Mason in the Center, Part 2

by Joe L

Chapter 2

It's Tyler's and my birthday, and this marks the first school day since the beginning of our… thing… that we haven't spent our forty minutes together before the rest of the family gets home. Mom took off work so that she could take him to the DMV. He's been so excited about getting his license that he couldn't turn her down.

Still, he gave me a birthday kiss. It almost made up for not having our forty minutes. He sat on the floor by my bed this morning. When I opened my eyes, all I saw was his face coming towards mine, and a kiss was how I began my birthday. It was one of our top kisses… possibly top three, definitely top five. It was soft and sweet, no tongue… just love. Then, as he pulled back, his smile… he had a giggly, self-satisfied smile. I knew that he'd been planning that kiss for a long time, and he pulled it off perfectly. All I could do was stare at him… stare at his smile, stare in his eyes. Finally, we heard Parker stir, so he mouthed the words, "Happy Birthday," and our normal act had to begin.

I couldn't stop thinking about that smile all day at school… it would get me hard every time, even though it wasn't a sexual kiss. We're really in deep with each other. This thing of ours has gone so far past anything I could've ever imagined, and I don't want it to stop. I want to keep going further and further.

I finally hear a car pulling up in the driveway. I peek out the living room window at them. Tyler is driving… and smiling. That's a good sign. He doesn't see me, and he's talking to Mom. It looks like he's giving her a play-by-play on his driving test. He stops the car in its normal spot, and he tries to jump out… still wearing his seatbelt. He's so eager to tell me about it that he forgot to unlatch himself. Holy shit, that's adorable.

I dart back to the kitchen so I can get the news straight from the source and act surprised.

"Dude!" He calls out when he sees me. "I'm changing my name! From now on, you can call me 'minus zero'!"


"I didn't miss any points… on my written or my driving test!"

"He really didn't." Mom hands me his results with a bewildered expression, and I see the perfect score. Shit, this is going to be hard for me to top next year.

"Damn!" I have to react like a normal, jealous brother. "Lemme see your license."

"It's just a print-out." He hands me another piece of paper. "The real thing won't get here for four to six weeks."

"Shit! I wanted to goof on your picture!"

"It's going to be a fucking awesome picture. I've been told I have a nice smile." He makes an over-the-top, cartoonish smile, and I push him away.

"Yeah, we'll see," I laugh, and then turn my attention to Mom. "So, what are we going to do to celebrate? And by celebrate, I mean celebrate my birthday?"

"You're in luck this year! Your father and I have decided you're old enough. You boys get to learn all about doing taxes!"

"You're shitting me! You haven't finished them yet?"

"Haven't finished? Try… haven't started." She lets out a groan and rubs her temples.

"So, there was never going to be a birthday thing," I say, crestfallen. Maybe we can weasel something out of this.

Tyler and I sit on the couch watching TV, sighing disappointedly… trying to come up with a plan. Asking mom to let us go for a drive is never going to work. We have to let her be the one to make a suggestion because it's a school night.

"I'll tell you what," she says finally. "I'll give you boys twenty dollars for a movie. You have to go straight there and come straight back." Yes, this is perfect. I see Tyler smiling out of the corner of my eye, but I can't look at him or mom will know we're up to something.

"Give us a little more for popcorn and drinks."

"Twenty dollars is enough for the tickets and some snacks at 7-11. You should have enough to get a hot dog, some candy and a soda to sneak into the theater. I want to see ticket stubs, receipts for the snacks AND… I want change. We're going to get murdered on the taxes this year."

"Fine!" Tyler snatches the twenty and bolts for the front door. I quickly follow him and try to hide my shivers of anticipation.

"You're welcome!" Mom calls out to us as the front door slams.

We jump in the car, unable to contain our excitement. He backs slowly down the driveway, and I look back up at the house. The coast is clear.

"Wait!" I say, and the car screeches to a halt before we reach the street. "Lemme sneak through the bedroom window and get us a change of clothes. The ones we're wearing now have to be clean and cum-free when we get home."

