The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 3

Drew finished up for the day and was nervous about going to meet JR in his room. He assumed JR would want to play around again but Drew didn't want to bring any more bad luck his way by doing more of what they had been doing. Several times he started to walk from behind the counter and go across the parking lot to his house. But something stopped him. This time it wasn't the image of JR's naked body and stiff cock waiting for him on the bed but rather JR would feel abandoned if Drew didn't show up. He took a deep breath and went to meet JR but no touching this time.

The door to JR's room was closed as Drew approached it. He knocked gently, not sure if JR was even in there. A few more knocks and still no answer.

"JR, are you in there?" Drew asked quietly.

"Yes. Are you alone?"

"Of course I am. Can I come in?" Drew asked, hoping JR wasn't naked.

Drew pushed open the door and saw JR sitting on the floor with his back against the bed. He had his arms folded across his knees and his head lying on his arms.

"JR, are you alright?" Drew said as he walked over and sat next to JR.

"No, I'm not. I finally found a friend and a place where I could be happy and now I'm going to have to leave it all behind," JR started to sob quietly.

This was a side of JR that Drew had never seen. The outgoing, confident, brash teenager was a lump of quivering flesh. Drew put his arm around JR's shoulders and pulled him tight.

"Why do you have to leave? No one said anything about that. You can stay as long as you want. If fact, I want you to stay. Please?"

"I can't. I can see it happening. That guy you were talking to has been watching me the last few days. Now he's talking to you and you won't tell me what he said. I know he is going to turn me in as a runaway. He may even find those goons and collect the reward," JR explained between sobs.

"Butch would never turn you in. He's just worried about me and is concerned about my safety. He doesn't know you like I do," Drew tried to reassure him.

"And I don't know him at all so I don't trust him. When you're on the run like I am you learn not to trust people."

"You trust me, don't you?" Drew asked.

JR picked up his head and turned to face Drew.

"You're different. You're my friend. The one and only friend I've ever had and probably ever will have. I know I won't make any friends where I'm going."

The sadness in JR's eyes and on his face was too much for Drew. He leaned over and kissed JR on the cheek. JR wrapped his hand around Drew's back and pulled him to a tighter hug, if that was possible, then tilted his head and kissed Drew on the lips. A prolonged kiss that set Drew's soul on fire. Not in a sexual way, but in a way that cemented a bond between the two of them that would not be easily severed. As they broke the kiss, JR put his head down again.

"I'm sorry, that was inappropriate," JR apologized.

"You might think it was inappropriate but I think it was just what I needed. That was almost as good as playing with each other's penises," Drew remarked.

"We're back to 'penises' are we?" JR said with a giggle.

"Oh alright, our cocks, our boners, our hardons, our peckers. But they all feel the same," Drew responded.

Both boys laughed. Then JR turned and kissed Drew again, a much longer more intimate kiss.

"I needed that one," JR smiled.

Drew felt closer to JR than he had ever felt. He wasn't going to let anyone separate them if he had anything to do with it.

"I told Butch you were my cousin. You came to visit ahead of my aunt coming later this week. I'm not sure if he totally bought it but it will give us some time to figure something out," Drew confessed to JR.

"See, Butch was right. I'm going to get you in trouble for lying to him. I'm a bad influence on you."

"If he's mad I lied, I'll just tell him about you and I jerking each other off and the lie will seem like small potatoes then," Drew laughed.

JR pushed him on his side on the floor.

"You better not, you horny stud," JR joked.

Now that JR was feeling better, Drew decided he better get home for supper before his mother came looking for him.

"See you in the morning, JR. And don't worry, you're not going anywhere. I promise."

"Don't make promises you can't keep," JR warned him.

"Okay, I won't. And don't worry, you're not going anywhere, I promise," Drew responded with a big grin. "Good night."

Drew left the room and closed the door tightly, advising JR to lock it in case Butch came snooping around. As Drew walked home he began to think how he was going to explain everything to his mother and what her reaction would be. He knew it wouldn't be good. He didn't want to disappoint his mother and cause here any concern. She was over her cancer scare but still fragile and not the emotional rock she had always been.

Drew walked in to house and hollered 'hello' to his mother.

"Drew, I'm in the kitchen. Come in please, We have to talk."

Oh fuck! Butch must have said something to her about JR. I haven't had time to get a plan together yet. Maybe I can stall her for a while.

"I want to go take a shower. Can we talk later?" he replied.

"No, this is important. We need to talk now."

It sounded ominous as Drew slowly entered the kitchen to meet his fate.

"Sit down, honey. I have to tell you something that is going to change things around here for a while."

Here it comes…

"You know your Aunt Mildred is coming to stay with us," his mother began. "She and Uncle Ned have split up and are getting a divorce. She will be staying with us for more than a couple of weeks, maybe long term until she figures her life out. She just told me about the divorce when she showed up here today. I didn't get a chance to talk to you about this so I hope you're alright with her being here."

"She and Uncle Ned split up and she is moving in?" Drew moved to the front edge of his chair. "That's wonderful news!"

Drew's mother screwed up her face and looked at Drew in a questioning way.

"Well, not the divorce of course. That's terrible news. I meant the fact that she is coming here to stay with us. She has been such a big help when you were sick, the least we can do is help her out. Plus, you won't be alone all day while I'm working. Did you say she was here already?" Drew voice was getting more and more animated, realizing that this talk wasn't about JR.

"Yes, she is upstairs putting away her things in your grandfather's old room. We weren't sure how you take the news so we thought it best if you and I talked first."

Drew jumped up and ran to the bottom of the stairs. He went up the stairs two at a time until he reached the top then turned and ran to his grandfather's old room, now Aunt Mildred's room.

