Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 52

I'm in heaven. Everything's perfect... for now. It's two days after Christmas, sometime in the late morning. I can't see the clock. I woke up a few minutes ago, but Luke's still asleep. Actually, he woke up for a fleeting moment, grunted, pulled me in close, hugged me tight and fell back asleep. I'm usually the one that's latches onto him while we sleep, so I bask in the times when Luke cuddles me.

We have the entire day together, and we have nothing to do. I've had my eye on this day on the calendar for a while. It's going to be a great day. I can feel Luke's morning wood pressed up against my side. I know as soon as he wakes up, I'm gonna get fucked. I'm boned up and ready. I hope he's dreaming about me. He's got a slight smile on his face, so he might be.

Each time I look at his face, I just want to stick my tongue in his mouth, but I resist, for now. I kinda like watching him while he sleeps. I like the way his chest moves with each breath. I love his messy, sweaty, sleep-hair. He let it grow long again, so it touches my face when he's kissing me during our love-making. It tickles me and dances around my cheeks as our tongues thrash around and collide inside our mouths. His hair sops up lots of sweat, from both of us, and I get to shampoo it out each day, readying it to soak up another day's worth of love juices.

I stare at his perfect mouth for a while, which is slightly open. I can see his perfect teeth just past his lips. I love those teeth, whether they're part of a goofy or a loving smile. Either one can melt me. I let my eyes roam around every inch of those lips. Sometimes I still can't believe I can kiss those lips any time I want. Even his icky morning breath that surrounds my face every couple of seconds is turning me on. Damn, I don't think it's possible to be more in love.

I know he feels the same about me. He's been so great since we've been outed, and especially since Cade's hearing. Cade and I aren't allowed to come close to each other, which is fine with me, but Luke doesn't have that restriction. He keeps an eye on Cade for me… and intimidates him. He told him something like, "You're done at this school. Don't talk to anyone. Don't even look at anyone. We've all had it with your shit." It was an unreasonable demand, but it sure set the tone. Luke would even pay attention to the kids that Cade would talk to, and seek them out later to keep them from crossing over to the dark side. I get chills just thinking about my loving protector.

Luke also supported my idea for forming an anti-bullying club on school. We had already put a stop to most of the physical bullying at school, but we also tackled cyber-bullying, which is much more difficult to bring down. The club wasn't too popular at first, but Luke really promoted it and got a lot of people to join. I know he didn't really care, but he knew it was important to me. Our club motto is "Just be nice, dammit!" which has virtually become our school's motto. Sometimes I even have delusions that I'm making a difference.

Luke has been supportive in other ways, too. Even though things are going well, I often have feelings of dread and paranoia come over me. I feel like Cade is lurking out there, biding his time and ready to pounce when our guards are down. I just can't get that smirk out of my mind when he said, "Cuz then you'd win." on the day of his hearing. It haunts me... but Luke talks me down. He soothes me, tells me everything's gonna be all right, and does all the things that a good boyfriend should. When I'm in his arms and he's kissing me, I even believe him.

Football season is over. I still didn't miss a kick the entire season. I had more scouts to come and watch me... just me. I tried not to get a swelled head, but it was pretty cool. I wouldn't let Luke rejoin the team and hold for me. I just couldn't stand the thought of him getting injured again after his ankle was healing up so well. He's going to be stronger than ever at the start of baseball season. I call him the boy with the bionic ankle. I can't wait till we're back on the baseball field together again. It's seemed like years since the day of his perfect game, even though it's only been nine months.

It's been a great break so far. I spent most of Christmas with Luke and Denise, but I did see my folks. I felt a little uncomfortable celebrating Christmas with the fam... I can't stand the religious part, but I love the being together, the big meal and the presents. We had some good times together, back before my brother became such a dick.

Luke and I promised each other that we wouldn't spend our money on presents for each other, but I couldn't resist... and he couldn't either. He said he wanted me to teach him how to dance over the break, so I got him some dance games for his X-Box. He got me these new baseball cleats that I'd been eyeing. I thought they looked sexy, so I was hinting that he should buy them for himself, but I'll take them. He likes the Under Armour brand that he currently has anyway.