"Good idea," he says. I hop out and run to the bedroom window. Luckily, Parker isn't in the room and I quietly sneak out tank tops and basketball shorts for Tyler and me. These particular choices have been soaked in cum on many occasions, and I'm sure I'll be sneaking them into the washing machine yet again. I climb back through the window undetected, and zoom back to the car. I toss the clothes in the back seat and climb in.

"Quick kiss," I say, leaning over towards him. He happily obliges, and then looks back over his shoulder as he backs onto the street. "Again, great job on that test. That's so fucking amazing."

"I know! I really worked hard on it, but I didn't think there was any way I would get a perfect score."

"I did… cuz you're perfect."

Tyler signals and then pulls over to the side of the road. He immediately grabs my face with both hands and gives me a passionate kiss, but we both start laughing and we end up sitting back in our seats, taking deep breaths.

"So… whattya wanna do?" Tyler smiles at me, biting his lip.

"First, we gotta go buy those movie tickets and get those snacks so we can bring mom the stubs and the receipt. Then, we can do… whatever we want."

"Yeah, you're right." Tyler pulls back onto the road and heads for the 7-11.

"So… what do you wanna do?" I ask, my dick already aching for him.

"Ummm… I was thinkin'…."


"This is prolly gonna sound stupid… and you're gonna laugh at me."

"No… whatever you wanna do! Tell me!" My heart is beating faster and faster.

"Well… we could totally just suck each other's dicks for three hours straight. I mean, I'm totally up for that if that's what you wanna do."

"That does sound pretty great… but tell me what you want."

"I was thinkin'… we could just park somewhere quiet… we could get in the back seat… and you could lean up against me and I'd put my arms around you… and we could just… ya know, be together."

"Holy fucking shit." I say in a monotone voice.

"I know, it's stupid." I see his cheeks turn red.

"No, no! That's exactly what we're doing! That's the smartest thing you've ever thought of! I never would've thought of that, but it's so perfect!"


"Yeah, this is going to be the best birthday of our lives." I smile at him, and he pulls over to the side of the road again. We continue our passionate kiss from earlier, but this time neither of us laughs. We are going to go further tonight.

"Okay, no more until I get you in that backseat," I say as I have to make a real effort to break away. Tyler takes a deep breath and pulls back onto the street.

"Wow… we really are… in love," I sigh blissfully.

"You just figure that out?" he laughs.

"No… I was just thinkin'… we're like, a couple. You and I… are this couple that are deeply in love, and we're going out on a date… just to be together!"

"Yeah, that's pretty fucking awesome," Tyler giggles. I reach over to stroke his arm. "Hey, not while I'm drivin'!"

"Sorry!" I pretend like my right arm has to physically restrain my left arm.

We head to the 7-11 and buy some candy and sodas, which we toss in the trunk. We save just enough money for the movie tickets. I begin to feel anxious, watching the clock, seeing each precious minute tick away. We park at the theater and run up to the box office.

"Look!" Tyler points to the movie times. "Let's get Nightmare on Elm Street. It's believable, and it doesn't start for another hour-and-a-half! That'll give us some extra time!"

"Perfect!" I buy the tickets from a perplexed girl, wondering why we're buying tickets when we're both obviously in such a hurry for something. I snatch the tickets from the small hole in the window and Tyler and I bolt for the car.

"Where should we go?" Tyler asks, breathlessly. I just want to jump in his lap right now.

"There's those orchards about 15 minutes down the street that way… on the way out of town," I say, thinking out loud.

"Hey, what about over there? They never finished that apartment complex. It's like… been abandoned for a couple of years!" Tyler says, not being able to contain his smile. We drive over to a section of the parking lot that isn't visible from the street.

"This is the spot. There are a few other cars scattered around in the lot, and the sun is almost down," I say, as we smile at each other for a few seconds.

"Umm… just so ya know," he says, grabbing my hand. "Being together doesn't mean that we can't make out or suck dick… just so ya know."

