Mason in the Center, Part 2

by Joe L

Chapter 1

April, 2010

"Where is he?" Mom asks.

"Right there!" I point at Tyler. He's about to run in the relay, and he's the anchor. That's a lot of pressure for a freshman. That's a lot of pressure for Tyler. I haven't been able to take my eyes off of him since I sat down in the stands. I still feel the shame sometimes, but not when I'm around him. When I see him, I only think about how adorable he is and how my heart is bursting for him. Plus, right now, he looks so sexy in his shiny black track uniform. Mmmm… those legs!

I'm also staring because I'm curious to see who he's been talking to and who he's been hanging around with. The jealousy scenario that Carson brought up has stuck in my mind. Tyler has become more social and well-adjusted, and he seems to be pretty comfortable with his teammates. Some guy is talking to Tyler, and it doesn't seem like he's talking about track. I guess he doesn't realize Tyler has a jealous boyfriend.

Lastly, I'm staring at Tyler, trying to detect any nerves. This is the first time I've been to one of Tyler's track meets. This is probably the first time mom has been to one, too. He said he wanted me to come. I hope he really does want me here. He walks away from his teammates and starts to stretch. I can't really see his face, but I think he's grimacing. He must be really stressed out. No wait, he's yawning! Maybe he's needs to be more stressed!

"I think you might be more nervous than Tyler!" Mom says with a sarcastic laugh. I realize I'm perched on the edge of the bench and I'm digging my fingers into my palms. I'd better relax a little.

"No, I'm not! I'm just… I've been thinking about what I want for my birthday, and I know you'll say 'no'… so I'm trying to decide if this is a good time or not." Tyler and I have the same birthday, April 14th, exactly one year apart. It's probably the worst day of the year to have a birthday. Mom and Dad have always waited until the last possible minute to do their taxes. Every year, they swear they'll get it done and mailed out before our birthdays, and every year, they're rifling through old receipts and going crazy into the wee hours of the night. It usually doesn't matter, though. Tyler has often been grounded or has completely lost his birthday celebration by the time the day comes. Other times, he has been jealous of sharing the spotlight with me and we'd end up getting in a fight. Then, the rest of the day would be canceled. I have a feeling that this birthday might be much better for both of us. I'm hoping to start with some good presents.

"If you're sure I'll say 'no', don't ask," she says, uninterested. She's good at this.

"Let me ask you this…. Haven't I been behaving a lot better lately?"

"All of you boys have been a lot better since…." She trails off, realizing that the turning point was probably when Tyler started masturbating.

"Don't you think that deserves something?" I feel like things are moving in the right direction.

"Okay, you've earned the right to ask for your gift and hear me say 'no'."

"I want Internet at the house again."

"No WAAAAYYYYY!" She laughs in my face.

"Why not?"

"You know why not."

"Because of porn?" I ask out loud, unafraid if one of the other parents sitting nearby hears me. The reason that we lost Internet in the first place is because Carson showed us porn when we were… a little younger.


"Okay, let me tell you the way things are in 2010," I say more quietly. "Every kid except Tyler and me has Internet at their house. Every kid except Tyler and me has a little thing called a smartphone."

"Out of the question."

"Let me finish!" I restrain myself from kicking the seat in front of me. "Every kid has a smartphone, and every smartphone has Internet on it."


"So that means that every kid at school has a porn device in their pocket at all times." I finally shut her up as she stares at me incredulously. "At any time during the day, I can look at porn on someone's phone any time I want. In fact, it's harder not to look at porn at school than it is to look at it." I shovel on a little exaggeration here. I hope she's buying it.

"Why doesn't the school do anything about this?"

"They can take away kids' phones if they're blatantly using them in class, but for most kids, the worst thing in the world would be having their phone confiscated… so they're pretty sneaky."

"So this just means I'm supposed to let you watch as much porn as you want?"

"Look." I suppress the rage inside again. I've made too much progress to throw a tantrum at this point. "I really need the Internet to do research–"

"Ahh, the old 'I'm only going to do schoolwork' ploy." She rolls her eyes.