He also gave me a gift certificate for a hundred kisses. I thought it was a joke, but I tried to redeem it anyway later that night. I just sat on his lap and he kissed me over and over. I had giggles at the beginning, but I quickly realized he had planned this out and knew exactly what all one-hundred were going to be. Some were quick nips, others were sweet and full of love, but most of them were slow, wet and full of boner-growing mojo. I lost count, but I'm sure that we went way over one hundred, and we both came in our shorts. It was the best present I've ever received.

Just thinking about it has made me so horny. I can feel my heart thumping. It might be loud enough to wake him up. I press my chest up against him, hoping my heart can jolt him awake. However, he just continues in his blissful, deep sleep, smelling of sweat and a satisfied little smile plastered on his face. I'm not satisfied, though. I want him to wake up.

I start with a little grunt, as if I'm still asleep and just waking up. That does absolutely nothing, as I peek at him through my nearly closed eye. I start to shift my body slightly, hoping the movement will be enough. I keep my eyes on his, ready to pretend I'm still asleep if he starts to stir. It works perfectly. I see him slowly enter the realm of consciousness, and as he sees me, our bodies pressed together and our heads just inches apart, he gives me a goofy, confused look. I could just eat him up.

"What?" I giggle, stroking his hair, still trying to sell the idea that I have just woken up, too.

"Did you just wake me up so that I'd fuck you?" he asks with a dreamy smile.

"Maybe a little." I'm caught, but that's just fine.

"Why aren't you kissing me right now?" he asks with the cutest little yawn.

I immediately press my lips to his, wishing I could've come up with a snappy answer. However, the romance of the moment overwhelms me. How could I resist him, as horny as I already am? After a couple minutes of deep, sleepy kissing, my wish comes true. Luke slowly maneuvers on top of me and I feel him clumsily press his dick back inside of me, where it spends most of its time, anyway. I cum almost immediately, with all that's built up inside of me this morning.

Luke pauses the kissing to grunt, "Ahhh yeah," as he realizes I'm in the middle of a hot orgasm, and quickly rises to one, himself. He pounds some more cum into me as I clutch onto him and kiss him with as much power and passion that I can muster first thing in the morning.

He collapses to the side after filling me up again, and we both try to catch our breaths.

"Someone was a quick cummer this morning," Luke pants.

"Yeah... I had been awake for a while... and you were cuddling me like a big teddy bear. It kinda got me goin'."

"I thought you might like that." He hugs me tight again.

"So you were awake the whole time? I totally thought I was playin' you and the whole time, you were just getting me in the mood for your fucking desires."

"Guilty." He smiles in triumph.

"While you're in a good mood, there's something I kinda wanna ask you," I sigh.


"I just need you to answer a question totally honestly... I want the horny teenage dude answer, not the sweet, loving boyfriend answer."

"I think you're gonna get the boyfriend answer," he chuckles and I poke him in the ribs.

"This is important."

"Go ahead, but I already asked you to marry me... so you don't get to ask me."

"SHUT... UP! This is serious!" I sit up and straddle him so I can look him in the eyes so he'll know I mean business. I instantly regret it, as I feel my face start to turn red, thinking about what I'm about to ask him.

"All right, ask me what you wanna ask me," he says, stroking my arms as he looks up at me.

"Okay, umm... am I getting... ya know... loose... down there?" I can't believe I'm saying that. Luke erupts in laughter, and I wither off of him, collapsing face-down into the bed and hiding my face in my hands. "I knew it!" I moan into the pillow as Luke tries to console me and control his hysterics.

"No, no, no!" He chuckles as he kisses me all over my face and tries to pull my hands away.

"Why are you laughing then?"

"You are just so cute... even asking me that question."


"It just shows me how much you love me... that you even worry about that kind of thing."

"Of course I worry about it!"

"Okay, here it comes... the total horny, teenage boy answer... not the boyfriend answer. You ready?"