"Got it!" I quickly exit the car and climb in the back seat, where Tyler is already waiting for me. We quickly strip out of our clothes, put on our sex outfits and toss our clean stuff in the front seat. He positions himself against the corner of the backseat and holds out his arms for me to sink into. The world seems to slow down as his arms envelop me, and I finally settle back against his chest. I moan and close my eyes as Tyler begins kissing my ear, and he forms a trail of kisses down the side of my neck and onto my shoulder.

"Happy birthday," he whispers as he makes it back up to my ear.

"Wow… your heart is… really poundin'," I whisper, trying to make the most of all of my senses.

"Duh… I've got you in my arms!" he chuckles, kissing my shoulder again.

"Well, don't have a heart attack. It's just me."

"Whattya mean, just you?" He stops for a minute. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"Umm…" I tilt my head back so that I can look in his eyes. "A whole lot?"

"Nope, you have no fucking idea." We chuckle for a minute as he continues to nibble me into a frenzy.

"Holy shit!" A realization suddenly hits me. "You gave me a birthday kiss this morning, but I haven't given you your birthday kiss yet!" I flip over so that we're facing again.

"Give it to me!" he says, never more kissable. I kiss him too quickly and too deeply, and suddenly our front teeth are mashed together.

"Do-over," I grunt, and go back in for a kiss more similar to my happy-birthday kiss this morning. It's soft and sweet, but it's lacking the passion of the moment. I need something a little more lustful. "One more do-over," I smile, and then dip back in perfectly. Tyler lets out a quiet moan, embracing me warmly around the back. This is what I was hoping for… soft, but deep… loving, but something that will get that dick throbbing. I want the kiss to keep going, but I have to see the look in his eyes, hoping that I gave him something worthy of the title "birthday kiss."

"Daaaaaamn, dude!" he groans as I pull back. "You got it right on that third try."

"Good. I love you, birthday boy." I give him another quick kiss on the forehead and one on the cheek.

"Speaking of that…" He grinds his pelvis against me. "I think the second part of your present is just about ready."

"Oh yeah?" I climb off of him and quickly get into his basketball shorts. As I pull down his boxer briefs, a small pocket of hot, horny crotch air hits me in the face. "Your dick smells so good." I take in a deep breath through my nose.

"What does it smell like?"

"Like dick," I say, and we giggle again. The temptation is too great, and I carefully point his shaft up towards my mouth and begin licking the precum off of his tip. I follow that up with very slow, but very passionate sucking of his throbbing head. I try to emulate my birthday kiss to him, except I'm doing it to his dick instead of his lips.

"Yeah…. it's going to smell like cum in a minute," he groans and squirms under me.

"Mmmm." I think about the cum I'm about to savor, but I don't pick up the pace. I continue as slowly as possible. I want this guy to feel as amazing as possible for as long as possible.

"Slow… slow is soooo goooood." He grabs my hands and squeezes them. "Damn… Oh DAMNOH FUCKdude… you're makin' me feel… ahhh… you're makin' me feel soooo fuckin' goooood!" Tyler is turning me on so much with his words, some of them unclear, but just as stimulating. I know my goal of making him feel amazing has been achieved.

"Mmmmm," I moan with his dick feverishly hot in my mouth, as I pass my point of no return. I just hope I timed this right, as my dick is just seconds from squirting.

"You're gonna get it…. You're gonna get… soooooo muuuch," he moans as he takes in quick, deep breaths. "Ahhhhhh… uhhhhhhhnnnnnn… Happy… BIRTHDAY!" I hump the car seat as his hot, sweet squirts of jizz pulse through my mouth and I chug them down. I'm not often able to cum right when Tyler is cumming in my mouth, but it's always extra sweet when I can pull it off.

"Yeah," I pant. "Oh fuck, yeah!" I return to licking his dick, which hasn't softened at all.

"You totally just came, didn't you?" Tyler asks, breathing deeply.