"Aunt Mildred! Mom just told me you're going to staying with us. That's awesome! I'm sorry about you and Uncle Ned but you have to know you're welcome to stay here as long as you want. Forever, if we don't drive you nuts," Drew shouted as he came to hug here. "Family is so important and sometimes all we have when the going gets tough."

Drew's mother was standing at the door and overheard Drew's welcome. She came in and hugged both of them in a group hug. A tear rolled down here cheek.

"You raised this one right, Elaine," Drew's aunt said as she looked at her sister.

"He makes me so proud sometimes I could just burst," she replied.

Sometimes, but certainly not when she finds out about JR. How the hell did he get into this situation.

Drew went to take his shower and then downstairs for supper.

"What about cousin Brett? Will he be coming too?" Drew asked.

Drew hadn't seen his cousin in years. He never came when Mildred visited and preferred to stay home with his father.

"No, he and his father are going to stay in the house until it can be sold. I assume Brett will move with his father, wherever they go. And I really don't care." Mildred said with authority.

After supper they all retired to the living room. Drew sat and listened to family stories of his mother and Mildred growing up in this house.

"The only thing missing in our father," Mildred remarked. "Than it would really feel like home."

"It's still your home. This is where you were raised and no matter where you travel, as long as this house is still in the family you can always consider it your home," Elaine reassured her. "As Drew said earlier, family is the most important thing he have in our lives."

They talked and talked and reminisced, telling some stories Drew had heard a hundred times and some that he had never heard. Some of the new stories were about some mischief his mother and aunt had gotten into as teenagers.

"Why mother, I thought you were a perfect angel growing up. You too, Aunt Mildred," Drew said with fake astonishment.

"Neither one of us grew our wings until he were married and had children. Then we had to set a good example for you boys," his mother laughed.

Drew finally went to bed and got a good night's sleep, dreaming of his family roots. The next morning he went to the station early to make sure JR had done something stupid and run off during the night. He found him awake and sitting on his bed, just like last night.

"Good morning, JR. I'm relieved you're still here."

"I wanted to give you a chance to come up with a plan. Have you thought of something yet?" JR asked with anticipation on his face.

"A plan? Oh sure, I got this all figured out," Drew smiled as he lied.

Lying was becoming a bad habit for him. He realized as he said it that he wasn't being truthful and it had to stop here and now.

"No, I don't have a plan yet, but I will by the end of the day, trust me."

"Okay, I'll give you until the end of the day. But if we haven't got something figured out, I have to leave. I can't chance being caught," JR responded as a tear formed in his eye.

Drew walked over and gave him a hug then went back to the newsstand.

Mid morning he looked up and saw his mother and aunt approaching.

"Good morning, Drew. Mildred and I thought we'd come over for a visit. She was very anxious to see the good things you've done here."

Drew gave them a quick tour of the changes he had made, careful to omit the 'Playboy' magazine rack. They were about to head back to the house when Butch came walking up.

"Elaine? I thought that was you. And Mildred, you're a sight for sore eyes. I haven't seen you in a dog's age," Butch greeted them.

"I'm so glad we caught you between runs. You'll be seeing more of me, Butch, I'm moving in with Elaine for a while. Ned and I have split up," Drew's aunt informed him.

"I'm so sorry to hear that. I understand you son has been here for a few days. He and Drew have hit it off working together," Butch said.

Drew's heart sank. He had been outed by Butch, although not in an intentional way. Drew's lie had come home to roost and now he had to face the music.

"Brett is here? I was sure he was staying at home with his father," Mildred said.

"Brett? I understood his name was JR. JR and Brett aren't even close so I'm sure I didn't get it wrong."

Just then Drew spotted JR moving threw the crowd and headed for the door. It was time to come clean.

"JR!" Drew hollered across the lobby, "Come over here!"

JR stopped in his tracks. He saw Butch, Drew's mother and another lady all at the counter. He panicked and was about to bolt out the door when Drew smiled and motioned him over. JR had no idea what was up but Drew had said he would have a plan before the day was over and he trusted Drew not to betray him.

JR walked slowly across the lobby and noticed that no one was smiling, with the exception of Drew.

"Everyone, I like you all to meet my friend JR.

"Pleased to meet you," Drew's mother said as she smiled a polite smile, not necessarily a warm smile, while she extended her hand to shake his.

"Yes, ma'am, I'm very pleased to finally meet you. Drew has talked so much about you. And who is this beautiful lady?" JR asked as he moved to shake Mildred's hand.

"This is your mother, JR," Butch said with a stern voice. "Drew told me yesterday that you were his cousin."

"No, Butch you must have misheard me. My cousin is back with his father," Drew tried to skip right over this. "This is my Aunt Mildred, my mother's sister."

"At least you got that relationship right," Butch snorted.

Drew took a deep breath and laid out the whole truth about JR. Well, of course not the rendezvous in the storeroom.

"I knew it, I knew he was a runaway. Drew, you should have told me the truth," Butch said raising his voice at Drew.

"Oh be quiet, you sanctimonious bus jockey. You were no saint yourself when we dated," Mildred chimed in.

"Wait, you and Butch dated?" Drew exclaimed. "I didn't hear that story last night"

"That was a long time ago, Mildred," Butch tried to defend himself.

"I know, back before any of us got our angel wings," Mildred laughed.

Butch didn't understand the reference but didn't want to keep this topic going. Mildred seemed to be carrying the conversation now.

Drew looked back over his shoulder and then looked at his aunt.

"I guess mine haven't grown it yet." She and Drew snickered quietly but his mother didn't appreciate the joke.

"Elaine, I guess it true what they say about runaways. They end up at the local bus station. Now you have two on your hands," again laughing and putting her hand on her sister's shoulder. "Are you going to keep us both?"

