Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 53

"What's the deal with all that pineapple? You don't even really like pineapple, do you?" I walk into Luke's apartment, seeing him chop up a whole pineapple in the kitchen, also noticing two more whole pineapples sitting on the counter. It's Saturday morning in late March, and I'm turning over a new leaf, starting today.

Things have gotten steadily worse once school started up again in January. I'm going to make an effort to be in a better mood when I'm around Luke. There's a lot of tension in our lives now, and it's intruding into our time that we spend with each other. Where to begin....

First of all, our anti-bullying club (which was more like a pro-gay club) flopped. The kids that initially joined eventually all dropped out. Everyone kept using the "too busy" excuse, but I wanted to know what was really going on. I eventually got it out of Brielle, a cheerleader that hangs out in our group at lunch. She said that everyone was tired of me bossing them around. Teenagers wanted to be teenagers and be mean to each other. She said that Luke and I were totally shut-off from other kids and had no idea what it was like to be a teenager in high school anymore. We were totally in love and were always there for each other. Other kids, even those in relationships, felt alone, had to deal with their own problems and got tired of being told what to do. I still don't really get it. Why would people literally prefer being shitty over being nice? It just makes life so much easier when everyone's nice.

I guess it's just one of the great mysteries of the universe.

With the demise of my school club came the birth of Cade's Christian Fellowship club, which is thriving. I have to pretend that it doesn't bother me... that maybe some of the kids that are in it will learn something about being good or nice, even if it's in a Christian context. However, it really gets under my skin. Every time I see a flyer or hear someone mention it, my blood starts to boil. I can just imagine the bullshit he spews at those club meetings... and those impressionable kids, believing his take on Christianity. I can't even think about it anymore.

As for Luke and I, we're not spending as much time together as we had been. My folks, especially my dad, are really making an effort in their acceptance and I'm spending a lot of time at home. I feel my mom has been as great as she could be since the whole New Foundations fiasco, but now my dad is trying to come around. We're to the point where we can be in the same room, smile, laugh, and engage in small talk. However, if any topic comes up like Luke, me being gay, church, religion, politics, or anything else like that, he gets this shitty scowl and his face turns red. Our communication tends to break down after that, but I guess we're making some progress. I've been spending more time at home, easing the financial burden I've put on Denise. I do feel guilty about that, but I really miss sleeping over at Luke's. It's especially difficult because I'm a bad influence on Luke. When I'm around, he doesn't get anything done. We can't just sit in the same room and both do homework, or at least he can't.

Luke has developed a serious case of senior-itis. He's way ahead of schedule, since we're both still juniors. I'm afraid that he's going to fail a class again, or possibly more than one. I'm always on his case about doing his work, and he's sick of it. I'm sick of it, too. I wish he could just do his work so we can be together and free to do what we do best. I try to help him out as much as I can without doing his work for him. A few weeks ago, he actually had the nerve to ask me to do a paper for him. I was so furious, I just got up and left. The worst part was that I really wanted to do it for him and then have him fuck me for hours in appreciation. I almost turned around in the parking lot and ran back to his place to do it for him. Shit.

The most unfortunate incident occurred at baseball try-outs... or that is, baseball show-ups. It was a disaster, and I really didn't see it coming. Nine guys showed up... for a baseball team. That meant that Luke would have to pitch every inning of every game, and the rest of us would have to play our position every inning, as well. What that really meant that we didn't have enough guys to field a team. The last two years, there were over twenty guys on the team, and some pretty good players were riding the bench… now, this.

Luke totally freaked out. He thought his baseball future was over because he couldn't play and wouldn't be seen by any scouts. Then he was thinking to transfer schools. I did some checking around to see why the sudden disinterest in baseball. I guess I really should've seen it coming. This was the first time we went to any kind of try-outs since we've been outed. We were still closeted when we joined the football team last summer. Having us both on the team is a little much for most of the guys. They thought they would be on the "gay team", and be gay by association. It makes absolutely no sense, but that's not surprising, knowing how stupid teenage boys are. They probably think that we're going to start making out in the dugout between innings, or maybe even suck each other off. Damn, that would be hot, though.