"Yeah, couldn't help it," I continue to suck him until there is no trace of his cum left.

"Okay," he pulls me up and I lay back against his chest again. "Let me know when you get hard again, cuz I want some birthday cum, too."

"Ahhhh…." I let out a deep sigh, and then try to get some elusive cool air inside of my body. It doesn't happen, but Tyler and I quickly roll down one window each before settling back together again. "That was soooooo good!"

"Yeah," he takes another deep breath. "Have you noticed your… voice lately?"

"My voice?"


"You can't make fun of my voice. It's my birthday!" I cross my arms and frown. I wonder what he's talking about.

"You've got… cute-guy voice."

"Do you think I'm trying to talk like a surfer or a jock?"

"No, it's your natural voice. You've got the voice of a cute guy."

"You ARE making fun of me!" I pout. I still don't really understand what he's talking about. I think I just have a normal voice.

"No, no! I swear!" he laughs and embraces me, wrapping his arms around my chest. "Say there's a cartoon… and it takes place at a high school. One of the characters is the cute guy… the guy that all the girls want. They would hire you to be the voice of the cute guy."

"I don't have cute-guy voice! I have… puberty voice." I feel my face turn red.

"You don't have puberty voice anymore. You've got cute-guy voice now. Say something sexy."

"Like what?"

"Say some sexy, gay shit."

"You want me to talk about how much I like to suck your dick?"

"No… umm… tell me a story… a story with some good sexy, gay parts."

"Okay… uhh… my name is…. What's a good 'cute-guy' name?" I ponder.


"Try again."


"Quit it, or the guy's name is gonna be Tyler!"

"Okay… umm… Kyle."

"Okay, my name is Kyle and I'm cute. I'm the cutest guy in my school and all the girls want me. The end."

"No… keep going!" He laughs and hugs me tight.

"All the girls want me… but I don't want them. I'm into guys."

"I was hoping Kyle would say that," Tyler whispers with a giggle.

"Guys are just so much hotter. I can't stop lookin' at 'em. I can't stop thinkin' about 'em. I think about what's in their shorts. I want it sooo baaaad. I sit there in school, thinkin' about what some guy's dick would look like… and would taste like… and I get soooo haaaaard." I feel Tyler's dick swell against my back as I talk. "I feel that!"

"Keep goin'! You're really good at this!"

"So, I would love to suck a dick, but more than that… I just wanna have a boyfriend."

"Oh yeahhh?" Tyler rubs my chest under my t-shirt. I can hear the smile in his voice.

"Yeahhh…," I sigh, dreamily. "I want a boyfriend. I want to fall deeply… helplessly in love. I want to stare into his eyes, and see that same love staring right back at me. I want my guy to love to touch me. I want my guy to love to kiss me."

"Mmmm…." Tyler is really enjoying this.

"I want to cuddle with him under a blanket while we watch TV… touching, rubbing, tickling… getting hornier and hornier… sneaking little kisses here and there… laughing, grabbing dick, grabbing ass… the little kisses getting longer and longer… the giggles getting shorter and shorter… everything getting more serious…. Finally, I would pounce on top of him and give him a deep kiss, running my fingers through his hair. He would turn us over and get on top of me, returning the same deep kiss. Our bodies would be melting together… our dicks would be grinding together, begging for release."

"Duuude… Kyle's got the right idea!" Tyler squirms under me.

"I wish I had a guy like my brother… like my brother…," I pause.


"Like my brother Ethan. He'd be so perfect. Ethan is so hot. It hasn't been until lately that I've noticed him… noticed he's a hot guy instead of just thinking of him as my brother. I always loved spending time with Ethan… then when he got a girlfriend, I was so jealous of her and I didn't know why. Now I know why. I want to do the things that she did to him. I want him to do those things to me. But now, they're broken up. Ethan seems so sad all the time, but I see him a lot more. Now, when he leaves his bedroom door open, we always lock eyes every time I walk past his room. It's never for long. We never acknowledge it… but it always happens. Sometimes I go to the kitchen for no reason just so I can walk back past his doorway."

