Mason in the Center, Part 2

by Joe L

Chapter 3

May, 2010

I sigh heavily with impatience. The school bus ride home has become the most torturous time of the day. I'm so anxious to get to Tyler that I often get road rage… or school-bus-passenger rage, anyway. I scream obscenities at some car in front of us going too slowly. I scream obscenities at a long red stop light. I even got in trouble for screaming, "FUCKING GO!" at the bus driver. Luckily, I only had to write a letter of apology and didn't get in any further trouble.

The last few days, I've had to just close my eyes and breathe deeply during the ride home to keep the rage from taking over. This has its own disadvantages, too, because I always end up thinking about sex with Tyler. On Tuesday, I had a big pre stain on my shorts when I stood up to get off the bus.

So far, no one has noticed that I've been acting strange, though. It's a good thing that kids my age are so self-involved.

It's Friday, and it's a special day. We made out yesterday, so that makes today dick-sucking day. Also, today is the day that Tyler and I are driving to Carson's school and we're staying with him for the whole weekend. I still don't know what Carson's up to. Since it was his idea, I'm suspicious. However, for now, I'm only going to concentrate on my forty minutes with Tyler. I slightly open my eyes to peek where we are. Shit! We're still over fifteen minutes away from my stop!

I close my eyes and think about the routine on dick-sucking day… time for another pre stain.

Tyler is always waiting for me just inside the front door. He's always in his undies and socks, and we clumsily kiss on as we stumble our way to the bedroom. I quickly strip down and break the kiss only long enough to lift my shirt over my head. When we approach the bed, I have to get in 69-position. If I plop down in bed with him and continue to make out, we'll end up doing that the entire forty minutes. It's not that making out is a bad thing, but sometimes I just need that cum.

When we get our dicks in each other's mouths, it never takes long. We've both been thinking about it all day; it's usually under a minute before we start squirting. I always make sure to get every bit of his first load. It's really powerful and sweet. I love the sound he makes when he's sucking down my cum, too. He moans and grunts and lets me know that he's loving it.

After that, I turn to some dick-worship. I kiss it and lick it and slobber all over it. It doesn't take long for Tyler to get hard again because he likes to take a break from my dick and watch me. He gives me some encouraging words and moans and jerks my dick a little while I work him over, and we're both totally boned again in no time. I like to take my time and not hurry the second load. He has to have time to build up a little more for me. I continue to lick his shaft and kiss his dickhole until I really get him moaning. It takes a while to make him orgasm from licks and kisses, but it's worth the wait. Finally, he'll scream that he's about to cum, and I get an up-close view of his cumming dick. I love to watch those beads of cum appear from his swollen head. I lick them up one by one, resisting the urge to take his whole dick in my mouth. I love watching that cum pump out right up close. I know that each shot is all for me and all because of me. Most of all, I love knowing that I'm giving him so much pleasure.

By this time, I'm cumming again, too. Tyler plays along and licks up my cum in the same way. He always giggles and says things like, "Yeahhh, dude!" which makes me cum even harder.

I'm almost completely exhausted at the end of my second orgasm, but my hunger for cum seems to always get stronger. All I can think about is that third load, and I'm always panicked at this point because I don't know how much of the forty minutes has passed. The only way I can get that third load is to immediately spin back up in the bed and engage in some cummy kisses. We giggle and lick any cum that was missed and I give him some deep kisses to try to get his dick throbbing one more time. I never look at the clock. I'm too scared to see how many minutes we have left, and I use the desperation to my advantage.

Once I know he's close, I dive back down and securely wrap my mouth around his dick. There's no way I'm missing a drop of this third load that I've worked so hard for. I suck him as intensely as I can until I get my prize and I let out a final moan of triumph. I continue to suck his limp dick until I hear the chime of the stupid, fucking alarm. I stumble back to my bed and we lie there trying to breathe until Parker obliviously walks into the room.

I have always preferred dick-sucking day to making-out day, but yesterday's making-out session topped dick-sucking day for the first time. Yesterday, I started thinking about Tyler fucking me while we made out. I thought about how he would kiss me and how he would pump his dick in and out of me. I came so fucking hard. I have to get him to fuck me. It's going to be so amazing. Unfortunately, our Internet isn't working yet. Our appointment for set-up isn't until next week. Maybe then, I can convince him to do it if he sees some really hot fucking.

Finally! The bus pulls to a halt and I spring up. Shit, my pre stain is a little bit bigger this time. I pretend like I'm fooling with my backpack and dangle it in front of my stain as I get off the bus. I run all the way home as if I haven't seen Tyler in years. I throw open the front door.

"Dude!" Tyler greets me in his usual waiting-for-sex attire. I can see a precum stain in his boxer briefs. "I know it's dick-sucking day, but I've been thinkin' about you all day and–"

"I've been thinking about you all day, too," I say, throwing off articles of clothing.