"Yeah," I hide my face in my hands again.

"Okay... you remember the first time I fucked you?"

"Yes, I can honestly say that I remember that very well."

"Do you remember how bad it hurt?"

"Yeah, it hurt, but I didn't care cuz I was making you feel good."

"Now why do you think it hurt?"

"I know, I know, cuz it was so tight. But we're not talking about my pleasure, we're talking about yours... I remember how fast you would cum when we first started fucking-"

"I'm getting to that!" He kisses me to shut me up. "Now, you've fucked me a few times. How does it feel to your dick when you're fucking something so tight that it almost cuts off your circulation?"

"Well, I guess it hurt a little, but you turn me on so much that it doesn't matter. I mean, sometimes you could touch my elbow, and I'd cum."

"Now we're gettin' somewhere! THAT'S why I came so fast when I first started fuckin' ya. You drive me so fuckin' wild, and just the thought of you letting me fuck you... it was amazing that I could even get my dick up inside of ya before I squirted! But it did hurt a little, but somehow, I managed to push beyond the pain." We both chuckle.

"Ok but–"

"Let me finish!" He kisses me again. "Now that you're... let's say... broken in a little..."

"Fuck!" I hide my face again.

"No, no! You're like... totally perfect now. I almost don't even need any lube. It just slides so perfectly up there... AHHHHH! Look! I'm gettin' hard again just talkin' about it!" I see his dick slowly start to grow and straighten.

"Well, that's nothing new," I take it in my hand and gently jerk it. "Okay, say I'm all right now... but I'll just keep getting looser and looser, and one day–"

"One day, you'll have to get one of those drawstring buttholes." We bust up laughing again. "No seriously! You won't get any looser as long as you don't put anything up there that's bigger than my dick!"

"I don't plan on it."

"Good. I'll make you a deal. I'll never want to stop fucking you... ever... but if you ever feel like you're too loose, then you can just fuck me all the time. Then if you feel I'm too loose, then we can just suck dick until we die."

"That's why I asked you... somehow, I knew you'd make me feel better, whatever your stupid answer was."

"I luuuvvvv makin' you feel better." He wiggles his eyebrows with a devilish smile. I pretend not know what he's after, as if I could resist him. He wiggles his eyebrows again, over and over. Damn, he's so sexy. I realize I've been playing with his dick the whole time we've been talking, and he's already back to purple and throbbing.

"Okay, but just don't stretch me out too much!" I say, and Luke quickly plants his mouth on mine as he climbs back on top of me.

"Mmmmmmm," he moans into my mouth over and over as we quickly work each other into another frenzy. He may be right... I only noticed that I was looser, I didn't think about it being better. It's certainly better on my end... it never really hurts anymore. I just love the sensation of Luke making love to me. I wrap my hand around the back of his neck and push his lips into mine as I feel the warmth start to spread inside of me, and I feel some juice start to squirt out onto my leg. Luke realizes that I'm close and quickly dives down to catch my load in his mouth. "This is gonna be such a great day!" he says just as he wraps his lips around my tip. I look down at him just in time to see him gulping down my load.

He climbs back up my body and gives me a cummy kiss. The taste gets my craving going again... I'll have to gulp down a load of Luke's later.

"Ahhhhh," he says as he rolls off of me and gives me a bear hug. "You know when we fantasize about just having a fuck day, and just staying in bed all day.... We can actually do that today!"

"As great as that sounds, I think I'm swimming in fuck juice right now, and the other bed is just as bad. We gotta get up and change the sheets and do some laundry." Of course that means that I'll have to do it, but that's all right.

"We're not moving!" He grabs me and nibbles on my neck.

"Move over a few inches to your right."

"Eww... maybe you're right," he says as he feels the puddle.

"All right, but we're making all kinds of new wet spots later."

"It's a plan," I say, pulling myself out of bed. Luke scoots back over to a dry spot and wraps himself up in the damp covers, so I grab him by the ankles and pull him out of bed and onto the floor, which ignites a tickle fight, followed by another morning-breath kiss. Once I realize that it's me that needs to brush my teeth, I jump up and make it to the bathroom before being molested again.