"That's hot," Tyler whispers into my ear, his breath giving me chills.

"Yesterday, Ethan left the bathroom door open while he was taking a shower. He had to know I was home. I peeked, but not for long. I wouldn't be able to face him if he caught me. I could only make out the outline of his body. The glass door to the shower had steamed up. I wanted to climb in there with him. I wanted the steam to come from our bodies and not the water. I wanted to feel every part of his hot, wet, naked body. I wanted his hands to feel every inch of mine."

"Yeah, go for it, Kyle," Tyler groans.

"I'm about to walk past Ethan's room again. I know he's in there, and no one else is home. I turn my head to lock on his eyes, and I see him, sitting on the edge of his bed, staring back at me. He isn't reading, he isn't watching TV, he isn't doing anything. He's just staring back at me. I don't even know why, but instead of walking past, I just walk right into his room. Terror strikes my body and paralyzes me. I feel like my feet betrayed me. What the fuck am I doing? I continue to stare at Ethan, totally dumbstruck as he stares right back. Neither of us can say anything. I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what I will do. After a couple of minutes, Ethan scoots back on his bed and lies back with his head propped up on his pillow. He never breaks the gaze, keeping his eyes firmly on mine. As he leans back and I get a better view of his body, I can tell he's hard. Maybe he was just about to jerk off…. Maybe I made him hard."

"Yeah… fuckin'do it, Kyle!" Tyler runs one hand up my chest and shoves his other hand down my shorts. His hips are humping my back and our bodies rise up off the seat.

"I slowly walk over to his bed, still saying nothing. He's wearing his workout clothes, and he looks incredibly sexy. I'm wearing my baggy sleep clothes. I wish I had something sexier on, but there's no turning back now. I stop at the foot of his bed, not knowing what to do. I can't climb in his bed with him unless I get some sort of invitation. I stand frozen, staring at him. This is like torture. Finally, he very softly licks his lips and the tiniest smile appears at the corners of his mouth. That's good enough for me, and I continue to inch forward. I carefully crawl into his bed beside him. I don't dare touch him, and just lie next to him, letting my head sink into his other pillow. I still never stop staring into his eyes, and he keeps his focused on mine."

"Fuckin' KISS HIM!" Tyler pleads.

"Ethan slightly scoots closer to me, and I do the same. We both begin to smile a little more. Ethan scoots a little closer, and I make the first move. I edge the rest of the way over and lay my head down on Ethan's shoulder, and for the first time I close my eyes. I reach out and put my hand on his chest. He doesn't protest, so I begin to move my hand around, finally sliding it under his shirt and back up his hard abs and chest. Ethan lets out a long sigh, and I know it's time. I roll over on top of him, straddling his waist. I grab both of his hands with mine, pinning them to his bed above his head. Ethan looks frightened, but his head and shoulders look like they're trying to rise kiss me. This is what I've been waiting for. This is what I've always wanted. I move my lips towards his and–"

Tyler doesn't let me finish and flips my body over, so that he can turn Kyle and Ethan's kiss into his and mine. Our tongues collide and I realize I'm probably as close to cumming as Tyler is. The heat from our crotches is so strong, and it is just going to be seconds before we grind out two fresh loads. I embrace Tyler tightly as he humps his cum into his undies, and I soon erupt into mine. We continue to deeply kiss as our bodies turn limp and exhausted, and finally we have to break it in order to breathe.

"Fuck… that was… that was… so hot," Tyler says, gasping for air.

"Yeah… I came really hard," I say, not able to get any oxygen into my lungs. The car feels like a sauna. I climb off of Tyler and we eventually are able to get outside the car. We lean up against the door, finally getting some cool air on our faces and into our bodies. We stand for a few minutes, each panting and laughing. Eventually, we catch our breath.

"Damn, you're good at that," Tyler says, grabbing my hand. "Say somethin' else sexy."