"I just have to kiss you. I just have to kiss you for a LONG TIME," he pleads.

"Hmm… two kissing days in a row? I don't knoooowwww…." We head to the bedroom and both wiggle our way out of our underwear. I plop down on the bed and instantly Tyler is on top of me with our noses touching.

"C'monnnn, Mace," he thrusts his dick against mine and tries to use his adorable smile to get his way. He's going to get his way, but maybe I can use this to my advantage.

"I dunno… missing out on dick-sucking day? You're going to have to make it up to me somehow… and it's going to have to be really special."

"Anything you want," he begs. His eyes are so serious, as he thinks he really is negotiating.


"Yeah," his smile creeps back.

"Okay, but I get to lick up the cum."

"DEAL!" he grunts and suddenly his tongue is deep inside my mouth. By the feel of it, I think he might set a record for quickest after-school cum. The guy is majorly turned on. I close my eyes and imagine him kissing me this exact same way with his dick deep inside of me, and I beat him to the punch, squirting hot jets of cum between our bodies.

We run outside with our backpacks and sleeping bags as soon as we see Mom pull up in the driveway with Jackson.

"Okay, okay!" She rolls her eyes as she puts the car into park. We throw our stuff in the backseat while she takes her time getting out. "Remember, this is a test. Your father and I want to see if you boys can handle a little responsibility. Here is forty dollars. I want the car washed and gassed up when you get back."

"Whatever!" I say, aching to leave. I'm horny again, and I'm sure I can get Tyler to pull over for a quick blowjob before we get to Carson's school. We sat and played with Parker for over an hour waiting for Mom to get home, and Tyler was driving me crazy with his sexiness. It's almost getting to be unbearable to be around him with other people. Every fucking thing about him gets my dick as hard as a rock.

"Call me as soon as you get to Carson's school, and don't forget! I'll call the cops if I don't hear from you by 6:30."

"Fine," Tyler says out the window as he backs out of the driveway a little too fast. The tires screech and I see Mom yell something. It's too late, though, and I smile as we leave her standing with her arms folded in the driveway.

"I can't believe we're finally on the way," I say, taking a few deep breaths.

"I know. I hope we're gonna have some alone time this weekend." Tyler smiles over at me, but quickly focuses back on the road.

"We'd better!" I reach my hand over to rub his crotch, but he's not having it.

"Dude! Don't distract me. I can't drive when I'm about to cum!" He smiles over at me, and I neatly fold my hands in my lap.

"Okay, but remember, you owe me something really special," I say, biting my lip.

"I know. I was thinking about that, and I think I know what you had in mind when you said that. You still want me to fuck you, right?"

"Not fuck, make love," I remind him.

"Call it whatever… call it ice cream. I still don't think I can do it."

"Have you ever heard the word, consummate?"

"Maybe. What does it mean?"

"When a man and a woman get married, they consummate their marriage by… making love. That's what makes the marriage official, the actual act of the dick going in the pussy."


"So, if a man and a woman don't actually do that, the marriage can be annulled. That means it's just canceled, like it never happened. They don't have to go through an official divorce."

"So, you think that our relationship isn't official because we haven't made love?"

"No, it became official with our first kiss. That was so fucking amazing! What we have now is incredible, but I think we can get to a whole new level. I think once we reach that level, we'll look back and realize something was missing."

"I don't think anything's missing."

"Don't make up your mind. Actually, don't even think about it yet. Wait until we can watch some porn. I want you to see some dudes really enjoying it, and I think you'll change your mind."

"Okay. Here, let me turn on some tunes." I can tell Tyler doesn't even like talking about it, much less doing it. We have a long way to go, but I'm sure he'll eventually come around. I'm counting on it.

We drive in silence for a while, and turn off of the highway onto the road towards Carson's school.

"Okay, I'll use up my something special," I say, hoping to lighten the mood. "Pull off somewhere private and I'll blow you."

"Okay," he says smiling again. We pull into the parking lot of what looks like some sort of office building. The parking lot is completely deserted, and it's up higher than the road so no one will be able to tell what we are doing. We start to giggle before he stops the car.

"Yeah," I feel my heart race as I frantically try to unbutton his jeans.

"Hey," he squirms. "Isn't a little rude not to give me a little kiss first?"

I slam my lips onto his as I finish up with his fly with my right hand. We desperately push our tongues together until I feel his hard dick in my hand. I quickly descend onto it, and I'm immediately in warm, wet, dick-sucking paradise.

"Ahhhhhhhhh… Mace. That feels soooooo goooood," he says, rubbing his hand up and down my back. "You… you're soooooo good at that. Mmmm… you make me feel… you make me feel like…. Ahhhhhh, you're gonna make me cum. You're gonna get some… sweeeeeeet fuckin' cum."