After a shower, some food and some laundry, we decide to work on our dance moves before working on more bed moves... although one will inevitably lead to another. Yesterday, Luke got so horny watching me dance that he tackled me, fucked me on the floor and came before the end of the song. It was so hot.

My favorite song to dance to is "DJ's Got Me Fallin' in Love" by Usher. I know it's dorky, but I love to picture myself dancing in a club and spotting Luke across the room checking out my moves. He's watching me with his sexy smile, biting his lip, making me feel like I'm the only one in the club... the only one in the world. He makes his way across the dance floor and puts his arms around my hips, and we sway for a few seconds before he kisses me. We continue to sway and kiss deeper as the "oooh's" get louder and louder. Suddenly, Luke grabs my hand and leads me through the staring crowd and through the back exit. He tears down my tight jeans with a ravenous hunger and blows me with unrestrained passion. Then, of course, he takes me home and makes love to me all night. Maybe I'll share that fantasy with him someday. Then again, to put that plan into action, we'd actually have to leave his bedroom....

We start with our favorite song, which becomes even better when Luke starts singing it, replacing the lyric, "DJ's got me fallin' in love again" with "G's got me squirtin hot cum again".

As much as Luke gets off watching me dance, I get off watching him... try. He's so much better than me at everything physical... he could even kick my ass at most video games, but I've got him on this one. Still, he's soooo cute when he tries to dance, and he gets so happy when he can do something right. It puts him in a great mood, and I make out like a bandit.

"All right G, now that you've schooled me, it's time I teach you a move or two," Luke says between chugs of G2 and trying to catch his breath. He's so sweaty and yummy right now.

"Let's see what you got."

"Okay, this move is called... Lovin' G."

"I'm intrigued," I slink up to him so I can really smell his dance funk.

"Okay, first you put your arms up around my neck and press your body into mine."

"I like!" I do as he says.

"Then, I put my hands down your back pockets.... like this..." I'm already hard and throbbing. "Then, the music starts and..." he quickly moves his lips to mine, but the kiss is almost still as he slowly rubs my butt through my shorts. I completely melt into his body and enjoy the moment. I breathe through my nose, still enjoying his scent as he loves me. He continues by giving me some slow tongue action. There's so much heat generating between us, I feel sweat trickling off of me every few seconds. As the song ends, Luke pulls back with a smile.

"More!" I pull his lips back to mine as quickly as I can. Even though the heat generated by our bodies is making it difficult to breathe, I can't get enough. Luke starts rhythmically grinding my dick into his by pressing into my butt cheeks. He must know I'm about to erupt in my shorts. I relax my entire body and let him do the work. My pleasure builds and builds as he continues to lick my tongue and massage my lips with his. I feel my body quake as I start to climax with waves of steamy pleasure. As the orgasm trails off, I realize that if I don't get some cool oxygen into my lungs, I'm going to pass out.

I pull back and look down at the trail of cum running down my leg, and I look up at Luke. I guess his "Lovin' G" move has affected him just as much as me. He's smiling down at me with such a loving expression as he looks me up and down. He picks me up, which I normally don't let him do since he broke his ankle, but it seems like the right thing to let him do it this time. He carries me over to the bed, pulls down my shorts, and we begin making new wet spots on the sheets I just changed.

Luke cums quickly after he first enters me, then we both work up another slow, steamy squirt-fest as our perfect day continues. I look up at him after he finishes pumping every last bit of yet another load inside of me.

"And that's how you do 'Lovin' G'," he smiles at me with self-satisfaction.

"Flawless!" I stroke with his sweaty hair as we playfully and gratefully kiss and nuzzle each other. I catch a glimpse of his window, which is totally fogged up. "Check that out!" I point towards the window.

"And in the dead of winter!" He wiggles his eyebrows at me again.

"Well, this is Arizona."

"True, but still... that was totally fucking hot."

"Yeah it was... Let's go again."

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