"Okay… I uhh… I want you… inside of me."


"I want you to fuck me." I guess this is as good of a time as any. I have been wondering how I would ask him, but this just seems right.

"Is this… uhh… Is this Kyle or Mace talking?"


"You want me to… buttfuck you? In your butt?"

"Yeah, I think it's time. You don't want to?"

"No… uhh… butts are… gross n' shit."

"I'll be clean… I mean, I know how to clean myself out. I looked it up."


"You mean you never want to fuck me?"

"I always thought of fucking as something bad. Ya know… when you say, 'Fuck you!' to someone, that means… like you want bad stuff to happen to them. I always thought of fucking as something bad… something that hurt the person that was getting fucked."

"You're thinking of rape. Fucking can be really good for both people."

"Maybe, but… can it be better than what we're already doing?"

"Well… yeah. You don't have to think of it as fucking me. You can think of it as making love to me. That sounds better, doesn't it?"

"Isn't what we've already been doing? Haven't we been 'making love'?"

"Well kinda… but technically… making love means a dick going in a hole somewhere."

"Not to me. I can't believe you'd actually want to stick something up there."

"There are lots of guys who love getting fucked. Let me tell you about this porn scene I used to watch before mom took away our Internet. It was one of the first ones I ever saw… I was really curious about guys, but when I saw it, I knew for sure I was 100% gay. The guy on top… the guy doing the fucking… was just totally into it. He had completely forgotten that there was a camera on him… the guy was just having… amazing sex. Most of the other porn I've seen, the guys are… doing what they're doing… just trying to stay hard. This guy's motions were all about trying to make it last and trying not to cum. He was getting some intense pleasure. He was really giving it to the other guy… and the guys were kissing really intensely the entire time. The bottom guy loved it, too. He was getting plowed hard, but he was moaning and kissing and loving every second. Most of all, he was… there for the top guy. He was there for his pleasure. He was loving the fact that he was giving the top guy so much pleasure. I want to be there for you. I want to give you insane levels of pleasure."


"Just a sec. It was one of those free preview videos, so I only got to see about a minute of the fucking. You'd have to buy a membership or whatever to see the full scene and the cumshot. I'm so glad I didn't get to see the cumshot because nothing short of the top guy's jizz being pumped deep inside the bottom guy would've been remotely okay. If I would've seen the top guy pull out and cum on the other guy's face or chest, it would've ruined the whole thing. I want you to cum inside of me like that. I want you to fuck me and squirt your cum deep inside of me. Every time I think about it, I almost lose my mind." I stop to take a few deep breaths and let Tyler say what he's going to say.

"Mace, I want to… ya know, fulfill your fantasies and everything, but I don't think I could get that turned on by sticking my dick in your butt. It just seems…." He makes a grossed-out face, and we both chuckle.

"Just promise me you won't rule it out completely. We can watch some fucking porn together… I mean some making-love porn together and I'll show you that it can be very clean and really amazing."

"Okay, I won't rule it out completely, but I have a long way to go."

"Thanks." I take his hand and he gives mine a squeeze, as we lean up against the car and look up into the stars. "How much time do we have?"

"We don't have to start for home for another hour."

"Cool." I take and release the most satisfied, comfortable breath of my life. Tyler grabs me and wraps his arms around my stomach, and I lean back against his chest, pushing him against the car. He rests his chin on my shoulder and takes a few deep breaths of his own.



"Do you ever think about… the future?"


"What do you think about?"

"Uhh…. When I'm not with you, I'm thinking about the next time I'm gonna be with you… and what we're gonna do." We chuckle.


"That's it."

"You really don't think about the future at all?"

"The present is so much more fun to think about. What are you trying to say?"

"It's like… you're a really smart guy. You want to go to college, don't you?"

"Well, yeah. Don't you want to go to college?"

"Fuck no. I know I'm doing better in school, and things are a little easier… but the other day, I was thinking about what it would be like to be in college, and I almost did that thing where you breathe too fast and pass out."