"LET ME FINISH!" I boil over and some of the other parents look back at us. Mom needles me with a look that reminds me that she's the boss and I'm asking her for something big. "Sorry. If I want to use the computer lab at school, I'm screwed. It's all the way across campus from my 6th period class, and even if I run, I can't get there in time if I want a computer. I usually have to wait at least 45 minutes before I can get to one."

This is an out-and-out lie. It would be difficult for her to find out, but I'm going to take that chance. The fact is that I could use the computer lab any time after school. It's not far from my 6th period class, and there are very few kids who use it at that time. They can just go home and use their own laptops or tablets because they have Internet at home! There are two reasons why I really want Internet at the house. First off, there's no way I'm going to use the computer lab after school for schoolwork and miss my forty minutes with Tyler. No fucking way. Secondly, I want to watch some porn with Tyler… some really good boner sucking. Then, I'll watch some carefully selected scenes of two guys fucking. I think about it a lot and want it more and more, and the thought of Tyler fucking me is just–

"Go on," Mom says slowly. Holy shit! This is working!

"I'm not going to pretend that we'll only use it for school. It would be nice to check my email every once in a while and there's Facebook, too. That'll help us stay somewhat relevant at school. Also, I wouldn't mind playing some games occasionally. I'm not saying that I'll never look at porn, either. I'll be honest with you. I've already told you what happens to a guy our age if he doesn't… have that release. You end up with the old Tyler."

"Yeah, I'm not exactly a fan of the old Tyler."

"You have to admit, things are better now. Plus, having porn to look at makes things a lot more… efficient. You can take care of things quickly and get on with your day and get shit done."

"Try all you want. You're not going to get me to agree to you boys watching porn. I know that any parental-control thing that your father or I could put on your computer is something that you could get around in two seconds. I'm sorry, I still have to say 'no.'"

"Okay, but if you want to protect Tyler and me from porn, you'd better put all of your efforts into building a time machine." I make one last desperate pitch. She lets out a long, defeated sigh and I know I have her.

"Three conditions!" She barks. YES! It worked!

"Okay," I try not to sound too excited.

"Number one. You boys will continue to behave. You will not get into trouble at school and you will not fight at home. You will share the computer and make sure that Parker can play his games, too... and you WILL NOT show him porn!"


"Number two. Your present will be that your father and I will pay for the Internet for three months. After that, you will have to come up with a way to pay for it yourselves."

"Can we use up both of our birthdays and both of our Christmas presents?" Shit. That sounds very desperate for porn.

"No. Number three." She clears her throat and leans in toward me. "You will do all of your and Tyler's laundry from now on. As it is now, there is semen all over both of your clothes! I don't even want to think about what would happen if you boys were watching porn all the time." I'm paralyzed and my face turns fire-red. I thought Tyler and I had done a good job cleaning up all the cum… with our tongues. I guess we missed some. Still, if she suspected anything near the truth, she wouldn't confess that to me. Things are still okay. I just have to quickly react the way a normal guy would when asked to do his brother's cummy laundry.

"I'm not touchin' his stuff!" I protest.

"That's the deal."

"Can I use gloves?" I ask after my own carefully-constructed, heavy sigh.

"I'll give you the ones I've been using."

"Here they go!" I'm thrilled to have a distraction. The starting pistol refocuses my attention on Tyler, who is looking up at us as the first-leg runners have taken off. Mom waves at him, and I give him a half-hearted brother-ish wave. When I'm sure mom isn't looking, I make the heart gesture by pressing my fingers together near my chest. Tyler smiles up at me…. Damn, he's so cute! I can't believe I get to kiss that guy!

"Have you noticed that?" Mom spoils the moment, yet again.


"His smile. He's smiling all the time."


"Why do you think that is?"

"Uhh… he's happy?"

"What has he got to be happy about?" she asks in a way that sounds joking, but I know she's suspicious.

"I dunno… maybe cuz we're taking an interest in him."

"No, it's all the time. He'll just be sitting at dinner or watching TV or doing homework with that big grin on his face. No teenage boy is that happy. It's unsettling." I try not to chuckle. I can think of two teenage boys who are that happy.