Drew's mother looked at her sister and then Drew and finally JR.

"Have you called you father to let him know you're okay," she asked him.

"He wouldn't care. He only wants me back so he can send me away forever. I just saved him the trouble but he wants to do it himself. He blames me for my mother's death at childbirth and hasn't wanted anything to do with me ever since. His servants fed me and looked after me so they wouldn't lose their jobs. They never cared a lick about me." JR said as he broke down in tears.

"Where have you been staying?" Elaine asked with concern.

"I slept back in the store room. Drew didn't' know so it's not his fault," JR said to try and keep Drew blameless.

"Mildred, can you watch the counter for a little while, Drew and JR and I are going to the house and have a little talk.

"Don't try and send me back, I'll run away again, run farther and faster so no one can find me," JR said with his teeth gritted.

"Mom, you can't send him back to that horrible man, you just can't," Drew pleaded.

They all got back to the house and sat in the living room.

"JR, the first thing we are going to do is call your father and let him know that you're alright. He is a parent and no matter what you're issues, I'm sure he is worried about you," Elaine stated. "A parent's love can ebb and flow but it's always there."

Elaine offered to make the call and promised not to give away JR's location or any other information. JR gave her his father's office number, knowing that's where he'd be this time of day.

"Good morning, I'd like to speak with Mr. Danforth please," as the phone was answered.

"May I ask who is calling?" the receptionist asked.

"A friend of the family," was all she replied.

"I'll need more than that to put you through to him," the receptionist persisted.

"Just tell him it's concerning his son," knowing that would get her through.

In a few seconds, a man's voice came on the phone.

"This Reginald Danforth, who the hell is this?" he asked gruffly.

"This is a friend, calling to let your know your son is safe. He is here with me now," she calmly replied.

Drew could she the veins in her neck starting to bulge so he knew instinctively that the conversation was not going well.

"Well, I'm glad you caught that little shit. I'll send my men to pick him up right now and bring you the reward money. Where are you?" he demanded.

"Not so fast. We need to discuss some issues he is having with you."

"He can discuss his issues at the Bradford Academy for Boys when he gets there. They'll straighten out his perverted god damn issues," his voice getting louder. "Now where the Christ are you, lady. If you don't tell me right now, you won't be getting any reward money!"

"He's your son, your own flesh and blood! Aren't you the least concerned about his welfare?" Elaine's voice starting to get louder.

"I don't give a rat's ass about the faggot. I just want him put away, far away from me so I never have to look at his queer face again! If you don't tell me where he is, I'll have my men track you both down and you won't like it when they find you."

"Just be forewarned that my husband is a captain on the local police force. Long before you could ever locate us, I'll have him file charges against you for child neglect, endangering the welfare of a child and threatening me with physical violence. So you send you men looking for me and they will find me sitting in the front row of the Albuquerque Municipal Court House waiting to testify against your sorry ass and see that you end up in jail yourself. Instead of the Bradford School for Boys, you'll be headed to the New Mexico Federal Prison!" Elaine said firmly.

"Lady, I've got so many friends in high places, this would never see the light of day."

"Maybe not in Colorado, but I'll bet my husband's connections in New Mexico will trump your out of state connections. Good day sir, may you rot in hell!" her last comment before she slammed down the phone.

She turned to JR who's face was blank, as was Drew's.

"Looks like I'm going to be harboring two runaways," she smiled and extended her arms for a group hug.

"Holy hell, mother, I've never heard you lose your temper like that!" Drew said as soon as he could speak.

"You better be careful, Mrs. Sampson. Nobody gets away with talking to my father that way, not even a woman," JR warned.

"Sometimes the only way to deal with a bully is to bully him back, only harder," she explained.

"Drew, you never told me your father was a cop, a captain no less," JR looked at Drew sternly.

"Yes, mother, do I have two fathers, one I don't know about?" Drew asked in jest.

"Did I sound convincing?" she asked.

"You sure as hell did to me!" JR shouted.

"Language, both of you. I'm the only one allowed to cuss in my house. Drew, would you go to the kitchen and get me a glass of water. I'm a little thirsty," his mother asked of him.

"Sure thing," as he went to the kitchen.

Once she was sure he was out of earshot, she faced JR and spoke softly.

"I take it from your father's insults that you are a homosexual," she began.

"Yes ma'am," Drew answered as he looked down at the floor.

""I don't care if you are or not. Hell, I'm a Republican. Drew seems to like you and I think you like him," she continued.

"Yes ma'am we sure do like each other."

"Just be forewarned, my son is the most important person in my life. If you hurt him emotionally or physically in any way, I will rip off your penis with my bare hands and shove it so far down your throat it will poke out of your anus! Understood?" she finished with conviction.

JR gulped and took a step back.

"Ye…ye. . .yes ma'am, I understand. I would never hurt my only friend in the whole world."

Elaine patted him on the shoulder and smiled. JR was still nervous to get any closer to this mild mannered mother who turned in a hellcat at the drop of a hat.

Drew came back with the water and handed it to his mother. After drinking it, she sat on the couch and asked both boys to sit with her, one on each side.

"Notice how we're sitting?" she asked.

"Down?" Drew replied with a laugh.

"No, smart guy. You are on one end and JR is on the other end, both in your own space. Get used to that. We can't have JR sleeping in the bus station, it's not safe for him to be alone all night. So, JR is going to move in here with us," she announced.

"Awesome! A great idea mom," Drew slapped her back.

"Oh, Mrs. Sampson, I couldn't impose on you. You've already done more than enough for me. I'm fine just where I am in the store room." JR protested.

"You're not imposing on me, you're moving into Drew's room with him," she explained. "That's why I want you two to get used to the idea of each of you has their own space and not intrude into the other's, if you get my drift."