So, it was up to me to "take one for the team." I went around and told everyone that used to be on the team that I was dropping out and to please join up. Maybe they can just pretend that Luke's not gay... or pretend that everything was like it was last year when I was suspended and the team did great without me. It seemed to be working, but there's no way to know for sure until "Try-outs, Part Two", which is later this afternoon. I'm just going to show up and see who's there, and see who promised to be there and didn't show up. I've got Luke convinced that everything's going to be all right, and that I would deliver. He's in a much better mood now, but he didn't even seem that disappointed that I wouldn't be on the team, and that falling on my sword was my duty. Maybe once the season starts and everything is back to normal for him, he'll be more appreciative. As for now, I'm curious as to what he's doing with the pineapple.

"I saw this thing on the internet," he smiles as he continues to slice up the pineapple, "that if you eat lots of pineapple, your cum will taste really sweet." Without hesitation, I pick up two chunks and stuff them in Luke's mouth. He quickly does the same, and we engage in an impromptu pineapple mouth-stuffing and eating war. We start to spit pineapple all over each other as we snort and laugh. Suddenly, there's only one piece of pineapple left from the entire fruit that Luke sliced up. He picks it up and places it between his teeth, inviting me to bite half of it off and possibly indulge in a juicy kiss. I slowly lean forward to accept his invitation, and we giggle as I bite the piece of pineapple and press our lips together.

We push the bits of pineapple back and forth with our tongues, and eventually swallow most of it, as some of it escapes out the side of our mouths. Even if it doesn't make our cum sweet, this was still pretty hot, and I wouldn't mind doing it again. Suddenly Luke lifts me up and plops me on the counter. He pops my dick out of my shorts and swoops down to start sucking it.

"Even if it works," I gasp with pleasure as his tongue slides down my shaft. "I don't think it will… ahhhhh... work that fast. Damn that feels good." I watch Luke masterfully work my dick.

"Well, then," Luke looks up at me with the joyful grin of a cocksucker and gently jerks me as he speaks, "I'll have to try my hardest later to make you cum for a second time in the SAME DAY!"

"You'd better!" I'm so jealous of Luke right now. He's about to get a mouthful of my pleasure, but I'll get my chance. I curl up my toes, grab onto his head, and enjoy the sights and sounds of him slurping it all down. "Okay it's my turn."

"Just sec," he smiles as he goes back to rolling my dick around in his mouth, hoping to suck out another bead of cum. I push him off and drop his shorts to the ground all in one motion. In seconds, I'm quickly bringing him to a powerful climax. His body shakes like a giant volcano that's about to spew lava hundreds of feet into the air. As the hot jets of cum squirt into my mouth, I savor, then swallow, enjoying this moment that comes along far too seldom.

"Who cares if it's sweet? Regular still tastes pretty damn good." I do the same as he did, still tonguing and teasing his tender area, hoping to coax out one more squirt.

"Oh shit, I gotta get ready for try-outs! Can you take care of this while I jump in the shower?" I look around at the mess. It looks like the aftermath of that old comedian dude that smashed fruit with a sledgehammer.

"I'm too good to you," I say as I start cleaning, and he gives me a sweet peck on the lips before heading off to the shower. I do a very careful job cleaning up. I don't want any evidence of this mess for when Denise gets home. I hate it when she's mad at me... surely more than Luke hates it when she's mad at him. I lose track of time, when Luke emerges from his bedroom, looking so boner-rific in his baseball uniform.

"So, what do you say I get nice and dirty and sweaty out there… then when I get home, we can pump each other full of pineapple juice?" I could do him again right now.

"Damn, you should just wear that every day."

"I might... now let's go!"

I drive us both to school and we nervously jog to the baseball field hoping there are more willing players this time. I know the guys feel uncomfortable about me being on the team, but I hope they don't mind me hanging around and being in the stands at games. I couldn't spectate last year because of the suspension, but I can't stand not to watch Luke in action again. He's so fuckin' sexy when he pitches.

Much to our relief, we see plenty of guys there to try out for the team. Luke breathes a sigh of relief.

"Nice job, babe. You done good," Luke whispers in my ear.

"Wow, a little gratitude, for a change. That'll get you everywhere with me."

"Just wait till I get you home."

"Soooo... I hear you guys need some hired guns to help you play this boring-ass game,"

We turn around as we hear the familiar and douchey voice of Cade. I do a double-take as I see him. He's copied Luke's uniform to a tee. He has the same cleats, he wears his pants knee length with his royal blue baseball socks prominently displaying his muscular calves. Nothing could compare to how Luke's calves look in his baseball socks, though. He even wears the same white t-shirt with royal blue sleeves underneath his jersey, with the sleeves peeking out just like Luke's. He must've done some careful research to get everything so accurate. The only difference is the lightning bolt pendant around Luke's neck signifying our love.