"Yeah, that. Anyway, I know you'll want to go to college, and I want you to go to college. I want you to go anywhere you wanna go. I kinda like it here, so I'll get a job and a little apartment, and when you come home, you can stay with me… and I can try to save up some money so I can go visit you at your school as much as I can."

"Uhh… I don't think so," I laugh.

"I promise I won't bother you! I'll just be missing you so much–"

"No, it's not that!" I can't stop laughing. Tyler has reached a new level of sweetness. "Look, that's so far in the future. There's no point in thinking about that now. You might change your mind about going to college. You might get a track scholarship. I might go to school somewhere around here. There's just so much that will eventually work itself out. The only thing I know for sure is that once you and I are out of Mom and Dad's house, I'm going to spend every single night in your bed… and in your arms."

"SERIOUSLY?" Tyler gasps and almost chokes. I spin around and grab both of his hands and look into his eyes.

"Of course! Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm really, REALLY in love with you. You are the most important thing in my life. You're more important than school or work or family or money… everything! I would never be able to just go to college and leave you behind. I promise… I'll make sure that we're together."

I stare into Tyler's eyes, as he's completely speechless. He's just staring back at me with his big, loving smile and squeezing my hands.

"Get your ass back in that car," he whispers, finally, and I get the giggles.

"Oww!" I bump my head getting back into the car, and my giggles get worse. Tyler joins in as he rubs the back of my head and tries to kiss me. I lie back and Tyler descends on top of me, kissing my face as our laughter gets wilder. Suddenly I realize Tyler is crying as his teardrops coat my cheeks and dribble down to my ears. I don't fight it, as I know my own tears always follow. I just embrace him as tightly as I can.

"Sorry," he pleads between sobs as he tries to get himself under control.

"It's okay," I stroke his hair and try to give him little kisses, but the tears keep flowing from both of our eyes.

"Fucking emotion!" Tyler growls as he sits back up in the back seat and takes a few deep breaths. "It's just that I've been thinking about that a lot, and it never even crossed my mind that you'd want to be in my bed and in my arms every night. I kinda lost it."

"It's okay!" I sit up too and grab his hand. "If you feel like crying, you can always cry with me. Sometimes it feels really good to cry. Plus, it's kinda sexy."

"Yeah?" he smiles.

"Uh huh." I scoot closer to him. "Look… we have about forty minutes before we have to head home. I'm going to set the alarm on my watch… okay, done. I know that we're supposed to just enjoy being together… but I think we should celebrate our plan of sharing a bed when we're out on our own."

"Okaaaay." Tyler bites his lip in anticipation.

"How 'bout… a forty-minute kiss?"

"That sounds pretty good to me. Lemme see what my dick thinks about it." He pulls down the waistband of his shorts and his boner springs out in agreement. I quickly dip down and plant a smooch right on the sweet spot and a jolt of pleasure jars Tyler's body. "I think he's okay with it."


"A forty-minute kiss…," Tyler smiles. "That's gonna make me cum… maybe twice. You promise you won't be tempted to break it to get my cum?"

"I promise. I might lick some up afterwards, but this seems like a perfect way to celebrate our birthday." I lean back flat against the seat again, and Tyler leans over me, fitting out bodies together perfectly and hovering just an inch above my lips.

"You ready?" He licks his lips.

"I know I say it all the time, but I love you, Ty."

"Love you, too."

As soon as the kiss begins, I drift out of reality. The only thing in the world is this kiss. It's the perfect end to our birthday.

My alarm chirps out, and it feels like it has only been seconds. I slide out from under Tyler so I can look at him. He looks like he's been woken from the most beautiful dream.

"Mace…," he whispers, and I go back for another kiss.

"Wow," I say, finally releasing him and rubbing my fingers around my lips.

"I came three times," he chuckles.

"You sure like to kiss," I say as we peel our bodies apart.

"How many times did you cum?"

"I actually… don't even know." I look at my tank-top which is soaked with sweat and both of our cum. "Holy shit."