Both boys smiled at the prospect of sharing a room together and then nodded their heads when they understood what Drew's mother meant. No screwing around with each other.

"I'll order a single bed to go in Drew's room tomorrow and he can keep his double bed. The room is plenty big enough for two beds and another wardrobe. Tonight you can sleep on the couch JR. It's more comfortable than the lumpy mattress in the store room."

"So, is JR living with us for good now?" Drew asked.

"Until we can work something out. He sure as hell is not going back to that bastard of a father if I can help it," his mother exclaimed.

"Language, mother!" Drew jokingly admonished her, earning him a slap on his shoulder.

The three of them walked back over to the newsstand and filled in Mildred on what had taken place.

"Welcome to the family, such that it is," Mildred said and hugged JR.

Elaine and Mildred went back to the house and left Drew and JR to resume their duties. Towards the end of the day, Drew spotted Butch coming into the lobby. He waved frantically to get his attention and call him over.

"First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for lying to you about JR. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I promise I'll never lie to you again," Drew said humbly.

"Apology accepted. Was there more?" Butch asked.

"Yes, the best for last. JR is no longer a runway. He is with his family now!" Drew blurted out.

Butch looked at Drew, then pointed to JR.

"But he is still here."

"That's the best part. We are his new family!" both boys grinning ear to ear.

"I don't understand how that is possible," Butch looked perplexed.

"My mother got involved, that should tell you everything. If you have a minute, she is at the house and will tell you all about it. Things are going to be great now," putting his arm around JR.

Butch came back a half-hour later. He was shaking his head and laughed.

"Only your mother could accomplish this. We should send her to Korea. She'd have those Commie bastards from the North retreating so fast they fall into the North China Sea. Good luck boys. JR, don't screw this up," leaving the lobby to get in his bus and leave.

That first night, JR slept on the couch as Elaine asked him. The next day a new bed and a dresser arrived and were set up in Drew's room. That night the boys showered, separately of course, then turned in for the night, JR in his single bed and Drew alone in his double bed. Drew lay awake thinking how nice it was not to have to worry about JR leaving or being taken away. It was like having a brother he never had, only more. JR was thinking about how lucky he was to be taken in by Drew and his family. It was the first time he had felt safe and wanted by someone, just to be himself.

The boys heard Elaine and Mildred going past their door.

"Good night, boys, see you in the morning," Elaine said.

"Good night, mom," Drew replied.

"Good night, my new mom," JR threw out.

Everyone had a chuckle.

About thirty minutes had gone by and neither boy was asleep.

"Drew, are you awake?" JR whispered.

"Yes, are you?" Drew replied with a snicker.

"Do you think you're mom is asleep?"

"She is asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. She'll be out until morning. Why?" Drew asked wondering what JR had in mind. Was he thinking about another jerk off session? Drew wasn't ready for that but didn't want to disappoint JR.

Drew heard JR's blankets moving and then the floor creaking as JR made his way over to Drew's bed. The covers were pulled back and JR slipped into bed, pulling the covers back over him.

"Do you mind?" JR asked timidly.

"Yes," answered Drew, "You're too far away."

Both boys moved to the middle of the bed and hugged. This was not the beginning of a sexual encounter, just two people embracing for the comfort they receive from the closeness of each other.

"Drew, this is the first time in sixteen years I have felt truly happy."

"This feels so right, so natural, so perfect," Drew whispered in JR's ear.

The boys fell asleep in each other's arms. They woke up the next morning with Drew spooning up against JR's back. Drew woke up first and lay there relishing in JR's presence. Drew leaned over and gave JR a kiss on his cheek.

"Good morning sleepy head," Drew spoke to JR.

"Yes, it is a good morning. Let's get going and make it a great day," as he bounded out of bed. JR looked down and saw his morning boner stretching his underwear straight out. "I have to go take care of this, I'll be right back," as JR opened the door checked to make sure he wouldn't run into Elaine or Mildred in the hallway.

Drew was disappointed slightly but glad that JR didn't want to play around so soon. It would take him a while to get comfortable screwing around in his room with his mother in the house.

The next few weeks went very smoothly. JR knew he had a good thing living in the main house with Drew and his family. They had all accepted JR as one of them. JR would go out of his way to help, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, helping with meals and cleaning up after. Anytime Drew's mom would ask him to do something, JR would jump up and offer to do it instead. Drew was getting pleasantly annoyed.

"You know, JR, my mom didn't invite you here to be an indentured slave. We all appreciate the help, but chill out," Drew laughed.

"Okay, just as soon as I finish this," as he went about doing what he had started.

Elaine and Mildred were taking over at the newsstand a couple of days a week to give the boys some free time. Summer would be coming to an end soon and Elaine wanted the boys to have some fun before heading back to school. She had decided to send Drew back to public school now that Mildred was here to help at the newsstand. She was working on a way to enroll JR as well, even thought she didn't have the right paperwork to do so but being a small town and with her connections, she felt it wouldn't be a problem.

That morning JR spotted an ad in the local newspaper for a carnival coming to town.

"Drew, did you see this? A carnival is coming to town!" he shoved the ad in Drew's face.

"Ya, no big deal. It shows up near the end of every summer."

"You're kidding? No big deal? Look at all the rides they will have. The Ferris wheel looks huge!" JR continued on.

"I used to look forward to it but I haven't been in a few years. Too busy here. It brings in a lot of people from all over the county," Drew blandly replied.

"I've never been to anything like this. I want to ride that Ferris wheel and every other ride they have. It will be a blast! Can we go?" JR all but pleaded with Drew.

"I'll ask my mom if it really means that much to you," Drew grinned.

When Drew and JR got back to the house that evening, JR burst through the door and ran into the living room where Elaine and Mildred were sitting.

