR was lying naked on the bed that was left there, one hand on his cock and the other around on his ass. He was moving is hand up and down while playing with his ass with the other hand. His cock looked huge compared to his own. He didn't realize that they were both about the same size, but on JR's smaller physique it looked much larger.

"Oh yeah, Drew, make me cum. I want you to make me shoot my load of cum all over the place. Then I'll do the same for you," JR was mumbling to himself.

Drew had no idea what he was doing or why. And why was JR calling out Drew's name? Did he know Drew was outside the door and wanted him to come in and help him in whatever it was he was up to? And what was it Drew as supposed to help JR do?

Just then JR arched his back and frantically stroked his cock. His breathing got faster and he was moving his body around. The hand on his ass grabbed one cheek and squeezed it hard. Suddenly JR was spewing his hot white cum high in the air, spurt after spurt, landing all over his upper body.

"Fuck, Drew, that was awesome. You make me cum so hard, better than the gardener ever did."

Drew stood transfixed by what he was just witnessed. He didn't do anything so why was JR saying he did? And what did the gardener have to do with all this? Did JR have the same kind of infection that Drew had? Was he trying to get rid of it by pulling on his cock?

Drew looked at JR's cock and it slowly lost its rigor. His foreskin slid up and covered the head of his cock as his cock went soft and shrunk. Drew didn't have any extra skin on his penis like that. Maybe it would grow there when he got older, like JR. JR started to sit up so Drew retreated quietly and quickly so he didn't get caught. He wasn't sure what it was all about but he knew he shouldn't have been invading his privacy once again.

For the rest of the day Drew was fixated on looking at men's crotches and trying to imagine how big their cocks were. He knew JR's was huge and his got bigger at times but what about other guys? He had seen some of the models in Playboy and assumed they must also be big to get the job as a model. Several times he was caught looking down at a guy's crotch instead of looking at their faces. Those guys just smiled and didn't make a big deal of it.

Drew never said anything to JR about seeing him playing with his cock. He still didn't totally understand it but no way was he going to ask. At the end of the day they closed up together again and said good night. That evening when Drew was taking his shower, his cock got hard as he thought about JR. He was washing himself and his soapy hand felt so good on his boner. It was giving him a feeling he hadn't experienced before. It was a very pleasant feeling so he kept doing it, sliding his hand back and forth. All the while he was thinking about JR doing the same thing that morning. Before long he felt a strange feeling in his stomach and he got scared, not knowing what this feeling was all about. He took his hand away from his cock and rinsed off his body. It had felt good in a weird kind of way but why? He tossed and turned all night, waking up with a stiff cock every hour or so. He assumed he must have aggravated the infection somehow. JR had done the same thing so maybe he could ask him about it.

Or maybe not?

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