Cade clearly looks a lot different than I last saw him, too. He's bulked up, especially in his shoulders and arms. His extreme sexiness is hard to ignore for a boy whose number one fetish is for baseball players. I guess being sexually attracted to a guy and hating his guts at the same time is a common paradox for many gay teens.

"You like what you see?" Cade poses and mocks me as I recover from my shock.

"Cade, get the fuck out of here. You know you're not supposed to come near me."

"Ahhhh, I was SO hoping you would say that." Cade's face lights up. "You see, I heard rumors all week that YOU were dropping out so that this group could become a baseball team and not a pride parade. When I heard this, I got special permission from the dean of whatever." He unfolds a piece of paper and mockingly waves it in front of my face. "So, it's YOU that can't come near me. That means that YOU are the one that needs to get the fuck out of here."

I look at Luke with pleading eyes, urging him to do something.

"I'm so sorry G," is all he can say.

"Fine!" I storm off. "I hope everyone realizes that this fucking team wouldn't have happened WITHOUT me."

"It wouldn't have happened WITH you, either!" Cade calls out, followed by a couple of chuckles, but I pretend I didn't hear him.

I had been looking forward to baseball season for so long, and now this! I wish I could say that I'm shocked, but teenagers, especially teenage boys just aren't mature and equipped to handle these types of situations. It's such a shame. I head to the gym and do a furious workout to kill the time until Luke is ready to be picked up.

A small smile creeps onto my face as I realize what Cade will do on a baseball field. Baseball is all about fundamentals, which I'm sure he has none. Although he's pretty to look at, Cade certainly had no talent on the football field, and I can't see how that could be any different at baseball. I'm sure he'll make the team on looks alone. All the coaches would have to see are his arms and shoulders, and he's in. They'll probably be taking everyone, anyway, especially after what happened at the first try-outs.

After almost two hours, I head back to the school to wait in the car until Luke is finished, but I see him leaning up against the building facing the parking lot waiting for me. He jumps in the car smiling ear to ear.

"I've got GREAT news!" he says as he leans over to kiss me, and I pull out of the parking lot.

"What?!?" I can't wait to hear what he has to say. It has to be something like... Cade didn't make the team.... Cade was horribly injured and will never play sports again... The earth opened up and swallowed Cade whole, and everyone else was unharmed.

"I made the team!" He does a little celebration dance in the car as I watch him with a smirk.

"You DORK! I thought it was actually gonna be some good news... by that, I mean some bad news for Cade!"

"Everyone made the team. We had twenty-three guys show up, so we're good. Cade can hit a ball, for sure. At least, he can hit a fastball thrown right down the middle. He even hit a few over the fence, I think. I turned around so I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of watching the ball. We'll see how he plays defense, and handles all the intangibles of baseball for someone who's never really played before."

"I can't believe he's going to be playing and I'm not."

"I was going to suggest you be my cheerleader, but then Cade said the same thing, so he ruined it."

"He's such an asshole."

"Changing the subject... I wanted you to know that coach told me not to do anything today, and there was no point in risking injury, but I did everything the other guys did. Officially, I did it to be a good teammate, but the real reason was so I could work up a nice funk for you."

"Hmmm...." I lean over and take a whiff around his sweaty neck and hair. "Yeah, it's givin' me wood." We both chuckle, and he reaches over to rub my dick through my shorts.

"You workin' up some pineapple juice for me down there?"

"Ya, all afternoon."

"Good. I figured you might need a little cheering up."

"Wait... you KNEW! You knew he was trying out today after all I did to get a team together."

"Dammit, G. Why do you always have to be so smart?"

"Couldn't you do anything to stop it?"

"I didn't think I could, but at that point, I knew we just needed bodies to show up."

"How do you feel about playing on a team with Cade and not me?"

"I feel shitty about it G, but not as bad as if I couldn't play at all. You know how important baseball is to me! It's like the... second most important thing in my life!"

"Good save."

"So are you mad at me?" Luke gives me the goofiest smile. I just want to pull the car over and jump in his lap.

"Kinda. Maybe you can think of a way for me to forget about Cade." I pull into my usual parking spot at his apartment complex, and we stare at each other for a few seconds with big smiles.

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