"The carnival is coming to town in two weeks and Drew really, really wants to go. Can we, please?" JR blurted out.

Drew had never seen this side of JR before. He had always been so serious and kept his emotions in check. He knew he was the first person to penetrate JR's hard outer shell and elicit any real part of the real JR. But this? This was a ten-year kid begging to go to the carnival and ride all the rides. Drew couldn't remember himself being this excited when he was a ten- year old.

"Oh, Mildred, remember all the fun we used to have at the carnival," Drew mother remarked.

"Yes, and all the mischief we got into," she laughed a dirty little laugh.

"Oh, Aunt Mildred, tell us more," Drew demanded.

"Maybe when your older, but not until then," Mildred replied with a little blush in her cheeks.

"I have some money saved up, I can help pay for the rides," JR offered up loudly. "Please can we go?"

"It has been a while. Okay, let's plan on going on Sunday, the last day it is open. Sometimes we can get a discount on the rides that way. But you don't have to pay, JR. It's my treat for all the hard work you and Drew have done at the station," Drew's mom told them.

JR started to do a happy dance around the living room, throwing his hands up in the air and twisting himself around as he pranced around the room.

"We're going to the carnival, we're going to the carnival." he chanted.

Everyone laughed at JR's excitement.

"JR, would you be a dear and go over to the newsstand and get my purse. I think I left it behind the counter," Elaine asked.

"Of course," JR replied as he ran towards the door. As soon as he was outside, they heard JR scream at the top of his lungs a very loud "Whaahoo!"

"Mom, I think I saw your purse on the kitchen table," Drew mentioned.

"It is, but JR needed to blow off some steam before he exploded right here before our eyes," she laughed.

It was several weeks before they were headed to the carnival when a tall teenager showed up at the house one morning. He walked right into the kitchen as everyone was having breakfast and addressed Mildred.

"Good morning, mother. What's for breakfast?" he asked.

Mildred dropped her spoon as she looked up and saw her 17 year old son, Brett, standing before her. He had opted to stay with his father and not leave with his mother. No big surprise for her as they never really got along.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she growled

"Hell of a way to greet your son."

"Watch your language in my house," Elaine chastised him

Brett just glared at her and looked back at his mother.

"Dad and I had an argument so I thought I come stay with you. Aren't you glad to see me?"

"Not really. You sided with your father and chose to stay with him when I left so you can just so back to him," she informed him and went back to eating her breakfast.

"He threw me out. I just need a place to stay for a while until I can figure things out," he complained.

Mildred didn't answer and ignored him. Finally Elaine spoke up and told him he could stay for a week but that was all.

"You'll have to sleep in Drew's room with JR and him. Drew, I know this is an imposition but he's family and it's only for a week," she offered.

Drew used to enjoy playing with Brett when they were younger but that changed a few years back. There was uneasiness between the two as they grew older.

"Mom, there is no where for him to sleep, my room is already full," Drew protested.

"He can share the big bed with you. It's only for a week. End of discussion," Elaine said forcefully.

Drew and JR finished eating and headed to the bus station. Brett showed up about mid morning.

"Same old dump it's always been, isn't it?" Brett's first comment set the stage.

"If it's such a dump then what the hell are you coming here for?" Drew shot back.

"Just checking the place out. You should get the hell out of here and make a real life for yourself," Brett advised.

"I'm perfectly happy here. I have a home and a future, more than I can say for you," Drew needled him.

"Who is your side kick? Some loser who couldn't find his way to the next bus?" Brett turned to look at JR.

Drew could see JR tense up and glare at Brett.

"He's a friend, something you wouldn't know anything about," Drew said defensively. "Don't pay him any mind, JR. He's like getting the flu. Your life is miserable for a week with the shits and puking but it only lasts a week and then it's gone."

Both boys laughed at that as Brett's face got red. Drew knew he had got to him.

"Fuck you both!" Brett gave his wittiest comeback and left, grabbing up a candy bar as he went.

"Hey, deadbeat, those are five cents a piece!" Drew yelled.

"Put it on my tab," Brett laughed.

JR put his hand on Drew's shoulder.

"He's like having the shits and pukes but don't get hot under the collar and run a fever too," JR snickered.

"Thanks, JR.Good advice."

Brett didn't show his face at the newsstand again the rest of the day. When the boys came back to the house for supper, his mom and aunt where making supper while Brett sat in the living room watching TV.

"How long before we eat?" Brett shouted from the living room. "A guy could starve around here waiting for some food."

"And that would be a bad thing?" Drew commented quietly to JR. Not quietly enough, however.

"Drew Sampson!. You watch your manners. He's a guest in our house," she admonished him.

"But not a welcome guest, mom,"

"Be that as it may, just keep your comments to yourself!"

Drew and JR set the table and did what they could to help. When food was put on the table, Elaine called out to Brett to come eat. They sat down and Elaine prepared to say Grace. Brett reached for a piece of chicken but Mildred slapped his knuckles with her spoon.

"Hey woman, the hell was that for?" he blurted out, rubbing his sore hand.

"I won't tell you again to watch your mouth!" Elaine said menacingly.

"No one takes food until we say Grace. It's what civilized people do although I know you wouldn't understand that, living with your father," Mildred scolded Brett.

Grace was said and everyone put food on their plates. Brett dug right in like he hadn't eaten in a month.

"Not the best I've ever eaten but it will fill an empty stomach," Came Brett's assessment.

"We're going to eat in the living room, mom," Drew announced as he and JR got up and took their plates.

"Don't leave on my account," Brett laughed.

"I just don't want to catch a fever, that's all," Drew responded, he and JR giggling at their inside joke.

The boys had finished eating and came back into the kitchen to help with the clean up. Brett sat back in his chair, took out a cigarette and was about to light up when Elaine yelled at him.