"Mmmm…," I moan as I start to cum just from the anticipation. I try to suck him as firmly as I can to get his cum flowing before I'm done with my orgasm.

"Ahhhhh…," he exhales, and I get his warm squirts just in time. "That's it, Mace…. You got it. You got it soooooo good." I suck him for another minute until his dick is limp in my mouth.

"That was really sweet," I say as I sit back up. I lick my fingers, which probably just have my spit on them, but there might be a little bit of cum that escaped.

"I wish I had more for ya, but I came a lot when we were makin' out earlier," Tyler says, pulling out of the parking lot and back onto the street.

"You did great," I smile, slightly embarrassed. I'm finally satisfied now that I've licked each finger. There's nothing left. "Hey, can I ask you something?"


"What are you thinkin' about when… ya know… when you're cumming in my mouth?"

"WHAT?" he laughs hysterically.

"What are you thinkin' about? What's going through your mind right when you're cumming?"

"I dunno… I guess I'm just thinkin' about how much you love my cum and how much I love giving it to you."

"THAT'S what you're thinkin' about?"

"Well, yeah. What am I supposed to be thinkin' about?" he asks innocently.

"You're not thinkin' about how good it feels to cum or how good my mouth feels on your dick?" I laugh.

"Well, what makes me cum is how turned on you get from suckin' my dick. I love to see you get turned on, and when I saw you start cummin', I lost it."

"You could tell that I was cumming?" I check the growing wet spot on my pants.

"Yeah, you always cum when you suck my dick… usually not till I cum, though," he smiles and twitches his eyebrows.

"Amazing," I say with disbelief.

"Why? What are you thinkin' about when I make you cum?" he asks.

"Uhh… I dunno. I guess I'm thinkin' about how hot you are n' how awesome it is that I can turn you on n' how much you love to kiss me… n' stuff like that."

"See? It's the same thing then."

"I guess you're right," I say. Fuck! If we're really just thinking about each other's pleasure the whole time, we are going to have some kind of explosive fucking… when we finally get around to it. I look at Tyler with a big smile, imagining him going crazy inside of me. I'd better not say anything about it, though.

"What?" he smiles and chuckles.

"Nothing," I look away. "There's his school."

"I know," he pulls up to the security gate, and suddenly he tenses up.

"Name," the security guard demands flatly.

"Uhhh… James. Tyler James," Tyler seems as nervous as if he has a dead body in the trunk. "This is my brother–"

"Go ahead." The guard sleepily presses a button and the arm rises in front of us. "Do you know where the dorms are?"

"Uhhh…," Tyler hesitates.

"Yeah, we do!" I say. The guard hands Tyler a parking pass, which he tosses on the dashboard.

"What's with you?" I ask as he heads towards the dorms.

"I dunno… sometimes I panic, and I think that people are thinkin'… that people know what we've been doing."

"No one is thinking that," I reassure him.

We jump out of the car and grab our stuff and head for Carson's dorm.

"Wait, I gotta go to the bathroom first and… clean up a little," I say, adjusting my pants around the wet spot. "Actually, I think I should change."

"Okay, I gotta piss anyway."

We head inside and make our way to the large bathroom for Carson's floor. I duck into one of the stalls and slip into the pair of jeans that I packed. I hear Tyler humming. He always hums when he pees right after a big orgasm.

We give each other one final check and make our way down the hall to Carson's room. We knock on the door, and Carson distractedly lets us in while he talks to someone on his cell phone.

"Yeah, we'll be there," he says, directing us to set down our stuff in the corner of the room. We awkwardly wait for him to finish his conversation. Our eyes dart around the room and back to each other, wondering what we're doing here. "Whatever, bye," he says finally and presses a button on his phone to end the call.

"Hey," I say, quietly.

"What's up, you little shits?" Carson says, rubbing each of us on the top of the head simultaneously.

"Why did you want us to come?" I say, squirming away from him.

"Hang on," he says heading for the door. "There's someone I want you guys to meet." He heads down the hall a few doors, and I hear him say, "They're here."

He returns with a guy about his age. He has short brown hair, a cute face with wide blue eyes, and a nice body… of what I can see. He's still wearing his school uniform, but he looks good in it. The guy is staring at me with a smile and an open mouth.

"Guys, this is Zack, my roommate. Zack, these are my brothers… the lovebirds."

"Hooooooly SHIIIIIIIIT," Zack says as his mouth opens even wider. Time seems to freeze. Did I really just hear what I thought I heard? I glance nervously at Tyler, and he looks frozen with fear, as well.

"So you're just TELLING people now?" I finally can speak. I feel like I want to kill Carson.

"No, no, guys. It's cool. Zack is… Zack's my… gay boyfriend."

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