"I'm sure that he's not doing drugs, if that's what you mean. I asked him. Other than that, I dunno. He's just starting to figure out life and people. Things probably seemed pretty bleak to him before. I guess I'd smile, too, if I were him."

"Do you think he's cute?"


"Do you think your brother is attractive?" She loves to humiliate me.

"Wh–why… I d-dunno. Mom, guys don't say those kinds of things about each other." Holy shit. I wish I'd have been prepared for that one.

"Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

"I dunno… I don't think so. He hasn't said anything."

"Is he always home when you get home from school?" A vision of Tyler, waiting for me as I get home from school in his underwear and socks, sporting a big hard-on and a bigger smile dominates my thoughts for a few seconds.

"Uhh… I think so. I'm not sure, but I usually see him. Sometimes I go right to bed and take a nap after school and don't look for him. Sometimes I just go sit down and watch TV if the bedroom door is closed."

"If you knew anything, you'd tell me, right?"

"Probably not."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not going to narc on him. If there's nothing you need to know, then I won't tell you. If he had a girlfriend and he asked me not to tell you about her, I wouldn't. If there's something actually wrong and you can help, then I will tell you."

"He's about to get the thing!" Mom points.

"Baton." I hold my breath as the transfer is about to happen. Tyler can run with the best of them, but anything mechanical or something that he has to remember has always has been his downfall. He begins to trot as his teammate approaches the end of his leg. The two other guys in the leading teams do the same, and it looks like Tyler is doing the right maneuver so far. By the time of the transfer, Tyler is back in third place, but just a few feet behind the other two. He takes a firm grasp on the baton and turns on the jets as his teammate peels off behind him. In seconds, Tyler catches up to and passes the other two guys. In a few more seconds, Tyler is several feet ahead of them and his lead continues to grow.

"Jeez," I mutter, shocked at what I'm seeing. I guess I shouldn't have doubted him.

"How can he run that fast? Those boys are older than he is!" Mom stares in disbelief. The other two boys are now aware of the situation, and they are clearly running at their maximum speed. Still, Tyler's lead continues to slowly increase and he looks like he's laser-focused. I don't know how he can keep up this pace. It looks like his ankles could collapse or his heart could explode. Maybe all of the sex has helped his stamina.

"C'mon," I whisper as he makes the final turn. By now, all of the other guys have given up on first place as his lead is huge. He doesn't know this and keeps running at this unreal intensity, assuming someone is right behind him. I try to give him the motion to slow down, but he's just staring straight ahead on the track and doesn't look up. As he approaches the finish line, I slowly become able to breathe again. He wins the race by at least five seconds and then immediately stumbles over into the grass and collapses down on all fours. I want to run over to him, but I gotta play it cool.

"He did it!" Mom turns to me with mouth agape.

"Yeah." My concern helps to conceal my beaming smile. Some of his teammates help him up, and he gets to his feet. He finally looks over at me with that big smile, and I smile right back at him. Mom and I climb off of the bleachers and head down onto the track. He walks over to meet us.

"You were… great!" I say with the enthusiasm of a normal brother. "How can you run that fast?"

"I dunno." He continues to try to catch his breath. "I can usually… only run that fast… for like… a quarter lap… but since you guys… were here… I tried it for… the whole leg."

"What were you DOING out there?" Mom blurts out. "You shouldn't be running that fast! You could have hurt yourself or collapsed! You won by a big gap, and you should have slowed down." I look at Tyler, and his smile begins to fade. I know I have to act fast, and I playfully kick Mom in the shin… a little harder than I had intended. She screams out and doubles over, clutching her leg.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to do it that hard, but have you ever heard of being supportive?" I help steady her, and she gives me a murderous glare. Tyler is laughing a little too hard, and that's not helping her fury. I expect the next thing I hear out of her mouth will be that our Internet deal is off and our birthdays are canceled.

"I'll bring the car around." She glowers at me before she turns away and hobbles towards the parking lot. I want to shout at her that it can't hurt that bad, but I remain silent because I narrowly escaped her wrath.