"Out side if you want to smoke. I don't allow it in my house."

"Jeez, you're not a very gracious host, I'm a guest remember" Brett complained.

"Yes you are. But if don't abide by the rules of the house, you won't be a guest much longer," she informed him.

"Fine! This is my last cigarette anyway. How come you don't sell cigarettes at that dinky newsstand?" Brett complained.

Before his mom could open her mouth, Drew glared at Brett.

"Somebody might try and take a pack without paying for them. You know, stealing?"

JR snickered at the reference to the candy bar incident. Brett just huffed and went outside.

After some TV time, the boys announced they were going to bed. Brett decided he was tired and would go along with them. Drew went to the bathroom and came back to his room to find Brett sitting on his bed, about to climb in.

"You sleep in that bed," Drew told him, pointing to the single bed that was supposed to be JR's, although he never slept in it.

"That looks uncomfortable, I'll sleep here if I want." Brett said defiantly.

Although Brett was older and a few inches taller and twenty pounds heavier, Drew didn't care. It had been a long day and he was tired of Brett's attitude.

"It's my fucking bed and I say who sleeps in it!" he yelled.

"Oh, you want you're little bum buddy in bed with you, is that it?"

"It's not so much who I want in my bed, it's who I don't want. And I don't want you. Now move!" Drew said as he moved closer to Brett and clenched his fist.

"Fine. Whatever. You'd probably attack me in the night if I slept in your bed," as he got up and went to the single bed.

JR had stood quietly by and didn't know if he should say anything or do anything. He left the room to go to the bathroom and when he came back Drew as in the big bed and Brett was in the little bed. JR quietly and quickly got undressed and slid into bed. JR decided to forego their usual good night kiss and cuddle for fear that Brett would notice and make an issue of it. Instead they just lay side by side until Drew reached a hand over and squeezed JR's thigh. JR did the same and heard Drew let out an audible sigh. It wasn't much but it was enough for them to fall asleep.

The next morning the two boys got up early, ate a quick breakfast and left for the station. Later than morning Drew noticed occasionally a man would come out of the station bathroom shaking his head or looking flustered and walking quickly towards to exit door. He didn't know exactly what to make of it. Then he heard a commotion and some yelling coming from the men's room. He told JR to watch the counter and he ran to see what was going on. As he entered, he saw a man in an Army uniform holding Brett up against the wall by his throat, yelling in his face.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Drew yelled as he approached the two.

"This fucking faggot offered to give me blow job for a pack of cigarettes. I should beat the fairy to a pulp and teach him a lesson," he shouted.

"That wouldn't set well with you commanding officer so I suggest you let him go and move on," Drew said in a calming voice to deescalate the situation.

"Fine, but you get this homo out of my sight before I change my mind," as he let go of Brett and left.

Brett just straightened his clothes and glared at Drew as he left. Drew came back to the counter to relieve JR.

"What was that all about?" he asked "I saw and army guy leave then Brett came out and headed to the house."

"Brett had made some off hand remark that the army guy didn't like. Some of those guys are really hot headed and it doesn't take much to set them off," Drew told JR, not wanting to give him the whole story.

The rest of the week went by with no more incidents, although it was annoying putting up with Brett. JR was giddy all week, anxious to go to the carnival on Sunday so Drew tried to concentrate on JR instead of obnoxious Brett.

But that made things difficult for both of the boys. When they went to bed at night, they were each far apart, staying to the edge of the bed on their respective sides. Drew didn't want Brett to be suspicious of anything between them. JR was so grateful that Drew's mother had taken him in as part of the family that he didn't want to do anything that would upset her and give her cause to cast him out as his father had done. They would lay still until they heard Brett snore and then move to the middle of the bed to cuddle with each other, each one wanting to do so much more with the other but not daring to risk more than a quiet but passionate kiss. The horniness level was so high it was akin to a hornet's nest, buzzing and vibrating with all the activity inside. They would fall asleep in each other's embrace, hoping they would wake up before anyone else in the morning and move away from each other.

By Saturday, it had become too much for them to ignore.

"Mom, I'm going to the station early tomorrow to make sure everything is stocked up for the weekend. That way if we get home late Sunday from the fair, we'll be ready for Monday morning," Drew announced at supper Friday night.

"A good idea, Drew. You're always thinking ahead," his mother complimented him. "JR, would you go with him and help him take care of things in the morning?"

"Of course, I'd be glad to help him take care of whatever needs doing," JR replied, giving Drew a wink.

They both took turns showering before they turned in so they didn't have to waste any time in the morning. Drew hadn't felt this anxious since he was a little boy, going to bed early on Christmas Eve anticipating all the presents he would have to unwrap in the morning. Tonight it was only one gift he was thinking about unwrapping and playing with… JR!

Waking before the alarm clock ran, they hurried to get dressed and raced over to the station and went directly to the storeroom. Drew closed and locked the door to make sure no one would interrupt them.

"You never know who might be outside the door and peeking in," Drew joked.

JR grabbed Drew, pulling him in and lunging for his mouth, mashing his lips into Drew's then forcing his tongue between Drew's lips. Drew welcomed the invasion and did the same. As they made out, their hands went down to fondle the bulge in each other's pants. Drew used both hands to unwrap his present and release JR's throbbing cock from the confines of JR's pants. . He gripped it tightly and began to stroke it hard and fast. This was not an emotion driven act as much as it was just lust. Drew was deriving as much pleasure as he was giving. JR's breathing increased and his body tensed as he got close.

"Slow down, make it last," JR pleaded.

"I want this now! We can take our time on the second time," as he proceeded to bring on JR's climax, causing him to shoot volley after volley of stored up cum.