"I know you came at least three times… you get pretty turned on when I cum."

"I know… it's just… that kiss. Your kiss is more powerful than an orgasm."

"Shut up," he playfully pushes me.

"Just saying you're pretty good at it. We gotta get going."

"What are we gonna do with these clothes? They're wrecked."

"Just take them off and mop up as much as you can. Change into your other clothes, and we'll wash off with wet paper towels in that McDonalds bathroom."

"We need to air out this car, too."

"Yeah, we'll drive home with the windows down. It's a good thing this car already reeks."

We chuckle and sneak kisses as we awkwardly get undressed and redressed in the back seat. We quickly wash our sweaty parts with wet paper towels in the McDonalds bathroom and jump back in the car.

"It doesn't smell too bad," I say, sniffing the air as Tyler backs out of the parking space. "But I've smelled it all night and I'm used to it."

"Yeah, I think it'll be all right once we get home."

Tyler pulls out onto the highway, and the wind fills the car with cool air.

"So, did you really think that I was gonna go to college and leave you behind?" I have to almost shout to raise my voice over the sound of the wind.

"Well… I dunno. I've been thinking about the future a lot, and I decided that I don't want to hold you back. I want you to do whatever you want to do, and I'll be there for you."

"It never occurred to you that I'd want to be with you after high school?"

"Well, maybe… but I thought you might feel like…"


"Yeah. I dunno…. Sometimes I think I might love you too much."

"What?" I think I know exactly what he means.

"At the beginning, it was like…. YEAH! I get to make out with the hottest, cutest guy I know. Then, you were so nice to me, and the sex was soooo good… and I fell in love with you really fast. Then, it just kept getting stronger and stronger. At school, I would normally spend all my time thinking about how much I love you. Now, I'm spending more and more time thinking about what would happen if we… weren't together."

"Why would we NOT be together?"

"I dunno… if you went to college and I didn't. Sometimes, I just think about stupid stuff… like if you got killed in a school shooting or a car accident or something. But mostly, I think about what would happen if Mom and Dad found out about us. I just feel like… you're my whole life, and if we weren't together… my life would be over."

"I know what you mean. You're my whole life, too… but don't worry so much! We're going to be together and we're NOT going to get caught. We're very careful, and we have enough time together that we don't do anything stupid. Also, have you noticed that since we've not been getting in trouble that Mom pays almost NO attention to us at all?"

"Yeah, that's true. Do you think she suspects anything?"

"She suspects that you're up to something, but I don't think she wants to know what it is. She just wants things to stay the same. I don't really blame her. When Carson lived at home, her life was… pretty shitty. She was always yelling and screaming and trying to stay one step ahead of us."

"Yeah," he sighs as he pulls into our driveway. I see Mom standing in the window watching us drive up, but she walks away, presumably back to the kitchen table where the taxes were all spread out when we left. "It's just hard to turn your brain off when you start thinking about that kind of stuff."

"I know." I lean over and give him a quick kiss. "I'll dump the cummy clothes outside our window and pick 'em up later."

"Okay, let's go."

We bound into the house with innocent smiles and approach the kitchen table. Mom is rubbing her temples and Dad has his head down on the table.

"How was the movie?" Mom asks without looking at us, still rubbing her temples.

"It was SO AWESOME!" Tyler plops on the couch. "This one part… a girl gets her face TOTALLY SCRAPED OFF by a–" Wow, good job, Tyler!

"That's exactly what I don't want to hear right now!" She tries to put her glasses back on and almost pokes herself in the eye. "Did you have a good time, Mason?"

"I guess," I say indifferently as I grab a bottle of water.

"You didn't like the movie?"

"It was all right. I guess I'm getting a little too old for that stuff."

"Don't listen to him, Mom. He loved it just as much as I did!" Tyler laughs. He grabs a couch cushion and hugs it, staring longingly at me with that irresistible smile. I think we're going to have to have at least one more birthday kiss.

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