"That was amazing!" Tyler whispers as he tries to poke me in the ribs. I recoil, as the slight touch sends electricity through my body.

"You were amazing!" I look him over, head to toe. He's total perfection. It's so hard not to embrace him.

"She's right, though. I shouldn't do that. I can just stay at the front without too much effort, then turn it on at the end. I was just showing off cuz my boyfriend was in the stands."

"Really? Well, I hope he's as proud of you as I am." We smile at each other for a while, wishing we could be… together. He's so irresistible right now.

"I wanna kiss you so bad," he whispers, and I look around, making sure no one is within earshot.

"You just did… with your eyes."

"That's so gay!" Tyler laughs. "And it doesn't count! It only counts if my tongue is all over yours and our dicks are growing–"

"Stop!" I almost squeal. "Remember, we can't talk about that stuff when we can't be together. It makes us… do stuff that's too risky. Let's get outta here. You don't have to stay, do you?"

"No, I can go. There's Mom." We head over to Mom's car and climb in the backseat.

"Hey," I say as mom turns on the Classic Rock station. It's her passive-aggressive way of saying that she doesn't really care about what we're about to say while annoying us. She knows that we hate that shit. "Don't you have track practice after school?"

"Nah. The varsity athletes get to take 6th period gym, and that counts as practice for most teams. The complicated sports sometimes have extra practices." I look up to see if Mom's been paying attention, but she's engrossed in some shitty old-person song.

"Good… cuz as good as you are at track, I'd have to make you quit if they kept you after school."

"You wouldn't have to make me. I'd be fuckin' outa there so fast–" We both try to hide a laugh as mom continues to ignore us.

"Hey, I think I got us Internet for my birthday present."

"That's cool," he replies, unconcerned.

"It's more than cool." I smile at him.

"I don't need that stuff. I got you," he whispers.

"We might see some stuff that's… inspirational."

"That reminds me." He changes the subject. "I was gonna surprise you… but I don't even know if it's gonna be good or bad."

"What are you talking about?"

"My present. Mom was talking to me about it and was asking if I even wanted it."

"Tell me!"

"It's Carson. He asked Mom that if I get my driver's license, that you and I could drive up and visit him once a month… at his school."

"Are you serious?" I laugh. "There's no way she'd let us."

"That's just it. She's okay with it! She said that we've earned some trust… but I just think she wants to get rid of us for a weekend."

"I don't know what to think. I mean… it will give us some extra time together… but I just don't trust Carson."

"Yeah… what's going on with him?" I notice just in time that we've pulled into our driveway. It's easy to get totally consumed and oblivious to my surroundings when I'm looking at Tyler.

"Listen." Mom spins around in the driver's seat, obviously still fuming from when I kicked her in the shin. "I'm going to take a bath and soak my LEG. If you boys disturb me… even a little bit… there will be no birthdays for anyone!"

We head inside, hearing mom's bedroom door slam.

"Hey Dad," Tyler calls, walking towards the TV room. "Can you help me practice the driving test?"

"Can I go, too? I'll get my permit in six months."

When we get to the TV room, it's silent and empty.

"Dad's not here?" I ask, puzzled.

"None of 'em are here. It's Saturday. They must be at the playground!" I sit on the couch, and in an instant, Tyler is straddling me. I put my arms around his shoulders and before I can think of anything romantic to say, Tyler's tongue is deep inside my mouth. He lets out a satisfied moan, getting exactly what he wants. I let my hands roam around his body. I rub down his back, and grab onto his muscular glutes. I bring my hands forward to his thighs, and think about watching his sexy legs today at the race. I lightly rub my fingertips through his wispy, fine, sun-blond leg hairs. I let my fingers creep up his shorts, and an idea pops into my head.

"Hey," I whisper, managing to break the kiss.

"What?" he asks, but dives in for more.

"Hey!" I demand with a laugh after enjoying his tongue for a few more seconds. "Let's go to our room."