"My turn," JR said as he undid Drew' zipper. He lowered himself down on his knees so he could pull down Drew's pants. Drew fully expected JR to stand back up and go back to kissing while he stroked Drew. Instead JR grabbed Drew's manhood and licked it.

"What the hell are you doing?" Drew whispered.

"This," JR responded as he opened his mouth and took the leaking cock in his mouth with one motion.

"Holy hell!" Drew shouted as he felt the warm wet mouth engulf his cock. He had never experienced anything like this before and had no idea it could feel so fantastic. His cock was twitching and pulsing in JR's mouth. Drew put his hands on JR 's head and ran his fingers through his hair. Natural instinct made him flex his glutes, resulting in a shallow thrusting motion. Drew didn't know what the proper etiquette was, if he should release his cum into JR's mouth or withdraw. He didn't have time to figure it out. With no warning, JR' mouth pulled Drew over the top and began to swallow every drop of semen that Drew ejaculated. Drew's legs became wobbly so he slumped down on the floor, bringing his face at the same level as JR. They came together and kissed, Drew getting his first taste of his own cum, or anyone's cum for that matter.

"Why did you do that?" Drew asked.

"I've wanted to do that ever since I first saw you. The day I was hiding behind the counter while you were talking to those men, I had all I could do not to grab your crotch, whip out your cock and suck you off right then and there," JR confessed. "Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Hell yes! It was awesome. Can I try it on you sometime?" Drew innocently asked.

"Any time you want, any time."

Just then they heard a noise outside in the hallway.

"Hey, where the fuck are you guys? My mother made me come help you guys!"

It was Brett's voice. The quickly fixed their clothes and quietly unlocked the door to the bedroom in back. They slipped out of the bedroom, Drew going to the left and JR going to the right.

"We're back here in the storeroom," Drew shouted.

While Drew and JR carried supplies out to the counter, Brett picked up a magazine and sat down to read it.

"Aren't you supposed to be helping?" Drew asked

"His is. He's staying out of our way so he doesn't fuck up anything," JR laughed.

"Screw you, you asshole," was the best come back Brett could muster. "You know you're an annoying little shit."

"Back at you," JR glared.

As the boys finished their work, Drew and JR would look at one another and smile, wink and giggle. Brett was too engaged in his magazine to notice any of this. When he was finished reading he declared his task completed and went back to the house for breakfast. The boys went back to lock up the storeroom and enjoyed another make out session but didn't think they had enough time for another round of play.

The big day arrived. Sunday was here and the carnival was waiting for them. JR was awake and showered by 6:00 AM. The carnival didn't open until noon but that didn't stop him from getting up early and then waking everyone else up, although Brett was not happy to be rousted out of bed so early. Elaine decided they would make a full day of it so she was going to take everyone to the local diner for breakfast instead of making it at home. After they ate, she drove around the town, remarking how things hadn't really changed since she had been cooped up at home recovering from her cancer. Finally they arrived at the fair grounds, getting a parking spot right in the front row.

"Oh my god, look how big that Ferris wheel is. It's got to be several hundred feet high!" JR said, pointing to the wheel.

"Grow up, jerk, it's now where near that tall," Brett contradicted him with contempt in his voice.

"Now boys, this is going to be a fun day, no bickering," Mildred warned them.

JR jumped out of the car almost before it had stopped moving and ran to the ticket window.

"Come on you guys, hurry up!" he yelled as he ran, everyone but Brett laughing at his enthusiasm.

Drew's mother paid for the tickets for everyone and gave them instructions to meet back at the gate at 5:00 so they could eat supper together. The carnival closed at 10:00 PM with a gigantic fireworks display. JR grabbed Drew's arm and dragged him towards the rides.

JR sprinted from one ride to the next, wearing a goofy grin all afternoon. He convinced Drew to go on the Ferris wheel four times.

"Oh my god, Drew, it's the most fantastic feeling when our car comes over the top and start going down. I feel weightless, like a bird flying through the air. No worries, no cares, not a worry in the world. Just gently floating through the sky," JR explained his love of the Ferris wheel.

Drew had seen the excitement in JR all week but the look on his face was different some how. He had his eyes closed and a softer, gentler smile oh his face. It really was a look of contentment. Drew reached over and took JR's hand, intertwining their fingers. JR turned his head and opened his eyes to look at Drew.

"Thank you. For today and every day since I met you," JR softly said. Then he turned back and closed his eyes again.

Drew now felt the same euphoric feeling that JR felt but for a different reason. It wasn't the ride that took all his trouble and cares away but it was the person sitting next to him.

Their car was coming close to the unloading platform when Drew heard his name being yelled out.

"Drew! Hey Drew, over here!" it shouted.

Drew looked in the direction of the voice and saw his old friend Bernie waving frantically and smiling at him. Bernie was with a group of four other boys, probably seniors in the local high school if Drew guessed correctly. The Drew and JR got out of their car and headed towards them. JR wanted to get a soda and turned to go to the concession stand while Drew walked over to Bernie and was introduced to his friends.

"These are my friends from the football team at school," Bernie pointed to them. They all just nodded their heads without saying anything. "Gosh, it's good to see you again, Drew. I heard you are coming back to school this fall? It will be just like old times. Maybe you can join our little group." The four football players just scowled at Bernie.

"We'll see. I'd love to catch up but I have to piss like a racehorse. We'll talk again soon."

Drew could tell that Bernie had been drinking beer. That was so unlike the Bernie he used to know. People change so he just picked up his pace to the men's room. He was standing at the urinal trough running along the entirety of one wall when Bernie came up beside him.

"You've got to meet those guys. They're a blast to hang around with. It's kind of like a club that not everyone can join but I can talk to them and see if I can get you in." Bernie looked around furtively, "They're the ones that got some beer for today. Makes this place so much better than when we were dumb kids. You want me to get you one?"

"No, I'm good," Drew responded flatly.

Bernie glanced down at Drew's cock. Drew had gotten a little chubbed up from the hand holding on the Ferris wheel.

"Damn, Drew, you really are doing good. That's a hell of a piece of meat you're packing." Bernie observed. "Bet the girls must love that. Or whoever gets to play with it."

Drew blushed, not knowing if Bernie was just making a stupid remark or if he was referring to JR. He finished pissing and stuffed his cock back in his jeans.

"I gotta run and meet up with mom and my aunt. Later," as he turned and left the men's room.

JR was waiting outside halfway between the door and Bernie's friends. Another one had joined them so now there were five. Drew and JR walked past them and nodded to them, getting no response other than a glare.

"Are you and Bernie good friends?" JR asked.

"We used to be but I haven't seen much of him the past few years while I was home schooled."

"I don't know if you should tell him but those guys are definitely not his friends. The fifth one that joined the group had been off with this girlfriend. She told him he would get lucky today so he thought he was going to have sex with her. She meant he would be lucky at the games and win her a big stuffed animal. When he figured out there was no sex, he ditched her. He asked where Bernie was when he joined the others and told them he had a bad case of blue balls and needed Bernie to suck him off. They referred to him as 'Bernie Blow Boy'. They told your friend that he could join the 'club' and that they all gave each other blowjobs after football practice. Being the new member, he would have to service all of them for six months before he got sucked off by one of them. If he wasn't sucking their cocks regularly they said they wouldn't be caught bead hanging around with a square like him."

"Bernie always was a gullible guy. I should tell him but I don't know how to bring it up."

"If you do or if you don't, I just thought you should know."

As the boys were walking away, Bernie came out of the men's room and hollered to them.

"Hey Drew! Wait up," Bernie yelled.

Drew turned to look just as the fifth guy in the group grabbed Bernie's arm and pointed towards the men's room door. Bernie was saying something to him as he tried to pull his arm free. The guy shoved Bernie and yelled something to him and pointed again to the men's room door. Bernie lowered his head and slowly walked where he was told. The guy looked back at his group and smiled, making a hollow fist and shaking it back and forth in front of his mouth. Drew understood that there might well be something to what JR had told him.

"Let's go meet your mother and Aunt Mildred for supper." JR said, changing the subject.

They all met at the appointed place, all but Brett. They waited for fifteen minutes then decided to go eat without him. He was off somewhere doing his own thing. After they ate, the boys went to go on more rides and try some of the games. They were on one last ride on the Ferris wheel before the rides shut down for the fireworks when JR spotted Brett. He was walking a little ways behind the older guy who had been running the ride, looking from side to side like he was making sure he wasn't followed. JR suggested maybe Brett was going to mug the guy and steal the money the older guy had collected. When they got off the ride they decided to go see if they could find him and make sure he wasn't doing anything stupid, or illegal. The midway lights were dimmed so the fireworks show could be seen better. The boys came around the corner of the men's room building and saw two figures ahead of them in the shadows, one bent over and leaning against the side of a truck and the older man standing behind him, his pants down around his ankles.

"Oh yeah, you got some sweet looking ass. I'm going to enjoy this alright," they heard the older guy say.

"Yeah, well get to it. I've got to go meet my family." The bent over person said.

Both JR and Drew immediately recognized Brett's voice. He was about to be butt fucked by the old guy, willingly it seemed.

The old guy lunged his hips forward, impaling Brett in one swift move.

"Fuck! Take it easy, will you?" Brett shouted.

"I don't know how to fuck easy. But I guarantee you'll gonna get fucked like you've never been fucked before and you'll love it," he said as he pulled back and thrust in again.

"You son of a bitch. I sure as hell ain't enjoying it yet."

"No matter, I am and that's all that counts," as he continued to slam Brett's ass.

The boys just stood there with their mouths open, not knowing exactly what to make of this. They did know that the show in front of them had their cocks chubbing up. The old guy was getting more animated in his movements and mumbling under his breath.

"I'm gonna fill you insides with my cum, boy. You'll be shitting white all night."

"Just fuck me, old man. Fuck me deep!" Brett said through gritted teeth.

"Told you it was going to feel good. It's about to feel better, for both of us," he said between breaths.

From their vantage point they could see the old man was putting everything he had into it. His ass cheeks were forming dimples in his glutes every time he thrust forward. Drew moved and accidentally kicked an empty soda can on the ground, alerting the old man to their presence.

"What the hell are you two assholes looking at? You want a piece of this ass? Or better yet, a piece of this meat?" he laughed, then turning back to Brett. "Here it comes boy, from me to you," then held himself tight against Brett's ass, throwing his head back and growling.

Brett had turned to see who the old man was talking to and saw the boys.

"You mother fuckers! Get the hell out of here, now! I'm going to kick the shit out of you when I catch up with you," Brett shouted before being pushed hard up against the truck as the old man filled his bowels with hot creamy cum.

The boys turned and ran toward the front gate where they were to meet Elaine and Mildred.

"Did you boys see the fireworks?" Drew's mom asked.

"We sure did. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before, at least except in pictures," JR answered quickly, causing both boys to break out in laughter.

"Did you find Brett?" Mildred asked.

"Yes, we came across him back by the Ferris wheel, Drew offered.

"Well, actually, another guy came across him and showed us where he was," JR threw in, again causing fits of laughter. "He'll be along any minute now."

No sooner had JR said that than Brett came running up to them, out of breath and all red in the face. He glared at the boys and shook his fist, mouthing the words 'You're dead'.

They went to the car and returned home, a night that Drew and JR would never forget, for many reasons.

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