"Okay, fine," he sighs, climbing off of me with a full bulge inside of his track shorts. He reaches out to me and pulls me up. He doesn't let go of my hand as we scramble into the bedroom, lightly closing the door behind us. "This is the perfect way to celebrate."

"I thought of something else, too," I say as we head over to his bed. "I wanna give you a massage. You have to have some tight muscles after running that hard."

"Nah… just come over here and keep massaging my lips."

"I'll get back to that… but first…." I take off his running shoes and start with his feet. His black ankle socks are slightly sweaty, and he moans as I begin to rub them.

"Mmmm… I've never had a massage before." He closes his eyes and settles into the bed.

"Yeah, you have! I rubbed your back that first day–"

"Oh yeah." He smiles as my hands roam up his legs.

"Do you know that you have the hottest legs of any guy out there today?"

"You were lookin' at their legs?"

"Just comparin'. Mostly, I was lookin' at yours. I love your legs."

"Are they better than that blond guy from Mission Hills?"

"Oh, you noticed him, too?" We chuckle, and Tyler lets out a long sigh as I work my hands up and down his legs, loving every second. I'm gonna work on his arms next, then maybe his pecs, down to his abs, then finish up by sucking him off–

"Shit!" We say in unison as we hear dad pull up in the driveway. Tyler and I have the same idea, as he yanks down his shorts and undies while I pounce on him. I suck him quickly and firmly, knowing it will take him just a few seconds to cum. I had him completely boned from the kiss on the couch.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… AHHHHHYEAHHHHHHH!" Tyler whispers as he releases into my mouth. I hump the mattress between his legs and climax just from the taste. We hear the front door open and Parker and Jackson squeal as they run inside, still high from the fun of the playground. Tyler and I scramble to our feet, and I look inside my shorts to see the damage.

"Shit," I say. "I really creamed."

"Damn, I bet that was some good cum."

"Go stall Dad while I change!" I grab some fresh undies and a pair of shorts and dart into the bathroom, narrowly missing Parker.

"I gotta pee!" he squeals, banging on the door.

"Out in a minute!" I call out, my voice cracking. That doesn't sound suspicious at all. I'm glad Parker is totally clueless.

I calmly exit the bathroom with the cum-soaked garments buried halfway down inside the hamper. At least I won't have to worry about it since I'll be doing our laundry from now on. I stroll out to the kitchen and grab a soda while I listen to Tyler finish recounting his race to Dad.

"I'm so proud of you son! I won't miss your next…."


"Right. Meet."

Tyler motions for me to accompany him to the backyard. I nod, concealed by a yawn and stretch and innocently follow him to the backyard. He picks up his tennis ball and begins the rhythmical bouncing.

"That was close," he smiles, reflecting back on either the massage or the quick blowjob.

"Nah, I knew we had enough time. I'll have to finish your massage some other day," I smile, thinking about rubbing those legs again. "That reminds me… what do you want for your birthday?"

"You can't get me anything." He stops bouncing. "I don't have any money! Plus, we've never gotten each other a present before."

"I know," I sigh. It would be really cool to give Tyler an awesome present and see him smile as he opens it.

"I know what you want," he says, bouncing his ball again.


"Cum," he states confidently, and we both laugh.

"Gallons." I close my eyes, imagining the possibility. "You know what I really want?"

"What?" His smile is so adorable. I know if I said that I wanted anything material right now, he would do whatever it took to get it for me.

"What I want for my birthday is… to make you feel AMAZING."

"You're gonna have to do better than that," he chuckles, turning his focus back to his tennis ball.

"What do you mean?" I ask with confusion.

"Well…." He stops again and looks around, making sure we don't have an audience. He turns to me with an embarrassed smile. "I feel amazing all the time! Remember yesterday, when mom was screeching at me for leaving my dirty socks on the couch?"


"That felt amazing." We laugh for a few seconds, but then I stare into his eyes as I realize that he's completely telling the truth. I take off like a shot towards the back of the shed, and I beat Tyler in a race for the first time in my life. I hold out my arms and catch him as he bolts towards me, and our lips melt into a deep and love-filled kiss.

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